Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Jamada al-Thani 20, 1425/ August 7, 2004 #79
Jamaat al-Muslimeen
Shoora Meeting

August 21 in Atlanta, all day.

Host: Sis. Hadayai Majeed. [haleem1@aol.com]
Ameer: Dr. Kaukab Siddique [ksidd37398@aol.com]
Secretary General: Sis. Aisha Shaheed. [pansygen@yahoo.com]

Tentative Agenda:
  1. Formulation of policy on Muslim role in the Bush-Kerry standoff. Issues of war, racism, drugs/crime, immigration, civil rights.
  2. How to make the boycott BITE: Against businesses which support Israel.
  3. Islamic leaders in U.S. Prisons: Imam Jamil, Shaikh Omar ‘Abdel Rahman, ‘Ahmed Abdel Sattar, Prof. Sami Al-Arian.
  4. Muslim victims of U.S. Oppression: The Virginia Innocents, the Yemenis of Lackawanna, the African-Americans of Portland, Oregon, Guantanamo Bay atrocities and others.
  5. Women and leadership roles in Muslim organizations. Muslim women in non-Muslim organizations.
  6. Media: Monitoring, responding, developing our own.

The Changing American Political Scene: Bush Facing Certain Defeat
First time His Critics Show Scepticism about Elevated Terror Alert

The Democratic Convention went rather well in spite of its ambiguity and banality. Kerry’s popularity has been steadily increasing and after the Convention he was ahead of Bush by 10 points, 52 to 42, with 3 to 6 points for Nader.

Within days after the Democratic party splash, the Bush administration announced that the country is in great danger of attack by Al-Qaida. For the first time after 9.11, Bush’s critics in the political establishment dared to question the "war on terror," an issue so sensitive in America that Bush sees it as a sure fire way of silencing opposition.

This time a politician as prominent as Dean questioned the timing of the terror alert.
Commentators like Chris Matthews and Bill Maher dared chuckle about this issue. Homeland Security admitted that the information published in the terror alert was at least two to three years old, if not more.

Americans still cannot openly mention ISRAEL as the main cause of the war between Islam and America. Bush, Cheyney, Wolfowitz, Limbaugh, Krauthammer and various Israel-firsters still try to get away with the notion that the Islamists hate us for our freedom and for our wealth and sex life. But gradually, very slowly, the consciousness is emerging that we are at war with Islam because: ------------------------------------------------
Jamaat al-Muslimeen News
[A movement for Human Rights and Justice based on the Qur’an]

Learning the Facts about the Tragedy in Dharfur, Western Sudan.
It’s NOT a War Between Africans and Arabs

On August 5, 2004 leaders of Muslim communities and Imams of Masjids from across the Washington, DC/Maryland area met the Ambassador of Sudan to question him about the tragic situation in western Sudan [Dharfur]. Among the more than 30 prominent personalities at the meeting in Washington were representatives of Jamaat al-Muslimeen Baltimore. The following are the basic points which emerged from the discussion and the question-answer session which went on for three hours.
  1. Dharfur is about the size of Texas with a population of 5 to 6 million people, ALL Muslims.
  2. The area is known for its Islamic piety and as a Qur’anic area owing to the large numbers of people who have memorized the Qur’an.
  3. The tribes who live there are usually bilingual. That is, in addition to their indigenous language they speak Arabic.
  4. The people are all DARK in color and of African descent. There are no Arabs and non-Arabs distinguishable in any way by their color.
  5. The Gangjaweed militias who have been accused in western propaganda stories as rampant killers of Africans are themselves 100% African.
  6. Nearly 40% of the Sudanese army is drawn from Dharfur, so the question of Sudan using its army to implement "genocide" in Dharfur does not arise.
  7. The age old conflict in Dharfur has always simmered between FARMERS and NOMADS.
    The farmers call the nomads "Arabs" though the nomads have nothing to do with Arabia or Arabs.
A major cause is: SCARCE RESOURCES for which farmers and nomads contend. Every now and then incidents occur over water and pasture, but only recently this conflict has been politicized.

In the late ‘70s the Ethiopian famine began a ripple effect of human need. A cycle of droughts then hit Dharfur.

Sudan was busy trying to deal with the SPLA rebellion in the south [led by General Garang] and could not adequately fulfill the needs of the Dharfur people. In the 1990s the SPLA approached the Fur tribes and tried to form a coalition against the central government. The attempt failed.

However, in February 2003, heavy weapons were supplied to two rebel groups in Dharfur.
These groups then went on the offensive, attacked a major city in the area, killed scores of people, destroyed ALL police stations, disabled 4 government transport planes on the ground, and created general anarchy.

As a result of the lawlessness, 60,000 people fled their homes and took refuge in the neighboring country of Chad.

The GANGAWEED militia, presented as rapists and murderers in the western media, are merely the reactive force used by the Nomadic people after their Shaikhs and leaders were killed by the rebels. Both sides have committed atrocities in tribal fighting which has nothing to do with the government of Sudan. In fact when Sudan sent military reinforcements to the area, one of the tasks they carried out was to capture and punish 200 of the Gangaweed militia who had committed crimes.

Sudan, with its meager resources is trying to correct the situation of food supply in the area.
Also, Sudan has suspended all it bye-laws on outside help so that HUMANITARIAN RELIEF FROM INTERNATIONAL AGENCIES MAY BE RUSHED to the area.
New Trend comment: In that context, steps taken by the United States, through the United Nations Security Council to isolate and cut off Sudan from the world can only be seen as aimed at the destruction of Sudan.

We urge our readers not to fall for the story of fair skinned ‘Arabs’ killing dark skinned Africans. That is a bogus story, as much fabricated by the Zionist propaganda machine as the "Slavery in Sudan" story which was started by the Jews of Baltimore [by way of the Baltimore Sun and then picked up by the New York Times.]
SCAPEGOATS in the "War on Terror"


August 5, 2004, all day there was a drum beat of TV propaganda against two Muslims arrested by the U.S. government in Albany, the capital of New York state. After spending hours, watching Fox News, MSNBC and CNN, New Trend has put together this report.

Mohammad Hossain, 49, is a Bangladeshi Muslim and the founder of a small mosque in downtown Albany.
Yassin Aref, 34, is a Kurd from Iraq and the Imam of the mosque. Yassin speaks some English but Hoosain needs an interpreter. They are quite poor by American standards. Hoosain earns his living with a help of his pizza shop where his wife [who wears a face veil] works.

Both have little formal education and are easy victims of the American power structure.

Some time back, a government agent approached the two. He is a convicted felon who received a promise from the government that his sentence would be reduced if he could trap the Imam and the founder of the mosque and expose them as links to terrorism.

The convict pretends to be a Muslim. The Imam, used to the easy going Albany Muslim community, accepts the convict's claim that he is a Muslim. The agent becomes a frequent visitor. He tells the two Muslims that he could procure them a loan which would also help the Muslims overseas. The two understand very little of the talk which goes on [and is being video taped by the agent]. He tells them that he is buying a weapon [rpg perhaps] to help the "mujahideen." They don’t understand what he is talking about. They think he is saying that he will give them a $5000 loan and also will use their help to send $45,000 to help Muslims overseas. They agree. They are very much in need of funds.

The government arrests the two and proclaims that they were planning to send a weapon to the mujahideen and were involved in money laundering to help the convict buy the weapon.
[HOSSAIN's HOUSE IS RAIDED at 1.30 AM, Yassin's at 2 AM. The wives of the two, pious, veiled women, vehemently deny their husband's involvement in any underhand activities. The Muslims of Albany support the two innocents but their protests are taken as "naïve" by the media]

The ZIONIST MEDIA THEN WENT INTO A FRENZY OF PROPAGANDA against the two naive and innocent Muslims. All kinds of weird evidence was given to the media by the government. One claim was that the rocket was to be used to attack the Pakistani embassy in New York.

The Kurdish Imam had probably given his phone number to people in Iraq who were Islamic. This was found by the FBI, and within hours Yassin became a MEMBER OF ANSAR al-ISLAM and connected to AL-ZARQAWI!
New Trend’s comment: If this kind of action against two INNOCENT, HARMLESS and INSIGNIFICANT people is being presented as a victory against terrorism, surely this is an attempt at fooling the American people. The two innocents have been "lynched" on TV before even a remote chance of a trial. They face SEVENTY years in prison.

The Bush administration, faced with almost certain defeat in the coming elections, is carrying out these bizarre actions against people who cannot defend themselves. Kafka could not have written a more surrealistic story than that which is being enacted by the FBI.

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