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1. Sharon-Bush Dream of re-Ordering the Mid-East Including Saudi Arabia and Egypt
2. Abu Nidal was an Israeli Agent whose Job was to Kill Palestinian Activists
3. Massive Conversions to Islam in Rwanda (Central Africa)
Human Rights Concerns:
4. "Addresses" of Imam Jamil al-Amin, Aimal Kansi, M. Salameh, Dr. Omar ĎAbdel Rahman
1. America's Jews and Zionists are pushing for an invasion of Iraq. It is purely a Jewish project which will not benefit America and Americans in any way. There is considerable opposition to the planned assault in America even among people in the power structure who do not see any benefit coming to America from this adventure.

Unfortunately for America, both the government and the media are firmly in the hands of the Jews and their Christian hangers on. The Sharon types among the Jews openly urge the use of military power against the Arab countries. Israel has the most powerful military force in the middle east and America has the second most powerful force in the region. Why not use both to take over the oil fields and even bomb Makka and Madina, the holiest cities of Islam, the Jews are asking.

A program organized by the Ayn Rand Institute on July 6 (shown on C-Span August 5) openly urged such military moves against the Arabs and declared that Islam is "anti-reason" ad "anti-life." We will bring a separate report on Ayn Rand separately but the point here is that the Jews are openly calling for military moves against Islam. REFLECTIONS OF THIS JEWISH THINKING can be seen in the major media in the steadily increasing attacks on Saudi Arabia. Even Hosni Mubarak of Egypt was pulled up by the U.S. recently on the arrest of a pro-U.S. attorney (though tens of thousands of Islamic political prisoners in Egypt don't count).

The term "wahhabism" is being used by the Zionist media to isolate Saudi Arabia from the rest of the Muslim world. The Jews know that Arabia is the hard core of Islam though it has been contained and diverted by the ruling family for years. Now the Arabian people are openly supporting Osama bin Laden and the boycott of American businesses has reduced their sales by 40%. The Saudi people openly support the martyrdom operations against Israel and the Jews fear that if the Saudi regime is replaced by an Islamic government, the oil fields would be in the service of the Muslim world and Africa.
2. The news of ABU NIDAL's death in Baghdad is gradually becoming clear. The Iraqis are saying that Abu Nidal had secretly entered Iraq to work for another country to help destabilize the government. The Iraqis say that Abu Nidal's plans were discovered and when he was going to be confronted with his "secret" plans, he committed suicide.

There is a good chance that the Iraqi version is correct. Most people do not know that Abu Nidal was NOT a Palestinian terrorist. HE WAS AN ISRAELI AGENT whose mission was to kill Palestinian activists.

In a book titled ABU NIDAL: A GUN FOR HIRE, Patrick Seale documented at length Abu Nidal's extensive crimes against Palestinians as an agent of Israel. (In 1995-96, New trend publicized this book. Owing to its misleading title, the book entered American libraries because the librarians thought it was a book against Palestinians. Only detailed reading revealed that Abu Nidal was a killer for Israel.)

Abu Nidal's technique was that he claimed to be an ultra revolutionary who hated Israel. Then he would turn around and condemn Yasir Arafat for his compromises with Israel. So far so good, but then Abu Nidal would pinpoint authentic radicals who had joined his movement and claim that they were Arafat's agents. After such accusations, he would execute the activists for treason against Palestine. In this way, he killed numerous Palestinian activists.
3. SOMETHING ASTONISHING IS HAPPENING IN RWANDA. In the last few years, there have been tens of thousands of conversions to Islam among the Rwandan masses. The conversions are so many that the Muslim population has risen from 7% to 14%.

The conversions seem to have come from widespread disillusionment with Christianity. During the conflict between Hutus and Tutsis, both sides committed horrendous atrocities against each other with the full support, connivance and, in many cases, participation of churches on both sides.

Now both Hutus and Tutsis are embracing Islam and joining the non-ethnic unity of Islam.
(Source: CHICAGO TRIBUNE) (courtesy
JAMAAT AL-MUSLIMEEN CARES FOR THE HUMAN RIGHTS OF ISLAMIC PRISONERS IN AMERICAN PRISONS. Readers should know that under U.S. law there is no obstacle to caring for the rights of inmates. The humanity of those imprisoned for long periods of time needs to be recognized. Letters should be written to them to ensure that their rights are not being violated. If such efforts are not made, the prison authorities will not feel restrained to stay within prison regulations.
Here are the addresses of some of America's most high profile prisoners:

Imam Jamil Abdullah al-Amin #Ef492521
Georgia State Prison
100 Georgia Hwy 147
Reidsville, GA 30499-9701

Mir Aimal Kansi #253451
Sussex 1 State Prison
24414 Musselwhite Drive
Waverly, Virginia

[Kansi is the Pakistani who attacked the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia. He fled to Pakistan but was hunted down and brought back to USA. He is on death row.]

Mohammed Salameh # 34338-054
U.S. Penitentiary
3901 Klein Blvd.,
Lompoc, CA 93436

He was sentenced to 240 years in prison for the first WTC bombing. He has been kept in isolation for a very long time. Recently he was on hunger strike from July 29 to August 7 to bring attention to the conditions under which he is being held. The last report we had was that he went on hunger strike again on August 19. He writes that he has not infringed any prison regulation and does not understand why he is being kept in isolation.

Dr. Omar ĎAbdel Rahman
[Prison name: Omar Rahman #34892-054/L]
U.S. Penitentiary
P.O. Box 8500
Florence, CO 81226-8500

Shaikh ĎAbdel Rahman was apparently transferred from Rochester, Minnesota to Florence about three months back.

Please note that the government will open any letters you send. If the letters contain political messages, they will not be delivered. We recommend that messages be restricted to expressions of prayers for health, safety and life. Preferably use a postcard so that the letter does not have to be opened.

"Revenue from tourism, a major sector, is down 75% by some estimates, with hotel occupancy at 20%."
"Unemployment has risen dramatically, to 10.6% in April from 8.9% a year earlier, according to Israel's Central Bureau of Statistics. Some economists predict it will reach a record 11% by year-end."
[Source for quotes: The Wall Street Journal, July 8, 2002.]
Dear readers: We urge you to call your local radio station whenever the middle east is discussed and tell them to write it down: IT IS OCCUPIED JERUSALEM not Jerusalem.
Are you still drinking Coca Cola and Pepsi or spending at Starbucks or buying Disney? You might be helping to kill Palestinian children. ISRAEL COMMITS CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY EVERY DAY. Palestinian children are killed by the Jews and never publicized on U.S. media.

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