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The Zionist media were stunned by the news that reports of "slavery in Sudan" were fake. A number of prominent African-Americans were conned by the Christian-Zionist rip off artists. They participated in a well-filmed media circus "buying" supposed slaves at $35 to $50 a person. One prominent talk show host in Washington, DC is still sticking to the "slavery in Sudan" story. The major media quickly got over the reports which undermined their stories and have started referring back to their original stories as if they were true.

For the genuinely misled who do not want to be used by the Zionists trying to destroy a strategically placed African country, here are a few well-known facts to remember:

1. It is NOT true that in Sudan, Arabs are fighting Black Africans. ALL SUDANESE ARE BLACK of various shades. The Islamic leader Hassan Turabi and the regime leader Bashir are the blackest of the Black.
2. Black Africans who embraced Islam speak Arabic. That does not make them "Arabs" in any racial sense. Learning to speak Arabic is part of the Islamic endeavor in every African country and even among African-Americans who have embraced Islam. That does not make them Arabs in any racial sense. [Black Africans who embrace Christianity and learn to speak English do not become WHITE by speaking Arabic, although they love "master" a lot.]
3. The SPLA rebellion in the south of Sudan does not represent the Christians of Sudan. Most Christians have been victimized by SPLA leader Garang's thugs and thousands have fled TO the Islamic city of Khartoum to seek refuge with the Islamic regime.
4. THERE IS NO SLAVERY IN SUDAN. The Islamic government has specifically made slavery illegal. Extreme poverty can sometimes create slavery-like conditions. That does not mean in any case that the Khartom government is endorsing slavery.
5. Sometimes militias from both sides in the southern conflict take war captives who might for a time be held in slavery-like conditions. Usually they are exchanged once the fighting has simmered down. [These captives might in some cases have been presented to western observers as "slaves.]
6. Evangelist groups, like the tub-o-lard Fallwel and Robertson, are active in the anti-Sudan propaganda. They have cooked up grossly exaggerated stories of "two million Christians killed in the south (which is more than the entire Christian population of the South).
7. As we showed in an interview we published earlier, the Nubian people are alive and well in Sudan. Most Nubians are Muslims and support the government.

The "slavery in Sudan" propaganda was started by the Zionists, specifically the Jewish owned daily BALTIMORE SUN, followed by the Mark Steiner of Johns Hopkins University radio. It was then picked up by the New York Times and then piped into the Black community through BET toms.

The demonization led to the results the zionists desired: the imposition of sanctions on the Sudan (stricter even than those on Iraq in some ways).

Pharisee Watch [See link to WHHT on our web site]

Slavery is a Scam, Says Peter Hammond

We Hold These Truths has been referred to as a "Christian Based Think Tank." Our stated purpose is ...exposing the traceable links between the behind-the-scenes power groups and the critical political events of the day..

We have stated and demonstrated that the United States Government is carrying out a deliberate war on the Government of Sudan, hence against the people of Sudan, both in the north and the south. Our research over four years strongly suggests that the Clinton Administration provided covert (unauthorized secret) aid to the enemies of that Sudan. The Clinton Administration also imposed strangling economic and military sanctions on the GOS, which have been continued by G.W. Bush Administration. This has now accelerated into actual taxpayer funded military appropriations for the rebel Sudanese People's Liberation Army (SPLA). Finally, and most shocking, our Government has engaged in a propaganda war to discredit and destroy the Government of Sudan by supporting and propagating planted stories of slavery and other exaggerated atrocities alleged to occurred in Sudan.

Many American Christian leaders and Non Government Organizations (NGO) have been co-opted and corrupted to legitimatize false and misleading claims of Slavery in Sudan, and other even more notorious and exaggerated acts. It is in this area of celebrity Christian propaganda that We Hold These Truths has concentrated our efforts. Without the grassroots misinformation spread by certain Celebrity Christians and Mailorder Missionaries, the war in Sudan would have likely ended several years ago. This author has consistently argued that there is no concrete evidence of slavery in Sudan, at least not as staged for in Hollywood on "TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL" and as shown on secular news and on celebrity Christian programming.

Now the slave dam has sprung a leak, and one small but well-known Mail-order Missionary, Peter Hammond, a longtime outspoken claimant of Slavery in Sudan, has turned from the pack and has denounced slave redemptions. Hammond, in a letter to WHTT admits what we have long contended, that Slavery in Sudan is staged.** He wrote "WHILE I CAN ONLY AGREE THAT MANY ARE ABUSING THE ISSUES IN SUDAN, ESPECIALLY SLAVERY, IN CORRUPT AND DISGRACEFUL FUND RAISING SCAMS". His written statement to WHTT has also been vocalized and witnessed to others. Hammond does not agree with all we say by any means, and vehemently objects to our report on church bombings entitled "WHY CHURCHES IN SUDAN ARE NOT BOMBED."

It must be noted that Hammond is continuing his support of the Sudanese Peoples' Liberation Army (SPLA) revolutionaries, even though it is implicated in staging the phony tourist slave trades with their accomplice Christian Solidarity International. Nor has Hammond recanted of his other preposterous claims about life in war torn southern Sudan.

The importance of this expose' can only be appreciated by contrasting Hammond's statement to his book, FAITH UNDER FIRE IN SUDAN, published 1996. In it he wrote: "Tens of thousands of Sudanese Christian women and children have been kidnapped and sold as slaves by the government, soldiers and Arab militias."(Introduction to Chapter 10, Slavery In Sudan)

Others who have been influenced by Hammond may be quietly following his exit from the slave market. D. James Kennedy's Coral Ridge Ministries has shown signs of waking up. It has quietly removed a page from its website showing John Eibner, of Christian Solidarity International, purportedly purchasing 1400 slaves in the name of Coral Ridge Ministries in exchange for $50,000(only $35.00 per slave, about equal to the price of a goat in Sudan). We call upon the many friends and supporters of Coral Ridge to ask them why.

If they have made an honest mistake, Coral Ridge should help WHTT expose those who use the voluntary contributions of well meaning and sympathetic Christians to fund war. Mr. Kennedy is more responsible than others because of his well-deserved reputation for intellectual integrity, something that the Falwells, Robertsons and Hammonds have long since forfeited at the wide gate of success.

Peter's Hammond's father-in-law, a bit player in the Sudan episode, debated this author on Saturday, June 23, in front of a home town crowd, and stopped just short of admitting slavery is scam-ery. He extolled Peter Hammond as the ultimate source of knowledge on Sudan and then pleaded he does not know if there is slavery in Sudan. He stated, "only Jesus knows".

Unfortunately those of us who hope to stop the move for world government cannot expect the inflated balloon of propaganda against the people of Sudan to collapse, at least not yet. Powerful men are campaigning for war in Sudan, just as they campaigned for war in Iraq. The center of the Warmakers scheme is within our own government. We must not forget that the Clinton administration signaled war on the people of Sudan by sanctioning it before most American had ever heard the phony slave stories concocted and staged by the mercenary Christian Solidarity International. Christian leaders should start righting their steps to the narrow path by joining WHTT to expose CSI and Mr. Eibner for what they are, mercenary agents for war.

The campaign to destroy Sudan is bigger than Mr. Hammond and all the Mailorder missionaries and NGO's who support it. It involves the leaders of the establishment that control both the U.S. government and the State of Israel. The slavery dam has sprung a big leak, but there are plenty of big fingers ready to plug the hole in it.

Sudan is an obstacle to the plan for a world order. It has oil, and it also wants independence. Oil is coveted and independence is hated by the Warmakers of the "NEW WORLD ORDER," as Mr. Bush's father George Herbert Walker, named it. In the Warmakers' agenda, Sudan, like Rhodesia, Nicaragua, El Salvador, South Africa and Iraq must go. The scheme is to divide Sudan much like Palestine, Korea and Vietnam have been divided. Its people will be cast into perpetual starvation and deprivation that always follows a staged revolution. The peacekeepers of the United Nations will have their "no fly zones" and permanent armies to referee the inevitable chaos that will follow in the cities. The poor people, mostly black and non-Christian, will suffer. This is the pattern we have seen again and again by the New World Order. Ask the survivors of Zimbabwe, a situation very much like Sudan!

* Peter Hammond's Letter dated June 25 to C E Carlson, and our answer to it will soon be posted on out website which is now under construction. Use our on site search engine to find information about Peter Hammond, Christian Solidarity and others of interest to you.
by Motisola M. Abdallah, Secretary General of Jamaat al-Muslimeen

Friday, December 13, 2002 at the Fulton County Courthouse in Atlanta the case of Imam Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin vs The State of Georgia with a motion for a new trial was heard.
Imam Jamil appeared in court today and took the time to return the many greetings and well wishes he received from his supporters in the courtroom before he was seated. The harassment of this Imam by the prison system was obvious as Imam Jamil appeared totally clean shaven and without his ever present religious head gear in court today. These human and religious rights violations including 23/7 lockdown and shackles continue blatantly in the face of the public by the prision authorities.

Mr. Jack Martin and the defense team raised a few critical evidential matters to the court today in consideration for a new trial. The first being that the Hispanic community in Georgia was virtually ignored when it came to jury selection. An expert on censes data took the stand to present that information and accused the state of failing to consider the citizenship of the Hispanic community over the age of 18 in its jury selection process.He stated that the Hispanic community was underrepresented on the jury.

The next issue raised by the defense was the longest piece of the proceedings and that is the withholding of evidence by the FBI. Mr. Jack Martin, one of the Imam's attorneys, contended that he has been requesting and is still requesting all the documents, letters and notes from the FBI about all the agents involved in the capturing of Imam Jamil especially those of Ron Campbell and all those who took the stand during the trial. Martin states that the FBI cannot be left out of this case because the FBI is 50% of the case. It was the FBI that gave conflicting details during the trial of what happened that night in Whitehall Alabama. Special FBI Agent Ron Campbell has been involved in controversy before regarding his shooting of a Black male in the back of the head in so-called self defense in Philadelphia in 1995. Campbell was not admonished for this incident just transferred to Atlanta. The judge would not allow any facts involving Campbell and the Philly incident entered into her courtroom. This is the same agent that still to this day unexplainably came out of the woods in Alabama minutes later behind the rest of his team. It was then that the FBI found the weapons used in the Atlanta shootout and linked them to the Imam. The judge has allowed the defense team 10 more days to pursue the documents they need from the FBI, however she says they will be sealed to the public once they get the material.

Lastly brought into the proceedings was the many controversial prejudice remarks made by the prosecution during his closing statements during the trial that played a heavy hand in the verdit against Imam Jamil. Judge Manis and Imam Jamil had an agreement that he would not stand or rise when she entered or the jury entered the courtroom because of his religious beliefs. In one of the prosecution's closing remarks to the jury he said, "Mr. Al-Amin does not stand for you, so you should not stand up for him".

A ruling by Judge Manis granting a new trial or not isn't expected any time soon. However, these proceedings have been going in the same manner as the pre-trial and the trial. The judge is still in bed with the state. She totally controls her courtroom and is dead set on being promoted to the Georgia Supreme Court position by any means necessary. By the way the prosecution, Mr. McBurnie, was promoted to a high position within the US Attorney's office.

2002-12-15 Sun 12:18ct