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{FOR FEBRUARY 10: Jamaat al-Muslimeen invites to you Islamic Movement initiative and coalition in Greensboro, NC. Speakers: Dr. Abdul Aleem Shabazz, Imam Warithuddin 'Umar, Imam Badi Ali, Imam Khalil Abdur-Rahman, Sis. Motisola M. Abdallah, Br. Ossama Hazim, Dr. Kaukab Siddique, Br. Jihad Abdul-Mumit, Sis. Ashira Na'im, Br. Hammad Abdur-Raheem, Sis. Ayesha Shaheed, Br. Rasheed Muhammad, Sis. Bilqees and others. {Almost all of these have been confirmed.}

MESSAGES FROM AMERICAN MUSLIMS: Oppose Injustice Practically
Musharraf Back-pedalling: Islamic Pressure Increases
Somalia: "We" Killed 10,000 but "our" 18 are more Important

{Islamic POWs: Rumsfield was caught by reporters on Jan.22. He refused to answer the point that hooding and shackling of prisoners is a violation of the Geneva Convention. Instead he referred to "showers" for the prisoners. Adolf Hitler's forces gave showers to prisoners but never hooded or shackled them, history books affirm.}
{The arrest of ambassador Abdus Salam Zaeef by U.S., connived by coup leader Musharref, is a stain on Pakistan and on laws governing international relations.}

{Looks like a U.S. spy plane has been downed in Afghanistan, the third U.S. aircraft downed this month. Gen. Myers was right. Al-Qaeda is regrouping.}

New Trend has received a number of messages from readers. Most of these praise our work. Some give good suggestions for the fight against injustice. Here are the best of these:
1. From a sister: "WELCOME HOME BR. ABDUL HAMID (John Walker Lindh). THE MUSLIMS OF AMERICA ARE WITH YOU. You have committed no crime. Although Ashcroft is a liar, but his words have proven that you dear brother are a true Muslim. Those who called in air strikes on Qila Ghangvi prison should be tried for the most atrocious war crime in modern history."
2. From a brother: "The fascist government of Amerikkka has banned innocent Muslim charities for Somalia as well as Holy Land, Global and Benevolent. These shameful Jew-controlled dogs want to take the food away from Muslim widows and children and medicine from the sick. Let us teach them a lesson. America's seven million Muslims should STOP GIVING TO ANY NON-MUSLIM CHARITY. Our community gives often to numerous non-Muslim charities. Don't give them a cent. Instead give to surviving Muslim charities."
3. From a sister: "I am disgusted that some Muslims still go to Disney {controlled by Jew-money-manager Eisner}! Don't pay to get your Palestinian families killed. Not a cent for the Jews. Boycott all Jewish businesses which support Israel."
4. From a sister: "Don't blame the Jews for killing us when Muslims are working for a HALAL MEAT FIRM owned by a Jew (publicized by ICNA). I think it's called al-Saba Halal or something. If ICNA are such fools, what do you expect?"

From a brother: "Today the Islamic Society of Baltimore (ISB) has invited a Jewish Rabbi to speak in its mosque called Masjid al-Rahma. For these fools, it doesn't matter that the Jews are killing our people in Palestine and Iraq and Afghanistan. How a Jew can dare speak in a masjid while raining bombs on our people? It shows how corrupted the Muslims have become." {ISB phone number: 410-747-4869}
MUSHARREF IS FEELING THE PINCH OF ISLAMIC PRESSURE. He has taken some measures, like a cur with his tail between his legs, to re-assure the Muslims.
1. He stated that no Muslim will be handed over to India.
2. A list of Indian terrorists has been handed over to India in exchange for India's list of Pakistani terrorists.
3. Musharref declared that he is NOT trying to create Ataturk Turkey style Pakistan but (confusion on confusion) Quaide Azam Jinnah style secular state.
Even non-Jihadist Pakistanis are condemning Musharref's moves against mosques and medressas. One top Islamic leader has dared Musharref to come and try to stop Islamic messages on the loudspeaker. Here is a report from the speech of Maulana Shah Ahmad Noorani {January 21, 2002}:
I urge the 'Ulema to reject government restrictions on the use of the loudspeaker.
1. The mosque is not government territory and we will not allow the government to interfere here. We are Muslims first. The Quran has made all Muslims one family.
2. One who says that we should have nothing to do with Muslims from other countries is not a Muslim, based on Hadith.
3. Muslims are being accused of making hate speeches. I tell my audiences that the Jews and the Hindus are our worst enemies. The Qur'an and the messenger have told us so. If that is hate speech, I am doing it.
SERIOUS INDIAN ATROCITIES AGAINST MUSLIMS ARE REPORTED FROM KASHMIR. Two weeks back, five Muslim women were raped by Hindu occupation army troops. Now on January 21, a hit squad entered a Muslim home in village Salwa in southern Poonch district of occupied Kashmir and slaughtered 11 people, including 8 children.
SOMALIA and RACISM ON TV SCREENS: American TV screens, be it CNN, MSNBC or FOX are inundated with stories about Somalia and the terrible killing of 18 American soldiers and the horrifying dragging of a soldier's body through the streets of Mogadishu.
The Zionist-controlled media are not telling audiences that the American military killed nearly 10,000 Somalis, including large numbers of women and children during its "humanitarian" mission. That's why the Somalis were so angry.
{As in the case of 9/11, American media always try to project the idea that these MOSLEMS (Blacks) suddenly went crazy and started killing our people although we did nothing to harm them.}
To provide context, we quote here a report from New Trend archives which predated the downing of the Black Hawk in Somalia:
"On September 9, 1993 American Cobra helicopters fired into a crowd of Somali women and children in Mogadishu, Associated Press reported. According to eyewitness accounts from nearby residents and some journalists, at least 125 women and children were killed. The street was littered with bodies. According to all accounts, the crowd of women and children was trying to stop a United Nations tank column by peacefully blocking the road in front of it. The U.S. which has been burning with the desire to revenge its men killed by Somali resistance, deliberately massacred the civilians. "Maj. David Stockwell, chief U.N. spokesman in Mogadishu, refused to divulge exact civilian casualties, claiming 'he did not know.' Pressed by reporters, he said: "What I am acknowledging is that if you got out there tomorrow, you may find some women and children casualties." He also conceded that the U.S. used 'heavy casualty-producing weapons' in the massacre.
{ From New Trend September 1993, Volume 16. Number 1} {More to come.}

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