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Rabi' al-Awwal 1, 1426/April 10, 2005 #27

Mahmudah Begum Qureshi: Mother, Educationist, Teacher, Philosopher

We come from Allah and unto Allah we return.

Mahmudah Qureshi passed away on April 5, 2005 in Augusta, Georgia after a prolonged illness and was buried in the Islamic section of the local graveyard on April 6.

The Muslim community of Augusta turned up in good numbers, as did non-Muslim friends, to participate in honoring the much respected elder who had helped found the local Islamic school and was extremely popular with old and young alike.

She had six children and 10 grandchildren. The salatul janaza [funeral prayer] was led by her eldest son, Kaukab [the editor of New Trend]. Her children took close care of her during the last year of her illness, and one of them provided round-the-clock personal care as she slowly passed away.

Mahmudah Qureshi was a pioneer of the student movement for the creation of Pakistan. She met Mohommed Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, and supported his struggle to bring about the emergence of an independent country for Muslims in South Asia.

She obtained an M.A. in Philosophy and a Bachelors in Teaching from the University of Punjab, Lahore, at a time when few women went for higher education. Later in Karachi, she started her own schools as well as administered a variety of 14 schools run by the All Pakistan Women's Association.

Special thanks go to the Islamic Center of Augusta which supervised the funeral arrangements and organized recitation of the Qur'an in her memory on April 8 at the Center.
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Muslims of America protest and condemn the arrival of Israeli terrorist Sharon on a visit to President Bush's ranch. This man's hands are dripping with the blood of the Palestinian people. He should be put on trial for MASS MURDER instead he is being welcomed as a "man of peace" by the President of the United States.


Please pray for the health, safety and release of America's political prisoners. The leading among them are:
  1. Imam Jamil al-Amin.
  2. Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman [the blind shaikh].
  3. Siddique Abdullah Hasan.
  4. Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar.
  5. Prof. Sami Al-Arian.
  6. Masaud Khan and the Virginia Innocents.
  7. The Lackawanna Yemenis.
  8. The Portland African-Americans.
  9. Jose Padilla.
  10. The "American Taliban."
  11. The Guantanamo Bay caged Muslims.
Jamaat al-Muslimeen is STUDYING PLANS FOR A MASS MOVEMENT for the REVERSAL of ALL THESE CASES so that they may be released. This blight on the conscience of America will be removed one day, Inshallah.


Jamaat al-Muslimeen urges Muslims around the world to honor: ----------------------------------------


A CH 47 Chinook helicopter of the U.S. occupation forces went down in Ghazni province on April 8. Eighteen U.S. troops were killed. The U.S. has acknowledged the loss but claimed that it went down by accident.

The U.S. occupation forces are facing a "double whammy." Islamic leader Abu Musa'ab al-Zarqawi announced on a web site that a new offensive is underway against U.S. troops. [April 9] The Pentagon says 1545 U.S. troops have been killed and more than 11,000 wounded. The Pentagon dead do not include 280 armed American civilians killed by the mujahideen.

On April 9, thousands of Shia Muslims following Moqtada al-Sadr demonstrated in Baghdad. They were calling for withdrawal of U.S. troops.
by our media monitor. New Trend exclusive.

ANTI-SEMITISM or FACT?: Jewish Murder, Mayhem & Money

[This new column will focus on FACTS which show that there may be truth to the stereotypes about Jews.]
[We Muslims love our Jewish cousins as much as they love us.] ANTI-SEMITISM or FACT?

Nawaz, Benazir, Musharraf Working Together?

by Mahboob A. Khawaja, Ph.D.


In an age of knowledge and wisdom, Pakistani nation overwhelmed with ignorant feudal-landlords-turned-politicians, and corrupt Generals appears to be living in an age of perpetuated uncertainty and bewilderment. Educated and affluent alike show indifference toward the plight of the masses suffering under economic and political hardships. With continued forty years of military rule in one form or another, what Pakistanis lost, India comparatively appears stronger and stable under politically viable institutional system and leaders. Well known to all global political observers, unless Pakistan returns to political mainstream of democratic system with responsible leadership, under General Musharaf Pakistan will lose every chance for a dialogue and peaceful settlement of the major issues in the sub-continent. American leaders are funny, egoistic and opportunists. Their plans are in place and working for a New American Century of political domination. Late Ayub Khan reminded them in his book Friends, Not Masters.

Recent history confirms that most military dictators were ousted by force. It is widely believed that Bhutto family in collaboration with some of the in-house military intelligence establishments and foreign mercenaries, arranged the plane crash and the killing of General Zia ul Haq and other 12 or more Generals of the army in August 1988, to occupy political leadership in Pakistan. Western Powers carved out her frenzied media image as a popular female leader to downgrade the Muslims and most importantly, to replace General Zia for coming decades but she fell in disgrace fast, and was dismissed twice on massive corruption charges. Sharif used the same magic formula to oust General Musharaf and to strengthen the grip on the Premiership but General Abdul Aziz Khan's timely action helped General Parvez Musharaf's plane to land safely at Karachi airport and to assume the control as the Chief Executive and later on as a self-made President. A spokesman from the Forum of Concerned Pakistanis in North America disclosed that long before the October 1999 coup, General Musharaf was advised to topple Sharif and check his nation-wide institutionalized corruption schemes but Musharaf did nothing until his own life was threatened. Now, what is next?
Does Musharaf or any military rulers hold a "vision" for change and political reformation for the future of Pakistan? Is General Musharaf capable of doing anything good for the poverty stricken nation?


Public and the Generals have varied perceptions about the present and the future. Gaps in thinking and actions are widening, not abating in conflict-making and conflict keeping across the nation. Foreign and homemade killing machines are visibly operational, not necessarily against the alleged Islamic terrorism, but essentially against the politically active masses striving to overthrow the military rule of General Musharaf. Under the new American neoconservative dictates, internally substantiated conflict is preferred to dismantle a nation, rather than external attack as they are learning in the Middle East. Continuous killings and bombing in Baluchistan and Northwestern tribal areas represent this long-term objective of the foreign dictates. The military under Musharaf has been bribed and bought to further this progressive ideal of the Western Masters. The Paki Generals would go to any length of submission to ensure their own rule and survival. Once before, they surrendered to India and lost half of the country. Zulfikar Bhutto and General Yaha were rewarded rather than being tried for treason. History tells, a military coup is a direct invitation to another military coup, leading from one chaos to another tragedy. Germany was defeated in both World Wars because of the military leadership. Common citizens suffer, nation is disgraced and self-styled leaders manipulate maximum benefits and runaway.
Pakistanis have lost more than 40 years of precious time - a nation's irreplaceable treasure to Bhuttos, Zardaris, Sharifs and military dictators. During those years, not a single instance could be witnessed of peaceful transfer of power to the legitimate representatives of the nation. The rulers were egoistic people with no "vision" for the honor and progress of Pakistan and they institutionalized corruption everywhere. Amongst the common gimmicks, they viewed citizens as "subjects" without a voice or human dignity, they were devoid of Islamic morals and intellectual values, and were not open to listening to voices of reason or genuine advice.
The Holy Qura'n says, "Intelligent people always readily accept advice." Most egoistic rulers thought Pakistan was their property, and ordinary citizens as eggs and chicken - easy to break, easy to kill. They were terribly na´ve in thoughts and education, lacking even the basic Islamic norms and made fun of those who went to mosque and invited others toward righteousness. They all shared the same characteristic and political blunders. Pakistan was dismembered and eighty thousands troops surrendered to India enabling Zulfikar Bhutto to assume the Presidency of West Pakistan.
Bhutto, Yahya and Mujib should have been punished, instead they were rewarded. None of them had a proactive vision for the common masses.
Economically Pakistan is a nation under almost 46 billion IMF debts, morally and politically all institutional structures are riddled with corruption or seem collapsed, and a prevalent sense of lost ideology and political identity. Gangsters in streets and bribery rates have multiplied, people live in fear whereas, leaders are busy in opening new Swiss bank accounts.
What is left there in the body of Pakistan for tomorrow? One could see the shrinking skeleton and dry bones after forty years mostly under the Martial Laws and corrupted political elite. After loosing half of the country to India and making the rest subservient to Western influence, some military Generals and affiliated politicians think, there is nothing wrong with their perceptions and priorities. People are indoctrinated to believe that all is fine as Pakistan is a nuclear power, not understanding what reactionary consequences it could bring to harm the nation. No nation can use nuclear weapons on its own without immediate global chain reactions and it solves no problem. Strangely enough, those who are part of the problem, are continued to be seen as part of the solution.

Leaders create leaders, but none of them were truly leaders, they pursued ignorance and exploitation that led to their downfall. Na´ve thinking has increasingly become a sickening national character. What can we do, say the young educated ones working in overseas colleges. They appear helpless in a NO SYSTEM dominated society with a morally corrupt, moral behavior.

Bhuttos, Sharifs and The Generals Lied

In late 80's looking at workable alternatives to General Zia, American and British viewed Ms. Bhutto as a perfect candidate to control the growing Islamic identity of Pakistanis and to entangle Muslims into argument whether Islam should allow female leadership. More arguments will lead to more disputes within the Islamic world. She learned how to become politically disputed and maximize her gains. That is what she is betting on now. Ms.Bhutto claims, she and her husband Zardari are politically persecuted and "she is living in exile" as the Western media projects it. Whereas the truth is, she is a deserter from law and justice. Six specific charges of corruption in Pakistan and 17 million dollars kickbacks account confiscated by Swiss court have nothing to do with her political stance. She and her husband are implicated directly in dozens of cases of wrongful acts, political mismanagement and other serious moral crimes and have been indicted by Pakistani and Swiss courts. Ironically, not for a second, she or husband will admit of any wrongdoing.

Benazir Bhutto' s mother Nusrat Bhutto, herself a former dancer and a former Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, stated that her daughter "Benazir is a habitual liar." Who is who, is not difficult to sort out. Ms. Bhutto while second term Premier told Barbara, the British journalist at the PM House, referring to Pakistanis, as "crazy people, I cannot smoke nor drink in front of them." In one of her interviews (Arab News, April 24, 2001), she claims her "nations needs her leadership" and that she is "confident of winning the next election." What a disgrace, she calls Pakistanis as her nation, she and her husband Asif Zardari, looted the national treasure and morally and politically made the nation bankrupt. With stolen wealth, she is a master in deception and uses Western media to reconstruct her image as a leader. She does not stand a chance to win in an Islamic Pakistan. It seems, once again, Western nations and their mass media institutions are busy patronizing Benazir Bhutto.

The former colonialist powers view Pakistanis as digits and numbers to play with and not human beings with intellect, rights and honor. Both Bhutto and Sharif share common values: both are criminally indicted, twice dismissed Prime Ministers on corruption charges, runaway criminals from justice who claim to be exiled, and of course, are ONE under the ARD, Alliance for the Restoration of Democracy, as if they knew what democracy meant and as if they ever practiced it. Those in their supporting groups are known to be corrupt and dishonest people. There is the saying of the Prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) that: " a khabis (wicked person) never harms another khabis (wicked person). To eradicate kahabasit (wickedness), pious and reformer must take the lead."


The Holy Qura'an states: "Those with Iman (faith) fight in the path of Allah, whereas, the rejecters (kafir), fight in the way of taughoot (idolaters)."
General Musharaf is waging a proxy war against the extremists but in reality, it is a domestic conflict he must vigorously pursue to get foreign aid and survive against the political odds in Pakistan. None of the Generals have legitimacy to represent any segment of the political divide.
The spokesman on behalf of the Forum of Concerned Pakistanis in North America claims, this is what exactly we repeatedly advised General Musharaf in October 1999, by quoting the saying of the Prophet of Islam (peace be upon him), and asked him to do what others failed to do, and to clean the political mess by putting the known criminals in front of firing squads. That is the only positive thing he could have done to serve the interest of Pakistanis. Had he heeded to this advice, today, Pakistan would have been well on the right track toward "change" and political rebuilding. There are no laws and no reliable courts to deliver justice in a demoralized and leaderless nation. Musharaf being one-track officer, seems to be following the dead Generals only to assume the presidency and prove that he lacked even common sense. Before his planned trip to Agara in July 2001, India informed him that he will be received by the Indian Chief of Staff at the airport, not by PM Bhajpayee. In complete disregard to the national interest, Musharaf uplifted himself to Presidency. Only a confirmed stupid could have imagined impressing upon the Indians with his Presidential flag on the PIA plane. There was no basis for Musharaf to go to India in the first place, or to discuss vital issues with PM BhajPayee, while he lacked his own official legitimacy to represent Pakistan's interest. Indian leaders are aware that General Musharaf and others with him are misplaced and corrupt people. Logically, serious interest and efforts are missing in any gathering of the nations. Economic and political conditions are worsening day by day. There are several federal Ministers known to be indicted criminals.
Many have held positions with Ms. Bhutto, Sharif and continued to be holding portfolios under General Musharaf. The self styled Generals have not contributed anything positive for the good of the nation. Through internal conflicts and fighting in Baluchistan and the NWF Province, they have harmed the vital national interests and damaged the capacity of the country to defend itself. The Generals have not produced any social and political system enabling Islamic Pakistan to survive or develop on its own. Being a silent spectator, is the Pakistani nation heading towards a final show down with the Generals or waiting for a judgment to see its destiny?


"Allah does not change the conditions of people, unless first they change themselves (Al-Qura'an)." Perpetuated ignorance leaves no glimmer of hope for a sustainable change on the political or intellectual horizons. In all likelihood, it will be abrupt change to oust the General from within the body of the military establishments.
How ignorant and corrupt a nation could be if it foresees people like Benazir Bhutto, Zardaris, Sharifs and General Musharaf as promising leaders who looted its honor and wealth and jeopardized its very existence?
Recently, General Musharaf and some of his old Ministers are talking about reconciliation with Ms. Bhutto and Sharif. Abusrdity will have its upper hand if General Musharaf wants to discuss the political future of Pakistan with the disgraced Bhuttos and Sharifs. Do they have any credibility left to be part of the political future of Pakistan? There seems to be no light at the end of tunnel for Bhutto and Sharif's future except they were never different but one and the same in greed and dishonesty. They have proven to the nation under the ARD for their past and present, that it was all a set up to deceive the masses. Both are the by-products of the military Generals and political conspiracies, otherwise, no merit or rational criterion could have facilitated their entry into the helms of political power. All those associated with them are known to be professional cheaters, striving to share the power again in collaboration with General Musharaf. Are there any intelligent and honest Pakistanis still around to reason the unreason and CHALLENGE the emerging notion of absurdity in media's image-building as if Ms. Bhurtto, Sharfis, Zardaris and the military generals have any useful role in articulating the destiny of Pakistanis? If JUSTICE is not delayed but delivered promptly, Ms. Bhutto, Zardari, Sharifs and few military Generals should face stiff public accountability, otherwise, no conventional law or court could do justice to their crimes committed against the Muslim people of Pakistan.
The General pardoned Sharif and facilitated his exit as if he had the public consensus on this issue. General Musharaf is an accidental President without any political vision or sense of maturity and cannot offer a HOPE to the future and deprived people of Pakistan. Pakistanis need an educated and intelligent Muslim leader, not a pet loving General. In his on-going efforts to defend the self-articulated Presidency, General Musharaf's regime blames the respected nuclear scientist, Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan for exporting the nuclear technology to North Korea and Iran. Ironically enough, since it inception, Pakistani nuclear research and development program remained under the tight control of the military Generals. It is well known that many Generals are new millionaires in Pakistan. Could anyone explain which bank have they robbed to become rich overnight? They seem to have used Dr. Qadeer Khan as a scapegoat to veil their own crimes against the nation and its resources. Who would question the Generals?
History tells us, Germany was defeated twice because of the militarism. The former USSR was broken because of its overwhelmed military obsession, and perhaps, America is next after the Iraq war to see the judgment of history.

Are you willing to THINK, what could be UNTHINKABLE under the present landscape of political exploitation, how to pursue a planned "change and reformation" aim with prospective leadership of NEW, EDUCATED and HONEST generation of Pakistanis? If so, THINK of strategic change, organize yourselves and do lot of morally and politically sustainable capacity-building work across the board, plan and organize peaceful demonstrations across the nation, voice concern against the dishonest leaders and societal corruption and develop your collective presence in many important domains for "change" and real-world action including Islamic thinking and morals, new political institutions and positive behavior of the individual and nation. The national Assembly is full of dummies and obsolete figures. Those sitting in comfortably, have no vision for the betterment of the deprived nation. Do not expect anything constructive from any political establishments; they are on a different track of goals and priorities. In their sketches, you do not exist as Muslim people or living "subjects" except eggs and chicken available for easy slaughter. If you failed to realize, you MUST understand the consequences too that Pakistan has been disintegrated before and nobody was held accountable for that crime. Indeed, history will witness that Bhutto family and Military rulers were rewarded for their crimes against the Islamic people of Pakistan. It is further well on its way to ultimate disintegration. A politically strong Pakistan with working democratic institutions and new age honest leadership, can and will do differently and better. General have dismantled the public institutions, they will oppose the presence of any such bodies of reason and stability. Under the changed political landscape, Indian people or leaders are not the problem, Pakistani Generals continued to be. Kashmir can and will be resolved with intellect and mutual farsightedness, not with the threat of force, nor occupation of the main valley. If Pakistanis could evolve political institutions and legitimate corruption-free system of government, the nation can and will envision a promising future. The Generals are part of the problem, not the solution. If you start thinking positively now, we could work hard to remedy the situation, and safeguard the existence and security of the nation. ALLAH KNOWS BEST.


Dr. Mahboob A. Khawaja
(specializes in Strategic Studies and the West and the Islamic World; and author of many publications including: Muslims and the West: Quest for Change and Conflict Resolution, Maryland, USA, 2000)., Pakistan: Enigma of Change, and a forthcoming book, Muslims and America: Search for Peace or Terrorism. E-mail: mahboobk@gmail.com

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