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Ramadan 7,8 and 9, 1424


"And what will explain to you what is the steep path (of Islam)? It is to free the slave and to feed (the hungry) in the day of need.."
[The Qur’an 90:13,14]

"From Bara’ bin ‘Azib (r.a.): A desret Arab said to the Prophet, pbuh: O messenger of Allah:
teach me a deed which will enter me into paradise. He (the Prophet) said: FREE THE SLAVE
and release the necks from slavery." [Hadith collected by Imam Bukhari in al-Adab al-Mufrad.]
Iqbal, Maudoodi, Syed Qutb, Khomeini, Omar ‘Abdel Rahman [All united in rejection of Jewish occupation of Palestine.]

From IQBAL to MAUDOODI is a natural transition. Iqbal, just before he passed away, recognized the genius of the young Maudoodi. He read Maudoodi’s superb book on Jihad titled al-Jihad fil-Islam. Iqbal recommended the book to his associates and urged them to invite invite Maudoodi to come north and work with Iqbal’s associates.

IQBAL could see the machinations of pro-British Indian enemies of Islam like the Qadiyanis who were teaching that Jihad is no longer relevant. The Qadianis were also carrying out sophisticated propaganda against the concept of Finality of Prophethood which is central to Islam. [Similarly, Maudoodi gave a devastating rebuttal to the Pervezi sect which was trying to attack the Prophet’s hadith. Pervezis too support western "progress" as a good example for Muslims to follow.]

IQBAL was very clear that unless Muslims gain the Jihad spirit, nothing would change for them.
In one of his poems, titled "JIHAD," he chides those who teach peace to the Muslims. He found this ironic because he could see that people who should be taught peace and disarmament are western powers who are armed to the teeth. Here are four couplets from "JIHAD."
[There is veiled reference here to the Qadiyanis.]
"Fatwa hay Shaikh ka yeh zamana qalam ka hay
dunya main ub rahi naheen talwar kargur............."
"Ta’leem us ko chahiay tark-e-jihad ki
Dunya ko jis kay panja-e-khoonin say ho khatr. 
Batil kay fal-ofur ki hifazat kay wastay
Europe zarah main doob giya dosh ta kamr........."
"Huq say ugr gharz hay to zayba hay kia yeh baat
Islam ka mahasba, Europe say dur-guzr!"
"The Shaikh says that this is the era of the Pen.
The Sword is no longer effective in the world...."
Teach those to give up armed struggle
From whose bloody claws the world is in danger.
To protect the pomp and show of Falsehood
Europe is enveloped from head to foot in Armor..."
If Truth is the objective, then is this approach proper?
Criticism for Islam and Forgiveness for Europe!"

Jamaat al-Muslimeen urges readers to remember the innocents being held in prison during Ramadan, unable to be with their families during the month of fasting. It’s a long list. Let’s mention a few:

IMAM JAMIL AL-AMIN. Imam of America.

SHAIKH OMAR ‘ABDEL RAHMAN, spiritual leader of Egypt’s Al-Gamaa al-Islamiyya.

AHMED ‘ABDEL SATTAR, Shaikh Omar’s translator, originally from Egypt.

Sis. HAILA GABR, the Yemeni teenager who killed her rapist in New Jersey.

The Lackawanna (New York) prisoners {Yemeni origin} forced to plea bargain.

The Portland (Oregon) Muslims, African-Americans, forced to plea bargain.

Prof. Sami al-Arian, victim of a Zionist vendetta, not even a political opponent of the U.S.

Al-Muhajer (Jose Padilla), Chicago, no evidence produced, held without trial.

Br. Sulayman (John Walker Lindh), forced to plea bargain.

Br. Hammad Abdur-Raheem, African-American, held under house arrest, along with 8 others from Virginia [accused of connections with anti-India jihad movement].

600-700 Muslims from 35 countries HELD WITHOUT TRIAL and CAUSE in Guantanamo Bay

TALIBAN AMBASSADOR, MULLAH ZAEEF, held as a "terrorist" in breach of international law forbidding imprisonment of diplomats [owing to cooperation of CIA agent Musharraf with the CIA].
And many, many others who have disappeared into the American Gulag.

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