Kathy Kelly: Famous Anti-War Activist Arrested

[With thanks to Sis. Hamdiyyeh, South Carolina.]

According to a VITW statement, Kelly was sentenced to three months in prison on January 26 for her November "walk-on" at Fort Benning military base in Georgia with a party of about a dozen other protesters. Kelly claimed that she was "woman-handled" by arresting military police at the Fort and was brutally treated -- five soldiers squatted around her while one placed her knee on Kelly's neck -- after refusing to be abused and humiliated by a female soldier in an aggressive body search.

CIA DIRECTOR TENET: U.S. Intelligence 'Outed' Pakistani Nuclear Scientist A.Q.Khan.
The Reality Behind Musharraf's Drama of Khan's "confession," "apology" and "forgiveness"

[From New Trend's Pakistan observer.]

CIA Director George Tenet gave a powerful speech at Georgetown University in Washington, DC on February 5 and got a resounding ovation from the audience. His concluding point was about Pakistan's top nuclear scientist A.Q. Khan. It appears that the CIA traced the entire network of Abdul Qadeer Khan and handed it to General Musharraf. Tenet also said that Khan's institute in Malaysia has also been shut down after this CIA operation.

Here is our analysis of this situation for New Trend's readers.

* The nuclear club consists of USA-UK-ISRAEL. Russia has been given a cautious, guarded entry. India is a new entrant. MUSLIM COUNTRIES are to be kept out of nuclear development at any price as part of the overall "disarming" of potential opponents of Israel.

*The development of Pakistan's nuclear bomb was a surprise for the U.S.-Israel-UK.

*The CIA staged a coup to bring General Musharraf into power in Pakistan, in the process throwing out an elected government. -----------------------------------------------------


I am reading the copy of President Bush's new budget.

Besdies the 87 billion dollars to be spent in Iraq, there is money being allocated towards Pakistan.

Something is going to happen there real soon, if it has not already.

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While the Indian Scientist who worked on Indian Ballistic missiles is now President of India, the Pakistani scientist who helped create Muslim world's first and only nuclear power is fired and jailed.



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