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CNN’s Aaron Burr Ridicules Islam: August 18, 2004

In the final segment of CNN, 10 PM, Aaron Burr showed a picture of a dog wearing a burqa [Islamic woman’s outercovering]. He laughed coyly and said good bye.

Readers should send letters of protest to: LateEdition@CNN.com
[As far as we know, Aaron is a Jew. Coincidence?]
SUDAN and PALESTINE: Every day the Zionists go in with tanks and helicopter gunships into Palestinian towns, kill people, demolish homes, terrorize masses of people. There is no reporting on the U.S. media.

Now the U.S. media, on the basis of interviews with a few refugees in Darfur, are complaining that Sudan is committing "genocide." Grounds are being prepared for the destruction of Sudan.

Kerry's Racism

By Nadrat Siddique

I was listening to the Nation of Islam radio show recently (aired on Baltimore Station WEAA, 88.9 on Sunday evenings) and one of the NOI brothers was analyzing that oft-mentioned meeting at Howard University, where Kerry addressed a gathering of Black students. During the Q & A period, a sister from N'COBRA asked Kerry whether he supported reparations for Black people. Kerry's answer was a point blank "No." The reason? Payment of reparations would mean that we are going backwards, rather than forward; and we should not live in the past.

I'd listened to the original broadcast of the Howard address on CSPN radio, but the NOI rep's remarks gave me a new appreciation for Kerry's racism and arrogance. Here is what the brother said: Kerry was addressing an all-black audience on their turf (HU). He thought so little of them, that even though he was their guest, and supposedly courting the Black vote, he could tell them point blank "Your concerns have no merit." Period. Would Kerry, the NOI rep asked, appear at an AIPAC or ADL meeting and tell them point blank that no, y'all are nice folks and you should vote for me, but reparations to Jews? Naw, that would be going backwards, and we can't be living in the past now, can we? Think about it.
FALLUJAH: Pakistani newspapers are reporting that 11 U.S. troops were killed near Fallujah on August 16. Demonstrations in favor of Muqtada al-Sadr are also reported from the Sunni stronghold of Fallujah.

NAJAF: The Sayyed, Muqtada al-Sadr, is turning out to be a good tactician as well as a good fighter. The U.S. is facing a strategic defeat in its efforts to crush the Sayyed. The all out U.S. offensive failed to defeat the defenders of Najaf. Faced with the probability that the occupation forces, using Iraqi Shia mercenaries of ‘prime minister’ Allawi would attack the mosque of Imam Ali himself, the Sayyed decided to defuse the situation and showed willingness to leave the mosque IF THE AMERICANS WERE TO WITHDRAW FIRST.



On August 16, in Islamabad, General Musharraf’s mercenary forces attacked an Islamic school for girls known as Jamia Faridiya. The raid took place late at night. The security forces claimed that they were looking for Islamic scholars, Maulana Abdul Aziz and Maulana Abdur Rashid Ghazi, patrons of the school, who support Al-Qaida. The forces tore through the school, terrifying the young women (girls) who are students in this Islamic school. They could not find the two scholars of Islam who are known for their condemnation of U.S. invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan.

On August 17, the girl students of the school came out on the streets of Islamabad and chanted slogans condemning the Musharraf regime and supporting the two scholars. The demonstration went on for hours and several policemen who tried to intervene were injured.


Even NON-MUSLIMS are accepting the ideas of Osama bin Laden. India’s famous Dalit journalist V.T. Rajshekar has issued a booklet titled WEST LOSING WAR ON MUSLIMS.
Right on its front page, it has the picture of Osama bin Laden. [Available for $1 from: Dalit Sahitya Akademy, 109, 7th Cross, Palace Lower Orchards, Bangalore 560 003, INDIA.]


Recently world famous British historian David Irving received a hate call from a person with a "common London or Jewish accent." The anonymous caller said: "So the Arabs are ‘intrepid,’ you f*ck?" The man was referring to the following reply Mr. Irving wrote in which the word ‘intrepid’ occurs as follows:

"Don’t be misled by those who say Mohammed Atta, et al. were ‘attacking the United States.’ If they had wished to attack Americans there were more symbolic targets of attack (the Statue of Liberty, for one); and more cost-effective methods, e.g., they could have sent their nineteen kamikaze warriors to nineteen American shopping malls with anthrax, or with belts of high explosive. As it was, this 2001 ‘Pearl Harbor’ (or Port Arthur, if you’re an historian) by nineteen intrepid young Arabs brought down all seven buildings of the World Trade Center, and ruined three major airlines; and their deed has turned most of the civilized world against Washington - and damn near brought down the US economy too." [A Radical’s Diary by David Irving, August 1, 2004.]

The U.S-Israeli Filth Line

Israeli Naval Officer Implicated in Homosexual Affair with Governor of New Jersey
The Jew Had been appointed to Homeland Security: Governor Resigned:
Fear of Black Mail
by Buut Shikan [Idol Breaker]

[The following is written by a Semite, so please no complaints of anti-semistism!]

As New Trend previously reported, Tel Aviv, capital of the Israeli occupation force, has the most brothels in the world. Now we have the resignation of the Democratic Governor of New Jersey owing to his alleged fears that his Jewish male lover might blackmail him for millions of dollars.

A Jew from Israel, Cipel was appointed to a top Homeland Security Post, to fight terrorism. He was allegedly given the post over the heads of more appropriate people. Why? The Jew was allegedly sleeping with the Governor, who also has a wife and children.

There must be something in the criminal entity known as Israel which spawns perverts and perversion. Only a year or so back, La Toya Jackson went to Israel and had herself photographed in the nude. Asked by Larry King, another Jew in a cushy job at CNN, what her husband thought of her nudity, she explained that he had actually encouraged her to do so during their extended stay in Israel.

With the homosexual scandal of a top figure, the Governor of New Jersey, related to the very security of the USA, the American people need an independent inquiry into the activities of Israeli Jews in this country, particularly in areas related to security and intelligence. After all Jews like Wolfowitz led this country into the senseless invasion of Iraq.

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - An Israeli at the center of a scandal that led New Jersey Governor James McGreevey to quit over a homosexual affair returned home Wednesday complaining of a "difficult period" in his first public remarks on the case.

Golan Cipel, a former aide to McGreevey, told reporters outside his parents' home near Tel Aviv that he wanted to prepare for a legal battle against the governor over alleged sexual harassment.

McGreevey's spokesman has denied the governor, who announced last week he would resign over an affair with an unnamed man, sexually harassed Cipel or tried to buy his silence.

"I have gone through a difficult period. I came home to be with my family and friends," an unshaven Cipel, clad in jeans and a polo shirt, told reporters in his hometown of Rishon Lezion.

He said he could not divulge any more details of his sexual harassment accusations, pending legal action.

"Sexual harassment is very traumatic. Those who have not experienced it cannot know just how difficult it is," a spokeswoman, Einat Oren, quoted Cipel as saying.

"I came to Israel to renew my strength together with my family and my friends .. and I intend to return to the United States in the next few weeks so the truth will come to light," Cipel said in a statement.

McGreevey, who earlier this year said he opposed gay marriage, told a news conference Thursday he had had a consensual affair with another man and would resign on Nov. 15 to avoid rumors and "threats of disclosure."

Cipel worked as campaign aide for McGreevey during his election campaign and then in early 2002 took a $110,000-a-year job as New Jersey's homeland security adviser.

But Cipel stepped down after questions about his credentials -- he served as a lieutenant on an Israeli naval gunboat during his compulsory army service -- and about how a foreigner without security clearance could be an effective security adviser.

Cipel denied being gay and trying to blackmail McGreevey in an interview he gave to Israel's Yedioth Ahronoth daily on Sunday.

"While in the employ of one of the most powerful politicians in the state, I was the victim of repeated attempts by him to exploit me sexually ... He came on to me again and again, to the point where I was afraid to be alone with him," he said.

McGreevey, 47, took office in January 2002. His four-year term will be completed by Democrat Richard Codey, the current president of the New Jersey state senate.

Hadith Studies
Abu Huraira's (r.a.) Name and Genealogy

Q & A

Question 1:A sectarian person has been abusing Hadith on the Internet. Most of what he says is just abuse and ignorance but he has raised one specific issue which should be answered. He says, no one knows Abu Huraira’s real name. He implies that Abu Huraira may not be a real person.

Answer by Kaukab Siddique:

Abu Huraira, Allah be pleased with him, is the target of the enemies of Islam because he narrated more Hadith than anyone else. The sectarians hate him because he was not related to the Prophet (pbuh) and yet attained a top level position of honor in the original Islamic community.

All narrators are agreed that his popular name or kunniyeh, was Abu Huraira, which literally means "the owner of the cat." He had saved a little kitten and took it everywhere with him. The Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, who stood for the rights of animals, approved of Abu Huraira’s caring so much for the cat.

Not only is Abu Huraira’s, r.a., real Islamic name well known and documented, his entire geneology has been documented.. According to Ibn Sa’ad’s TABQAT al-KUBRA, the Islamic name given to Abu Huraira, r.a., by the Prophet, pbuh, was Abdur Rahman. His father’s name is given as ‘Aamir and his grandfather’s name as ‘Abd zi-ash-Sharaa . [Part 4 p. 52] According to the same source, which is the classic on biographical Hadith, his mother’s name was Umaima. [Also see Al-Bidaya wa un-Nihaya, vol.8, p.111]

The person abusing Hadith might be banking on the fact that Abu Huraira’s (r.a.) name before he embraced Islam is not clear. One name attributed to him before his Islam was ‘Umair . When Ibn Athir, in his Usud -ul-Ghaba, gave the genealogy of Abu Huraira, r.a., he used the name "‘Umair" but gave the same name of father and grandfather and 8 generations after that.

This is not a mythical figure. Imam Bukhari notes that he had 800 eminent students. Abu Huraira’s teacher was the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, himself. His teachers included the Mother of the believers, ‘Ayesha Siddiqa, r.a., and other great companions of the Prophet, such as Abu Bakr, ‘Umar, Salman the Persian, Abdullah ibn ‘Umru bin al-Aas, Allah be pleased with them.
So when the abusers attack Abu Huraira, r.a., it’s not difficult to see that their real target is the Prophet himself, pbuh.

I’ll end with a Hadith of the Prophet, pbuh, narrated by Abu Huraira, r.a.:

"Allah does not look at your faces and your wealth but at your hearts and your deeds."
[Hadith in Sahih Muslim]

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