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[The books we list are unusual and interesting. Listing does not mean that we approve of their contents in part or in whole.
1. THE THIEVES OF RIYADH. Lives and Crimes of the Al Sauds and Al Nahyans edited by Haroon Jadhakhan, 230 pages, $15.
2. SUBVERTING ISLAM. The Role of Orientalist Centres by Dr. Ahmad Ghorab, 88 pages, $7
3. DEFENCE OF THE MUSLIM LANDS by Sheikh Abdullah Azzam, 93 pages, $11.
4. A WAR ON ISLAM? By Abidullah Jan, 205 pages, $19.
5. WORLD ARROGANCE by Dr. Ahmad Zidan, 115 pages, $6.50
6. THE ISLAMIC RULING ON THE PEACE PROCESS by Abdur-Rahmaan Abdil-Khaaliq, 32 pages, $5.
7. JIHAD: THE ABSENT OBLIGATION by Muhammad ĎAbdus Salam Faraj, 105 pages, $11. [The author was executed in 1982 by Egypt's Mubarak in connection with the execution of Sadat by Al-Islambouli.] [First translation from Arabic.]
8. THE EVIL OF CRAVING FOR WEALTH AND STATUS by Ibn Rajab al-Hanbalee, trans. By Aboo Talhah Burbank, 58 pages, $7.50. [Ibn Rajab lived 736-795 H.]

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