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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Jamaat al-Muslimeen News [Continued from June 25]
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Voices of Muslim America Oppose Bush Administration's Policies

[Muslim delegates from various areas of the United States gathered in Greensboro, North Carolina resolved as follows.]
[Resolution #1 against the arrests in Miami was sent to the media on June 25.]

Resolution # 2

The Muslims of America see the Guantanamo Bay Detention Center as a running sore on the face of humanity. Recent deaths of three of the Islamic prisoners there highlighted the suffering with which that facility has become synonymous. We strongly urge the Bush Administration to close it down without further delay.

Resolution # 3.

The people of Palestine chose Hamas as their representatives through free and fair elections. It does not behoove the United States to try to make Hamas ineffective. It is certainly not in the interest of the United States to move against Hamas especially when it is certain that Hamas has not directed its energies against the U.S. We say, let Hamas fulfil its role as the legitimate and elected representatives of the people of Palestine.

Resolution # 4.

Too much blood has been shed in Iraq and there seems to be no end in sight. People who know the situation, such as John Murtha, D-PA, have said repeatedly that the war is unwinnable. On behalf of the Muslims of America, we resolve that the U.S. must withdraw forthwith from Iraq and let the Iraqi people decide the fate of their own country.

Islamic Agenda for America's 7 to 9 Million Muslims: Jamaat al-Muslimeen's Invitation

In its all-day meeting on June 24, Jamaat al-Muslimeen's Shoora [National Consultative Committee] discussed the following thioughts, issues, teachings which will be taken to the Muslims of America, inshallah:
1. Sura al-Balad [chapter 90 of the Qur'an.] "Free the slave" [90:13] is fundemental to Islam. The Qur'an says that Islam is metaphorically "uphill." It's not an easy task. There is no Islam without struggle, including the liberation of mental slaves.
2. Ideas of White Supremacy fuelled 400 years of slavery in America and the near extinction of American "Indians." Today the same supremacist ideas can be seen at work in Iraq and Afghanistan. The ideas of racism and dominance/inferiority are built into the education system.
3. Political Prisoners from Imam Jamil al-Amin, to Shaikh Omar 'Abdel Rahman, to Siddique Abdullah Hasan to Masoud Khan to Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar, to Ali Timimi and many others are part of the family and community of Islam in America. We are duty bound to work for their good and for their eventual release. A Muslim who does not care for the imprisoned leaders is not behaving like a Muslim.
4. Palestine is central to the political being of Islam in America and in the whole world. From the Islamic viewpoint, the liberation of Palestine is a religious duty and there is absolutely no legitimacy to the idea of recognition of the terrorist entity known as Israel.
5. All Muslims are invited to boycott businesses which support Israel. This is a peaceful form of resistance in which everyone can join. It's a shame that many Muslims continue to drink Starbuck's coffee and to buy Nestle's products, among others. Jamaat has produced an "easy-to-read-and-distribute" boycott card.
6. Imam Warith Deen Umar has appeared as an Islamic leader for the Muslims of America. He has withstood both intimidation and provocation. He has the ability, the courage, the knowledge and the endurance to be an Islamic leader. Jamaat has prepared an "information card" about Imam Umar for distribution in numerous Muslim communities. Help us to distribute it.
7. We welcome immigrants, including "undocumenteds," from Mexico, Haiti and Central/South America. Many of them have a cultural heritage of Islam from hundreds of years of Islamic rule in Spain. It's natural for Catholic Mexicans to embrace Islam once they understand Sura 112 of the Qur'an.
8. Like-minded groups of Muslims which are anti-imperialist should form coalitions in America. There are several Muslim groups which agree with aspects of Jamaat's work. Non-Muslim African Americans working for "reparations" are our natural allies. Such coalition building is underway in Brooklyn, New York.
9. Funds which have no strings attached to them are badly needed, especially to help political prisoners' families and for the organizational activities of the Jamaat.
10. The edifice of Jewish support for Israel is built on the Jewish "holocaust" stories. These have been subjected to detailed criticism by scholars like David Irving, Zundel and Germar Rudolph. Unable to face the scientific criticism levelled by these scholars, the Zionists responded by silencing and imprisoning them. We must study them to understand the biggest source of support for Israel.
11. Jamaat al-Muslimeen's masjid in Baltimore has become a successful effort and is administered by an eminent Muslim woman. More support is needed to improve and expand it.

A New Kind of Political Organization: Islamic Political Party of America [IPPA]

The June 24 meeting was attended by representatives of IPPA to observe the proceedings of Jamaat's Shoora and to come up with suggestions for cooperation between the two organizations. In a forceful presentation, the IPPA representative said that formation of a political party does not mean that we are getting involved with the kafir system. We are simply trying to ensure that Muslims are not denied their rights in the realm of politics. The USA is our country and we must ensure that we are not denied whatever is good in this country.

The message of the Islamic Political Party is:
--- Allah is our Lord!
--- Muhammad (pbuh) is His Messenger and our Prophet!
--- Islam is our way of life!
--- The United States of America is our country!
--- Freedom is our right!

The IPPA already has 9 chapters. For more information or to join, go to:
or write to: IPPA, 1101 Tyvola Rd., Charlotte, NC 28217-3515

Unity Requires that Arabs befriend Africans: First Hijra was to Ethiopia

The Islamic Center of the Triad in Greensboro, North Carolina has expanded to three times its original size under the leadership of Imam Badi Ali in the last few years. On June 23, 2006 when Dr. Kaukab Siddique gave the Juma' sermon there and led the prayers, the place was packed with people from Arab countries as well as from Sudan and Somalia. Here are the main points of the Khutba:

* The Qur'an and the Hadith have decreed that we should be ONE ummah, not 56 disunited nation-states as we are now.
* Unity becomes possible when we get to know Muslims from other countries and share their joys and sorrows. If we only stay within our national groups, UNITY will mean nothing more than a good feeling.
* Most important is the need for unity between Arabs and Africans.
* Solid religious reasons necessitate this unity.
* The first Hijra in Islam was to Ethiopia when persecuted Companions of the Prophet, pbuh, took refuge in that African coubtry. The Quraish sent emissaries to the ruler of Ethiopia, the Negus [al-Najashi in Arabic], to get the Muslims expelled, but when he heard Ja'far al-Tayyar, r.a., reciting from the Qur'an about Jesus, pbuh, and Mary, pbuh, tears rolled down his cheeks. Later he accepted Islam.
* When al-Najashi died, the Prophet, pbuh, himself led his funeral prayers, thus laying the basis for Salatul janaza ghaibana [funeral prayers in absentia] in Islam.
* A great struggle is on in Africa between Euro-American-Israeli influences and Islamic influences.
* In America, we must close our ranks. Take care of those who are weak and feel alienated.
* Communicate with your brothers and sisters, including those who do not practise Islam properly.
* If you ignore the weaker Muslims, the enemies will manipulate and use them against the community.

Text for the khutba: From Abu Huraira, r.a. "The Prophet, pbuh, announced the passing away of al-Najashi on the day he died. Then he took the people to the [central] place of prayer, arranged them in prayer lines and said four takbeers
[for the funeral prayer in absentia]."
[Hadith, Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, Muwatta of Imam Malik, Sunan of Abu Dawud, Sunan of ibn Maja, Sunan of Nasai.]

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