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QUR'AN on WEB SITE: Br. Richard Hudlin, our indefatigable webmaster, is putting the entire Qur'an, verse by verse, as translated by Yusuf Ali, on our site: He has reached sura 5. Many foolish comments on Islam will thus be thwarted. Just check it out on our site.
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1. A WAR ON ISLAM by Abidullah Jan, foreword by General Hamid Gul, postword by Dr. Israr Ahmed. 205 pages. $19
2. The SECRET WORLD by Abu Esa Al Kanadi. 55 pages. $6. [Some of this is conspiracy theory which we do not approve of, but gives interesting alternative concepts.]
Both books beautifully printed.
Also, our best sellers:
3. DAJJAL: SUPERPOWER USA by Kaukab Siddique. $5 [Psy ops being used to mislead the world were prophesied by Muhammad, pbuh, and his hadith help to face the onslaught of imperialistic disinformation. The book goes against the validity of the return of Jesus, pbuh. There is no alternative to struggle. Stop waiting for a savior, it says.]
4. HITLER's WAR by David Irving. 900+ pages. Numerous photos. $55. Buy one and give it to the local library. Brings out the reality of World War II. There were no angels on any side.
DROP BUSH, NOT BOMBS! Millions of people surged across the globe (on February 15) to condemn Bush and Blair's planned blitzkrieg against Iraq. The rally in London was unprecedented in British history with crowds estimated between one million and two million. Protests in Paris, Berlin, Rome and Madrid were also HUGE by any standards. [The massive demonstration in Madrid is very important because the President of Spain has been going against the peoples' will by falling into a bootlicking posture in front of UK's Blair.]

The tone was set by a vast rally in Baghdad which condemned U.S. policies and Israel and acclaimed President Saddam Hussain. The idea that Saddam does not have popular support is dead. The sea of people included Kurds and Shias. There were thousands of militant Islamic women in full hijab.

[A Jewish reporter on Baltimore's Jewish radio station, ypr branch of npr, pointed out two days back, that he has just returned from Baghdad. He said, the real danger he saw was that the biggest mosque in Baghdad was packed "to the gills." When he had visited it four years back, it was almost empty.]

In the U.S., anti-war rallies were held in numerous cities. [Reports are still coming in.] The biggest was a huge 100,000+ rally in New York in frigid temperatures. The police refused to let the rally march from its starting point. Scuffles broke out with 50 arrests.
BIGGEST RALLY in the HISTORY of RALEIGH, North Carolina. More than 8,000 people participated in the rally in Raleigh. Among the speakers, there was only one Muslim, IMAM BADI ALI from Greensboro. [Our congratulations to Br. Badi. He is setting a good standard for Muslim leadership.] [Most Muslims, lacking coherent leadership, with most of their leaders in cahoots with Bush, are hiding in their mosques.]
Producer MSNBC

Subject: Steve Emerson presented as "expert" on terrorism on your February 15, 2003 program

Dear Producer

Steve Emerson has a track record of anti-Muslim and anti-Islam propaganda. Your attempt to present him as an expert on terrorism was certainly not in the traditions of fine journalism. Emerson made a whole lot of claims on your Feb. 15 program which can at best be described as rumors and fearmongering. The claims he made raise serious questions about the standards of reporting acceptable to MSNBC. Emerson claimed that:
1. There are 600 to 800 possible sympathizers of Al-Qaida in the U.S.
2. Surveillance of the sympathizers is being carried out.
3. Jose Padilla was "trying to acquire a dirty bomb."

Emerson also brought up his old story that fundamentalists had set up their bases in America after the Afghan jihad.

MSNBC needs to use its common sense to ask:
1. How does Emerson know all this? Is he an agent of the FBI or does the FBI feed him information? If he is, your audience should be so informed. If he is not, how could he possibly have this information?
2. Is it not true that Emerson is a long time Zionist Jew, a staunch supporter of Israel? MSNBC should inform its audience of this fact. My magazine New Trend follows journalistic ethics by informing its audience of the ideological slant of its writers. MSNBC falls below accepted standards by not caring to mention the bias of its "experts."
3. EMERSON LOST HIS CREDIBILITY SEVERAL YEARS AGO when he tried to convince the White House and the FBI that pro-government Muslim groups such as CAIR and AMC were linked to Palestinian Islamists such as Hamas. The White House did not buy Emerson's story and continued to honor and support both CAIR and AMC with invitations to the White House. Only one other Muslim group, that led by Imam W.D. Muhammad, has more credibility with the White House/FBI than CAIR and AMC have.

I suggest that you look up Emerson's discredited attacks on these Muslim groups before bringing him on again as an "expert" on terrorism.


Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D.
BEST NEWS OF THE DAY: On February 15, 2003 Islamic fighters blew up an Israeli tank with an explosive device in the Beit Lehia area of the Gaza strip. At least four Isreali Jewish soldiers in the tank were killed. The Islamic group Hamas has taken responsibility. Israelis are amazed at the heroic audacity of the mujahideen who managed to reach the heavily armed tank, placed a crude explosive device under it and escaped unharmed. [Allahu Akbar wa lillahil hamd.]

Our observers say that attacks on occupiers are legitimate and recognized as the right of the oppressed by both international law and Islamic law.

2003-02-16 Sun 09:16ct