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Understanding Why the U.S. Wages War On Iraq: Professors Speak out at Lincoln University
Only 7% of African-Americans Support the War: Rebutting the Demonization of Saddam: Bush, keep God out of it

April 2, 2003: A faculty panel at Lincoln University, Pennsylvania discussed The Middle East Crisis with focus on Iraq. The main speakers were Dr. Melvin Leaman, Dr. Kaukab Siddique and Dr. Abdul Alim Shabazz, with Dr. Zizwe Poe as moderator.The presentations were documented and up to academic standards. The auditorium was packed with students, some faculty and visitors.


Dr. Leaman, who is "White" and a Christian pastor, passionately opposed the war on Iraq. He said that America is certainly not behaving like a Christian nation. He urged President Bush to stop bringing God into his war speeches. God, Dr. Leaman said, has nothing to do with such aggression against a far away and small country.

Quoting from Dr. Siddique's writings on Jihad, Dr. Leaman expressed the fear that the U.S. might, by blundering into Iraq, preparing the grounds for Jihad. Dr. Leaman showed a segment from a documentary on 9.11 which indicated that martyrdom became a form of worship for the hijackers who wrought destruction on in America. The new jihadists, he said, do not care that their targets are not legitimate military targets.

Dr. Kaukab Siddique presented the viewpoint of Bush-Rumsfeld-Wolfowitz-Perle and critiqued it. He analyzed CNN, MSNBC, Fox presentation of the war as untruthful, misleading and shot through with streaks of demonization of the "enemy." He did a point-by-point rebuttal of the propaganda against President Saddam Hussain, especially with regard to the "mass murder of Kurds." He expressed amazement at the values of the U.S. media which shows off late model jet fighters and tanks being sent off to fight a poorly armed foe. Such exhibitions, he said, smack of the posturing of a coward and a bully.
Dr. Siddique said that PALESTINE is the key to understanding the conflict. He said, Iraq is the only country willing to stand by the Palestinians. Iraq under Saddam is scientifically advanced, industrially significant, rich in oil wealth and INDEPENDENT in its foreign policy. With Saddam helping the Palestinians, the freedom struggle against Israel could succeed. Hence the Jewish lobby in America wants Iraq destroyed. In turn, America will use Israel to control the oil and the economy of the Middle East.

The CIA, Dr. Siddique said, has planted agents and puppets in Muslim countries, ranging from Musharraf of Pakistan to Mubarak of Egypt and the Kings of Saudi Arabia and Jordan. The purpose it to stop the development of movements against Israel and U.S. hegemony.

Unfortunately for the U.S. and Israel, President Saddam refused to surrender and has put up a fight for more than two weeks against the most powerful military force in the world. This resistance has changed the situation.

Dr. Abdul Alim Shabazz's speech was the most powerful of the day. The audience seemed to be mesmerized by the power of his words, spoken in exquisite English, with each word as if etched in steel. Dr. Shabazz said that to understand the attack on Iraq, we must understand how the concept of White supremacy works. The U.S. is doing to Iraqis and Palestinians what it did earlier in history to slaves brought from Africa and to the Native American people. The AFRICAN-AMERICAN PEOPLE, he said, see the attack on Iraq as oppression because they know from history what oppression is all about. Hence, he said, ONLY SEVEN PERCENT OF THE AFRICAN-AMERICAN PEOPLE support Bush's war on Iraq, as opposed to almost 60% of Whites.

Every day, he said, ISRAELIS KILL men, women, children in Palestine and Bush rewards the Israelis with billions of dollars. The Iraqi people today are fighting back, he said, not because they have good weapons but because they have faith and they have learned the lesson of the Qur'an that OPPRESSION IS WORSE THAN SLAUGHTER.

Dr. Shabazz questioned the legitimacy of Bush as president of the United States. This presidency, he said, was delivered by the vote of a conservative judge, after the disenfranchisement of the African-American voters in Florida.

Dr. Shabazz spoke in some detail of Islam as a liberating force. Our ancestors, brought from Africa as slaves were Muslims, he said. Also, Muslim Africans had reached America much before Columbus. We had to undergo the aftermath of slavery in segregation and racism, he explained with examples of his childhood in Alabama.

The program ended after an hour of questions and answers.

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