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1. She Wants to Bring Miniskirts Back to Kabul: Nachman's Guest on MSNBC
2. Tony Blair's Fake Dossier on Iraq: Gary Milhollin Probably Blair's Source
3. Germany Under Schroeder Opposes War: National Will re-Emerging in Name of Peace
4. [Two million German women were raped by Russians: All Women in Stuttgart were Raped by French troops: American Troops Bought German Women with ONE chocolate or gum]
[Israel has Milked Germany: $30 billion Reparations, Weapons, aid, submarines]

1. MSNBC TV host Nachman had an interesting discussion with two women today (September 24) at 7 p.m. One of the women was white American and the other an Afghan immigrant woman who moved to the U.S. in 1983. The Afghan woman looked like any non-Muslim American woman. The two women disclosed that they have a project in hand to enhance fashion, western style, in the war-torn city of Kabul. They think the new hair styling salons which have sprung up under the Karzai regime are not slick enough and need help.

The Afghan woman pointed out that she used to wear mini-skirts when she was in Kabul in 1983. Now, she said, she is ready to go back with miniskirts to her beloved city of Kabul. Nachman expressed surprise that Afghan women would have the money to go into a Paris style salon. The woman told him that its okay to spend ones savings on such an exalted pursuit as the development of the latest fashions.

[Readers should look at such shows to understand the cultural aspect of the war against Islam. With the fall of Kabul, the victors, under American protection, shaved beards off men and wanted to remove the burqa from women. Westernized Afghan women from Canada and other countries were taken back to Kabul to "liberate" Afghan women. This should help us to understand why the Taliban were so strict with the people of Kabul. This is a city of deep corruption which gave birth to naked Communism in a Muslim land. The Communist leaders of Kabul used to make their recruits walk on the Qur'an before accepting them. The American version of corruption is now in full blast in the heart of the Islamic land.]

[Note that recently Nachman let drop his cover briefly to indicate that his buddy is a Mossad agent. If you didn't read New Trend's letter on the Mossad connection emailed to Nachman, we can send it to you. Nachman was caught, so to speak with his pants down, and could not say anything by way of clarification.]
2. Tony Blair today (September 24, 2002) proved that he is truly Bush's boy. He came up with a "dossier" on Iraq's wmd "capability." Even the British opposition is debunking the bland "evidence" provided by Blair. Iraq has dismissed Blair's long winded banalities as "zionist propaganda" and pointed out that inspectors will be provided "unfettered" access to go wherever they want to. A Labor MP pointed out that British observers visited the sites Blair was mentioning even as he spoke and found nothing.

On September 23, a much more serious American "Committee on Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction" heard from a person who claims to have "evidence" of Iraqi wmds. This was Gary Milhollin of the Wisconsin Project. Milhollin's "research" indicated the slimness and absurdity of the case against Iraq. Here are the high points of Milhollin's "evidence" against Iraq:
i. An Op-Ed piece from the New York Times.
ii. An elaborate diagram published in the New York Times.
iii. TEN ASSERTIONS beginning with "we know ..." and ending with NO evidence.
iv. Then finally the "EVIDENCE": Iraq acquired computers and aluminum tubes 12 to 15 years back! That's it.
[Scott Ritter has already pointed out the silliness of the story about aluminum tubes.]

In a strange and round about way, Germany is trying to re-assert its independence and struggling to emerge from humilation, self-flagellation and collective guilt. Schroeder has just won the elections (September 23) on the basis of OPPOSITION TO IMPENDING WAR ON IRAQ. Even more amazing, the Christian opposition leader who was supporting Bush's war plans suddenly changed his stance and started opposing the war plans because he sensed the national spirit.

Thus both leaders were IN COMPETITION to prove how much they opposed the coming war against Iraq. The whole country has joined the peace movement and the Green Party has made enormous gains. Some conservatives even dared indulge in criticism of Israel.

The rulers of America (we mean the Jews) are shocked at the direction from which the national will is emerging in Germany. BUSH HAS NOT CONGRATULATED SCHROEDER and Rumsefeld (the Himmler of America) refused to meet Schroeder. A German minister compared Bush to HITLER. (Ashcroft is our Gestapo boss.) [The poor minister has agreed to resign after the faux pas.]
C-Span featured an author who has published a book on the fall of Berlin in 1945. Russian armies raped TWO MILLION German women in that assault. The other victorious armies also indulged in wholesale dehumanization of German womanhood. According to the author, French troops raped just about every German woman in the city of Stuttgart. American troops did not even have to resort to assault. They simply bought a woman for as little as a chocolate bar or a chewing gum. [The German women were starving to death.]
As GERMANY recovered its economy over the post war decades, the humiliation and collective guilt continued. Germany paid $THIRTY BILLION to Israel as reparations for the suffering of Jews under Hitler. This huge amount, which gave economic power to the criminal, illegitimate state which is carrying out genocide against the Palestinian people, does not include massive funds for the Israeli economy, Israeli weaponry and Israeli water systems. For good measure, the Germans "sold" submarines, at throw away prices, to Israel which today threaten Arab cities with missile attacks.
Today the German people are making a come back in a creative new way. They want peace, not war. Will Schroeder keep faith with his nation and continue to deny support to the Bush war camp or will he secretly sell out the people who voted for him?
IN AMERICA, AL GORE HAS COME OUT against the war as have Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. There is widespread dissent in America. [Listen to C-Span and compare it to the other Zionist controlled networks.] Even the zionists are conceding that 43% of Americans oppose the war, which is probably a concoction. The opposition is much higher.

There is a growing understanding that BUSH and his JEWISH HANDLERS are going for Open-Ended war against the world of Islam. Bush's draft resolution is asking for carte blanche not only for the attack on Iraq but against the entire Middle East. There is an under current of Jewish propaganda which indicates that BUSH and SHARON want to do the following:
1. Grab Iraqi oil thus creating a monopoly of middle eastern oil under U.S. control.
1a. Destroy the possibilities of Iraq as a viable country.
2. Crush the Palestinians and create a mass exodus of Palestinians.
3. Replace Saddam with a Karzai-type clique.
4. Replace the Saudi rulers with an even more pliant, totally westernized clique. Take over the oil completely and control the routes to Makka and Madina. [Hajj visas will be issued, according to one scenario, only to people who take oath of allegiance to American puppets. Others will be seen as "terrorists.]
5. Replace Mubarak with a ruler who will not have any pretense to being Egyptian or in any sense a nationalist. [In every Muslim country now, the U.S. and Israel have collaborators for whom the comfortable American lifestyle, girls, liquor, extreme luxury, insulation from the poor, is more important than any Islamic or national values. Mercenaries are available in good numbers. Most of the de-Islamized elites are ready to wait in line at American embassies to sell themselves and their country.]
6. A new RCD is in the works, with a coalition of Turkey, Pakistan and Iran under U.S. supervision. Observers say, Iran appears to have been heavily infiltrated by American agents since the passing of Imam Khomeini. The process had started before he died.
WHAT CAN GO 'WRONG?' with Bush-Sharon Plan: A Scenario for Islamic Victory.

1. If Saddam fights to the end, refuses to surrender and defends Baghdad street by street .... [The chances are very low according to McCain.]
2. The Islamic movement takes over Arabia or Egypt .....[Chances: 10 to 20%]
3. The Palestinians successfully resist Israel and hit back with hundreds of martyrdom operations .... [Chances 50 to 70%] Could lead to the collapse of the Israeli economy.
3a. The Jordanian king is overthrown in response to U.S. bombing of Iraq.
4. Musharref is overthrown and Pakistan stops its support for "war on terrorism." [Chances 20 to 50%]
5. International armed Islamic movement hits America and American interests ..... [Chances 50% but receding according to American estimates and 'alerts'.]
6. The Indian army in Kashmir continues to bleed and India decides to withdraw.... [25%]
Chances could increase if Indian Muslims pick up weapons and start fighting back.
7. Islamic forces become dominant in Turkey .... (5%)
8. Karzai is overthrown and a Taliban-Mujahideen alliance re-emerges. (Chances 50%)

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