Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Rabi' al-Awwal 5, 1425/ April 26, 2004 #51
LATEST ON IMAM JAMIL AL-AMIN: The Imam's appeal is coming up before the Supreme Court of Georgia on April 26.
Meanwhile the prison authorities in Reidsville, Georgia are trying to intimidate the Imam and take away his one hour of exercise after 23 hours lockdown at the slightest excuse. [Source: Br. Khalil Abdur-Rahman, Imam's representative, North Carolina.]

April 26, 2004. India has 700,00 army and paramilitary forces in Kashmir and these are now in action to carry out fake elections. The people of Kashmir are in turmoil. Political leaders, such as Ali Gilani, have called for a boycott of the "elections." The Indian forces carried out numerous acts of terror against the people protesting elections. In the process (April 25) the Indiams killed 8 Kashmiri civilians including a woman.

There were armed clashes between mujahideen and Indian troops in various parts of Kashmir leading to the death of 6 Indian troops and a number of mujahideen.
[With thanks to John Murphy.]
Why is the Democratic candidate for the presidency of the United States, Senator John Kerry, kowtowing to Israel? In a speech at Brown University Kerry said, "...we must again reaffirm we are enlisted for the duration - and reaffirm our belief that the cause of Israel must be the cause of America - and the cause of people of conscience everywhere".
As salamu 'alayka wa Rahmatull‚h wa Barakatull‚h,

Al-Hamdulillah! for your daughter. I remember her waiting patiently in a refugee camp so that her husband may be able to come home with her. Even I was proud of her -- and I did not know her. You must be a very proud father and mother. La ilaha ill-Allahah.

Fi sabil Allah,

Thank you Sis. Hamdiyah. I have two daughters. The one who got her Phd. is different from the one who was in a refugee camp. [Kaukab Siddique]
[Killing of Palestinian children is almost a daily tragedy now.]
Three Palestinian children killed

22/04/2004 - 8:35:11 PM

Three Palestinian children have been killed on the third day of an Israeli army raid on the Gaza town of Beit Lahiya.

A 16-year-old boy was killed by a large-calibre bullet in his back while throwing rocks at soldiers, a girl, nine, was shot in the stomach outside her apartment complex and a four-year-old girl died of tear gas inhalation, doctors believe.

Mohammed Elmalfouh, 16, is the third stone-thrower to be killed in as many days, along with seven gunmen and six bystanders.

Sitting in a mourning tent, Mohammedís family tried to make sense of his death. His father, Rassem, said it was Godís will, but he had trouble fighting off the tears.

Mohammedís older brother, 17-year-old Ahmed, still had blood stains on his hands and jeans, from a last embrace in the hospital morgue.

"No one can fill his place in my heart," Ahmed said of his brother.

On Thursday morning, Ahmed stood on a balcony and just caught a glimpse of his brother as he left the house, notebook in hand. Mohammed told his mother he was on his way to a private math tutorial. Schools were closed in Beit Lahiya, as on previous days, because they are too close to Israeli tank positions.

Mohammed never made it to math class. He walked several hundred meters in the direction of the Israeli settlement of Nissanit. Earlier in the day, tanks had pulled out of Beit Lahiya and deployed on the outskirts of the settlement. Dozens of teens followed the armoured vehicles, Mohammed among them, throwing stones and drawing machine gun fire across sand dunes and empty plots.

Mohammed was about 300 meters from a tank when he was killed by a machine gun bullet in the back, Palestinian medics said.

His father, Rassem, head of the Palestinian Authority body that deals with volunteer organisations, said he had told his children, four boys and a girl, that education is important. However, he said, it is impossible to shield them from the violence around them.

"I was and I am still doing my best as a father to protect my children," Rassem Elmalfouh said. "But this did not mean that I am advising my sons to grow up like cowards."

In more than three years of fighting, Israeli troops have repeatedly raided Gaza towns and refugees camps in search of militants.

In a typical raid, tanks rumbling through the streets are pelted with stones or come under fire from gunmen.

The Israeli military said that in Thursdayís confrontations, about 100 Palestinians threw stones, but also firebombs, grenades and explosive devices toward the tanks.

The army said soldiers fired at armed men, not at stone throwers.

However, a large apartment complex in Beit Lahiya, home to about 4,000 people, was within firing range of the tanks and the facades of several apartments showed bullet marks.

Nine-year-old Mona Abutabaq was standing outside her apartment building when she was shot in the stomach by a machine gun bullet and critically wounded. She died several hours later.

by Buut Shikan [Idol Breaker]

Most observers agree that President Bush is not an intellectual. The concepts which powered the assault on Iraq could not have come from him when we see that he is incapable of delivering more than one-liners or two-liners on any issue. Rumsfeld, compared to Bush, is a thinker but his thinking does not amount to more than having fun with the information already provided him by his sources. Cheyney is seen by many as the manipulator and opportunist behind the war party and is perceived as the representative of big business in the war mongering group which is running America.

Wolfowitz, the Deputy Defense Secretary, is probably the brain behind the war, a Jew who has made it almost to the top of the Bush-led power structure. He has a concept of the need for war and knows how to "sell" the war to the American people. All the others in the Bush team seem to borrow from Wolfowitz's "wisdom."

On April 21, 2004 Wolfowitz spoke about the current situation in Iraq to some of America's top policy makers. [The speech was televised on C-Span on April 23.] Here is New Trend's analysis of Wolfowitz's mental patterns as reflected in his speech:

As a Zionist Jew, Wolfowitz knows that Saddam Hussain was the enemy of the Israeli presence in the Middle East. As long as Saddam was there, the Palestinian people had State support for their cause and a willingness at a conventional STATE LEVEL to condemn the existence of the Zionist entity planted by force in the heartland of the Arab/Islamic world. Wolfowitz realized that there was no chance of Saddam becoming Sadat, who recognized Israel, or King Hussain who worked for the CIA, or Musharraf who betrayed the Taliban friends of Pakistan. Saddam had to be killed or removed by force.

Wolfowitz is aware that Americans can see that the "liberation" of Iraq has failed. As a good propagandist, he begins his attempt to justify the war by demonizing the Iraqi President who would rather live in a hole in the ground than surrender. Wolfowitz PAINTS SADDAM WITH A BROAD BRUSH. The rhetoric of the Jew is powerful, some of it seemingly borrowed from the Holocaust myth about Hitler. He refers to Saddam's "unimaginable brutality." He knows that even anti-war Americans will not dare to challenge the stories about Saddam.
Wolfwotiz claims that Saddam laid down a "blanket of fear" on Iraq. Once he has expressed his thesis, which no one in his audience will challenge, he tries to sound convincing by bringing in legends of the atrocities allegedly committed by Saddam. He talks of Saddam ordering the execution of his party dissidents at the hands of their own comrades and that he made videos of the executions. [Only a very few Americans would ask, if all this really happened at the beginning of Saddam's rule, wasn't he a FRIEND OF AMERICA AT THAT TIME? Slick operator that he is, the Jew does not touch that issue.] Some of Wolfowitz's claims are downright silly. He claims that there are 300,000 people killed by Saddam lying in mass graves in Iraq. Few in Wolfowitz's audience would dare ask: HOW DO YOU KNOW? HAVE YOUR PEOPLE BEEN OUT COUNTING BODIES? Has there been an impartial inquiry?
Wolfowitz's caricature of Saddam is so horrifying that people are led to forget that the EXCUSE for attacking Iraq was not human rights of Iraqis but WMDs (which are now not even mentioned in the war party's speeches)
The cunning of Wolfowitz's demonization of Saddam has a purpose: After painting a horrifying picture of Iraq under Saddam, he asks: Isn't Iraq better off without him? Havn't we done everyone a favor!

Wolfowitz uses a conceptual framework to explain the RESISTANCE in Iraq which would justify not only the presence of American troops in Iraq but the need for their continued stay there into the future. It's called "reductionism." It implies that ONLY those who are actually shooting at American troops are against the occupation. He wants to convince Americans that the VAST MAJORITY who are not shooting are with America!
This again is a weak, self-serving argument. History shows that in any resistance movement, only A VERY FEW can actually pick up guns and shoot at the invaders owing to a variety of reasons.


Americans who listen to Bush, Rumsfeld or various American generals will soon realize that the content of their "thoughts" comes from Wolfowitz and Jewish think tanks available to him, such as that of Richard Perle. For Wolfowitz, only three very narrow groups of "dead enders" are fighting against America in Fallujah. These are: 1. Foreign fighters (20%). 2. Fidayeen Saddam militia. 3. Mukhabarat (Saddam's secret police) The rest of the people want Iraq to be "free" and "democratic."

Wolfwotiz does not realize that his arguments might be subjected to analysis, such as the one we are carrying out here. HOW COULD FOREIGH FIGHTERS get into Fallujah unless the Iraqi people are so strongly opposed to American occupation that they would bring Islamic fighters from other countries into their own homes?

The Fallujah people are not Shias; hence the fighters would have to be from Sunni countries WHICH ARE ALL SUPPORTING THE U.S. So the fighters (mujahideen) would be able to come in and be effective only if there were EXTREMELY HIGH LEVELS of public support for them.

Saddam Hussain, according to just about all insider accounts for the years 1991-2003, enjoyed mass support from the Iraqi people, especially Sunnis. The conventional Iraqi army did not fight. The Fidayeen Saddam have to be people from the masses who have VOLUNTEERED to fight the American forces.

The WEAKEST part of the Wolfowitz argument concerns the Mukhabarat or Saddam's secret police. When a regime breaks down, its secret police and agencies of repression are the ones who make compromises with the new power. Either they go into deep cover or they join the occupiers, as happened in East Germany after 1945. In Hungary, during the anti-Communist uprising of 1956, the people hunted down and hanged the secret police agents.

Why would the Mukhabarat in Iraq be joining the Islamic resistance? Wolfowitz argument has no feet to stand on.. If his story about Saddam's repression are true, the people would be rushing to U.S. army headquarters and pinpointing the homes of secret police officers for air attacks by Ac-130 gunships which the U.S. has used so liberally against the people of Fallujah!

WOLFOWITZ HAS A KILLER INSTINCT. He believes that to 'pacify' Fallujah, all you have to do is to kill the fighters. He gives the example of the city of Samarra where he says the Americans killed anywhere from 200 to 700 opponents, and now all is "peaceful" there.


How many a time have Americans heard that the supporters of Moqtada al-Sadr are "thugs" and that the Sayyid has "little or no support" among the Shias! Guess where that is coming from? It is the product of Wolfowitz's mind. It came as shock to Wolfowitz that the entire Jewish dream of a "liberated" Iraq was going to crash if the Shias and Sunnis united. He quickly came up with the idea that Al-Sadr is a fringe element.

[Wolfowitz has other weird ideas too. For instance, he tried to make a case that the 34 countries which have contingents in Iraq constitute a "coalition" fighting to give "freedom" and "democracy" to Iraq.]
[He counts notorious Negraponte, tipped to be the first U.S. "ambassador" of a "free" Iraq, among his best friends. The appointment of Negraponte might well have come about owing to Wolfowitz influence.]


Part of the Jewish way of thinking is to try to color events in the light of the Second World War. [Remember the Six Million victims of the Holocaust.] In his presentation, Wolfowitz tried to minimize American losses in Iraq by making false comparisons with Normandy and Tarawa etc. Only a person who thinks he has a captive audience would make such comparisons. Germany and Japan were heavily armed and sophisticated military powers. IRAQ is a helpless country with no air force, no artillery, no tanks, no armaments factories. The mujahideen are using improvised explosive devices [IEDs] against the American armada, sometimes a couple of mortar shells tied together and attached to a fuse.

The invasion of Iraq took place because it was supposed to be a "cake walk." Saddam was supposedly so unpopular that his people were not expected to fight. The U.S. was a hammer coming down to smash a pea nut.

Within that context, Iraq has proved to be a failure for the U.S.

If Wolfowitz and the Israeli-Jewish lobby have their way, the war in Iraq will continue and the U.S. will keep pumping the blood of its youth into this cruel war which former President Carter called both "unjust" and "unnecessary."

It is an Israeli war with the Jews using the mighty USA as their proxy. Wolfowitz is their best propagandist.
[From a young reader, Saad, in Arizona, in response to our article on "Bush, Freedom, Democracy ..]
Here's a short list of dictators supported by USA

Either formerly or currently...........
Argentina: Videla, General Jorge Rafael 
Bolivia: Banzer, Colonel Hugo
Brazil: Branco, General Humberto 
Brunei: Bolkiah, Sir Hassanal 
Cambodia: Pol Pot
Chile: Pinochet, General Augusto 
Cuba: Batista, Fulgencio 
Dominican Republic: Trujillo, Rafael Leonidas 
El Salvador: Christiani, Alfredo 
El Salvador: Martinez, General Maximiliano Hernandez 
Fiji: Rabuka, General Sitiveni 
Greece: Papadopoulos, George
Guatemala: Cerezo, Vinicio 
Guatemala: Montt, General Efrain Rios
Haiti: Cedras, Raoul 
Haiti: Duvalier, Jean Claude
Haiti : Duvalier, Francois 
Honduras: Cordova, Roberto Suazo
Indonesia: Suharto, General 
Iran: Pahlevi, Shah Mohammed Reza 
Iraq: Hussein, Saddam
Liberia: Doe, General Samuel 
Morocco: Hassan II
Nicaragua: Somoza, Anastasio Jr. 
Nicaragua: Somoza, Anastasio, Sr.
Nigeria: Abacha, General Sani 
Pakistan: Musharraf, Pervez
Pakistan: Zia Ul Haq
Panama: Noriega, General Manuel
Paraguay: Stroessner, Alfredo 
Philippines: Marcos, Ferdinand
Portugal: Salazar, Antonio de Oliveira 
Rhodesia: Smith, Ian 
Saudi Arabia: Fahd bin'Abdul Aziz
South Africa: Botha, P.W. 
South Korea: Park Chung Hee 
Spain: Franco, General Francisco 
Taiwan : Chiang Kai-Shek
Turkey: Ozal, Turgut 
Uganda : Amin, Idi 
Vietnam: Diem, Ngo Dihn 
Zaire: Mobutu, Sese Seko
Also Bush backs A dictator who boils victims to death
Press Release
Issued by Islamic Center of the Triad
Greensboro North Carolina
Dr. Abdul Aziz Al-Rantisi was and is the the symbol of Palestinian resistance. He opposed the occupation of Palestinian lands and inspired the Palestinians to stand up for their rights.
In a situation where the unarmed Palestinian people are resisting the Israeli military juggernaut, the most powerful tool of violence in the middle east, Dr. Abdul Aziz Al-Rantisi was a voice of truth and integrity.
He was compassionate towards widows, orphans, the oppressed and the downtrodden, but he was fearless and firm against the oppressors. Owing to his influence, the Palestinians endorsed a principle which is fundmental to civilization, that people who do not want to be enslaved must stand up and resist even if in the process they have to offer the ultimate sacrifice.
The Palestinian people loved him Above all, he was a man of God. Israel has set the grounds for its own downfall in the murder it has committed against the Palestinian, Arab, Muslim and African nations. Israel has exposed itself as the cowardly, terrorist entity it is.

For more information contact: Badi Ali at badi323@aol.com

Prayers and commiserations were received for the Dr. Abdul Aziz
Al-Rantisi at THE ISLAMIC CENTER OF THE TRIAD 7D terrace way Greensboro North Carolina between 8pm - 9.30pm 19,20and 21 April 2004.
New Trend reveals the contents of an internal Al Jazeera memo which insults the station's heroic journalists

While fearless Al Jazeera journalists and camera crew are risking their lives to reveal what is happening in Iraq, it appears there's just as much flak flying in their direction from their homebase in Qatar.
Remember how New Trend's source in the satellite station revealed Palestinian Ahmad Sheikh, the new chief editor, was censoring the news so as not to offend his American masters?
Well just as you think things can't possibly get any worse, see the following internal memo sent out to the heroic TV staff by one of Ahmad Sheikh's loyal servants.
It seems the so-called armchair jihadi now wants to protect American viewers from the brutal realities that are confronting the men, women and children of occupied Iraq 24/7.
Read below:
Sun, 11 Apr 2004 23:40:47 +0300 (GMT)
Date: Sun, 11 Apr 2004 23:40:47 +0300 (GMT)
From: mernissia
To: all
Subject: Violence in the News
It is clear that scenes of extreme violence are filling our news bulletins. Many people are upset, not least Mr Ahmed Sheikh, the Editor-in-Chief.

violence that is true to life is regarded as desensitising viewers, although some might argue that its use may serve a moral or a social point. Therefore, consideration should be given to the suitability of scenes of violence in the news.

shots containing excessive violence should be avoided altogether. It is always necessary to step back and think about their impact on viewers at home watching them with their young children.

The volume of harrowing and distressing material from Iraq has been dominating ours news bulletins, and it is often not well handled. I think a balance should be struck between the demands of truth and the danger of desensitising people!

Aziz El Mernissi

2004-04-28 Wed 18:43ct