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by Iraq monitor

1. Iraq could not fight a conventional war against a superpower
i. but Saddam refused to surrender

2. Saddam was the biggest supporter of Palestine and gave charitable donations to the families of martyrs.

3. Israel knew that SADDAM had changed and had become more and more of an Islamist.
i. The Israelis knew that Saddam would never betray Palestine.
ii. The Israelis knew that a puppet "Palestinian entity" could not be created as long as Saddam was in power.

4. The U.S., probably at Israeli instigation, tried to kill Saddam 60 times (1991-2003) but failed.

5. THERE ARE NO WMDs. It was just the excuse for invasion.

6. There are many graveyards in Iraq from:
i. The Iran-Iraq War. Here Iraq was wrong and was being used by the U.S., Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. The Kuwaitis gave Saddam $1 billion PER MONTH to fight Iran for 8 years.
ii. The Shah of Iran instigated the Kurds to rise up and then abandoned them.
iii. In 1991, the U.S. instigated the Kurds and Shias to rise up and then abandoned them. Thousands were killed. Civil war is always terrible.
iv. The U.S.-U.N. imposed sanctions and embargo on Iraq 1990-2003. More than a million Iraqis died a slow death, among them large numbers of children.
v. Tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians were killed in the U.S. bombing of Iraq in 1991. [See THE FIRE THIS TIME by Ramsey Clark.] Thousands of Iraqi troops were killed by the U.S. army as they withdrew peacefully from Kuwait, with their guns in the non-combat position.]
vi. Final figures on Iraqi civilian deaths are not yet available for the 2003 assault but latest figures indicate 7,000 Iraqi civilians killed in U.S. bombing.
[The U.S. dared not call for an investigation of human rights violations in Iraq as long as Saddam was there to reply.]

i. Saddam survived attempts to kill him.
ii. He seems to have had a guerrilla warfare plan for the post-invasion era.
iii. The majority of Iraqi SHIAS are not cooperating with the U.S. Those Shias who are cooperating are being discredited.
iv. Islamic fighters from all over the Muslim world seem to have entered Iraq to fight the U.S.
v. Ansar al-Islam, Kurds, seem to have survived the bombing and are organizing against the U.S.
vi. The general Iraqi population can now see that Saddam kept the electricity on, rations, though meager were available to all, law and order was well established.
vii. Iraqis are politically very advanced and see themselves as humiliated with the imposition of an American administrator.
viii. The destruction of Islamic libraries, the burning of Hazrat Ali's Qur'an, the looting of all of Iraq's wealth, the looting of the museum have alienated thoughtful Iraqis. The Mosque of Imam Abu Hanifa was hit by the U.S. The mausoleum of Abdul Qadir Jilani was also damaged.
ix. Ordinary Iraqis see that Americans do not respect the Islamic way of life, mistreat women, disregard family privacy.

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