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By Buut Shikan, Idol Breaker

There are reports in the Arabic and Pakistani publications that Iran has captured TOP Taliban leaders, including Ayman al-Zawahiri, Ghaith Kuwaiti and Osama's son who was taking part in the Jihad.

Iran is denying this in a way which seems to be more cunning than truthful. Iran says that it is holding (50 or more) Al-Qaida prisoners and is negotiating with the countries from which they came.

Veteran observers of Iran say that Iran was infiltrated by the CIA soon after Imam Khomeini passed away. There is a whole group of Iranians, including thousands in North Tehran, who openly side with the U.S.

During the First Gulf War, the Iraqi air force sought refuge in Iran but was seized by the Iranians.

It is quite possible that after Tora Bora, the top Al-Qaida might have taken refuge in Iran. Or Iran, prompted by the U.S., might have offered them refuge, and when they came in, Iran arrested them.

This reading is supported by occasional top level American comments which indicate that Iran might be "harboring" Al-Qaida leaders. It would appear that Iran is working with the U.S. and is now looking for some way of handing over the Al-Qaida leaders to America's friendly dictators in such a way that Iranian-American collusion would not look credible. Ayman al-Zawahiri has already been sentenced to death by Egypt, Ghaith will face death in Kuwait and the Saudis will prove their loyalty by executing Osama's son.

Some observers say that perhaps OSAMA TOO IS BEING HELD BY IRAN. The problem Khatami etc are facing is: How to get rid of him without isolating themselves from the Muslim world.

And Allah knows best.

2003-07-02 Wed 19:01ct