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On November 15, 2003 two more U.S. helicopters were shot down in Iraq, this time in Mosul which is outside the "Sunni triangle." Eyewitnesses say they saw one helicopter in flames before it hit the second one. It appears that an RPG was used to shoot down the first helicopter, an incredible act of bravery. [An RPG is simply a rifle with a grenade attached to it.]

Attacks on U.S. troops continued in various parts of Iraq including Baghdad. This in spite of the U.S. use of superior fire power, including 500 pound bombs dropped in Tikrit and Fallujah and F-16 and helicopter gunship attacks in Baghdad.

New Trend's analysis is that the U.S. has just about lost the war in Iraq and is now desperately looking for a way to bail out. Here is why:

The invasion was based on false premise that WMDs exist in Iraq and Saddam is about to attack the U.S. [Tony Blair of Britain played a major role in spreading this lie.] Thus the U.S. had no basis for the attack. The U.S. was the victim of its own propaganda machine controlled by Zionists which generated the idea that Iraqis hate Saddam Hussain and will welcome U.S. troops with open arms. The U.S. invasion was never popular in Iraq and is being bitterly opposed by the Iraqi people. The presidential elections are only a year away. Bush thought he would win an easy victory in Iraq and go on in triumph to be re-elected. Now it looks like BUSH WILL BE DEFEATED IF THE DAILY U.S. LOSSES IN IRAQ CONTINUE into the summer of 2004. Bush is scrambling to find a way out before then. SHOCK and AWE, shown in full color on U.S. TV, killed more than 7,000 Iraqi civilians but failed to subdue national resistance. SADDAM HUSSAIN did not surrender, nor did he try to escape to Russia or elsewhere. He seems to be carrying out a coordinated resistance movement against the occupation forces. From 1991 to 2003 Saddam turned to Islam as a motivational force. The emergence of the words "ALLAHU AKBAR" on the Iraqi flag was the symbol of this great change. Islamic forces are leading the resistance, among them probably Ansar al-Islam, the Kurdish fighters who are probably responsible for the martyrdom operations against:
i. The UN HQ.
ii. 4 Police Stations.
iii. The Red Cross.
iv. The Jordanian embassy.
v. The Italian military police HQ in Nasiriya.
The Hijab had become quite popular among Iraqi women during Saddam's last 7 years, a sure sign of the Iraqi people's move towards Islam. The Shias of Iraq refused to cooperate with pro-Iranian elements and have steadily increased their resistance to the U.S. The brutal murder of Baqir al-Hakim was the sign that Iraqi Shias would not accept proxy Iranian dominance. Moqtada al-Sadr has emerged as an important leader. [The pro-Iran Shias are friends of Paul Wolfowitz.]
Any well-wisher of America would advise Bush to withdraw the American armada from Iraq and the Middle East. Iraq could become for the U.S. what Afghanistan was for the Soviets. The Red Army which had never withdrawn from a country it had occupied was forced to leave AFGHANISTAN UNILATERALLY.

The banners of Islam are rising up. The Islamic resurgence is coming, inshallah. The days of imperialism are over.


Dear New Trend and Muslim Believers: As Salaam Alaikum

Muslims from Virginia are charged with frivolous charges. "Radical" Lawyer Stanley L. Cohen jumps to the rescue and becomes their lawyer. Soon the defendants cooperate with the government and accept deals to turn state's evidence and all are jeopardized. Professor Sami Arian charged by the U.S. government and the FBI. Stanley L. Cohen to the rescue and takes on Arian's case. The professor is carted away and is still imprisoned. Abdurahman Alamoudi is arrested. Stanley L. Cohen to the rescue and takes his case. Al Amoudi is detained. Over and again Stanley L. Cohen becomes the lawyer of choice for Muslims being persecuted and prosecuted by the American government. None if any are reported freed or successful fighting against the system with Cohen as the lawyer.

I, Imam Warithuddin Umar, aka Warith Deen Umar, am charged with frivolous accusations and slandered by government officials and the media (Muslim Chaplain attacked by Wall Street Journal). From this one article written on Feb. 5, 2003 by WSJ assignment editor Paul M. Barrett, I was banned from all New York prisons after 30 years of work and volunteer services. I was also fired from my work at the Otisville Federal Correctional Institution. I was condemned as a radical terrorist "wahabbi" by Senator Charles Schumer and New York Governor George Pataki in major Newspapers and on TV, and recently mentioned numerous times in the October 14, 2003, Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Terrorism, Technology and Homeland Security. I was named as one who "sought to incite prisoners against the United States, preaching that the September 11 hijackers should be remembered as martyrs and heroes," among many other charges.

This was false propaganda perpetrated to create fear in the Muslim society here in America. In Feb. 2003, I obtained a lawyer to sue the various offenders. I was called by the Majlis Shuurah in New York City headed by Imam Siraj Wahhaj and Imam Al Amin Abdul Latif. I met with them in Brooklyn, NY at Masjid ul Taqwa. They strongly encouraged me to drop my lawyer and take on attorney Stanley L. Cohen. I had never heard of him. I was told he "knew Islam better than many Muslims." I met with Cohen. He agreed to take my case pro bono (at no upfront payment).

His legal team developed an initial claim of Libel (slander) and Due Process violations against the Wall Street Journal, New York Post, Senator Schumer, Governor Pataki, the Federal Bureau of Prisons and the New York prison system. He initiated a suit for 100 million dollars ($100,000,000). I made it clear that I would not compromise and not rest until I exposed these systems and the counter-revolutionary tactics of the politics of fear. I was never asked to compromise or asked to settle with the government. Stanley L. Cohen blocked the filing of my case and without warning or concerns for my rights as a litigant abandoned my case. In effect the government was protected from my litigation. This was done with no verbal, written, faxed, E-mailed or any means of notice or responses to months of calling and other attempts to contact Cohen and his team. Another lawyer defending inmates suing the prison system told me he called Cohen and Cohen told him he was not my lawyer. (?!!!)

Is something wrong with this picture?
Who is Stanley L. Cohen?
What is his relationship with the U.S. government?
What is his relationship with Muslim organizations?
What are so called Muslim leaders doing in America?
How much danger are we in with their leadership?
What must we, who only fear Allah, do?
Q & A

salaam Brother and Ramadan Mubarak,
I just had a frustrating argument with a brother in crown chicken, an African American who has been 42 years a Muslim and follows Wahab's teachings. When I asked about the three week old mosque and what flavor it was, he said the sunnah and Koran period. But later I found out it is Wahabi. They have a completely shut off room for women, and women in discussions must pass their questions. He said women must not discuss or be face to face in discussions or jumaah khutbahs or anything. I said this was not the sunnah, that the women sahaba spoke to the Prophet(pbuh) and that Fatimah and Aisha taught the men and discussed, and early Muslims were in community when revelations and discussions occurred. He insisted that the early mosque was completely cut off down the middle and that the women were shut off from the men in discussions etc except for the Prophet. He told me my sources were wrong and asked how long I had been a Muslim and denigrated my info. I told him hadith supported me and he said many are weak to prove a point, which could be reversed on him too. Can you send me a copy or two of your pamphlet about the women in the mosque and any other stuff with real scholarship behind it and an invoice. I have some in my collection but all is still in storage and besides, I will give him these.
Sis. Eileen [New Jersey]
The Qur'an does not say that women should be put in a separate box , cut away from the men. The Hadith does not say that women should be segregated from the men in the mosque with a wall or partition between them. [If the 42-year Muslim brother can give you Qur'an or hadith reference supporting his viewpoint, send it to me.] There was no wall or partition between men and women in the Mosque of the Prophet (pbuh) Women participated in JIHAD with the Prophet (pbuh), all the way from Badr to Khaibar. They also participated and fought in the battles during the era of the righteously guided Caliphs. At the battle of Uhud, the Prophet's, pbuh, life was in danger, and a woman, defended him. Br. Ali Siddiqui has a nice little book called The Example of the Prophet's Mosque, which I will send you. It clarifies the issue. You can also look up my book, Liberation of Women Thru Islam. It gives Hadith texts which show that women talked faced to face with men in the time of the Prophet, both in the mosque and elsewhere. The 42-year Muslim brother should not have been talking to you if he believes it is wrong to do so face-to-face. Also, ask him if he TALKS to non-MUSLIM women? If so, which Islamic text permits him to do so? Surely when he goes into the post office, or the grocery store or to school, he talks to non-Muslim women who are often skimpily dressed.
Modesty in Islam consists of the following:
i. Purification of thought and behavior through prayers and fasting. Men and women keep a formal distance from each other, particularly in the mosque.
ii. Dress should be modest for both.
iii. Atmosphere of gossip, free mixing and "partying" must be avoided.
Without equal participation in the mosque, women cannot become the AWLIYYA of men as they are meant to be (9.71). In America, those who want to be corrupt do not go to mosques. There are other avenues of corruption. If you read New Trend carefully, you'll find that we have listed the names of women scholars who instructed and lectured to both men and women IN THE MOSQUE in the first three centuries of Islam. In countries like Afghanistan, ravaged by war, segregation may be applied to stop the destruction of the community. In countries like Pakistan, strict separation may be applied where enemy power has entered the country through cultural imperialism. These, however, are not normal circumstances and as Jihad proceeds, normal discussion between male and female becomes routine. [Did you see the Mujahideen women from CHECHNYA who took over the theater in Moscow? They are called "Wahhabies" by non-Muslims. We should not use that term. We can criticize various interpretations of Islam without using such labels.]

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