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There are 53 McDonald's restaurants in Israel.
[Israel by Martin Hintz and Stephen Hintz, p. 65.]

The Failure of Muslim Leadership in America.
What will it take to Move us?

by Karen English
Secretary General
Jamaat al-Muslimeen

As Salaamu Alaikum wa Ramatullah wa Barakatuhu. Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Let's ask ourselves a few questions. We live in a time when the least expression of our faith should not be the length of our beards or the style of our head coverings It should be speaking out against the brutality perpetrated against Muslims.

So what does it mean when our definition of activism is protesting some encroachment on our civil rights, while remaining silent about our brothers languishing in Guantanamo? What does it mean when we congratulate ourselves for participating in an interfaith breakfast for the sake of dawah while we have little to say about the hunger so many of our Muslim brothers and sisters have to live with? Why do we think it's enough to be invited to some sixth grade class to explain the tenets of Islam, when so many Palestinian children can not sit safely in their own classrooms? We are hypervigilant about our own interests or the interests of our tribe and, for too many of us, the pain of the Muslim world is ignored.

Here are some bigger questions:

Why do we have to hear expressions of anguish from Seymour Hersh, columnist for the NEW YORKER, about the screams of a young Iraqi boy being sodomized by an American contractor and hear not a peep out of our own "leaders"? How is it that a reporter for Pacifica Radio reports with heartbreak about the Afghani detainee hung by his wrists in such a way that he dies and hear not a peep out of those we've anointed as leaders? Why is Barbara Lubin the one who is so moved by the injustices and horrors born by Palestinian children that she creates the Middle East Children's Alliance and raises money for health care clinics, medical and educational supplies for Palestine? Where are our bake sales for justice?

In other words: why are these non-Muslims more outraged about the injustices being perpetrated against the Muslim world than we are?

Now here is the slam dunk of a question: What will it take to move us? What will it take to motivate us to speak out---and act as a single body politic when it comes to the rights of Muslims? If the rape of Muslim women in Abu Ghraib isn't enough, if the slaughter of Muslim children in Palestine doesn't move us ---- what will? Just what did we think our tests would be? Surely not the length of our beards and the style of our hijjabs.
Sis. Karen is an Islamic activist, educationist and teacher, of African-American descent. She is one of the very few Islamic women in leadership positions in America.

The Rise of the Collaborator in the name of Democracy

by Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D.

Neo-Colonialism in the Garb of Freedom: Even Mubarak is "democratizing."
U.S. in Direct Conflict with Islam, Considers Middlemen Expendable

"When the Hypocrites come to thee {o Muhammad}, they say, 'We bear witness that you are indeed the Messenger of Allah.' Surely Allah knows that you are indeed His Messenger, and Allah bears witness that the Hypocrites are indeed liars." [63:1]

The SYRIAN regime is groveling. It handed over 29 of Saddam's ineffectual men, including his half-brother, in one day, to the U.S. [Feb. 27.] These are useless men whose existence became meaningless as soon as Saddam lost power. Handing them over is not going to stop the Islamic resistance in Iraq.

The New U.S. pressure on Syria began when HARIRI was killed in Lebanon. Our analysts say that the murder was most probably carried out by Israel. However, both the U.S. [with reservations] and Israel [openly] accused Syria. Again, Syria begged for mercy and said that it's small military force in Lebanon would be relocated "nearer" to the Syrian border. That, however, was not enough for the U.S. Demonstrations are being orchestrated in Lebanon urging the end of Syrian 'occupation.'

That was only the beginning of American power play. On Feb. 28, the Lebanese [pro-Syrian] government of Mr. Karame resigned. Now the U.S. has a free hand to re-shape Lebanon nearer to a pro-Israeli pattern and to squeeze Hizbollah.

Syria's Assad, both father and son, have played a virulent anti-Islam and sophisticated pro-Israeli role. For decades, Syria's forces have not fired a shot at Israel, and Israel continues to occupy the fertile Golan Heights which it seized from Syria by military force. [Thus accusations of "occupation of Lebanon" coming from Israel sound comical.] Every now and then the Syrian regime hands over Islamic fighters ["terrorists'] to Jordan and other countries.

Hizbullah was able to arm itself during this time of Syrian presence in Lebanon but it still has not received any heavy weapons from either Syria or Iran. It has been gradually transformed into a reform group which made nothing more than noises on Manar TV when the Israeli tank columns went repeatedly into Gaza and before that into Jenin.

This security for Israel's border with Lebanon, it appears, was not enough for the U.S. It sees ASSAD as VERY WEAK and humiliated before the Syrian people owing to support for the U.S.-implanted "regime" in Baghdad. Assad and his Allawite sect is a tiny minority of the Syrian people ruling by sheer terror.

Now the U.S. wants to alter the balance of power in Lebanon in favor of the Maronites and the Israelis, and this time with Druze support owing to the looming Islamic populism in every Muslim country fired up by Osama Bin Laden.

ALL CONVENTIONAL STATE STRUCTURES in the Muslim world, with the exception of Iran, rely on support for their existence on CIA intelligence [backed by Israeli Mossad]. The ESSENTIAL PURPOSE of these state structures was to delude the Muslim populations into thinking that they were living in INDEPENDENT Muslim countries. The masses were to be led into thinking that these rulers, however bad, were "our" "Muslim rulers."

The cover of this arrangement was blown off by the 9.11 attacks. America realized that the Muslims had attained the ability to wage a new kind of warfare which made American firepower irrelevant. For a while, during the invasion of AFGHANISTAN, the U.S. maintained the fiction that this was NOT a war between Islam and America but only a war on "terrorism." Muslim elites all the way from Pakistan to the U.S. supported this fiction with the claim that 9.11 could never have been carried out by Muslims. "Muslims can't fly planes. That's too sophisticated for us." "Islam does not permit such attacks."

The U.S' intelligence services, however, soon found that the Muslim masses were accepting neither the U.S. line nor the conspiracy theory of Muslim elites. Osama bin Laden emerged as the hero of the Muslim world. Even in "Saudi" Arabia, where expression of politics can have serious consequences, wherever opinion was tested, it was found to be pro-Osama and pro-Jihad.
Eventually, the Mujahideen started attacking within "Saudi" Arabia itself and not one of them was handed over to the government by the people.

Thus the NEED for OSTENSIBLY INDEPENDENT DICTATORS became superfluous. The U.S. can no longer be effective through dictators. In spite of torture and control of the media, they can no longer convince their people that they are nationalists and are facing America as independents.


Hence emerged the new Bush doctrine of "freedom" and "democracy" supported by Zionist think tanks. The new policy seems to be that of THREATS OF DIRECT MILITARY INTERVENTION to mobilize America's collaborators, agents and beneficiaries in the name of "democracy." The legitimacy for intervention has to come from these COLLABORATORS which have emerged in each Muslim country.

Analysis of Muslim countries indicates the emergence of the following groups as a result of 50 years of dictatorial and anti-Islam rule:
  1. In every Muslim country there are educated people alienated from their own cultures and nationalities and yearning to be like Americans. For them Islam is at best a custom and most of the time a sign of backwardness. The relatives of many of these alienated types live in America and Europe, and export a steady stream of alienating information and cultural/mental constructs back into their countries. Large numbers of Iraqis, Iranians, Egyptians, Pakistanis, Tunisians and Turks living in the U.S. are easily identifiable as belonging to these categories. Their relatives "back home" are straining to come over to America.

  2. These are the rootless poor. Mao Tse-tung called these the "lumpen proletariat." Most of them are people at the margins of society. Their existence is financially and physically so precarious that they are willing to work for anyone who will pay them. With America's $87 billion occupation project in Iraq, for instance, these collaborators have emerged in large numbers.

  3. Hostile minorities. Dictators use divide and rule. Over the years, minorities and sects and sub-sects have been used by corrupt regimes against the vast majorities of Muslims. The British started the process with support for the Qadianis ["ahmeddis'] in India and the Bahais in Iran.
    Similarly the Allawis in Syria and the Copts in Egypt were involved in conflict against the Muslim majorities.

  4. The rural to urban flight has created a large servant class, the poor working in the homes of the rich, while their families are left behind in the villages. These urban populations are subjected to random cultural influences from western countries which can create social schizophrenia.

America's policies to pressurize and, where necessary, to dismantle conventional state structures will probably not work in its favor. Our analysts can say this with confidence for a number of reasons.
  1. Peaceful Islamic movements exist in every Muslim country. The infrastructure for future Islamic states is ready to be put into place. Earthquakes, floods, the tsunami all show that Islamic social welfare and medical groups are so advanced in their abilities that no government can do better than them.

  2. The armed Islamic movements are slowly but steadily gaining more and more actual support in the Muslim world [beyond the sphere of protests and demonstrations]. Led by Osama, Ayman, Mullah Omar, Al-Zarqawi, the mujahideen in Palestine, Chechnia, Kashmir, etc, they are drawing the American mammoth into the cauldron of people's war.

  3. America has failed to crush, or even defeat the Taliban. The majority of Afghans who are Pushtuns are quietly, and sometimes openly, supporting the Taliban. Mullah Omar, the legendary Islamic fighter comparable to the companions of the Prophet, pbuh, is regrouping his forces in spite of Pakistani troops on one side of the border and U.S./Karzai troops on the other.

  4. Bush's Iraqi adventure proved to be a great boon to the armed Islamic movement. Mosques became the rallying points of Jihad in a seemingly deeply secularized country. Segments of the Ba'ath party returned to the fold of Islam. Mujahideen from across the Muslim world are fighting alongside Iraqi formations against America's best troops. Among the few mujahideen the U.S. has captured are fighters from as diverse backgrounds as Sudan and France.
Thus if fighting breaks out in Syria, or Lebanon or Egypt, new segments of the Islamic populations will enter the jihad. If the situation in "Saudi" Arabia develops in Osama's favor, the U.S. might face an uprising of Islamic populations across Africa and Asia in defense of Makka and Madina.
America's ally, some say cat's paw, Israel, would become so expensive for it that it would have to be abandoned. 'Israeli' is already a name synonymous with terrorist, criminal and exploiter.

If the Soviet Union, which had a land border with the tiny country of Afghanistan, could not win against the Mujahideen, there is little chance that America, feeding its expensive armada thousands of miles from home will have staying power against the sons and daughters of Islam.

The greatest difficulty America faces is that though Osama and Mullah Omar and Al-Zarqawi might be killed in battle, their ideas have permeated through the continents of Asia and Africa.


[New Trend urges readers to take the case of Mr. Zundel very seriously. The real force behind his persecution is not Canada but the Zionist Jews who control Germany and have tremendous influence in Canada. Most Muslims do not know the following facts: ----------------------------------------------

Zundel Faces Deportation
Canada's Decision Blocks Free Speech
Zundel Challenged Jewish Monopolization of Information

by Paul Fromm
Canadian Association for Free Expression

Dear Free Speech Supporter:

This has been a terrible week for those who believe in free speech in Canada. On Thursday, Mr. Justice Pierre Blais brought down his decision finding it reasonable for the government to believe -- that's not the same thing as finding the case to be true -- that Ernst Zundel is a threat to Canada's national security because he is an honoured senior stateman in the "White supremacist movement." It's clear that it's Ernst Zundel's ideas -- his skepticism about the 6-million claim, etc. -- and his skills as a publisher and communicator are what have so annoyed the Canadian government and the Jewish supremacists who so relentlessly lobby and back them.

Judge Blais was in blatant conflict of interest judging evidence provided by the Canadian Security and Intelligence Agency (CSIS), Canada's spooks as he was the former boss of CSIS. He three times refused to recuse himself.

Blais also accused Zundel of "destabilizing" the German government and, therefore, being a threat to their national security. In the mind of this bullet-headed state apparatchiik, any opposition to a government is a threat to national security.

I was talking to Mr. Zundel this afternoon. He called me from prison. He will be deported to Mannheim, Germany on Tuesday. Normally, the flight number is revealed to relatives. Not so for Mr. Zundel. Neither relatives, friends or his own lawyers will be allowed to see him off. "National security," you know.

Ernst wants me to let all his supporters around the world know that the fight will go on. He has not given up. There is an arrest warrant for him in Germany and he faces up to five years in a German jail for publishing his views. [Didn't someone say we fought WW II to help bring 'democracy' to Germany?] The Canadian act in this free speech drama is over. His persecutors are merely changing stages for the next act in the farce.

He also wants to thank all in Canada, the U.S. and elsewhere who helped with their donations, their letters to the authorities and their many cards and messages to him.

Statement from Ernst Zundel's Lawyers

This statement concerns the pending deportation of 65 year old Ernst Zundel, who lived in Canada from 1958 to 2000, who has no criminal record in Canada and who faces no criminal charges in Canada.

Mr. Zundel has been in solitary confinement for 2 years and is about to be deported after a largely secret proceeding against him. The Crown and the presiding judge met secretly throughout his case, in the absence of Mr. Zundel and his lawyers. The Crown repeatedly presented evidence and made arguments to the judge in a Star Chamber type proceeding.

At the public proceeding, Mr. Zundel was told literally hundreds of times, when he asked for specific evidence of the case against him, that there was "nothing in the unclassified materials" He was repeatedly blocked from asking questions of witnesses on the basis of "national security".

The presiding judge made repeated serious errors, forgot submissions and repeatedly misstated the appropriate legal test about what evidence should be kept secret. The same judge then evaluated the secret evidence.

Mr. Zundel complained of reasonable apprehension of bias by that judge. The same judge rejected Mr. Zundel's argument and later ordered him deported.
The Federal Court of Appeal rejected his appeal regarding bias. It appears that the Crown will not wait to see whether the Supreme Court of Canada will hear the further appeal Mr. Zundel has already filed on the bias issue. The Crown will deport him NOW.

The Supreme Court of Canada has been asked, in Mr. Adil Charkaoui's case, to consider the constitutionality of the law which allows secret evidence by which Mr. Zundel is deported. The Crown will not wait until the Supreme Court decides whether to hear that appeal. If the law is ultimately ruled to be unconstitutional, Mr. Zundel will likely hear about it from a German jail cell.

Probably no one cares because Mr. Ernst Zundel is notorious and reviled. The powerful and the popular do not need to rely on the fairness of our legal system. The marginalized and the reviled do. Our system has failed Mr. Zundel. We should care. But we fear most of us don't give a damn.

Mr. Zundel will not initiate any further court proceedings in Canada. His repeated request that Canadian courts recognize his rights to basic fairness and justice have been unanswered. He will not beg for those rights.

Mr. Zundel has gone through the entire security certificate process, unfair though it was, to a conclusion. He has no right to appeal or to judicial review. He has gone to every available level of court in Canada.

For 42 years, he has vigorously defended his freedom of expression within the Canadian justice system. All legal avenues have now been exhausted, as has his faith in the Canadian justice system and this security certificate system, which has been characterized by a Canadian journalist, after witnessing part of Mr. Zundel's proceeding, as a "frightening charade of justice".
Peter Lindsay Chi-Kun Shi
Counsel for Zundel

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