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Pakistani Intellectuals Honor Rachel Corrie
Zionist Jews have a History of Terrorism: They Follow Talmud, not Torah

[Edited and excerpted.]

Islamabad, Pakistan: A sober ceremony was held at Islamabad Institute of Pathology & Labs, Blue Area Islamabad to pay rich tribute to Rachel Corrie for her Love for Global Human Rights, Sincerity, Dedication, Honesty and Utmost Courage. The meeting was attended by doctors, engineers, students and people from other walks of life. There were 50% women in the audience. A large banner read "Tribute to Rachel Corrie who Stood Firm against Israeli Terrorism".

Addressing the meeting, the renowned surgeon Dr. Iqbal Khan said that due to massive global terrorism by Bush and Blair administration, people across the world are feeling depressed. He however noted that people watching from the sidelines are actually depressed but those who are actively engaged in counter terrorism are not depressed. He said Chechen Mujahideen who are fighting against Zionist Putin's terrorism are not depressed. As a matter of fact they are winning on many fronts. He said that through such turmoils and hardships world's conscience is awakened. Dr. Iqbal said people across the globe are awakening. Massive rallies in New York, Washington, London, Sydeny had left no doubt that people do understand and do care. Rachel set up a gloriuos example in this regard. Mr. Wahaj Siraj who is a famous engineer traced the history of Zionist Terrorism over hundreds of years. He said that it were the Zionists who in their own way crucified Jesus (PBUH) but God saved Jesus (PBUH). He said that Muslims must shun the immoral and unethical practices and hold fast to the Quran in order to be prepared to lead the world as they led before in all spheres of life including science and economy. Dr. Iftikhar Burni who is also a renowned poet and journalist saluted Rachel Corrie. He said that God has put goodness in every soul. However there are some who nurture and grow this goodness. He cited the example of Abu Talib who gave full protection and support to the Prophet (PBUH). He said Corrie kept the same tradition. He recited a beautiful poem describing the fall of Baghdad several times in history and the reasons behind each fall. Respected gastroenterologist Dr. Tariq Baqai said that Saddam did not arm his people and did not prepare them for Jihad against foreign occupation. He said that Muslims salute Rache Corrie all over the world for her outstanding courage and support for the right cause. Prof. Anwar Ul Haque gave a power point presentation on Rachel Corrie showing her pictures, her parents's photographs, their statements and the serial photographs of her murder. The photographs on computer revealed without a shred of doubt that the Bulldozer Driver was seeing Rachel who was wearing a red flourescent shirt and carrying a megaphone. She was deliberately murdered. Prof. Anwar Ul Haque said that Zionists take guidance from Ta'lmud and not from Torah. Ta'lmud is written by their corrupt religious scholars and its teachings are 180 degree diagonally opposed to Torah. Ta'lmud teaches that all- non Jews are animals and therefore can be slaughtered like goat and sheep. According to Talmud all heinous crimes and sins of Jews are automaticlly forgiven on "Yom-e-Kapur". He said this reflects the Satanic teachings and not God Almighty's teachings which call an eye for an eye. Prof. Haque said that incidentally today is World Press Freedom Day but let me tell you that Press is totally enslaved by Zionists in USA. He said that most newspapers in the U.S. are controled by a few people. The Zionists controlled press has kept American public unaware of the truth about Rachel Corrie. He also showed the pictures of Osama from Time magazine and compared that with with the picture of alleged Osama in Bush's Pentagon released video tape. He compared the two pictures side by side on computer screen to show many obvious differences between the two which even a child can recognize. He said that Bush had to create an excuse to attack Afghanistan. Professor Haque said that Rachel Corrie was not the first American killed by Israelis. Israel had attacked USS Liberty and killed many American Naval Officers. He showed the pictures of USS Liberty on Computer screen and showed the pictures of wounded American Naval officers lying in the ship. He said that even at that time USA President Johnson and Secretary Robert Mac'Namara ddi not send the USA jets to rescue USA officers. He said that Bush Senior banned the press to cover the award giving ceremony for USS Liberty survivors. Professor Haque said that both Palestine and USA are under strict Zionist slavery. In USA the eyes, ears, minds and peace of the common people are stolen by Zionist media, mafia and entangling economy system. He said that as Rachel Corrie had helped rescue Palestinians from Zionist slavery, we will Insha Allah also help USA regain its freedom from Zionist forces.

The meeting ended with a resolution saluting Rachel Corrie and her parents who played a key role in training their children on the right track

2003-05-05 Mon 18:52ct