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Zulq'idah 3, 1426/December 5, 2005 #88
Some good news: 3 Jamaat al-Muslimeen items The prison rights of Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar, Egyptian-American, have been restored. He has been moved to another section of the MCC prison plaza in New York. His family can visit again and water has been restored. He faces life in prison because he talked on the phone to opponents of Egypt's dictator Hosni Mubarak.
In Vienna, Austria, historian David Irving, arrested for 'denying the holocaust' story, is standing firm. His wry sense of humor is helping. According to the British daily Telegraph, Irving found two of his famous books in the prison library! He autographed them for the prison guards. Later, when the authrorities found out about the books, they had them removed. What a world the "holocausters" live in: unable to stand up to scrutiny, they use outright censorship. In this kafkaesque world, some say, Irving should simply recant and get out of prison.
The bad news is that the FAKE QU'RAN report from Sis. Nabila of Philadelphia was correct. Such moves of cultural imperialism will be defeated, inshallah, thru peaceful means by Islamic scholars. Islam today is resurgent. Such fake moves will back fire, inshallah
Captive Lion of Iraq Roars at Tormentors: President Saddam Hussain on Trial December 5, 2005. Mr. Ramsey Clark and defense lawyers walked out of the court room when the judge would not listen to their dismissal of the legitimacy of the court. Later they were allowed to come back and complete their statement. The prosecutors introduced a witness to claim torture carried out by Saddam's people in 1982. The man was obviously a trained "witness" who came prepared with details of torture which he had not seen. It was HEARSAY evidence including horror stories about a "meat grinder" straight out of American movies. The "witness" was TEN YEARS OLD at the time of the alleged incidents. Saddam Hussain called the witness affectionately "my son" and said he realized he was under pressure to say what he was saying. Saddam and others got up in court to call on the Iraqi people to resist. The court, Saddam said, is an imperial agency working for the U.S.
[New Trend comment: It's a violation of international law to take over a country by force and then to put its president on trial. The whole trial is a farce, and, observers say, as Saddam stands up to the persecution, the Arab world and the Muslim world increasingly stand up with him.]
[New Trend notes that the U.S. has been saying after 9.11 that torture of prisoners can be legitimate if it prevents a terrorist attack. The same reasoning should be used to defend Saddam if his people carried out torture on terrorists funded from outside. In Dujail they tried to kill him.]
WAR NEWS: FROM NEW TREND'S MEDIA MONITOR PALESTINE: December 5. A Palestinian from the Islamic Jihad organization broke through Israeli security and gave his life to attack Israelis in the town of Netanya. Five Israelis were killed and 35 wounded. Israel has launched a military strike after the attack. PAKISTAN: President Zia's Murder by Israel John Gunther Dean, former U.S. ambassador to India reportedly wrote in an American magazine, World Policy Journal, that President Zia ul-Haq of Pakistan, was killed by the Israelis. Dean also says that in 1980 when he was ambassador in Lebanon, the Israelis tried to kill Dean too.
[Readers might recall that the Pakistani President was killed when his plane was blown up in flight. No arrests were ever made. The murderers were so powerful that Pakistan could do nothing about it.]
[Source: Daily Ummat, Urdu language daily, December 5, 2005, Karachi, Pakistan]
[This item could not be verified independently.]
Top Al-Qaida leader Killed or Not Killed? On November 30, the U.S. hit an Islamic safe house in northern Waziristan with a missile from a pilotless spotter plane. The action was carried out in coordination with Pakistani spies on the ground. As a result, U.S. media announced that Rabea Hamza, top Islamic leader in Al-Qaida, an Egyptian, second only to Osama and al-Zawahiri, was killed in the strike along with two others. On December 4, General Musharraf announced, during a visit to Kuwait, that he was "200%" sure that Rabea Hamza was killed in the strike. However, a news report received from Al-Qaida by Al-Arabia television and published in the prestigious Pakistani newspaper Nawa-i-Waqt, says that the person killed in the missile strike was Suleman al-Maghrabi
[a North African], and the other two killed with him were Tajik mujahids. The report says that Hamza is alive and in a safe place. Clash in South Waziristan December 4. Pakistani media report fighting in South Waziristan at Shakai where Pakistani mujahideen killed a Pakistani soldier, and Pakistani soldiers killed a mujahid and captured another. In North Waziristan, electricity to Miran Shah city was cut when a mujahideen rocket hit an electric station. KARACHI: TERRORISTS LET LOOSE TO HIT PEACEFUL ISLAMIC MOVEMENT Karachi city's leader of Jamaate Islami, Dr. Mairajul Huda, accused General Musharraf of giving a free hand to MQM terrorists to attack Islamic students. He was speaking at a hospital where two Islamic student leaders, Ahmar Hamza and Tariq, are being treated for serious wounds after being shot, allegedly, by an MQM hit squad. Earlier in November, another Islamic student, Farhan Arif, was killed, allegedly by MQM gunmen. There have been no arrests as MQM rules the city with Musharraf's support.
AFGHANISTAN: December 4: U.S. media stated, first, that two U.S. helicopters crashed ['hard landing'] in southern Afghanistan, and then later admitted that it was the result of hostile fire. A Taliban spokesman confirmed to Pakistani media that the Taliban shot down a U.S. helicopter in Kandahar province and hit another which later landed in trouble. The U.S. says 5 U.S. troops were injured along with an Afghan soldier. Also, December 2, Taliban killed the District Administrator of Kandahar along with two policemen and wounded three policemen. Pakistani papers report two more Taliban successes. In one they killed one police officer and wounded 5 in Helmand province. In another they killed 2 police in Logar province. It is now finally confirmed by Pakistani news outlets that two Al-Qaida leaders escaped from a prison near Kabul in JULY and the U.S. has been unable to rcapture them in spite of hectic searches for months. These are Omar al-Farooq from Indonesia and Abdullah Hamdan from Syria.
KASHMIR: Indian troops killed two mujahideen in the Islamabad area of Kashmir, one of them from Lashkare Taiba. The Indians also killed a Muslim woman in Bandipura and another civilian in a forest outside Srinagar. In mujahideen responses, 5 Indian police were wounded in one grenade attack, In another grenade attack in the Taral area, 4 Indian soldiers and 2 police were wounded.
Why are America's Best So Poor in Intellectual Content? by our media monitor Larry King, Mr. Warren, the Bible, Hitler and "the Holocaust." Larrry King on CNN has made a name for himself. As a result he is able to invite personalities who are considered "famous" or whom he wants to promote. A few years back, Larry King interviewed Yasir Arafat. In the middle of the interview, King suddenly leaned forward, pointed to himself and said: "I am a Jew. Did you know that?" Arafat was unable to say anything. The point seemed to be, I am a Jew but am so open-minded that I am interviewing you on my show. No one has dared to ask Larry King: Why do you use a totally non-Jewish name? Shouldn't it be Kingberg or Kingstein? Why do you try to deceive your audience. On December 2, 2005 Larry King interviewed the famous Christian evangelist Rick Warren, author of The Purpose Driven Life . Both the author and Larry King showed that their intellectual level is not very high. Their fame is probably based on the spiritual vacuum which exists in America. Here are a couple of examples from the December 2 show: Mr. Warren claimed that the Bible is "the word of God." Mr. Warren inadvertently showed that he has not STUDIED the Bible. After saying that it is God's word, he quoted 1 Corinthians from the New Testament. Even an elementary scholar of the Bible would know that 1 Corinthians is a letter WRITTEN BY PAUL to a Church in Corinth. No scholar can claim that it is the word of God or of Jesus, pbuh.
[Mr. Warren has sold milions of books! Amazing!]
When Mr. Warren started talking about God's love, Larry King came up with the ultimate objection in his arsenal. If every human is from God, King asked, how come God let Hitler kill SIX MILLION JEWS. Mr. Warren was slightly taken aback but then managed to say that "God was weeping" when Hitler killed the six million. This is America. Here, on the major media, one cannot discuss serious issues. Mr. Warren could have asked King, HOW DO YOU KNOW HITLER KILLED SIX MILLION JEWS? Do you have any documentary evidence? Where has the "Hitler order" been published which put into motion the tremendous resources needed to kill six million people? If Mr. Warren had asked such a question, that would have been the end of his career. No more MASS SALE of The Purpose Driven Life!
[In the light of highly advanced revisionist scholarship, shouldn't the Jews be happy that six million Jews were not killed and there was no gassing of one million people at Auschwitz? I would be happy if I were to find that one million Iraqis DID NOT die during the U.S.-imposed sanctions. Why should one want one's people to be dead? It has something to do with the tremendous transfer of funds from America to the killer-gangster state which calls itself Israel.]
Within minutes of his discussion about God and philosophy with Mr. Warren, Larry king was talking to Alla Wartenberg, a Jewish "stripper"
[a woman who takes her clothes off in front of male crowds who pay to see her naked].
Alla, King told his audience, has become a millionaire through her "stripping" and does business with Donald Trump, who was also on with Larry King. Such is the corruption of the people who are at the top in America. They have no standards and the media present them as role models!
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[A response to Dr. Muqtedar Khan's views.]
Family Feels Deserted By those who Claimed to be Best Friends. ISNA, ICNA, CAIR DESERTED PROF. SAMI al-ARIAN.
[Excerpts from The Chronicle of Higher Education, December 2, 2005 refer to this situation indirectly]
For Americans on the whole and for Muslim Americans especially recent history has arranged itself into what was true in the days before September 11, 2001, and what has been true since.

The Al-Arians have their own personal milestone. The date that most sharply divides their lives into the categories of "before" and "after" is February 20, 2003 "2/20," as they refer to it the day Mr. Al-Arian was arrested at his home, in Tampa, and indicted by the federal government.

Before that February 20, when talk-show pundits like Bill O'Reilly were Mr. Al-Arian's accusers, the scholarly community rallied behind him and defended his academic freedom. As soon as his accuser was the federal government, however, most of that support quickly evaporated.

The sheer heft of the indictment no doubt scared a lot of people off. It ran to more than 120 pages and drew heavily on nine years of secret wiretapping of Mr. Al-Arian's telephones by the FBI.

Abdullah said he understands why his father's supporters were spooked when the indictment came out. But he can't understand why they have stayed spooked especially given that the government's case, he said, has turned out to consist almost entirely of circumstantial evidence.

"There's a difference between being initially shocked and surprised and overwhelmed," Abdullah said, "and continuing to be silent and muted for years after the fact."

'All Alone'

The children have always asserted their father's innocence, but they have often lacked for company. "We felt we were all alone after it happened," Abdullah said.

A month after his arrest, Mr. Al-Arian was denied bail and sent into solitary confinement in Florida's Coleman Federal Penitentiary, 75 miles away from the family's home. He was limited to one phone call a month, and was denied even that for almost half a year.

According to a letter written to the Federal Bureau of Prisons by Amnesty International, he was denied any access to clocks, which kept him from observing Muslim daily prayers. The same letter said that when Mr. Al-Arian left his cell to meet with his lawyers, he was shackled hand and foot and made to transport his stacks of legal paperwork by carrying them on his back.

As the trial drew near, Mr. Al-Arian and his lawyers found out that they would not be permitted to submit evidence about the history of Israel's occupation of Palestinian territory something they had planned as a key part of their case. They also discovered that while the government was allowed to choose and submit into evidence the contents of 200 to 300 wiretapped phone calls, the defense would not be allowed to select any calls from those nine years of FBI surveillance to build its own narrative.

Another group that has remained strangely quiet about their father's case, say Abdullah and Laila, is the circle of national Muslim leaders to which Mr. Al-Arian once belonged.

"I think the Muslim community is so afraid when they think of my father's case," Laila said. "He was the one guy who was always putting himself out there. He was speaking, making public appearances. He was always in the forefront."
[Abdullah and Laila are Prof. Al-Arian's children.]
[New Trend thanks Dr. Abdul Alim Shabazz for this information.]
Hampton University [Virginia] students tried to Protest the War, AIDS & Katrina: Found themselves in Police State: Publicity of Partying/Drinking Permitted:Posters of Protest Forbidden
[Excerpts from student activists follow: New Trend urges HU officials to respond.]

Corporate Plantation: Heavy-handed Repression Of Recent Student Activism by John Robinson and Brandon King November 30, 2005

... [The planned protest activities] included speeches, chants, poetry, and musical performances. Earlier that day an international student was subjected to intense interrogation by the Dean of Women and was told by the Hampton University police that she would be shadowed by a cop. At twelve noon Brandon King began to speak to about 75-100 students in the Student Center about our plans for the day. We handed out information on the Iraq war and the Katrina disaster. Then armed HU police abruptly shut down our activities. The HU police booked several people just because they were wearing stickers and other paraphernalia that advertised our events. They booked people who weren't even wearing paraphernalia because they looked suspicious. The police used hand-held camcorders to record the faces of the activists without our permission. They attempted to intimidate the student onlookers by their random targeting. Three of us were singled out as leaders by the Dean of Men and HU police, who temporarily confiscated our students ID cards. The next day, one leader of our group, Brandon King, was told by a Hampton University Lieutenant Detective that, despite the fact that he was a "hometown athlete," he would be expelled if he did not cooperate and give up the names of other group members.

Now Brandon, three sophomore activists, a junior activist, a non-affiliated supporter and myself have all been summoned to an administrative hearing for violating the code of student conduct by "actions to cajole or proselytize students", "distributing and/or posting unauthorized information", and "violating the administrative guidelines for student demonstrations". The students were given notice at 5:00 p.m. Friday, November 18 to appear at an administrative hearing at 10:00 a.m. Monday, November 21. This short notice obviously made it virtually impossible for the students to organize support from lawyers, parents, witnesses, other students, and sympathetic organizations both on campus and in the wider community. Nevertheless, the administration received many calls and e-mails and agreed on Monday morning to postpone the hearings indefinitely. Upon returning to school from thanksgiving break on Monday November 28, the students learned that the hearings had been rescheduled! for Friday, December 2.

Shortly before the break, students met with local reporters in a nearby shopping center owned by the administration. As the students described to the reporters the repressive conditions they face at Hampton University, a Hampton University cop sent by the Dean of Students confirmed the students' allegations. He pulled his squad car to within inches of the camera man and cut short the interview by stepping in between the camera man and the student interviewee. After the reporters put their camera away inside their car, the police still demanded that they leave the property. The video footage of these events was shown on the nightly news. The story also appeared the next day as the cover story in the local newspaper, The Daily Press. The Dean of Students, in turn, wrote a letter to the editor of the Daily Press responding that the school encourages peaceful protest, and the kids who face discipline refused to use the legitimate routes. This letter was mass copied and two copies were placed on every dorm door on campus.

The students also face charges of violating the guidelines set forth by the Administration on student demonstrations. It has been our experience that the provisions which control student demonstrations as delineated in the Student Handbook effectively prevent any expression of dissent, and therefore any semblance of democracy. This is because any demonstration, march, vigil, or rally on campus must be called by an officially recognized student group and approved in advance by the Chief of Police and Director of Student Activities. Any student group that might call for such actions never gets recognized by the Administration in the first place.

Hampton University's administration has shown time and time again that it will not recognize, nor give any legitimacy to our organizations and our causes. We have repeatedly been denied access even to the Administration's own procedures through which groups are evaluated and then either recognized or denied recognition. Our applications have never been afforded the hearings and votes to which we are supposed to be entitled. The Administration, whenever it feels like, simply announces that "there is a moratorium" on new student organizations."

The administration was very clear in its opposition to our agenda from the very beginning. When we put up the posters and fliers across campus at night, they organized police teams during the day to march through the campus and snatch down every paper. But the corporate elitist ethos cultivated by Hampton still had to be counteracted, so we put up more...and more. The administrative response was always swift but never swift enough, each time more overtly repressive than before.

Meanwhile, students and other groups, whether officially recognized or not, routinely pass out unauthorized fliers and put up unauthorized advertisements on campus daily. The advertisements are usually promoting parties, bars and other venues for alcoholic consumption. The administration rarely interferes with this activity and never punishes those who engage in it. But the activists at Hampton put up posters about a social justice-oriented student walk-out, and passed out information on the brutal, highly unpopular War in Iraq, and they alone are threatened with the penalties outlined in the student handbook. This selective enforcement of the rules reveals the true nature of the Hampton administration.

The Hampton Model as Apparatus of Exploitation Some of the Hampton police who harassed us said that they just "had to do their job." Just for clarification, their bosses are the University President Dr. William R. Harvey, who is a Bush appointee to the Federal National Mortgage Association, and a Board of Trustees bounteous with Bush-Cheney campaign beneficiaries. A close friend of President Harvey especially relevant to this discussion is the commencement speaker he selected this past spring, Alphonso Jackson, Bush's Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Jackson has made a priority of cutting back access by poor black people to subsidized Section 8 housing. Shortly after hurricane Katrina, Jackson told the Houston Chronicle that most of the black population of New Orleans should not be allowed to return, and that New Orleans in the future will be a predominantly white city. The University president has often shown this same contempt for the Black community. A recent example is when he was asked by a few members of our group at a Town Hall Meeting, the reason why the school did not have an aids awareness group. President Harvey responded that we probably did not need one because everyone knows about Aids. The girls did not accept that answer because they knew that AIDS disproportionately affected Blacks, and the Hampton Roads area was in the Top ten AIDS infected areas...therefore they started a campus AIDs group the next week.

Hampton History
When providing an even closer look at the educational environment of historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs), one will gain a clearer understanding of its purpose in society and also its setting for which student resistance to its educational model originated. William Watkins explained how with the creation of HBCU's more specifically, Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute (now Hampton University) "played no small role in creating a comprador class for the twentieth century. Black compradors have anchored the Black South. They have been pious, conservative, obedient, and loyal to the sociopolitical order. They have supported gradualism, incrementalism, and non-violence over revolution. They have provided a sometimes prosperous middle class without which the capitalist economy could not have stabilized. They have acted as a buffer in the South, providing business services, education, religion, fraternal orders, and hope to a people battered by slavery, sharec! ropping, violence and four centuries of oppression."

The most prominent black advocate for this model was Armstrong's neophyte Booker T. Washington. Because blacks faced oppression and political repression on a daily basis, W.E.B. Du Bois felt this reality should not go ignored. He pleaded with Washington to address these realities by stating "It is wrong to encourage a man or a people in evil doing; it is wrong to aid and abet a national crime simply because it is unpopular not to do so... We have no right to sit silently by while the inevitable seeds are sown for a harvest of disaster to our children, black and white." In saying this, Du Bois draws the line between himself and supporters of Armstrong and Washington's form of education and indoctrination. When black students rebel against the existing social order, they are looked at as deviant because they buck an educational model that truly does not function in their favor.

Student Resistance Through the Years At Hampton University in 2005, this student resistance has been more intense perhaps than ever before. In the wake of such social atrocities as the Katrina disaster, black students have achieved a much higher degree of political consciousness than in previous years. The student activist group at Hampton, whose members are now being threatened with expulsion, has worked tirelessly for years promoting consciousness on social issues and providing ways for students to become involved.

In the Fall of 2002, students attempted to get Dr. Taye Wolde-Semayat, a former political prisoner in Ethiopia and President of the Ethiopian Teachers Union, to speak on campus. He had been released following a five-year campaign by Amnesty International, the National Union of Teachers, and teachers' unions around the world. Hampton University refused to allow him to speak on campus. The Vice President of Student Affairs, Dr. Bennie McMorris, signed a form which would allow for Dr. Taye to speak on campus but later rescinded his signature and refused to allow the event to take place on campus. The students got a local church as a venue for Dr. Taye to speak. These students also organized massive carpooling for students to attend the event. Over 200 people, including community and church members, students, and faculty attended the event which was held two miles away from the campus.

Securing the Future
That has not stopped us from organizing. We've managed to have our meetings in random classrooms on campus through developing really good relationships with campus workers. Many students see the need to address social justice issues through activism and education. Even though the University does not provide an environment conducive to activism or allocate any resources to our group, we've managed not only to function, but to grow. Our membership has increased exponentially and the members are more passionate than ever. The administration is now attempting to stifle this growth by singling out the next generation of activists and trying to scare them into committing themselves to the Hampton Model. When the HU police and administration stopped our gathering, some of the members of our group felt demoralized. We thought that the intimidation of students by the Campus police and Administration meant that we had failed. But seeing how energized the campus became after the incident helped us change the way we saw the situation. Although the police prevented us from making the point that we intended to make, the students ultimately were made conscious in a much deeper way that could not have been achieved through our speeches and poetry. The students saw what their school's administration was really for by seeing what it was against. Students saw first hand what happens when students stand up for human rights and social justice. So many students openly express their anger with the way Hampton handled the situation. Students have been very supportive and sympathetic with what we are doing at Hampton. Students who wouldn't have normally been involved are now compelled to be active after watching their school reveal its "true colors". The administration was so arbitrary and ruthless that it threatened an unaffiliated supporter with expulsion. It seems that even moral support for activism is a grave violation to Hampton's administration. These recent events have exposed the true nature of Hampton University, its educational model, how it fits into the rest of society, and above all else, why it should be resisted.

As students face administrative hearing that promise to be as grossly undemocratic as the proceedings thus far, it is imperative that we send a message to Hampton officials that they cannot get away with this. We have gotten much support from students on campus, as well as individual and groups outside the school who share our passion and recognize the interconnectedness of our plights. However we still need a lot more. By singling out the younger activists, the school figures it can "nip activism in the bud" and it is thus our duty to make it clear that they can do no such thing. It is vital that African Americans are able to express their concern about the issues that so uniquely and disproportionately affect our community. This remains true despite the large sums of money the university receives from the military and other places for maintaining a docile student body.

Call the school! Let Hampton administrators know how you feel. Tell them to drop all charges against the students, recognize the activist club as an official student organization, and craft a free speech policy that doesn't criminalize dissent.

Dr. Bennie McMorris, Vice President for Student Affairs
757-727-5264 bennie.mcmorris@hamptonu.edu
Woodson Hopewell, Dean of Men
woodson.hopewell@hamptonu.edu 757-727-5303
Jewel Long, Dean of Women
jewel.long@hamptonu.edu 757-727-5486

John Robinson is an organizer at Hampton University. He is one of the students charged in violation of the Hampton University Student Code of Conduct. He is a senior sociology major from Washington D.C.

Brandon King is also both an organizer at Hampton U and one of the students charged in violation of the Hampton University Student Code of Conduct. He is a senior sociology major and a native of Chesapeake VA.

For updates on the situation u nfolding at Hampton University go to
http://www.campusantiwar.net ,
http://www.traprockpeace.org/hampton_university_students ,
And for support please send email to hamptonsolidarity@yahoo.com

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