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Jamada al-Awwal 15, 1426/June 22, 2005 #48
Jamaat al-Muslimeen News [3 items]
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  1. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Shoora to Meet July 16, 2005 in Greensboro, North Carolina

    The Central Consultative Committee of Jamaat al-Muslimeen will meet again in Greensboro, North Carolina on July 16, 8 AM to 6 PM to discuss issues facing the Muslims of America. The theme will be:

    ISLAM and MUSLIMS after the DESECRATION of the QUR'AN.

    If you would like to make a presentation before the Shoora, please contact one of the following:
    Imam Badi Ali [Host] badi323@aol.com Sis. Karen English [Secretary General] PRADIA2@aol.com Br. Kaukab Siddique [Ameer] ksidd37398@aol.com

  2. APPEAL to ICNA not to Offer Coca Cola at its Coming Convention: Coca Cola Helps Israel.

    [Last year in its Convention, ICNA, Islamic Circle of North America, an Indo-Pakistani Muslim organization, offered Coca Cola to its guests and refused to offer any explanation when questioned.]
    [To avoid a recurrence of the pro-Israeli activity, the Secretary General of Jamaat al-Muslimeen sent the following letter to the President of ICNA and other officials on June 17, 2005.]

    I am a representative of Jamaat al Muslimeen's Boycott Zionism Committee. Several weeks ago I contacted ICNA's New York office in regards to your upcoming convention in July. Eventually I was able to speak to someone and express Jamaat al- Muslimeen's hope that you not serve Coca-Cola at your convention. Coca-Cola is one of the many companies that strongly support Israel and, thereby, Israel's occupation of Palestine.

    In 2001, the Coca-Cola World Headquarters hosted and was the main sponsor of the American-Israel Chamber of Commerce Awards Gala. Coca-Cola sponsors training programs for its workers on subjects including the Israeli-Arab conflict. A company funded by the Jewish Agency and the Israeli government creates the course content. Recently, it was announced that Coca-Cola, in return for millions in incentives from the Israeli government, is to build a new plant on stolen Palestinian land at Kiryat Gat.

    Oddly, I sensed some resistance to our request from one of your representatives. I found this perplexing. We live in a time in which the way we choose to spend our dollars can be a very effective means of voicing protest. This is a tool that is used all the time by Americans in all walks of life. There was the boycott of California table grapes because of the poor treatment of Latino farm workers. There is an ongoing boycott of Kentucky Fried Chicken because of the poor treatment of the live chickens by some of their workers. Many Americans, because of Coca-Cola's activities in South America, are already boycotting Coca-Cola. Boycotting is a small, lawful, American way of expressing displeasure with a corporation. It is something your organization could easily do. We must not sit by silently while our Muslim brothers and sisters are brutalized and oppressed.

    We urge you to consider serving one of the many other brands of drinks that are available. And, we hope you take this letter in the spirit in which it was written.

    Your sister in Islam,
    Karen English

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  4. Jewish Extremists Assail African-American Muslim arrested by U.S. in Florida: White Revert to Islam Defends him.

    It's not clear yet if Jewish groups were involved in the entrapment of a prominent African-American Muslim, Dr. Rafiq Sabir of Boca Raton, Florida who was arrested by the U.S. government on May 25 under allegations of "Al-Qaeda" connections. However one thing is clear: Jewish extremists in southern Florida are elated at his arrest and are carrying on a publicity campaign to defame him even before any due process of law.

    Foremost among these extremists is a Jew named Joe Kaufman. He has been hostile to the Islamic Center of Boca Raton [ICBR] for quite a while. According to the Palm Beach Post [newspaper] of June 15, 2005 Kaufman has become very energetic in his attacks since the arrest of Dr. Sabir. The Post writes:
    "Since the doctor's arrest, longtime Islamic Center critic Joe Kaufman has been working with a vengeance that would have made Sen. Joe McCarthy, the 1950s communist hunter, proud. In almost daily e-mails, the Jewish activist from Tamarac highlights what he offers as proof of the center's terrorist links and urges government officials to act."

    A more systematic attack is coming from Bill Grailnick, regional director of the American Jewish Committee [AJC]. According to the Post, Grailnick creates the impression that there are links between Sabir's arrest and the alleged links of the ICBR to "terrorists."

    There are 600,000 Jews in the area
    [probably the biggest concentration after New York]
    and 75,000 Muslims. The Muslims of the Islamic Center find themselves unable to defend Dr. Sabir and the mosque itself against allegations, probably owing to deficiency in the use of the English language.

    However, the situation is changing owing to DANIEL McBRIDE, a "White" Muslim who embraced Islam after giving up catholicism. He is a towering personality, both physically and spiritually. He has been defending Dr. Sabir, pointing out that Dr. Sabir has not done any wrong to anybody and could not possibly be a terrorist. McBride visited his home and invited him to his home.

    McBride has also been answering Kaufman's propaganda barrage and is raising funds for Dr. Sabir's defense. Br. McBride's journey to Islam is fascinating. Like Br. Umar ben Ivan, another "White" brother profiled in New Trend, Br. McBride was influenced by the AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF MALCOLM X. According to the Post, he travelled to South Africa to work as a chiropracter and met his wife there, a devout evangelical Christian who accepted Islam. They have 4 children.

Thinking Outside the Box

by Kaukab Siddique

June 21, 2005. The Prime Minister of Vietnam visited the White House. This is a sign of our times. The finest of the Communist regimes has admitted defeat. It's a defeat at the level of culture, civilization and economics. The man was dressed just like President Bush: Not even a wee bit of identity or self-hood left.

We must learn that there are only TWO superpowers in the world today: The U.S.A. and Islam. The Muslim countries with their tin pot regimes are insignificant but the overarching, slowly emerging will of global Islam is the power which makes the regimes irrelevant.

The U.S. wants to stop the emergence of this new superpower. The desecration of the Qur'an in Guantanamo Bay, Afghanistan and Iraq by America's best trained troops was meant to test the unity of the Muslim ummah. The U.S. knows that a new POWER is emerging from the Qur'an and the example of the Prophet, pbuh.

Of course, the only real superpower is Allah.

Thought of the Day:
Hitler did not treat U.S. POWs the way Islamic prisoners are being treated in Guantanamo Bay.

Most Americans do not know that Hitler allowed U.S. troops who were taken prisoner to wear their uniforms and U.S. officers to keep their rank insignias. Hitler's U.S. prisoners were never STRIPPED, SHACKLED and HOODED the way Islamic prisoners have been in Gtmo.

Even when British and American planes CARPET BOMBED German cities, and German people and government saw the bomber pilots as terrorists, the pilots who were shot down and captured were not treated by the Germans as the sons of Islam are being treated in Gtmo.

David Irving in Hitler's War [p. 661] documents the debate in Hitler's inner circle when the German defense forces obtained film of U.S. fighter pilots machinegunning civilians. Hitler mulled over execution of these "terrorist" pilots when they were captured but was argued out of his anger by Goring, Keitel and others.

Muslim Women Conquer Mount Everest


On Monday May 30, 2005, two Iranians became the first Muslim women to conquer Mount Everest as the early season expedition took advantage of a rare weather window to reach the world's highest summit. Farkhondeh Sadegh, 36, a graphic designer, and Loleh Keshavarz, 26, a dentist, hoisted their country's tricoloured flag on the summit together with six Iranian men at 10:45am local time yesterday.

Two Pakistani Women Arrested: Allegedly Trained to Carry out Martyrdom Operations.

Big News Network.com Friday 10th June, 2005 (UPI)

Pakistani authorities are holding two nieces of the leader of a militant group on suspicion they trained to become suicide bombers.

Sisters Arifa Baloch, 18 and Habiba Baloch, 20, were arrested in Swat, a small town in northern Pakistan. Police said they had been looking for them since June of last year, the BBC reported.

The women are nieces of Gul Hasan with the militant Lashkar-e-Jhangvi group, who has been sentenced to death. The women's father, Sher Mohammed Baloch, told the BBC his daughters had come under the influence of their uncle. He said his daughters are devout Muslims.

But I could not even imagine they would be involved in something like this, he said.
Western groups want to use her

Mai Mukhtaran's Tragedy Brings out anti-Islam Essence of Gen. Musharraf's Regime

from New Trend's Pakistan observer

In parts of Pakistan, feudalism continues to hold strong. The entire country is shamed when the tribalistic crimes from these backwaters bubble out into the open.

Mai Mukhtaran hit the news in Pakistan and around the world. She was the victim of ritualized gang rape ordered by a tribal chief in 2002. The rapists, from a village near Multan, central Pakistan, went scott free and were arrested only after a public outcry. Following a trial, six of them were sentenced to death and 7 acquitted.

In March this year, the death sentences of 5 of the men were overturned while a sixth was turned into life imprisonment.

Mukhtaran refused to accept defeat and started talking about her victimization and began programs to help other women suffering from illiteracy and tribal control. She rapidly attracted the attention of European and American groups interested in using her for their agendas aimed at infiltrating Muslim societies.

General Musharraf put Mukhtaran under house arrest and would not let her leave the country fearful of the worldwide negative coverage Pakistan would get. Musharraf has presented himself overseas as a champion of Pakistani women's rights. Now he was faced with a dilemma.

His problem was solved by America's representative, Ms. Christina Rocca, who visited the General and more or less ordered him to let Mukhtaran go! Right away he obeyed the orders from the White House. Thus the enemies of a Pakistan have exactly the "sample" they need of Pakistan's victimized womanhood, to parade her around the world and to demonize Pakistan.

MUSHARRAF is the OBSTACLE in the IMPLEMENTATION OF ISLAMIC LAW. Under Islamic law, the rapists, after proper trial, would have been executed and if necessary strung up in public as a lesson to other rapists. The Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, is clear on these matters.

Under Musharraf's regime such deterrent punishments are considered barbaric. He could send 75,000 troops into Waziristan to uproot the Islamic tribes shielding Islamic refugees but when it comes to protecting the rights of women, he cannot move.

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