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Attack on Iraq Delayed by fear of Al-Qaida
Pakistanis Protest Against FBI kidnapping of Islamists Under Musharref's "permission"
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It appears that the Bush armada's assault on Iraq, which was supposed to have taken place before elections in the U.S., has been put off to a later date. Analysts say that the U.S. is weighing the growing influence of Osama bin Laden. Although Bush's Zionist handlers are pushing hard for an immediate assault, his other Jewish advisers have warned him that an attack without international, particularly Arab, support would play into the hands of the armed international Islamic movement led by Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri.

In late September (?) there was a "festival" organized by the New Yorker magazine at which both Henry Kissinger and Medeleine Albright turned up and were interviewed on C-Span. Kissinger favored an attack on Iraq. His view was that in the final analysis, terrorists do need state support. (In American language, "terrorist" means Islamic resistance.) Surprisingly, Albright disagreed with him and strongly argued that an attack on Iraq would lead to a large scale strengthening of the Islamic movement ("terrorists") in the Middle East. She thought it is best to keep Saddam in a "box."

Albright's view has been supported by a number of critics of the Bush administration who hate Saddam but see the growing power of the armed Islamists.

The attacks on the French supertanker, the symbolic attack in Kuwait, the growing fighting in the Philippines, the Bali blast have shown the Bush administration that "Al-Qaida" is making a comeback. There is growing concern that Osama, Al-Zawahiri and Mullah Omar not only survived but are now gaining allies such as Hekmatyar.

The U.S. feels some concern that if Musharref does not succeed in dividing the Islamic alliance which has received an election landslide in Frontier province of Pakistan, the U.S. operation in Afghanistan might be outflanked. Although at this time Musharref is serving Bush with great alacrity, if he wavers or is removed, the U.S. operation might face a disaster like that of the Soviet Union. The Islamic alliance could create problems for Musharref. The army might have to remove Musharref or oppose Islam openly. In either case, the U.S. position will become precarious.

Allies of the U.S. have carried out horrendous massacres of Taliban prisoners of war. Pakistanis freed from Afghan prisons are recounting blood curdling reports of the crimes committed by the U.S. and its allies against the Taliban. The Afghans, especially the vast majority of Pushtuns, will take revenge for such cold blooded and large scale killings of helpless prisoners. The U.S. is concerned and the U.N. is being used to prepare reports on "Taliban crimes" against Hazaras to forestall and counter the disclosures about massacres of prisoners in Qila Jangi, Mazare Sharif and other places by Dostum and other allies of the U.S. reportedly under CIA supervision.
To top it all off, the CHECHENS struck a spectacular blow at Russia in an operation in the very heart of Moscow, though their elite unit, including 18 women, could not survive. A couple of days later, the Chechens shot down another Russian helicopter. Russia is not winning the war in spite of horrendous crimes of genocidal nature committed by them against the Chechen nation. The flag of Islam is flying high in Chechnia in spite of the destruction of the ENTIRE CITY OF GROZNY and razing of numerous towns and villages by the Russian armadas.
And as if that was not enough, the PALESTINIANS struck THREE BLOWS at the Zionist Jews in occupied Palestine in less than two weeks. These blows came just when Sharon was giving the impression that he had destroyed Palestinian resistance through the DAILY CRIMES his Jews commit against Palestinians, Christians and Muslims, bottled up in their homes by the power drunk Zionist armored units. Even Bush, who signals Sharon on all his moves against the helpless trapped populations of Palestine was taken aback. He signalled Sharon not to react immediately with blind fire power. [This is a clear indication that Sharon's moves are controlled by Bush.] Sharon obeyed and sent in his thugs to demolish more homes (selectively!) and to assassinate Islamic activists.
It appears that the Islamic movement has delayed the American attack on Iraq. Observers note that Saddam should see this as an opportunity to link up more openly with the Islamic movement. In the long run, the only people who will fight back in spite of American firepower are the sons and daughters of Islam.

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