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by Sis. Eileen, Atlantic City, New Jersey

[For the details of the case, go to www.newtrendmag.org.]

I spoke to Haila for the first time in a year. She just turned twenty two I think. She continues to be persecuted for her religion and ethnicity and I need to start aggressively advocating for her. She constantly is brought up on charges and has never had contact visits from the day she got there two years ago.

First it was new rule book that demanded urine watched by matron during menstruation and she couldn't. Couple days later she did it and passed but still no visits. Then she was harrassed by inmates for being Muslim and begged the guards to stop it. Finally they didn't and she hit the girl. More charges.

For the second time she and another Arab Muslim friend had their cells raided because they speak and write in Arabic. Of course inmates who speak and write in Spanish aren't raided. Once they had the FBI interrogate them and make them translate Koran and hadith verses. They were told they were considered a security risk.

All Haila's, notes, phone numbers etc were removed. She had found some change in the library and kept it, about fifty cents, an infraction and more charges.

She made a necklace on craft day with materials they gave her. It was so well made they charged her with contraband of an outside necklace. I am furious.
Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar's Sons Fired for Being Muslim: Open Case of Bigotry
Family of Famous Political Faces Difficult Times

by Lisa Abdel Sattar, Staten Island, New York

On July 7, 2004, after 8 months of reliable and prompt service my sons were fired from their jobs as busboys at the corner restaurant, The Elm Park Inn 238 MorningStar Rd. in Staten Island, NY 10303. We live two doors from this establishment which proved to be very convenient for the owners.

However, upon learning of my husbands incarceration, nationality/religion, the owner Jim Walsh, confided in a waitress that he had fired my sons because of who their father was. Knowing that this could have negative repercussions, he covered up by telling co workers that my sons were fired because business was slow and they needed to cut back.

Not satisfied with this explanation my oldest son, Omar 17, decided to look into the real reasons. After questioning the cooks and waitresses it was disclosed that they were indeed fired for who they are. My son Omar decided to go straight to the boss and ask him to his face why they were fired. Well, the truth came out in front of customers and other employees. "My wife died 9-11, every time I look at you I think of my wife and I don't want you working here!" My son told him that firing him for this reason was discrimination and that was illegal, not to mention the fact. His response," I don't care." Approximately half an hour later two men, 30-35 6ft. 200lbs, came to my door asking for my 17 year old son. They proceeded to tell him that if he caused any problems for his father or the business they would come back and take care of the problem and that he and his brother, Ali 15 yrs. old, should stay out of the restaurant.

During the incident I was on the phone with 911 explaining that there were two men at my door threatening my 17 year old son. It took police over 45 min to get here.
I plan on pressing charges and contacting a lawyer to find out what my options are.

Hatred towards Muslims, young or old, man or woman, is still thriving in our neighborhoods.
David Irving Speaks: [Author of Hitler's War]:
Debunks Nick Berg Beheading Video
Saddam Prepared the Organized Resistance U.S. troops are Facing

by Ms. Carolyn at a meeting with Irving in Florida

[Mr. Irving's analysis is that Nick Berg had been killed BEFORE the staged video was produced. Mr. Irving was the first to arrive at this conclusion]

Mr. Irving started out talking about all of the countries that he is banned from. I didn't write them all down, but the ones I did are as follows: Canada, Italy, France, Germany, New Zealand and Australia. There were many more that he rolled off very fast. He said he was delighted this was happening because it meant that his work was a threat to the Jewish power elite, being that it was accurate. He said that people are reading his books and visiting his web site in masses, especially the young.

He spoke about the book "Animal Farm", as well as "1984". I don't believe that I have read the first book, but perhaps I should. He did say the ending had been changed, but I wouldn't know.

He mentioned a few leaders that have read his books and the news brought this out when the police went through their homes, i.e., Noriego. Noriego said that the reason we are called "Yanks" is because we yank leaders out of their country.

According to the April 10, "Washington Post", Tariq Azis has a copy of D.I.'s book, "Hitler's War". D.I. thinks that it was planted.

The ironic thing is that at one time, every military organization in this country had to read "Hitler's War". Then the ADL stopped it. He must have made a fortune during this period.

Evidently there is a fellow named Ahmed Chalabi that is the cousin of the fellow that Bush was going to have run Iraq. Ahmed is going to be responsible for running the war crime trials in Iraq. Tariq Aziq, a Catholic, that was the U.N. Ambassador from Iraq, will also be put on trial.

The applause that we heard when the statue of S.H. was pulled down, was staged, or canned. Mr. Irving said it was similar to the applause one hears on a sitcom, when in reality, there is no one in the audience. He gave proof of this, but I can't remember what it was. He went into details of how video film can be spliced, etc.

Regarding the Iraq war, he said the document that was presented at the U.N. by Colin Powell that came out of Britain (a justification for the attack on Iraq), about nuclear material coming from Niger, was a fake. He said it was sent to Britain by the Mossad.

Colin Powell was "window screening" as the troops were already in Iraq before war was declared.

Bush I changed the law that Carter put into effect regarding assassinating leaders. It is now legal. Bush II is in agreement with his father about assassinating leaders.

Mr. Irving told a story of how Bill Casey, former head of CIA, ran into him on a train in London. He told Mr. Irving, he had read all of his books and wanted to meet him for lunch when DI was next in Washington.

Re: Libya. Libyans had nothing to do with the bombing of the disco in E. Berlin. I believe he talked with Casey about this. Casey said that the Americans don't know the difference between Syria and Libya. Libya is getting a bad rap.

All journalist are fearful to speak out against the government since 9/11. They fear losing their jobs and being identified as anti-American.

Re: Pennsylvania plane crash on 9/11: He said that the engine to this plane was found two miles away and that if this plane had been hijacked, that wouldn't have happened. He also said a United Airline pilot was watching this plane, as he was told to do by a radio tower, and saw the plane explode in the air. In other words, it was shot down. There was no "Let's Roll", that ever happened on this plane. The argument here is that there were passengers on this plane that were phoning their loved ones, and were told what was happening. On the other hand, what terrorist is going to allow someone to use their phone.

Re: Nick Berg: Basically, Mr. Irving said it was no coincidence that this story broke the same time as the news about the abuse of prisoners in Iraq came out. He said that Berg was a jew, and Iraq would be a pretty stupid place for a Jew to be in. Evidently Berg was a vagrant at the U. of Oklahoma and a real low life. His job supposedly was inspecting minarets in mosques, for communications-a most unusual job. Perhaps this was a sort of spy system to record what was being said there. Then Irving addressed the beheading of Berg, saying that it was probably no coincidence that Berg was arrested after 9/11 for allowing an Arab to use his computer and send a message to Mohammad Atta, the fellow that hijacked the plane flying to the WTC.

One of the interesting observations of the Berg "trial" by the terrorists, whom D.I. thinks were U.S. military men, was that the camera changes and Berg's jumpsuit is now different-collar, etc. Also, the terrorist gave his name on the video, which D.I. found absurd. What terrorist is going to give his name? The name of the terrorist whose name was given, is missing a leg. In the video, he had both legs, along with American tennis shoes and light skin. At one point in the film, the guy filming the video somehow leans forward exposing his U.S. camouflage hat. The jumpsuit that Berg was wearing is what American prisoners wear.

D.I. believes that deception was staged with the beheading. When the "terrorist" holds up the head, there is no blood spilling or dripping out. Also, the sequence of this filming was at the American prison where the Iraqis are being held.

Comparisons of Hitler and Bush II:

1. Hitler came to power on a minority vote.

2. He waited for an event to happen before he got rid of the people that stood in the way of what he hoped to accomplish. This event was the burning of the Reich House. That night, Hitler ordered the arrest of all his opponents. He passed the enabling act-meaning he couldn't be challenged. This Act is also called the Right Mainland Homeland security act, which later became part of the Nazi laws. This is similar to the Patriot Act.

Then D.I. made a prediction. He said I am going prophesy that in Oct. of this year, there will be an event that takes place in which the Al Qaeda will be held responsible. This will be some type of terrorist atrocity, like a car bomb, and people will probably be hurt. He said that this will get Bush elected as the people will turn to him for leadership. He said it can't happen now or in November, only October to be effective.

I asked him about the future of this country quoting Chalmers Johnson four laws for the demise of a Republic. He said they are all true, but he predicts that the Americans won't wake up for approximately 20 years; then there will be revenge. He said the the Jewish elites are in control because of affluence and influence.

He said that Americans are hated around the world and no country respects us anymore. The dollar is down 30% and Bush is spending money like there is no tomorrow. He said that every American embassy in the world is now surrounded by blocked walls. I would imagine these are the New Jersey turnpike type of blocks.

He recommended the book "The Virus House" (I think I have that right), and explained the military RESISTANCE operation that is taking place in Iraq now by the Iraqis. First of all, the Iraqis knew that the Americans were going to invade and that their country would be destroyed. So this what they did prior to the war. They set up eight regions with military commanders. This network is operating in Iraq right now. Information is passed down from the highest officer in a sort of pyramid fashion. The shootings and killings in Iraq (by the Arabs) is not a random thing. It is well orchestrated, according to D.I.

Dr. Siddique, these are my notes, but he spoke about a lot of other events, and always gave the evidence for what he said. I wish that I could have taken better notes, but it was difficult. Let me have your feed back.

I did purchase "Churchill's War" vol. 2. Heaven knows when I will have time to read it. I also purchased a David Duke book on Jews' control of this country. The DD people at this meeting had their separate table with a couple of DD's books.

I was told to also read "Creature from Jekyl Island". Have you heard about this book?
Wilmer Leon of WOL Radio Interviewed Dr. Kaukab Siddique


On July 10, Dr. Kaukab Siddique was interviewed live on WOL Radio's "On With Leon" show for half an hour. WOL is heard on 1010 AM in Baltimore, 1450 AM in Washington, DC and across the use on exim radio. Dr. Wilmer Leon, who did the interview, is known for his critical behind-the-facade exposes of U.S. policies, especially on race related and war related issues.

The purpose of the interview was to provide American audiences an understanding of the situation in the Pakistan-Afghanistan-India region. Here are the main points of the answers Dr. Siddique gave during the interview: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

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