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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Zulq'idah 21,1427/December 13, 2006 #82

TOP of the LINE:
The "Holocaust Denial" conference in Tehran, December 11 and 12, ripped a hole in the iron curtain of censorship which international Jewish elites had imposed on the vast money making venture funding the terrorist entity known as "Israel." The media again played a dirty role in NOT REPORTING the conference presentations. Instead the media published the condemnations of the conference from known enemies of Islam and oppressed humanity such as Bush, Blair, Germany's Markel, Israel's Olmert and the Pope [lining up on the Zionist side]. The media completely censored the 67 scholars who went to Tehran and instead focused on David Duke, a supporter of Palestine who has a past which the media "love."

New Trend congratulates President Ahmedinejad for this superb blow against censorship. He has taught a good lesson to those who made cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, and claimed that it was "freedom of expression!" The Pope has still not apologized for insulting the Prophet, pbuh. He loves Israel although Jewish terrorists attacked the holiest church of Christianity.

Scroll way down to an astonishing, well-written, report on the U.S. government's "legal" "kidnapping" of children. Is this a multi-billion dollar scam or what?

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Survey: Top Ten Idiots of the Year 2006

As the year draws to a close, New Trend plans to publish a list of TOP TEN IDIOTS of the year. The idea came from Imam Badi Ali of North Carolina. Br. Ali says that the world has been such a mess during 2006, it will be suitable to publish a list of the top 10 idiots, instead of the best ten people.

Please help us to choose the ten. If you can't think of ten, help us with the top 3 to 5.
Send your choices to:

Personal from Kaukab Siddique:
Are you a sugar baby? Most of us, from Asia and Africa, as well as many from other continents, face a serious problem, especially if we are in our 50's and 60's: It's the problem posed by our intake of sugar. In America, avoidance of sugar is almost impossible and with it comes the danger of increasingly bad health and diabetes. It doesn't help to fast or walk: at the end of the day, we go back to sugar and more sugar, be it in cakes and candy, or in coffee, milk, chocolate, ice cream, juice or bread. Even an hour long walk can be cancelled out by a few slices of bread with peanut butter or chocolate spread. Our masjids offer the richest food during Ramadan in an endless string of "iftar parties."
I was warned of this great sweet danger and "saved" by the grace of Allah by my daughter Nadrat, whom I now call "Hakim Nadrat." She cut off my refined sugar intake 100%. The issue was: How would I survive if I stopped "cold turkey?" The desire for the "sugar rush" is in fact a kind of addiction. Nadrat came up with a solution which though now well known was first taught by the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh. The way is to eat DATES whenever you feel the desire for sugar. The dates too have sugar but, Nadrat pointed out, it is natural sugar, unrefined, and is absorbed slowly. Most importantly, the dates gradually take away the desire for refined sugars which is part of our lives.

I am beginning to understand why the Prophet, pbuh, never got sick though he was a human being, not a mythic figure. We can't be as strong as him, but we can at least have him as our role model. On special occasions, he ate meat: he loved sweets, especially honey, but what was his regular life style? It was always dates, vegetables, whole grains and water. Here it is in authentic Hadith:

Appeal: After 8 months of slow recovery from a tragic accident ....
Sometimes the Best people Need Help: Dr. Alauddin Shabazz: A brilliant star of Islam

Imam Alauddin Shabazz of Chicago, Illinois is one of the few outstanding people who helped me to understand America, Black America in particular. A Ph.D in comparative religion, his thoughts on Christianity and Islam and his insights into the Nation of Islam's (NOI) and Minister Farrakhan's development kept me ahead of the curve. Dr. Shabazz received honorable mention in the most important book on Islam in America titled Islam and the Search for African-American Nationhood by Dennis Walker, among other books. Inshallah, he will receive his reward in the Hereafter. Let's help him at this testing time when his family is facing severe financial pressure.
Kaukab Siddique

Here is an introductory note about our learned brother for those who might not know him:

Imam Alauddin Shabazz is a Muslim scholar,author, journalist and bookstore owner residing in Chicago, IL. A native of Pensacola, FL, he took Shahadah in Detroit, MI in 1959 as a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Since his acceptance of Al-Islam, he has been a staunch champion of the Deen through the use of his verbal skills and pen. He has authored 5 books including Stand Up for Truth, Homosexuality 911, Truth or Consequences, The Plain Truth About the Birth of Jesus According to the Bible, and (The Truth About) Holidays, Symbolism, Myths and Signs. The latter is to be released as a new edition in early spring 2007. He has been a regular contributor to New Trend, Al-Balagh, Muslim Journal and Final Call newspapers. Imam Shabazz has also contributed to and been quoted in numerous other articles, journal and books.

In April 2006 he suffered a serious stroke while driving and sustained multiple injuries. He is recovering at home, with Allah's help. Because of the mounting financial obligations for his care, a special fund has been established to assist him. Anyone wanting to make a contribution can do so.

The name of the fund is the "Angelo Alauddin Shabazz Fund." It has been set up through Great Lakes Bank, 13057 S. Western Avenue, Blue Island, IL 60406. Deposits can be made to Account # 06300001390. Those wishing to send donations directly to the family can do so by sending them to "Angelo Alauddin Shabazz" c/o Books Ink, 1835 West 103rd Street, Chicago, IL 60643.

May Allah bless you for your assistance.


In your article it is stated that Sheikh Gilani Lane is in Charlotte County, Charlotte North Carolina. Please note that Charlotte County is not in Charlotte, North Carolina. It is in Virginia.

Uncle Dawood

Jamaat al-Muslimeen News [3 items]

Outreach: Why is Imam Umar important? +Demands of U.S. Muslims

Newark, Delaware, December 8, 2006: After Juma' salat at the local Islamic Center, Jamaat distributed two items.

1. A two-sided card about Imam Warith Deen Umar's struggle against U.S. state terrorism was given to 100 Muslims. Imam Umar faced abuse from the Zionist-Capitalist Wall Street Journal after which his job connections were cut off owing to comments by Senator Schumer and others. Then the U.S. government trashed his apartment in the Bronx, and finally the regime's storm troopers entered his family home with dogs. The Imam stood firm. The regime failed in both its aims, to intimidate him or to provoke him.

2. The 8-point demands of the Muslims of America offered by the National Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen which met in Milwaukee were distributed to 138 Muslims. The demands include condemnation of the culture of drugs, crime and prostitution which is being propagated by the U.S. media. [The back of the flyer provides addresses where readers can write or call to urge the U.S. government to stop denying imprisoned Islamic scholar Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar contact with his family.]

Most of the people at the Newark Islamic Center were Indo-Pakistanis, 60% and Arabs, about 40%, with a sprinkling of African-Americans. [Thanks for the distribution go to a new brother in the Jamaat, Br. Aqeel, from Philadelphia, who stood with us in 22 degree weather to reach the Muslims.]

50 Shots: The Police Murder of Sean Bell: From New York to Palestine, One Occupation
by Sis. Aisha
Jamaat al-Muslimeen New York City [Manhattan]

On 12/6/2006, the December 12th Movement held a rally at 1 Police Plaza in New York City which, began at 4:30pm. The rally was protesting the murder of Sean Bell and the shooting of his two friends, Joseph Guzman and Trent Benefield. All three were unarmed and trying to flee what they believed to be a possible carjacking attempt.

It is against the law to shoot into a vehicle.

A.N.W.S.E.R. was also present, as usual, as well as the New Black Panther Party. Another presence was the Bloods and the Crips Gang throwing up gang signs at the cops and walking side by side. Many were wearing both blue and red bandannas wrapped together on their heads to show their unity. As one gang member put it, "We're sick of this sh*t!".

Some of the chants as we marched around the block were: "Occupation is a crime from New York to Palestine" and NYPD off our streets. No justice, no peace!".

The protest organizers want everyone to boycott white-owned businesses for 50 days, one day for each bullet fired, beginning on December 22, 2006. That day at 12 noon, there will be another protest . The starting point will be Chase Bank at Fulton street. The goal is to boycott Wall Street. Someone suggested that it might be better to encourage a boycott of Macy's and other businesses at Herald Square.

I agree. I love to hear that so many people have come out to support the family and express disgust with police brutality however, a more specific plan needs to be established. Why not make an example out of Macy's this spending season?

Removing Commissioner Raymond Kelly and Police Captain Anthony Izzo would be a good start but just as Malcolm X stated, it's a system of oppression and removing a few figure heads will not end it. There's a lot of anger and a lot of hopelessness.

One of the other chants at the march was, "They (police) say get back, we (the people) say shoot back!". People are really getting fed up with the uncle Tom Foolery of our politicians and want significant changes made. Something is brewing and I pray for some positive change.

2nd Report on the anti-Police-Murder Rally by 3,000 People in New York
by Br. Abu Talib
Jamaat al-Muslimeen, Brooklyn

This is a report on the rally and demonstration at one Police Plaza against Police Brutality and the latest killing of an unarmed 23-years old black man. This demonstration and rally was called by the Dec 12th Movement and the Black Men's Movement. The rally was very spirited and militant.

There were only a few speakers at the rally as this was not the celebrity type of rally. This was the people's movement by those who are involved in the liberation of the people from oppression and for human Rights. The leaders of the Dec12th Movement spoke briefly. Sister Viola Plummer set the agenda and demanded that the people must speak in one voice to the demand that the Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly must resign and also Tony Izzos resign who controls this undercover death squad in the Police department.
The crowd had signs of "50 shots" and the "NYPD guilty of murder" and the chants were "whose streets? our streets!" and "black Power!"

The crowd was large , about three thousand people out at the rally and demonstration who were from the African American Communities and some from the latino and also from the white who are Progressives.

The only people missing were from the Muslim Community. There were few brothers at this rally, some were from Masjid Tawqa, but we did not see the so-called leadership ["Siraj Wahaj, etc] that exist in New York City.
The duty of the Muslims is to fight injustice wherever it is and to support the oppressed. There is killing of the innocent and murder of Sean Bell. We should be standing up to the oppressors who are killing our children and grandmothers and we are silent on this issue of Police Brutality in the city of New York and Nationally inside the United States.
The foreign Policy of the government is to contain and kill by the soldiers in the army overseas. Its the same in the domestic Policy to contain and murder the oppressed in the various community here at home by the Police. It's all linked together and we must make the connection so we can see clearly the big picture.
Out of this rally some of the people are calling for a boycott for 50 days for the 50 shots of all stores except black stores and boycott of this racist Paper the New York Post.

Also the day of Outrage will be on the 22nd of this month to shut down Wall street where the businesses controls the Police Department and demand that the Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly step down because the policies to shoot to kill come from the top of the Police department.
The struggle continues. Until the oppressed fight the oppressor, and not the oppressed fighting the oppressed, we will see more killing or murder by the Police. We have to move from mobilization to organization in the black Community to solve our problems. May Allah grants us victory in our battle against the forces of evil. The good will prevail, inshallah.

Letter: Re: Bangladeshi Professor ... Taking Exception to Comment on America's "Fetid Soul."

How can you honestly say that this horrendous act against Dr. Ali Reza was a "bestial act from the fetid soul of America" when such things happen in all countries of the world on a regular basis? If you hate this place so much why are you here? Have you never heard of the Hatthora Gang in Pakistan who went around bashing in the skulls of people as they slept in Rawalpindi?

If the presence of criminals in a country is evidence of a "fetid soul", no human nation, Muslim or otherwise, is anything but possessed of a "fetid soul". Right now in Iraq, Shi'is are dousing Sunnis in kerosene and burning them alive just like Hindus and Sikhs used to kill Muslims during Partition. Does this mean that Iraq also has a "fetid soul"?

Such shrill statements only serve to diminish the credibility of your otherwise very valid criticisms of Zionism and racism in general.

Jamil Rahman, Pennsylvania

Letter: Re: "Imam" or Renegade? New Trend Comment is too harsh.

The two paragraphs below cause me great frustration. I fail to see how the man can be called a renegade on the basis of the [see below] paragraph. At the very least you did not give any proof. Me thinks you went overboard in your animosity with CAIR and attempted to paint anyone who works with CAIR as a renegade. I think this is unfortunate, counterproductive and more important, un-Islamic.

Your brother in Islam,

Saad [Arizona]

Editor's note: Dear Br. Saad: note three strikes: Police, FBI, Marines, and the man is proud of it. Should we wait for him to go to Guantanamo Bay and torture the Islamic prisoners? Let the readers decide. Here are "imam" Shahin's own words:

"And, if you go back to our background, I am personally the chairperson for the police advisory board. I did presentation for the FBI agent in Phoenix. I did presentation with CAIR-Arizona to Yuma Air Force Base for more than 600 Marines."

With thanks to Sis. Khalidah, Atlanta, Georgia

Our Government is Kidnapping Children!!!

by Nev Moore

I. State and federally funded Child Protective Service agencies are arbitrarily seizing children from non-abusive homes in the absence of evidence or realistic cause to believe that the child is in danger of harm, and in gross violation of their own protocols, state and federal regulations, and the Constitution of the United States.

II. For both parent and child there can be nothing in our life experience more devastating than the abrupt, brutal, and unwarranted enforced separation by strangers. The parent-child bond is our strongest instinct, superseding all else. To have this bond abruptly severed by strangers who possess unhindered power, and who give no thought or consideration to the fear, anxiety, and trauma that their actions cause, is a crime against humanity. Yet it is happening to 4600 American children per day, right here in the United States. Small children believe their parents to be all-powerful, like super heroes. They believe that their parents possess an all-powerful ability to shelter and protect them from any threat. When parents are powerless to prevent strangers from abducting the child from all that is safe and familiar to him/her, a fundamental belief system within the child is broken forever, along with the child's ability to feel safe and secure in their world. As parents are forced to sit by placidly, under the threat of never seeing their child again, a small child may believe that the parents gave him/her away because he or she was "bad", and the child's belief in their parents love is also destroyed. In a small child's mind he or she will be thinking: "Why aren't mom and dad fighting the bad guys and taking me home?" We have received many phone calls from parents who have been devastated when their child screams at them: "You LET them TAKE ME away!" This is an act of emotional and psychological terrorism against a child.

III. The law states that a child can only be removed from his or her home as a last resort, and only when the child is at imminent risk of serious harm. The problem is that the SS (social services) does not follow established law & policy, and nobody makes them. They face no consequences for appalling and illegal behavior. The police must submit to the whims of the SS. Judges go along with the SS, allowing them to control court process, rather than fulfilling their judicial canons by insisting that due process is followed, laws adhered to, and that procedural error is not tolerated. Few parents are criminally charged with anything, rather, they are subjected to a highly irregular "civil" proceeding that makes a complete mockery of our judicial system. Parents are often told they may not speak or present exculpatory evidence.
Children are not allowed to be present or express their wishes if they want to go home. The SS claims that this would "involve the child in adult issues" and "traumatize them". However, the instant a child says they want to be adopted, the SS runs them into the courtroom, stating that they must "honor the child's wishes."

IV. Federal statistics say that there are approximately 3 million reports of suspected child abuse and neglect each year. The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services documents 900,000 as "substantiated", leaving over 2 million families per year falsely accused of child maltreatment! Of the "substantiated" cases, 68% do NOT involve child maltreatment, according to the federal authorities. This figure is escalating at an alarming rate each year as over zealous reporting and frivolous intervention by the SS spins out of control.

V. Actual acts of child abuse or severe neglect are not the primary allegations used to seize children from their families. Meaning deliberate acts, willfully committed with the intent to harm - contrary to public assumption. The SS employs a method known as the "Clinical Model", in which the behaviors of the child are use to claim that there is some sort of obscure psychological abuse in the home that has traumatized the child.

Therefore, if your child exhibits any normal, predictable behavior of childhood:
outgoing, quite, active, shy, placid, disobedient, obedient, neat, messy, loud, easy going, or temperamental -
any behavior will be used to "prove" that the child is "acting out their inability to verbalize the trauma." NOTHING is just plain normal predictable, unpredictable human behavior as it has existed for 3 million years. EVERYTHING has some deep, dark, bizarre (and completely illogical..) "meaning", that can only be seen by 23 year-old, childless, poorly educated social workers with little life experience, and all of which supports the prevailing political climate that ALL parents are inadequate and abusive, so children must be raised by the state. Welcome to "Junk Psychology For Dollars"!

VI. The state gains entryée' into private homes via the filing of a report of suspected child maltreatment. A report may be filed anonymously by anyone, a vindictive neighbor, a stranger who saw you yell at your child at the grocery store, a disgruntled employee, an ex-spouse, a teacher, a day care provider, someone whose romantic interest you rejected, or any unstable busybody. "Abuse" reports are filed (and investigated) for head lice (usually contracted at school..), diaper rash, taking your child to the ER too often, leaving your child in the car while you run into the store, ear infections, not sending a snack or mittens to school, parents arguing in front of child, home schooling, spanking; ANY bruise, injury, or scrape inevitably incurred in the normal course of childhood; poverty issues, dirty clothing, no electricity, ANY "nudie" photos of toddlers playing in the sprinkler or in the tub. A yeast or urinary tract infection is now likely to bring an allegation of sexual abuse, although they are a common result of antibiotic use, careless hygiene, or a diet high in simple carbohydrates. Normal, innocent people do not tend to be suspicious and defensive, so they usually cooperate when the SS knocks on their door. We universally hear: "We have nothing to hide, so we invited them in, served them coffee, and were open and honest. Now our children are gone, and we don't know how this could happen in this country!"

VII. Once the SS gains entree' the family is put under a powerful, and distorted, microscope. "Social workers" will ask bizarre and invasive questions. Do the parents ever argue? Do they ever raise their voices? This is documented as "domestic violence." No surprise here, the majority of the funding for domestic violence programs is channeled through CPS. If parents deny domestic abuse or child abuse, they are condescendingly told that they are "in denial", and this is all "part of the syndrome." Admitting - confessing - is one of the requirements. Truth is not important. Saying the right things to keep federal funding flowing, is. You could be asked, as could your child (even a three or four year-old) if you have ever touched them in the chest or genital area. Obviously, after bathing, wiping, applying ointment, etc., any parent must answer "yes." Anyone who admits to having a drink occasionally is labeled "alcoholic and dysfunctional." (Powerful, wealthy politicians evidently have an exemption). Under the SS microscope every word, inflection, and action is attributed with the most distorted, bizarre, and ludicrous "meanings." If you have ever bounced a check, you have a "criminal record"; if your child is shy, they are "fearful and withdrawn"; if they are outgoing and active, they are "acting out due to the trauma." This is crazy, you say? Oh good, you're catching on now!

Once a child is seized by the state, the parents are offered a sham civil court proceeding. In most cases the parents are never actually charged with anything. In many states you must not only be charged, but convicted of a crime to lose your drivers license. But, you can lose your children from an anonymous 'phone call, with NO involvement from law enforcement, and NO charges of Any wrong-doing. The SS controls the courtroom and employs the tactic of delay to keep families separated. Parents may go to scheduled court dates 30 - 50 - 80 times, only to be told, after waiting in the hall all day, that their case has been continued - yet again. This can, and does, go on for months, and, even years, while children are separated from their families. If parents actually get inside the court room they are usually told they may not speak - and usually their court appointed attorneys won't do much speaking either. Exculpatory evidence is either not allowed, or "disappears" from the case file.

VII. These cases degenerate into an exercise in character assassination and slander by the SS where actual acts of child abuse or neglect that place the child at "imminent risk of serious harm" are not even discussed. Rather, vague, obscure, and distorted allegations about the parents personalities comprise the bulk of the court room testimony, including the parents "denial", "hostility", and "uncooperativeness." Judges should be questioning - and striking - such testimony based on relevance, but they don't. The SS rules the court room and the judges simply abdicate their sworn oath and go along. The new federal law gives the SS 15 months to seek Termination of Parental Rights and have the child adopted out, so, children are being put up for adoption based on the timeline, even when parents have not had a chance to answer the initial allegations, and in the absence of any evidence or charges that they have harmed their child! Social workers routinely perjure themselves under oath without ever facing admonishment (let alone charges) from a judge. This system is a SCAM, and makes a mockery of our most fundamentally held beliefs in our country.

VIII. These children are placed in state contracted foster homes and institutions. All get federal benefits. Residential's and institutions hold multi-million dollar contracts with the social service agencies. Children are drugged, restrained, put in straight-jackets (they call them "safety coats" now); they are sexually, physically, and emotionally abused and tormented. Abuse that is far, far more egregious than the initial allegations made against the parents, and which would be prosecuted criminally were it to occur anywhere else.
In 2000 Time magazine printed a special issue on foster abuse and fatalities, calling it "America's shame." We've been calling it that for years. Abuse reports against foster homes and other SS contracted facilities is covered up. Police tell us that, if they receive abuse reports concerning a foster home, they have been directed to turn such reports back to the SS, so they self-investigate - which means they throw the complaints in the dumpster.

Why is this happening? One factor is unmonitored federal funding ($14. Billion per year). The other is a huge industry that is providing private profit through Medicaid fraud. Service providers (vendors) hold multi-million dollar contracts with the social service agencies. The families are ordered to engage in "services" with the contracted vendors, all of whom bill Medicaid at astronomically inflated rates for "services" that are often inappropriate, unnecessary, and completely irrelevant to the families situation, or to child maltreatment.
Families are coerced into participating by intimidation and the threat of losing their children. In return for the fraudulently collected profits, the contracted vendors provide manufactured "evidence" of child maltreatment to support the SS claim that they need to keep the child in foster care. In return for this they receive more federal funding.
As an example, the Massachusetts DSS receives $700. Million a year in state funding alone. Not bad. Behind the money there is a socialist ideology that children should be raised by the state. Yes, even here in America. This agenda was promoted by people like Dr. C. Henry Kempe in the 1970's. An open supporter of the Communist party regime who instructed: "We must remove children from the crude influence of their families and, frankly, nationalize them." Dr. Kempe emphasized the need for a "stealthy, incremental approach" to implementing the agenda to make families obsolete.
This is a huge, complex, ugly picture. We don't want to believe it can happen here in our beloved country. But it is.4600 times per day. So I am impelled to reach out to EVERY sane, rational American with a conscience to stand up and let your voice be heard... before it's too late.

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