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[The government is treating Br. Ahmed Abdel Sattar like a dangerous terrorist. All the attornies in the Shaikh Omar case are not allowed to represent Br. Ahmed. His wife is looking for an attorney. Bail hearing is on April 12 at 11 am.]

Mr. Bush's Words Resound Around the World
Mosque Obliterated by the Jews

Without comment: "SHARON IS A MAN OF PEACE." President Bush. April 11.
Occupied Jerusalem: 10 April,2002 (IAP News)

The Israeli occupation army has completely destroyed the Abdullah-Azzam
Mosque at the Jenin Refugee camp after shelling the building with heavy

Sources at the refugee camp, which has been reduced to rubble, said the
mosque was completely erased and obliterated.

The sources accused the Israeli army of committing war crimes and of
deliberate attacks on houses of worship.

Meanwhile, the Israeli army continued to take draconian and even criminal measures against area hospitals in the Jenin region.
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