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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Rabi' al-Thani 9,1430/ April 5, 2009, # 17

Shocking war news and a memory of Jenin, Palestine, at the end of this issue. Please scroll down.

New Trend Funnies.

Our Christian friend Mark Glenn [Idaho] wanted to explain that Americans cannot deal with Zionism because they are kept so ill-informed and occupied with "other" matters. They have no idea what's going on and come across as so stupid. To prove it, Mark sent this video. It is guaranted [just about] to make you laugh. Arabic dubbing shows that it has already made people laugh all the way from Morocco to Iraq.

Second New Trend Funny

For this, you'll have to scroll way down. It's about King Abdullah's dog in Israel.

Our America: Obama Day 73. Edited by Dr. Kaukab Siddique.
Walking into a Trap?
President Obama Rallies Europe to Destroy Islamic Formations in Afghanistan & Pakistan: Sophisticated New Approach: NATO to Hold "Elections"

President Obama's trip to Britain, France, Germany and Czechoslovakia has been a great success. He removed the stain of Bush's arrogance and reached out to the European people as no American president has done. His wife Michelle was a smashing success hailed for her good taste in fashion, design and color. Seldom have a president and his wife done more for America in such a short time span.

April 3, 2009 [Day 73]. Some of the points President Obama made to newsmen in France were as follows, in his own words, with New Trend's brief comments after the quotes from him.

Obama Gives Total Support to Denmark's Prime Minister as new leader of NATO:

"I want to congratulate Prime Minister, and now Secretary General-to-be, Mr. Rasmussen. He is an outstanding public servant, somebody with an extraordinary reputation, and I have confidence that he's the right man to help lead NATO during a period in which we are moving from a vision first created in the 20th century to a vision that responds to 21st-century challenges."

NT comment: Rasmussen refused to move against the cartoons of Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, which came out of his country's media. He claimed that the cartoons come under "freedom of expression." However such freedom is not permitted to criticism of the Jewish Holocaust story. Rasmussen certainly has "an extraordinary reputation" in the Muslim world but not the kind Obama was talking of.

Obama ignites Crusader idea of United European Action Against Islamic "Threat" from Afghanistan-Pakistan

"Today I focused in particular on Afghanistan. NATO's mission there represents both the promise of its past and its purpose for the future. After 9/11, our allies declared the attacks on New York and Washington an attack on all. And together, we embarked on the first mission beyond Europe against an enemy that recognizes no borders or laws of war.
"Seven years later, al Qaeda is active in the border regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan. These terrorists threaten every member of NATO. They've struck in both Europe and North America. They are plotting new attacks, and that's why my administration undertook a comprehensive review of our strategy. We listened carefully and we consulted closely with our allies. And today I briefed them on the results and discussed how we might move forward together."

NT comment: Obama is very intelligent. He should be looking for the causes of war and the way to peace. Mr. President, try looking at the world outside the worldview of Rahm Emmanuel and David Axelrod. Bush could not destroy al-Qaida and the Taliban. Israel could not defeat Hizbullah. Israel could not destroy even the helpless, poorly armed [almost unarmed] fighters of Hamas. Why does Obama think he can succeed where his blood thirsty predecessor could. not! [Historically, the crusaders could not win either.]
New Trend urges Obama to try PEACE instead of war. If American and NATO forces are withdrawn from Afghanistan and Iraq, conflicr can be seriously reduced. If CIA units supporting the Pakistani, Egyptian and Jordanian regimes are withdrawn, peace could become very possible. If Obama withdraws support for ISRAEL, peace would be not only possible but probable.

Obama wants to disrupt, dismantle, and defeat Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan

" ..the United States has recommitted itself to a clear and focused goal -- to disrupt, dismantle, and defeat Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and to prevent their return to either country in the future.
"This effort cannot be America's alone. All of NATO understands that al Qaeda is a threat to all of us, and that this collective security effort must achieve its goals. And as a signal of that commitment, I am pleased that our NATO allies pledged their strong and unanimous support for our new strategy.
"Keep in mind it was only just a week ago that we announced this new approach. But already with Secretary Clinton's work at The Hague and with the success at today's summit we've started to match real resources to achieve our goals.
"We're leaving Strasbourg and Kehl with concrete commitments on NATO support. Our allies and partners have already agreed to provide approximately 5,000 troops and trainers to advance our new strategy, as well as increased civilian assistance."

NT comment: President Obama's comments seem to have been written by his Zionist advisers. His words reflect total misunderstanding of Islamic resistance in general and al-Qaida in particular. How can Al-Qaida be called a "threat to all" of NATO when there is NO evidence Obama or anyone else can present that al-Qaida has any military power which could match the power of NATO at any level. Looks like Obama's advisers have sold him a fantasy. Obama should understand that al-Qaida has worldwide support among Muslims not because it can project any force but because it has successfully projected the idea of armed Islamic resistance to the U.S. This idea of Jihad is part of Islamic consciousness and was lying dormant, though powerfully delineated, by Iqbal, Syed Qutb, Maudoodi and Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman, till Shaykh Osama and Ayman al-Zawahiri stirred it up.
If Obama and NATO forces try to enter Pakistan militarily, all of Pakistan will rise up and fight back by, in the words of Malcolm X, any means necessary. It will not only be a serious mistake for the U.S., it will be a blunder.
If Obama tries to use Pak President Zardari, General Kayani and Karachi's MQM grouplets against Pakistan, it will do serious damage to Pakistan but the Islamic forces will prevail. This is not Egypt or Jordan. There are tens of thousands of mosques and thousands of Medressas. The secularist-sectarian elites supporting the U.S. and feeding propaganda to U.S. media will be wiped out if this method is employed. If things go too far and civil war explodes, the Pakistani army may refuse to move against mosques and Islamic masses. Kayani and Musharraf may well be brought to trial if the full Islamic potential of Pakistan is unleashed.
Mr. President: There is no alternative to PEACE. You can't scare, defeat or buy the people of Allah. You may kill many but the more you kill, the more will join the resistance.
I hope you will objectively check mosques and medressas of Pakistan. Very few of them are actively mobilized against NATO yet, but if you go into Pakistan, you may get a big surprise. Please do your homework.

Afghanistan Elections to be Organized by NATO!

"To support critical elections for August 20th, NATO will fully resource our election support force to maximize security. And our allies have committed additional funds to an Afghan elections trust fund that will provide the necessary resources for free and fair elections.
To accelerate and enhance our training of Afghan security forces, a new NATO mission, a new NATO training mission, will focus on high-level support for Afghan army, and training and mentoring for the Afghan police. And many of our allies and partners have also pledged support for a new trust fund to sustain Afghan national armies going forward.
And to strengthen Afghan institutions and advance opportunity for the Afghan people, we are working with our NATO allies and partners to achieve substantial increases in non-military assistance and to provide the kind of doctors, engineers, educators and agricultural specialists that are needed to make a difference on the ground."

NT Comment: Coming from a democratically elected president, this indicates that he has abandoned democratic ideals when it comes to Afghanistan. In international law and Islamic law, elections held under the auspices of occupation forces have no validity. The attempts to hire Afghans to fight the Taliban will stir up the most negative forces in Afghanistan: This will attract tribal reactionaries, communists, sectarians and criminals who are alienated from the Islamic context of Afghanistan. The Taliban would not be able to stand up against a world power if they did not have grassroots support. The "money methdology" will attract all the mercenary types, the dregs of society. It is true that Afghanistan needs doctors and other non-military assistance but if these are meant to undercut the resistance, it won't work. The Afghans are often formally uneducated and very poor wih many children in need of help, but they are politically astute. They recognize colonialism as soon as they see it. They'll take your money assistance and still help the Taliban. Mr. President, this not going to work. Afghans despise people who try to buy them. They can see that American military forces are pouring in, 17,000 more. This is intensification of occupation. Please learn from the Soviet experience. The whole country might join the Taliban. Already they control southern, eastern and western Afghanistan with fighters within Kabul itself.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen [News]

Peaceful but uncompromising
P.O. Box 10881, Baltimore , MD 21234

Br. Shamim Siddiqi from New York City, a leading teacher of Islam in America, presents a commentary on Sura Yusuf of the Qur'an for the new generation of Islamic activists and thinkers. See how the Sura applies to the struggle of Muhammad, pbuh. Please scroll down.

Shoora on April 11, 2009

In addition to the delegates listed earlier, a delegate from Colorado will also be attending the National Islamic Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen, inshallah.
Please pray for the health of Br. Solano, one of our very active brothers who embraced Islam late in life.

Br. Ateequr Rahman: Prominent Islamic Community Leader Passes Away. Challenged attempts by ICNA to throttle criticism.

Chicago: Br. Ateequr Rahman passed away after a prolonged illness and severe suffering. Inna lillahe was inna alaihi rajeun. For the suffering of such morally upright and good people, Allah has promised great reward in the Hereafter.

Br. Ateeq was a very muttaqi Muslim, very progressive and thoughtful in his approach to life.
Many years back when Dr. Kaukab Siddique objected to the infiltration of Halqa-e-Ahbab-Islami [now known as ICNA] by supporters of the Saudi kingship, he was subjected to a big counterattack by the other side.
At that time Br. Ateeq wrote a historic letter which took tremendous moral courage to write. He pointed out that Dr. Siddique's position was based on the principles of Islam and not on any selfish desires. The view that Kingship is forbidden in Islam is a solidly Islamic viewpoint, Br. Ateeq said.
Br. Ateeq's central position was that criticism of the mistakes and blunders of Islamic groups is not only permitted in Islam but is required for the sake of Islamic progress.
Unfortunately Br. Ateeq was overruled by the Saudi-oriented elements within the group. Thereafter Dr. Siddique left the group. Gradually all the prominent members of ICNA's shoora left. ICNA did not discuss why its most prominent leaders were leaving. Thus new supporters of ICNA never knew how the group had changed internally and become a pro-government lackey group.
Decades later, today, as we can see, ICNA is a bootlicker organization working with ISNA and the hidden puppet groups within ISNA-CAIR.
[See New Trend's previous issue for text of ICNA's admission that all these 4-letter groups have been hand-in-glove with the FBI. The ICNA letter is a ditto copy of the press release issued by other FBI-related groups like ISNA and CAIR.]
[There is no right of reply to the propaganda issued by ISNA-CAIR in their publications. Without New Trend, no one would know what goes on in the leadership of these groups.]

Outreach #1
Latest in a Series of Revolutionary Khutbas
Islam has its own Framework of Thought and Lifestyle: Think of Hereafter, Ummah Unity, Self-Purification.
Condemn "Woman related" New TV Campaign against Islamic Forces in Afghanistan & Pakistan

April 3, 2009: Dr. Kaukab Siddique gave his latest khutba and led juma' salat at a masjid in Baltimore, Maryland. The masjid was jam packed with worshippers including sisters. The main points of the khutba are listed here to help other khateebs and for countrywide distribution:

Text # 1. "I swear by the setting of the stars - a mighty oath, if you only knew - that this is truly a noble Qur'an, in a protected Record, that only the purified can touch, revealed from the Lord of all being." [The Qur'an 56:75-80] Text # 2: : " ...Those who believe in Allah and His messengers - they are the SIDDIQUN and the SHUHADA with their Lord. They shall have their Reward and their Light." [The Qur'an 57:19] Texts # 3: "Women are the twins of men." [Hadith of Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, in Sunan of Abu Dawud.] "Modesty is a part of Faith." [Hadith of Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, in Sahih Muslim.] Du'a:

Outreach 2:
Jumu'ah Khutbah given in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, by Yusuf El-Irlandi on 03 April 2009.

This Khutbah was a reiteration of the "Revolutionary Khutbah" given by Dr. Siddique on 27 March 2009, which is published in the New Trend Magazine issue of 29 March 2009.

The first part of the khutbah was a focus on the yahood who are fleecing American society and how all participants in Ribaa are equally guilty. Some brothers were in denial when this was said because they do not like to admit their collective guilt; and also when this was said some were nodding their heads in the negative, like this was an untrue statement. Only when the khateeb said that there are some Islamic banking organizations (though very minute) that are starting to come about to get around the ribaa did the brothers who were listening start nodding their head in the affirmative.

The second half was a very concentrated focus on the uniquely important role that women play in Islam and in raising fearless Muslims. Many examples were given using tafsirs, and the >sahihain that could not be refuted by rejectors that were listening to the khutbah. This went over so well that a brother approached the khateeb about talking to a repressed sister who, through misguidance, was led astray to leave Islam- due mostly in part of her family refusing to teach her correct Islamic teachings and not cultivating her an Islamic understanding, which was the whole crux of the khutbah.

Jamaat Al-Muslimeen in Eastern Tennessee (Oak Ridge/Knoxville)

Courtesy Alternet. Sent by a reader in Chicago. Published for the public benefit, not for profit.
An American Nationalist Explains why America is not Winning Against Islam: A Thorough Debunking of Fareed Zakaria in Newsweek

Noninterventionists Need Not Apply

by Michael Scheuer

In a recent issue of Newsweek, the journal's inexplicably renowned Muslim-world and foreign-policy expert Fareed Zakaria had a cover story called "Learning to Live With Radical Islam." To my surprise, I received a call from Newsweek editor Will Tacy, who said that the journal was canvassing other "experts" for a 700-word comment on Zakaria's article and asked if I would write a contribution. I agreed, wrote an article of the requisite length, and submitted the piece before the deadline. Mr. Tacy acknowledged receiving the commentary, but I have never heard from him again - despite sending several notes and leaving voice-mail - and the piece was not printed.
Why? Well there is always the chance that my comment stunk. But if that was the case, it was no worse than the article on which it commented. No, I think the reason for Mr. Tacy's silence is that my piece told Newsweek's readers that Mr. Zakaria:
  1. had been a supporter of the neocons and the invasion of Iraq;
  2. was desperately seeking Democratic friends with embarrassingly sycophantic praise for the sophisticated genius of President Obama;
  3. had delineated an absolute refusal to take our Islamist enemies seriously; and
  4. could not rally enough brain cells to even imagine that prolonged U.S. intervention in the Muslim world had caused and is prolonging the conflict with al-Qaeda and its Islamist allies.
I suspect the last item, on the mortal perils of interventionism, probably clinched my exclusion from the published comments on Mr. Zakaria's article. (NB: Similarly, last May the New Republic asked me about al-Qaeda's future. I wrote that if U.S. intervention continued, then al-Qaeda and its allies would win. The journal rejected the piece, instead printing an "al-Qaeda-is-imploding" fantasy that found no fault with the interventionist status quo.) Overall, Mr. Zakaria; Newsweek; the Obama administration; the Republicans; other journals, such as the Weekly Standard, National Review, and the Wall Street Journal; and most mainstream and cable media outlets are of one mind: U.S. interventionism must be continued, and, through it, secular democracy must be imposed on unlimited numbers of our little brown brothers by either bayonets or a U.S. taxpayer-funded overseas New Deal. Sadly for Americans, this means more intervention; higher taxes; more unconstitutional wars with Muslims; and the further erosion of U.S. national security.
My comment on Mr. Zakaria's recent article follows.

Learning to Increase America's Vulnerability, With Fareed Zakaria

In "Learning to Live With Radical Islam," Fareed Zakaria extends his range of misperceptions about the Islamic world. Once a champion of President Bush's spreading-democracy mania and the invasion of Iraq, he revises his tune to please the less martial - but still feckless - foreign-policy approach of President Obama. The revision is also embarrassing, as we find Mr. Zakaria searching for buddies in Democratic Washington by urging the drafting of "a more sophisticated strategy" by Obama, for whom, he says with exquisite sycophancy, such a task "should come naturally."
Stripping the flattery of Obama and the requisite damning of old Republican friends, Mr. Zakaria's words show no concern for America's defense. Speaking in an anti-Muslim voice worthy of a viceroy of British India, Mr. Zakaria concludes, "The truth is that all Islamists, violent or not, lack answers to the problems of the modern world. They do not have a world view that can satisfy the aspirations of modern men and women."
Take that, you darned medieval, superstitious Muslims. You folks may think Islam is a legitimate "world view," one that provides divine guidance for all aspects of life - from manners and morals to personal relationships to helping the poor to governing to war - but you would be dead wrong. Mr. Zakaria and Westerners know better. Their Western "world view" is superior to any religion-based world view - which by definition has "no answers" for the worldly wise - and so, can't you Muslims see, Islam cannot satisfy the aspirations of people who are truly modern and respectable.
Mr. Zakaria's distaste for Islam stems, it seems, from a common Western malady, an inability to differentiate between modernization and Westernization. Most Muslims - Islamists and others - appear to be eager, innovative users of modernity's tools, whether armaments, communications, consumer goods, or information technology. The stunningly adept use of communications and information technology by the Afghan Taliban since 2001 makes this point. What overwhelming numbers of Muslims seem to oppose is Westernization, that grinning, giddy tolerance for nearly everything Allah advises against, such as the brothels, bars, and pornography brought to Kabul by Western NGOs and NATO forces. At base, for Mr. Zakaria, if Muslims are not willing to go on a whoring, whiskey-soaked bender they cannot aspire to modernity, and until they are so willing: "We [the U.S. and the West] should mount a spirited defense of our views and values. We should pursue aggressively policies that will make these values succeed." In other words, onward you soldiers of secular imperialism, teach them heathen Muslims to hate their religion and become good Westerners.
Besides finding no value in the world view of Islamists or other Muslim faithful, Mr. Zakaria finds no fault in U.S. policy in the Muslim world. He leaves readers believing Islamists have no rational basis for attacking America. On this point, Mr. Zakaria unwittingly shows the foreign-policy continuity from Bush to Obama, which amounts to: Islamists and other Muslims attack us because they hate how Americans live and think, and not for what Washington does in the Muslim world. Here Mr. Zakaria is at his most obtuse and - with his praise for such "thinkers" (?) as Gerecht, Gerges, Kilcullen, etc. - at his most use to bin Laden and other Islamists as what the Cold War-era called a "useful idiot."
America's vulnerability to Islamist militancy has steadily risen since 2001, because Republican and Democratic leaders and their academic and media acolytes have lied to Americans about their enemies' motivation. We are at war not because of our secularism and gender equality, but because we try to force those values on Muslims at bayonet-point, while wholeheartedly supporting those who Muslims see as Islam's worst enemies: Israel and such Arab tyrannies as Saudi Arabia and Egypt.
It is commonsense to conclude we cannot learn to live with radical Islam until we understand it and see the stark decision at hand: either amend foreign policies to make them consonant with U.S. interests or face endless wars. Sadly, Mr. Zakaria's advice brings Americans no closer to that understanding. It viciously denigrates the "world view" of Muslim believers and leaves America vulnerable to a foe sure of why he is fighting and confident that U.S. leaders have no clue why America is losing.

In The Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful


[Presenting the Perfect Role Model of a Da'ee Ilallah for the Muslim youth of modern age -In Reference to Verses 36 to 42

Shamim Siddiqi , March 25, 2009 [New York City]
[S stands for saAllaho alaihi wassalam, SWT for subhanahu wa ta'ala, AS for alaih salam]

1. It was revealed to Rasulullah (S) in the last period of his (S) Makkan life when the Quraish were conspiring either to kill him or put him in captivity or banish him in order to get rid of him (S).

2. In the midst of these conspiracies, on the instigation of the Jews, the idolaters of Makkah put the question to Rasulullah (S) to test his (S) Prophethood: "What was the reason that made Bani Israel to migrate to Egypt?" They were expecting he (S) will not be able to answer it as this story was not known to Arabs. It will expose his (S) Prophethood.

In response not only Allah (SWT) revealed the entire story of Bani Israel's migration Egypt to Rasulullah (S) but applied it completely to the situation in which he (S) and Quraish were passing through.

Central Theme of the Surah:

3. In the struggle of Haq [truth] and Batil [untruth] the ultimate success will always be of the Messenger (S) and his beloved companions or his followers howsoever Batil may look massive, aggressive and powerful. This is the tradition of Allah for all times to come.

However, Haq, to succeed in this struggle, has to encounter and go through various trials and tribulations in different forms and shapes which are inevitable for the test of Iman of the followers of Haq: whether it is reliable, trustworthy and truthful or false. It comes from Allah (SWT) to polish the character of the Mumin. [Ref: Verse # 2 & 3 of Al-Ankabut and Verse # 155 of Al-Baqarah]

4. The Qur'an presents the stories of Prophets and their struggle with their respective people somewhere in detail and somewhere in brief. The previous Surah HUD stands as a testimony. In this common struggle the Messengers and their followers were saved by Allah but the people who opposed them were annihilated totally. The story of Prophet Yusuf (AS) is presented in this Surah separately and Allah calls it the "Ahsanal Qasas" - the best of the stories, the story that is completely applicable to the on-going developing situation of Rasulullah (S) at Makkah.

5. One should keep the story of Prophet Yusuf (AS) in front of him/her and go on comparing it with developing story of Rasulullah (S):

* Treatment of Yusuf (AS) by his brothers with treatment of Quraish with Rasulullah (S)

* His brothers' conspiracy to kill him or throw him in a blind well with the conspiracy of Quraish against Rasulullah (S) as stated above.

* The circumstances under which he was taken out of the well, sold as a slave and thereby reaching the citadel of the power of time with the situation Rasulullah (S) has to migrate form Makkah, hiding three days in the "Cave of Thure" and ultimately reaching Madinah where he (S) attained all success - power, fame, love and total devotion from his (S) beloved companions (RA).

* At the height of power in Egypt, his brothers were begging mercy and pardon from him when they came to know that he is their own brother. See what Yusuf (AS) said to his brothers: "Latasreeba Alaikumul Youm" [Have no fear this day! May Allah forgive you and He is the most Merciful"]

* Now compare it with the situation with Rasulullah (S) after the conquest of Makkah in the eight year of Hijra when the Quraish were standing before him (S) as vanquished. He (S) asked them, "What treatment you expect from me?" They replied, "You are a gentle brother and the son of a gentle parents." Rasulullah (S) forgetting all their torture and Zulm [oppression] of the past said, "I will say the same that my brother Yusuf (AS) said to his brothers: Latasreeba Alaikumul Yaum. Izhabu Antumul Tulaqua" [Have no fear this day, you all go. You are among those who are set free].

*What a great magnanimity was shown both by Yusuf (AS) and Rasulullah (S) to their respective arch enemies at the time when they were in complete control of the situation to take revenge of their behavior. Both pardoned their enemies. This is teaching of Islam to forgive and forget.

6. The end result was visible to those who asked the question to Rasulullah that if they don't correct their anti-Islam position, they are destined to meet the same fate.

7. The Character of Prophet Yusuf (AS) presents a model to the youth of our time. Our children must take inspiration from it and should make every effort to set its model in the context of modern "free-for all" society.

8. It sets a magnificent example of "Wal-A'feena Uninnass" [forgiving to mankind - Al-Imran: 3:134], constituting a very important characteristic of a Mumin and Da'ee Ilallah.

9. This Surah presents the perfect role model of a Da'ee Ilallah. It is for all of us to follow. Prophet Yusuf (AS) conquered a nation just by dint of his character all alone. Only such Da'ees can play the same role in winning over the hearts and minds of the people of the land in twenty first century.

10. A Da'ee is never found absent form the mission of his life. When the urge towards Dawah Ilallah is totally alive in one's heart and mind, he/she never lets go any chance to present his Dawah unused. See: two persons come to Yusuf (ASA) asking the interpretation of their dream. They were in distress and were eager to understand their dream. He assured them that they will have it but listen first who I am? He introduced himself as the progeny of Abraham and Jacob (AS) and used that opportunity to present the concept of Tawheed with all its application and implication in a very precise and concise form.

11. But in his effort of Dawah Ilallah he was equally conscious to present it with "wisdom and fair exhortation" [Hikmah & Mauezatul Hasna - Ref: Al-Nahal 16: 125]

12. It is always better to initiate Dawah talks with some common denomination as Yusuf (AS) addressed them as: "O Comrade of the prison". It brings the Da'ee and the addressee at par without any distinction.

13. Dawah efforts succeed when the addressees have trust in the Seera and character of the Da'ee. They were calling him: "Inni Naraka minal Muhseneen" as Rasulullah (S) was already recognized by the Arabs as: "Amin and Sadiq".

14. This Surah is the documented proof co nfirming the Prophethood of Rasulullah (S) as the Mushrekeen planned to test. It showed that he (S) was not presenting any thing as hearsay but through Wahid directly coming from Allah (SWT).

15. This story categorically confirms that the Deen which Rasulullah (SA) is presenting is the same as was presented by Abraham, Jacob and Yusuf (AS). The central focus of Dawah or the fundamentals of Deen of all the Prophets of Allah was the same: Tawheed, Akhirah and Risala.

16. This story categorically confirms: What Allah wants to do, He accomplishes it under each and every circumstance. None can stop it from happening. "Allahu Ghalibu ala Amrehi" [Allah is dominant in His will to prevail - Ref: Yusuf 12: 21]

17. It sets a perfect example of Tawakkal Ala-Allah - total dependence upon Allah. Using honest means for rightful purposes is not against Tawakkal Alallah {TA}. It would be against TA if a man surrenders to situation with dejection and uses dishonest means.

18. When Allah wants something to be accomplished, He creates the situation and means towards it fulfillment. See the dream of the King and how it paved the situation for Yusuf (AS) to reach the pinnacle of power. The dream of Rasulullah (S): He (S) is performing Umrah that paved the way to the conquest of Makkah.

19. The human being carries the substance of both right and wrong in his/her gene. It is man that either purifies himself/herself or succumbs to evil designs of his Nafs. {Ref: Al-Shams 8 -10]

20. Situation howsoever may be difficult and unbearable man must stand by truth under all circumstances as the ultimate success will embrace him/her at the end.

21. The one who remains steadfast with "Taqwah and Sabr", his or her good deeds are not wasted. He/she is counted amongst the Muhseneen [Ref: Verse # 90 of Surah Yusuf] A Da'ee who is Allah conscious and steadfast in struggle for the Iqamah of Allah's Deen he/she attains the glorious success in life that loves most. They are included in the most coveted distinction of "Muhseneen" with Allah (SWT).

May Allah include is in that distinguished list of Da'ees with whom He is pleased and they are pleased with Him! Amen!

Palestine: April 4, 2009: Israeli military forces killed a 16 year old Palestinian girl named Basma Awal al-Nadri at the gates of the Israeli military base in Beersheva. Israel claims that she was carrying a pistol.

War News: Pakistan: Blow and Counterblow: A Day of Violence

Obama Day 74

April 4, 2009: North Waziristan [35 km west of Miranshah]: Missiles fired by a U.S. drone hit the home of a local Islamic fighter killing 13 people including 3 women and 4 children. There are unconfirmed reports that one or two of those killed might have been refugees from Uzbekistan.

April 4, 2009: Islamabad: A martyrdom operator entered the barracks of the Frontier Corp [especially armed and trained by the U.S.] killing 10 troopers and wounding 5. Reports say Islamabad has very tight security but the assailant seems to have entered from a wooded area and took the troops with their guard down.

April 4, 2009: Mohmand agency. Pakistani forces used heavy artillery to target suspected "extremists" in the bushes killing 12 of them.
In the Hangu area, police fired at "extremists" killing two of them.

April 4, 2009: North Waziristan: Just outside the main city, Miranshah, a martyrdom operator hit a Pakistani military check post killing 19 people and wounding 18. Pakistani authrorities say that tragically 5 of those killed were youngsters from a nearby school.

April 2, 2009: Mohmand Agency: Taliban guerrillas used mines to hit a Pakistani military column. Three Pak troops were killed and three wounded in the attack. Pakistan ordered the entire population of two nearby villages to vacate their homes.

In the Bara area, villagers released 11 Pak paramilitary troopers whom they had arrested, but refused to release their rifles. The incident took place after Pak forces destroyed the homes of two "extremists."

Obama Day 71
Successful U.S. Drone Attack on a New Area of Pakistan: 12 killed 12 wounded

April 1, 2009: U.S. drones fired missiles into the home of a local Islamic figure in the Orakzai area of the frontier with Afghanistan. Orakzai is tightly controlled by Pakistan and the attack probably came through U.S.-Pak cooperation. By the time the rubble had been cleared at least 12 bodies had been found and another 12 people were taken to hospital for serious injuries. It's not clear why the village was attacked. Observers say that the U.S. is probing areas where Shaykh Osama may have taken refuge.

The same day Pak President Zardari and Afghanistan's Karzai met in Turkey to coordinate the war against the Taliban.

Baitullah Mehsud Claims Attack on Lahore Police

A leader of Pakistani Taliban, Baitullah Mehsud, who lives in South Waziristan, claimed credit for the notorious March 29 attack on a police academy in the city of Lahore. At least 20 policemen, taken by surprise at parade time, were killed by 4 highly trained attackers who are said to have jumped over the wall of the academy. Another 80 police were injured. Military units counterattacked with armored vehicles but were driven off by the ferocious mujahideen. After prolonged gun battles all 4 were killed by the Pak army. One other person was arrested by the government for involvement in the attack.

Mehsud said that the attack was in retaliation for U.S. drone attacks. He's holding Pakistan responsible for the drone attacks. He said that the one person captured by the Pakistanis was not from his group. Mehsud also threatened to attack Washington if the drone attacks continue. Observers say that such talk is a form of bragging common among mountain fighters who want to show that they are not afraid of anyone.

War News: Afghanistan
A U.S. semi-armored and armored column in Nooristan province. Most often they can't find the Taliban.

Romanian Officer Killed
April 3, 2009: A rapid intervention force of heavily armed Romanian troops ran into Taliban rifle fire 50 miles south of Kabul. Their officer was seriously injured and died of his wounds.
The same day in Ghazni province, Taliban used a roadside bomb to blow up a vehicle of contruction officials building a road for the U.S. military. All 4 in the vehicle were killed.
The same day in Logar province, U.S. forces killed several people resisting their advance into a village. Among those killed was an Afghan woman.

April 1, 2009:AFP Photo; Canadian troops cordoning off a key area of Kandahar where Taliban carried out a successful attack killing "many" of Karzai's men.

March 30, 2009: In an area south of Kandahar, a Taliban martyrdom operator hit the local police headquarters. At least 8 Karzai police were killed and 3 wounded.

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King Abdullah's dog dies in Israel

After falling seriously ill during IDF offensive in Gaza, Jordanian royal family's pet secretly rushed to Jewish state for medical treatment at Beit Dagan veterinary hospital. Doctors regretfully fail to save beloved pet's life
Nurit Felter
Published: 03.29.09, 10:05 / Israel News

The Jordanian royal family's dog was secretly rushed to Israel for treatment in the midst of Operation Cast Lead in Gaza, Yedioth Ahronoth reported Sunday.

Relations between the royal palace in Amman and the Beit Dagan veterinary hospital have been good for many years now.

The Israeli medical team's expertise has served Jordan a number of times, almost always under a heavy veil of secrecy, as per the royal court's request.

During the fighting in the Gaza Strip, the Jordanians once again called on the Israeli veterinarians for help. King Abdullah and Queen Rania's beloved dog had fallen ill.

In a secret operation, the pet was transferred to the hospital in Israel in very poor condition.

A few days later, despite the veterinarians' dedicated treatment, King Abdullah's pet passed away.

The dog's body was returned to Jordan, along with a sincere apology from the hospital's vets for being unable to save him.

The Beit Dagan veterinary hospital refused to comment on the report.

Lest we Forget

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Title: Start of the Jenin massacre in Palestine 3th April 2002

Date: Friday April 3, 2009
Time: 1:00 am - 2:00 am
Repeats: This event repeats every year.
Notes: Start of the Jenin massacre 3th April 2002
Jewish state forces entered with great force Jenin's Palestinian refugee camp. Resistance was fierce. On the 12th of April 2003 and after killing many residents and destroying most of the dwellings with armoured bulldozers and explosives they retreated but not without having lost many of their soldiers.

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