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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Jamaat al-Muslimeen, Islamic Movement in America

Peaceful but Uncompromising on Principles

P.O. Box 10881, Baltimore, MD 21234

Jamaat al-Muslimeen's Shoora [National Consultative Committee] with delegates from across the United States met in Greensboro, North Carolina on June 24 and resolved as follows:

Jamaat al-Muslimeen condemns the June 22 arrests of 7 persons on terrorism charges. [6 in Miami one in Atlanta.]

The charges are tenuous. No actual acts of wrong doing have been charged in the indictment. The charges are mere allegations of conspiracy.

No weapons or explosives or funds have been found.

It is obvious that the accused were entrapped by an informant.

As the press conference with Attorney General Gonzalez revealed, the alleged al-Qaida related talk was initiated not by the accused but by the informant.

What is the informant's credibility? If the entire case is based on the activities of the informant, it is evident that the government has created this scenario in which the accused have been detained on the word of a nameless person whose own credibility is shadowy at best.

The allegations about the threat to the Sears tower in Chicago seem to be grossly exaggerated because there is no claim of explosives found or to be obtained. Even such capability is clearly lacking and hence undermines the claims of conspiracy. Such allegations are bound to create an atmosphere of fear and hatred in the country and should not have been brought to the media for widespread dissemination. The government has behaved irresponsibly in creating an indictment based on entrapment and 'trial' by media.

The accused persons are from a poverty stricken segment of society and were evidently trying to do good for their community. The accused were trying to clean up their community of drugs and crimes. Expressions of anger against the wars being waged by this government do not constitute acts of terrorism, actual or intended.

The arrests are tinged with elements of racism. It does not matter whether the arrested persons are Muslims or Christians. They are people of African descent and the government's move against them indicates that the government has extended its repressive measures to an entire new segment of the population without discussion.

We also the notice timing of the arrests when the government's invasion of the private financial accounts of U.S. citizens has been revealed. Hence these accusations of terrorism can easily be seen as a government diversion meant to counter scrutiny of its behavior.

We urge that the accused be released and the government take steps to repair the damage to its own credibility by these acts of repression and tyranny.

2006-06-27 Tue 20:04:20 cdt