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JAMAAT AL-MUSLIMEEN announcement: Inshallah our Fifth International Islamic Symposium will be held in the third week of June, 2003. JAM urges Muslims to join all peace marches but not forget to spread the message of Islam while doing so. Remember, the Qur'an and the Hadith are our sources of guidance.
WOL's "ON WITH LEON" Scores Coup: Blair's "Intelligence" Stole from a California student's Paper and Powell put it in his United Nations' Speech: War had already been Scheduled

[The ON WITH LEON show can be heard every Sunday at 1 to 3 pm on WOL AM radio, 1010 in Baltimore and 1450 in Washington.]

February 9, 2003: The "On With Leon" show struck a serious blow at the credibility of British "intelligence" which has been purporting to show that it has information on Saddam Hussain's "weapons of mass destruction" (yawn!).

The British newspaper " Guardian " had reported that Tony Blair's purported "intelligence" report on Saddam's WMDs had been plagiarized VERBATIM from a paper written by Ibrahim al-Marashi, an Iraqi university student living for many years in California.

Wilmer Leon topped the "Guardian" by actually inviting Ibrahim al-Marashi to his "On With Leon" show. During the program, Mr. Leon read out to Mr. Al-Marashi the relevant quotes from the "Guardian" and had Mr. Al-Marashi specifically recognize the plagiarized contents of Blair's "intelligence" report as a copy of his research paper.

Poor Colin Powell not only presented Blair's plagiarized report in the United Nations as "proof" of Saddam's WMDs but even added a few twists of his own, probably with the help of the CIA. Thus it was not even honest plagiarism, if there is such a thing.

Bush and Blair undoubtedly decided on the Iraq adventure without any evidence of any kind. As the world pressure against war mounted, the two started coming up with all kinds of stories about WMDs.

Congratulations to Mr. Leon. Great work in uncovering the plagiarism of Blair and the "dishonest plagiarism" of Colin Powell! Bush and Blair want war because Iraq is militarily no match for them. ISRAEL is the beneficiary of this madness.
Activists hope to shield Iraq

By MARTHA QUILLIN, Staff Writer (Courtesy North Carolina News Observer, excerpted)

GREENSBORO -- North Carolina will supply its share of the military force for any war with Iraq, but if bombs fall on Baghdad, some Tar Heels on the front lines will be soldiers for peace. Activists from around the world have vowed to travel to Iraq in support of civilians, with plans to stay in the country in the face of a U.S.-led assault. Some call themselves "human shields," who will take up positions at such places as schools, orphanages and hospitals in the hope of protecting them. Others want only to demonstrate to the Iraqi people -- and the rest of the world -- that they do not support military action that endangers the innocent. Badi Ali, president of the Islamic Center of the Triad in Greensboro, is organizing a March trip in which he hopes to take perhaps a dozen people to Baghdad, Iraq's capital. He says he has traveled to Iraq many times during the past 12 years, mostly with humanitarian organizations delivering over-the-counter medicine and basic supplies that have run short as a result of U.N. sanctions. This time, he says, would be different because of the danger of becoming an unintended casualty of war. Married and the father of two, he says he feels compelled to go, and to stand literally between U.S. bombs and Iraqi children. "How can we stand by and do nothing?" Ali, 40, said this week, on the eve of Id al-Adha, a sacred Muslim holiday. "By doing nothing, we contribute to the destruction of a country and its people." Ali, born in the region that was Palestine, is a naturalized U.S. citizen who came to this country in 1983 to attend college and says he has a great love for America, which has given him things no Arab country did: freedom to vote and to speak his mind. In fact, he says, he feels it's his duty as an American to speak out when he feels his government is doing something immoral. "We are doing this for America," he said. "We are doing this to make America better." Ali might have trouble finalizing his travel plans, according to another group that has organized trips to Iraq. Voice in the Wilderness, based in Chicago, was formed in 1996 to agitate against the sanctions on Iraq and says it has sent more than 50 delegations to the country carrying humanitarian supplies, without permission from the U.S. government, in direct defiance of federal policy. In recent months, in response to the threat of war, the group has launched Iraq Peace Teams, sending U.S. residents over to provide eyewitness accounts of military action. Laurie Hasbrook of Chicago, a volunteer with the group, said Wednesday that a delegation is scheduled to leave Monday, but with access to the country tightening, it's unclear whether others will be able to get in. Joy S. Johnson of Durham is scheduled to leave with another Chicago-based group, the Christian Peacemaker Team, for a two-week trip Feb. 24. She has taken this semester off from her Duke University graduate studies in immunology to get more involved in the push for a peaceful resolution to the Iraqi conflict. Johnson, 24, said she has grown increasingly frustrated with President Bush's stance on Iraq, and believes that the only country on the verge of using weapons of mass destruction is her own. She began thinking of going to Iraq, to put a face on the conflict and to see firsthand the effects of the sanctions. Searches on the Internet led her to Ali and then to the Peacemaker group. The group specifically avoids the term "human shields" because of its military connotation, preferring to describe its role as one of support for the Iraqi people. Johnson and others say they have no illusions about their ability to influence Bush, who has been massing troops in the Gulf region. However, they say, they hope to get the notice of Europeans, who might pressure their governments not to support the United States. "I don't think it makes any impression on the Bush administration," Johnson said. "But I think it makes an impression on the rest of the world. "I would hope that with some people from the West standing there, our government will realize that there is a lot of opposition to this war and that it's not going to be just Iraqis dying, but people of European descent." Johnson -- who was born in the Army town of Fayetteville -- said she is not afraid for her safety. Her mother, she said, is worried but supportive. "From what I understand, the Iraqis are very open and hospitable toward Americans who come there. It's not the Iraqi people who will do anything to harm me, but our own government." Co-workers will feed her cats, Buffy and Peanut, while Johnson is gone. Friends are donating frequent-flier miles to help pay for her flight. Like others, Johnson's group will fly into Amman, Jordan, and travel by bus or car to Baghdad, where they will stay in a hotel. They also plan to go to Basra, in southeastern Iraq. Travelers must have valid visas and must get permission, usually through their sponsoring organization, from the Iraqi government, which will monitor the group's travels inside the country.
Why are U.S. Muslims Disappointed in their Leadership?

Imam Badi Ali (Greensboro, North Carolina) a foremost activist of the Islamic movement in America has received a series of questions from Newsweek magazine. The foremost question is as given above. Br. Badi wants input from the readers of New Trend on this issue. Here is a response from Dr. Kaukab Siddique, the editor of New Trend. [Readers are welcome to send in their responses.]:

Any leadership which claims to be Islamic must be based on what Allah wants of us in the Qur'an and on the way the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) interpreted the Qur'an in the Hadith. Muhammad (pbuh) was the living Qur'an. Any leadership which deviates from the Sunnah or Way of the Prophet (pbuh) cannot be called Islamic.

1. The current leaders are not basing anything they say on the Qur'an and the Sunnah. They are simply responding to what President Bush and the American power structure want. These leaders are boxed into the Bush syndrome. Bush said: Either you are for us or you are against us. The Muslim leaders want to live peacefully in America. Hence they chose to be on the side of Bush. They have shown that Islamic values are not important for them other than as "window dressing" for their public relationing campaigns directed at America's 5 to 7 million (estimated) Muslims.

2. The real leaders of the Muslims of America are in prison. Imam Jamil al-Amin was framed in a murder case and sentenced to life. Earlier Shaikh Omar ‘Abdel Rahman, a blind scholar with a Ph.D from Al-Azhar, was also sentenced to life based on the testimony of an Egyptian government agent who was paid $1,000,000 by the FBI to do the job.

3. After 9.11, Islamic leadership in America has become hazardous and dangerous. 9.11 did not pose any serious difficulties for the current leadership being discussed here, because these leaders have always been pro-government and have always walked in lock step with whoever was in the White House.
3a. The difficult situation is faced by true leaders. For instance, recently Imam Warithuddin ‘Umar of Albany, New York was denounced by the Wall Street Journal and then attacked by Senator Schumer and Governor Pataki of New York. He was fired from his job by fax. There has been no investigation.
3b. Potential real leaders face the same difficulty: They could lose their jobs or be arrested. Hence, a new form of censorship is being imposed on real Islamic leaders. If any such dare to speak out, they can:
i. Lose all coverage in the media. As far as the U.S. media is concerned, they are non-persons.
ii. They can lose their jobs.
iii. They can be arrested.
iv. They could even be attacked and killed (as in the cases of Malcolm X and Dr. King).

4. Take the issue of Osama Bin Laden's attacks on the U.S. Here any real leaders have to ask: Why does he want to attack the U.S.? Is his attack linked to the U.S.'s attacks on the Muslim world, be they in Palestine, Iraq, Sudan or Afghanistan (or through allies in Kashmir and Chechnia), or is Osama simply someone crazy bent on attacking America because he hates our democracy, our love life and our dating and "shacking up" system?
Can the issue of Osama's attacks be discussed in America without the discussant being black listed (or simply de-listed, if we want to avoid racist language) in the major media?
5. Another complication in the debate regarding Osama is that he is being discussed openly in the Muslim world, with massive support in just about every Muslim country, including Kuwait. Thus American Muslims have to learn to "shut up" when they are questioned about Osama. They cannot discuss things the way it is done around the world. Again this is a total reversal of the situation:
War has made the freest country in the world, a land of censorship and self-censorship while the countries of the east, supposedly lacking freedom of expression, are free to discuss these issues.

I am for peace and self-determination for all nations. Peace cannot come by way of American dominance of the Muslim world. The way to peace is through the military and economic withdrawal of the U.S. from the middle east and an end to U.S. military and economic aid to Israel. If the U.S. keeps attacking Muslim countries, Osama or someone else will sooner or later attack the U.S. It's a natural process of cause and effect.

We should be against ALL murder and mayhem, be it of Palestinians, Iraqis, Sudanese, Somalis, Kashmiris, Chechens, Indian Muslims, Sikhs or Americans. Everyone has families, children, loved ones, pets, jobs, plans for the future. Killing any human being is wrong; however, if we start selecting by race and nationality, putting some over others, then all of humanity is diminished.

We should be for the rights of ALL women, not simply be outraged by the Taliban's rule of burqas for women. WE SHOULD AT LEAST BE OUTRAGED BY THE RAPE OF THOUSANDS OF MUSLIM WOMEN BY THE INDIAN ARMY IN KASHMIR and the systematic rape and desmemberment of hundreds of Muslim women by the Hindus of Gujarat, India. Our claims of outrage at the Burqa in Afghanistan ring hollow if we are silent about India's use of rape as a weapon to subjugate the defenseless Muslim population.

SELF-DETERMINATION is the key. If the Afghans, ravaged by decades of war, want to be ruled by the austere and stern Taliban, that is their choice. If the Americans want to be ruled by Bush, have a 50% divorce rate, drink, womanize, watch TV and party, that is their choice. Osama should not try to take away Bush from the Americans.

Finally, any Muslim leadership in America would have to contend with the fact that the 5 to 7 million Muslims here are fragmented by nationality, ethnicity, class and gender discrimination. For any leader to claim that he ("she" is still unthinkable) is the leader because 5,000 people send him membership fees or because he can rent a big hotel for a convention where an "Islamic" banquet or hijab party is held, is nothing more than self-deception.
Eidul Adhaa Salat Attendance at one Atlanta Masjid
by Sis. Motisola M. Abdallah

Eidul-Adhaa Salat attendance was about 1/3 or more lower than in previous years at Al-Farooq Masjid of Atlanta. Preceeding the Khutbah where I attended we were given an update on the progress of the new $4million Masjid being constructed on that site.

During the Khutbah there was no mention of the suffering of other Muslims in countries like Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, Sudan or Palestine. The vast majority of the Muslims that attend this Masjid are from these regions and just about all have families there. After the Khutbah the Imam urged us to pick up a copy of the new Atlanta Yellow Muslim Pages.

As I walked out to the shoe area, I recalled how in previous years at Eids it took me 15 to 20 minutes to locate my shoes and traffic use to be grid locked in front of the Masjid for up to an hour. Today it took me 20 seconds to find my shoes and traffic flowed very smoothly. There were no new procedures in place for placing our shoes nor any new traffic procedures in place for coming and leaving the Masjid. This was just a sad reality as to the attendance by Muslims still 18 months later after 911.

2003-02-15 Sat 08:17ct