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Taking Protests Against Evils of Domestic Violence to the Streets.
by Motisola M. Abdallah, Atlanta

"Be gentle with them: They are like vessels of glass which can easily crack." [Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, admonishing a man named Anjasha.]

"The Prophet, pbuh, never raised his hand against a woman." ['Ayesha, the blessed, the scholar-wife of the Prophet]

Domestic Violence hurts the entire community. In the 3rd of a series of summer vigils to end domestic violence, the Atlanta Baitul Salaam Network under the direction of cofounder Hadeya Majeed, has started to take the evils of domestic violence to the streets. The first Vigil was held in downtown Atlanta near the popular baseball Stadium Turner Field where one sign read 'honk for peaceful families'. It was quite encouraging as most drivers who read the sign honked their car horns in support. One of the busiest intersections in the African American was home for the second vigil. 'Refuse Abuse of women Islam is Peace' was the theme which was overwhelmingly received by onlookers. One male passerby took the time to thank the sisters in the vigil for dealing with this urgent matter. On Sunday, June 15th, the biggest media outlet in the country, Atlanta home based CNN, was home to the third vigil across the street in Centennial Park. 'Allah hates abuse of women: end domestic violence' was the theme. This site is at the top of the list as one of the biggest tourist sites in Atlanta with an unbelievable diverse attraction of visitors from all over the world. Many onlookers honked their horns in support of the vigil or gave verbal approval of it. One male passerby joined the vigil by taking a sign that read 'domestic violence hurts the entire community.' He also spoke of how he has severed ties with a friend he grew up with because his friend was abusing women.

In a phone interview with New Trend, the cofounder of Baitul Salaam, Hadeya, stated that the Islamic community is in denial about domestic/family violence and this issue is all but being ignored. The vigils will take place throughout the city of Atlanta for the rest of the summer and are open to anyone. Domestic and family violence is prevalent in all communities and all religions.

It is imperative that brothers who want to crush the lie that Islam condones abuse of women should help by speaking about the correct way of life, the sunnah way of life as prescribed to all of humanity by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Islam diametrically opposes abuse of any human being or animal.

It is crucial to remember that domestic violence is not just physical abuse, it can be emotional, verbal, economical and mental. In order to raise up the status of the community we must first raise up the teachings of Islam. Islam's core is peaceful, strong families for a peaceful strong community.

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