Jamaat al-Muslimeen International Press Release

Shaikh Omar 'Abdel Rahman: Oppressed in Isolation Cell
WHO IS HE: Spiritual Guide of Gamaa' al-Islamiyya, Egypt's mass Islamic Movement.

Education: Ph.D from Al-Azhar with dissertation on Jihad.
Record: Lifelong struggle against tyranny and dictatorship
Personality: Hafiz of the Qur'an (knows entire Qur'an from memory)
and Sahih Bukhari. Powerful orator. Father, husband. Supports rights
of women and of all oppressed people. Stern against oppressors, jovial
with friends and family.
He emphatically opposes attacks on non-combatants.
Why is he in Prison:
Owing to Egyptian-Israeli-White House collusion. He is totally non-compromising about Israel. He teaches Jihad for the liberation of Palestine and Kashmir. Supported the jihad against the Soviets in Afghanistan. Basically HE IS IN PRISON OWING TO THE U.S. government's war on Islam.
His trial was a farce. His judge was a Zionist Jew (Michael Mukasey). There were no Araba or Muslims on the Jury. The Jury was tainted by claims by the judge that the court house itself may be attacked by the Shaikh's followers. Islamic experts were not allowed to testify about the meaning of Jihad. The case largely rested on entrapment techniques used by Emad Salem, an Egyptian security agent, who got $1 million for his "work." The Shaikh was sentenced to life and 65 years.
IT WAS NOT Just A TRIAL OF THE SHAIKH. ISLAM ITSELF WAS PUT ON TRIAL AND SENTENCED. As a result America's Muslims went into terrorized silence. Their "leaders" started going to the White House to pay allegiance. Teaching of Jihad in most major mosques of America came to an end. The FBI tamed America's Muslims and turned most of them into rabbits.

SHAIKH OMAR IS BEING DENIED ALL THE RIGHTS OF A HUMAN BEING. He might die a silent death in this cell in Rochester, Minnesota.

Shaikh Omar can only be liberated by way of the worldwide Islamic struggle.
1. WE URGE MUSLIM LEADERS in all countries TO CALL ON AMERICA TO FREE THE SHAIKH. Br. Leith Shubeilat, Jordan's opposition leader, has already shown the way.
2. We urge Muslims in Pakistan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, South Africa and other countries to write and telephone U.S. embassies to FREE SHAIKH OMAR 'ABDEL RAHMAN.
3. Dear Muslims, when you write a letter to someone in USA write on it: "Dear USA: Free Islamic Scholar Shaikh Omar."
4. We call on China, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran and other countries which are accused by USA of human rights violations to ask USA: Why is Shaikh Omar in an isolation cell? Is it right to keep a blind person, who requires medical attention and cannot speak English in an isolation cell?

WHAT CAN BE DONE IN USA: Our legal advisor, Br. Abdeen Jabbara, and Br. Nabeel al-Masry, close associate and paralegal for the Shaikh, have advised as follows:

1. To stop mistreatment of the Shaikh in prison, write letters to him, briefly expressing concern for his welfare. The prison officials open these letters and pass them on to the Justice Department. Thus your concern will reach the government and the prison authorities will know that the Muslim community is watching.
1a. If you are scared of putting your full name and address (if you are not a citizen) on the letter, just write a generic name like: Ali or Hassan or Sayeed.

The Shaikh's address is as follows:
Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman #43892-054
FMC, 2110E Center St.
Rochester, MN 55903
The warden's phone: 507-287-0674 His fax: 507-282-3741
Ya Allah! Help us, Help the Muslim World to Free this great scholar, teacher, hafiz, qari, leader of worldwide Jihad.
Who is Shaikh Omar 'Abdel Rahman? (audio tape by Br. Abu Bakr Dawjee's radio program in South Africa.) ($3)
Why is Shaikh Omar in Prison? (South African radio 786 interviews Dr. Kaukab Siddique and Prof. Muhammad al-Masaari.) Audio tape $5.
The 'Abdel Rahman Report by Nadrat Siddique. (Newsletter in print). $3
Shaikh Omar talks to Sis. Nadrat Siddique, with translation by Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar. (Very inspiring, useful for unity between Islamic scholars and the revolutionary new generation.) Audio tape. $3

What does Islam say?Shaikh Faisal rebuts "Salafi" Saudi attack by Abu Osama on Shaikh Omar 'Abdel Rahman, plus an answer to Dawud Adeeb's claim in support of USA's military presence in Arabia. (Free audio tape. $1 for postage)

Shaikh Omar's Khutba on al-Jihad. $5

Shaikh Omar's reading of 40 Hadith. $5

Shaikh Omar's pre-sentencing statement. (Instead of asking for mercy, he analyzed U.S. policies around the world and condemned the sanctions on Iraq). Three tapes, $5 each.

Unique issue of New Trend: Kaukab Siddique and Sis. Nadrat interview Shaikh Omar in prison. ($1)

Historic printed photo of Jamaat al-Muslimeen demonstration in front of New York court house the day the Shaikh was convicted. (Published by news agencies around the world.) Collector's item: $1

AMC (American Muslim Council), a bootlicker group, jointly agreed with a Jewish organization, that Jewish Zionist judge was okay in trial of Shaikh Omar. Photo of document: $5
(Similar statements against the Shaikh were made by CAIR which is still silent about his mistreatment.)

ADL (leading Jewish group in USA) statement expressing satisfaction on sentencing of Shaikh Omar. $1
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