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April is Iqbal's anniversary, the Pakistani poet who broke the chains of slavery in Muslim minds. Here are a few of his verses in which he teaches how slave minds can misread the Qur'an itself:
isi Qur'aan mainhay ub tarake jahan ki ta'lim
jis nay momin ko banaya mah-o-pervin ka ameer
'tun ba taqdir' hay aaj un kay amal ka andaz
thi nihan jin kay iradon may khuda ki taqdir
tha jo na khoob, ba tadreej wohi 'khoob' huwa
keh ghulami main badal jata hay qaumun ka zameer
The same Qur'an now has the teaching of 'stay away from the world' which (the Qur'an) at one time made the believer the leader of the world. 'Waiting for fate' is now the work style of those whose intentions at one time carried the Will of God in them! What was 'no good,' gradually became 'good' Because slavery changes the conscience of a nations.]
Mosque In Swedish Southern City Set On Fire
David’s star was freshly painted on the mosque’s walls

By Haneefah bint Stefan, Special to IOL

MALMO, Sweden, April 28 ( - Some 55,000 members of the Swedish Muslim community in this southern Swedish city of Malmo have become without a place for worship after their mosque was almost completely destroyed by a fire – apparently a hate crime- late Sunday night, April 27.

The fire was so wild that the Swedish police had to bring in more firemen from all over the south of Sweden to control it.

One of the mosques supervisors, Imam Bejzat Becirov – Bosnian – said "It’s extremely terrible," when he saw his life work being shattered by the flames.

Swedish Police man Goran Olsson told Swedish daily Afton Bladet that it cannot be excluded that the fire was set on purpose. The cause of the fire was not immediately known, however many had suspicions about the mosque being set on fire due to a hate crime.

Trying to put out the fire, the firemen, along with crying Muslims, noticed a clear "David’s star" freshly painted on the wall of the mosque.

"We have received threats against us but I don’t want to speculate about the cause of the fire," said Becirov.

The flames of hate eating up the mosque The fire department was notified some minutes after 11pm (local time) after some persons had noticed smoke rising from the big building.

The fire spread quickly and wildly. Twenty minutes after the discovery, the central parts of the building were completely on fire, as well as the school building and the kitchen.

Becirov was very disappointed at the work of the firemen. "The fire has lasted for one hour now, and still they don’t have water in all the hoses," he said at midnight , at the same time as the roof of the school building collapsed.

A lot of Muslims soon gathered at the site of the fire and the police were forced to block the roads in the area. Some of them were crying bitterly.

One of the people who came to the site was the Imam Adly Abu Hajar, one of the Imams of the mosque, of Palestinian origins. He told the Swedish daily what happened, minutes before the tragedy started.

"We held evening prayer here at 10.15pm. We had had a children’s group earlier and we were around ten adults who stayed for the prayer. We left the mosque soon after 10.30pm , made sure it was locked good, and we didn’t hear or see anything unordinary," he said.

Thirty minutes later, the fire was discovered. The fire department sent staff and cars from six stations to fight the fire. The work was made difficult by the strong wind.

Many people were irritated because the firemen did not manage to stop the fire soon enough to save the building. People were also trying to get inside the mosque.

"We called in all people we have," the police chief said, shortly before one o’clock after midnight. The site of the fire, however, was in chaos, and at two o’clock – some three hours after the fire was reported – the flames were still burning wildly.

Before the hate crime "We have been able to save the minaret and the center building of the mosque to a certain degree," said Per-Erik Ebbestal from the Malmo Fire department. The other buildings are completely destroyed.

The large prayer room is made of stone but was damaged severely by smoke and heat.

"Everything is turning into pieces," devastated Becirov said. "We’re talking about values of up to $8.5 millions. 55,000 members of the Muslim community here will be without their mosque," he added.

The mosque in Malmo was introduced in 1984 as the first one in Scandinavia.
Jewish Scholars Originated the Attacks on Hadith now Being Spread Among Unwary Muslims by People who Claim to be following "Qur'an Only."

[Dr. Kaukab Siddique has sent the following response to persons with Muslim names who are disseminating abusive attacks on the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in an ongoing campaign to delink the Prophet, pbuh, from the Qur'an.]

Allah's Word, the Qur'an, and the Prophet's words, the Hadith, have always gone together. Be it Imam Bukhari or any of our other great scholars, from Imam Abu Hanifa to Maulana Maudoodi, all have put the Qur'an first, with the Prophet's Hadith as its decisive interpretation.

The attack on the Hadith is not an Islamic endeavor. It was a Christian missionary endeavor first but its greatest scholars have been Jews. G.A. Pervez, etc, copied almost verbatim from the Jews.

Ignaz Goldziher's Muhammedanische Studien was published in 1869 when the Muslim world had been colonized. Since then it has appeared in English, first in bits and pieces and then in complete translation. Parts of it have been published in Urdu.

He was a Hungarian Jew from the Hebrew Congregation in the city of Pec.

Just about all the views of G.A. Pervez and his fellows are to be found in Goldziher's book. Protestant missionaries like Samuel Zwemer and Temple Gairdner hailed Goldziher's writings and tried to spread them to weak Muslim intellectuals.

Here are some of the absurdities about Hadith spread by the Pervezi fitna which are copied almost wholsale from Goldziher and other Jews:

1. Hadith was transmitted orally, so it is not reliable.

2. The existing Hadith collections do not refer to earlier collections, so there were no no earlier collections. Thus hadith BEGAN in the third century of Islam.

3. Why are hadith from young sahaba more in number than those of older ones.? [Very obvious reason, but discussion will be done at some later date.]

4. ISNAD [chains of transmission] did not exist before the first century, so must have been arbitrarily manufactured.

5. Many hadith contradict each other.

6. Both ISNAD and Hadith were forged.

7. Muslim scholars looked only at Isnad and not at the text of the Hadith.

and on and on.

Goldziher's main point, which has affected just about all the munkareene hadith, and was accepted in a very sophisticated way by Dr. Fazlur Rahman, was as follows:

"The hadith will not seve as a document for the history of the infancy of Islam, but rather as a reflection of the tendencies which appeared in the community during the more mature stages of its development.' (Muhammedanische Studien, II, 5)

Goldziher's attack on Hadith was picked up and developed further by another famous Jewish scholar, Joseph Schacht, who published his outstanding book The Origins of Islamic Jurisprudence in 1950, reprinted in 1964. He denounced ALL of Hadith as a huge fraud and claimed that the Prophet (pbuh) had no concern with SHARIA or Islamic Law, and that Hadith related to law were inventions. He made a detailed attack on ISNAD.

Again Schacht became hugely popular with the enemies of Islam.

Thus when I wrote that those who are attacking Hadith are, witting or unwitting, tools of the Jews, I was writing with a full sense of responsibility.

[All these Jewish attacks have been refuted in detail, point by point, by great Islamic scholars as well as by honest non-Muslim scholars. They are only of interest now because Pervezis among westernized Pakistanis living overseas have started regurgitating these falsehoods in the hope that they will spread among Muslims who have not taken the trouble to STUDY the teachings of the Prophet, pbuh.]

[NABIA ABBOTT's research in the discovery of ACTUAL HADITH WRITINGS on papyrus from the time of the Prophet (pbuh) himself have made the argument that Hadith were not written down, outdated. See Studies in Arabic Literary Papyri by Abbott which appeared in 1957 but was ignored by the Pervezi sect because it would destroy their entire Jewish-inspired adventure. She followed it up by a series of other related books in 1967, 1972, and 1983.]
Three News Reports: Thanks to National Public Radio (NPR). [NPR seems to be making a big effort to improve its reporting. These three items did not appear on any of the major TV channels.]

1. GUANTANAMO BAY: 600 Islamic People from 45 countries Who have no Rights but are Allowed to Pray.

Under international criticism, the U.S. is trying to do some public relations improvements in its treatment of the Islamic prisoners in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. At least some of them have been moved from Camp X-Ray to Camp Delta. Camp X-Ray was open to the elements, dilapidated and like a death camp. In Camp Delta, conditions seem to be much better or at least were shown to be better to reporters who sent this story.

Prayers are allowed. Prisoners have Qur'ans. Even the call to prayer is permitted (and was heard on NPR).

However, the prisoners have no rights of any kind:
1. Their names are not given out. They are people without names.
2. They are not charged with any crime and don't have any idea why they are there.
3. They have no attorneys, no visitors, no relatives.
4. Their imprisonment is open ended. They are not told how long they will be held.

Suicide attempts by 25 of the prisoners have been reported. Amnesty International has voiced concern over the conditions of these prisoners of war. [The U.S. refuses the claims that they are P.O.W.s]

Some of the prisoners are Afghan children ages 13 to 15. The U.S. refuses to let them go, saying, on the one hand, that they are dangerous, and on the other that they are learning useful skills in prison.

New Trend's comment: Why did they try to kill themselves when they are followers of Islam? Observers say that the U.S. exercises psychological ways of creating extreme disorientation, through use of sleep deprivation, bright lights and endless interrogation which can create a sense of hopelessness. Till now, no voices have arisen from the Muslim world for the release of these Islamic people. After one year and 4 months, 13 Pakistanis were released who were found to have been sold to the Americans by the "northern alliance" although they had no connection with any armed formation. [As no names are given out, it's not known if Mullah Zaeef, the last Taliban ambassador to Pakistan is among them. In an act of dastardly treachery which has blackened the name of Pakistan in Islamic history, General Musharraf handed over the popular, pious and learned ambassador to the Americans. Even the dirtiest traitors in Muslim history never did what Musharraf did for U.S. dollars, handing over a Muslim ambassador to the kafirun.]

The second NPR news item was the appointment of Daniel Pipes to a "Peace" Foundation which will "advise" Bush on how to deal with Muslims. Pipes is so extreme in his anti-Islamic views that Muslims who want to work closely with the Bush administration are protesting about his appointment. According to Ibrahim Hooper, Director of CAIR, a Muslim advocacy group, Pipes has come up with the concept of "Islamism" according to which ALL Muslims who are serious about their religion can be seen as potential terrorists. NEW TREND COMMENT: There can be little doubt that Daniel Pipes is an extremist. It may not be a coincidence that he is a Jew. His appointment can be compared to the appointment of the white racist Klu Klux Klan Grand Dragon as an adviser on African-American issues.

The condition of Muslims in funded groups like CAIR is indeed pathetic. These Muslims have already recognized Israel. They see Hamas, Hizbullah, Islamic Jihad and Hizbut Tahrir as terrorists. They have fulfilled all the requirements of being tame, spineless and in full prostration in front of the White House.

However, now President Bush has imposed on them a man, Pipes, who does not think that CAIR etc have humiliated themselves enough. For Pipes, EVERY Muslim who takes Islam seriously is a potential terrorist. So now poor CAIR and all will have to publish an expurgated edition of the Qur'an, one without Jihad in it. Then perhaps Pipes might be mollified and CAIR can visit the White House in Ramadan and on the two Eids.

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