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Two police officers involved in the brutal beating of a young Black man in Inglewood, California could not be found guilty because the jury was deadlocked. There was only ONE African-American on the 12-person jury. The astonishing part of the proceedings is that the police beating was caught on camera by a White man. Millions around America saw the young man being smashed down on the hood of a car and then punched by policemen three times his size.

Even more amazing, the White man who taped the beating was NOT called as a witness!
Abbas, Sharon, Faisal Meet Bush
What's the Link?
By Buut Shikan (Idol Breaker)

First came the Palestinian puppet, Abbas, then came the Zionist pig Sharon, and finally the "head on a spring" funny Saudi Foreign Minister Faisal, to meet their boss in the White House.

What's the link between these visits? Nothing unusual came out which could not have been addressed by telephone. Why the visits? Reading between the lines, the connection between these visits is the joint effort of the FOUR to CRUSH the Islamic movement.

President Bush is very honest in what he wants. He clearly tells Abbas that Hamas and Islamic Jihad must be "dismantled." Abbas wants time. He can't do the "dismantling" right now because, as he puts it, that would cause "civil war." So his forces have to be organized, heavily funded and armed, and then they will be let loose on the resistance. Bush is full of praise for Abbas and his security chief, Dahlan. For Bush, Abbas is a man who can be trusted.

SHARON has failed to crush the Palestinians. He got a long rope from Bush to wipe out Islamic resistance. Sharon put tanks in every Palestinian town and village, invaded Gaza and committed atrocities against men, women, children. The Palestinians hit back, turning themselves into bombs for lack of conventional weaponry.

SHARON inflicted daily horrors on the Palestinians but failed. Now Bush wants to rein in his dog. After the stick, comes the carrot: Palestinians, behave yourself and we'll give you a tiny "State" and we'll call it Palestine.

The problem for Bush is that for the first time Al-Qaida [or whatever its name is] has attacked Americans INSIDE Saudi Arabia. Ever since then, Saudi forces have been fighting Islamic resistance WITHIN Arabia, even raiding Makka to capture "terrorists."

Faisal [he is so funny, the way he rolls his head] seems to have come to the boss to give a report on the war against Islamic forces. The blank pages in the 9.11 report are a signal to the Saudis: destroy the Islamic resistance otherwise we might remove you and find better servants.

The issue is: Will Islam be supreme or America? That's the root of the problem.

[The hiatus in the Palestinian conflict is also needed by Hamas and Islamic Jihad. The masses who support them have suffered tremendously at Israeli hands. There are thousands of prisoners. The bleeding Palestinian people will be helped by the current situation though the new conflict will probably be more severe for them than previously. Abbas's mercenaries are being prepared to kill.]

President Bush confirmed in his press conference (July 30) that Iran is indeed holding "Al-Qaida operatives." He seemed to imply that Iran should or will hand over these prisoners to their countries of origin.

A few days earlier, Iranian intelligence minister also confirmed that, yes, Al-Qaida prisoners are in Iranian hands. The references to Egypt and Kuwait lead to the inference that Iran is probably holding Abu Ghaith from Kuwait and Ayman al-Zawahiri from Egypt. An earlier report indicated that Iran might also be holding Osama's son.

Top American military commander General Myers visited Afghanistan July 29-30. He stated that there is "no Taliban resurgence" and the fighting is coming only from "remnants" of the Taliban and has no significance.

In the next breath, Gen. Myers contradicted himself and admitted that U.S. troops will be in Afghanistan for a long time. Why so, one might ask, if there is no significant opposition. Why would the General himself be in Afghanistan, wasting his time in a place where there is no significant opposition?

Generals don't travel for diplomatic reasons. There has to be a good military reason for the General to be where he was. Mullah Omar has announced a Jihad Council, openly naming the representatives, and appointed a commander of operations. The Islamic leader is not only defying the U.S., he is actually on the offensive, successfully avoiding U.S. bombing and cutting the throats of increasing numbers of collaborators of the U.S.
Palestinian Prisoner in U.S. Told: Spy on your People for Us or You Will be Deported: Case of Azzam Abu Huwail

Dear respected Brothers and Sisters:
On Monday 7/28, Br. Samir Abo Issa and myself had an opportunity to visit Br. Azzam at Pamukney Regional Jail. While Br. Azzam, Alhamdulelah, is in good health, spirit and morale, the jail conditions are so bad. For the last two weeks Bologna only Was served for dinner. He is not allowed to leave his cell for more than six hours daily and for the last three weeks inmates were punished and were forced in their cells and not allowed out. Br. Azzam was jailed in 5/8 in minor immigration charges and there was a bond but he was told by INS that a third party revoked the bond and given him two options: to help them build cases and incriminate others or jail and deportation.

Br. Azzam honorably chose the second. He is married to an American citizen and father of two kids who are American citizens. In addition, INS approved the change of status based on his wife status but few days prior to the final adjustment, Azzam was arrested and he could be deported to Jordan in the coming two to three weeks after spending 18 years in the US.
What can you do:
1. Keep him in your dua'
2. Donate generously to his legal fund
3. Visit him and that can be coordinated through his brother Allam; however chaplains can visit him at any time
4. Leave your phone number with his brother so that Azzam can call you. All calls are collect ones
5. Work hard to end this campaign against our community

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