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Sniper Story: Smells of Conspiracy and Hidden Agendas
by Buut Shikan (Idol Breaker)
[New Trend has never accepted conspiracy theories. We did not succumb to temptation even in the events of 9.11 and Bali when the Internet was humming with conspiracy theories. However, the writer of this article on the sniper story insists that we publish it and it will turn out to be correct. We treat it as speculative but with possibilities of hidden truth in it just as seemingly strange myths can speak a certain kind of truth to humanity.]

1. PERFECT SHOT and PERFECT GETAWAY: When the Washington area shootings started, the most obvious impression was the ability of the shooter to kill and get away. The police tried everything, but the shooter would get away even in the most heavily congested urban areas like Falls Church, Virginia where there are countless witnesses to any event.

2. NO PURPOSE OR GAIN FOR THE SHOOTER: The shooter was not trying to rob or molest or humiliate anyone. There was absolutely no indication of motive, purpose or gain of any kind.

3. INDISCRIMINATE KILLING WITHOUT SOCIAL CONTENT: The shooter was killing as if he had no understanding of the social dynamics of American society. It was very different from 9.11 which targeted the top economic and military symbols of American power. Among the shooter's victims was an African-American father of six, an African-American bus driver and an African-American school child.

4. The police kept insisting that a white van was being used by the sniper.


1. They seem to be complete dumbos. They were asleep in a blue caprice car (which has poor pick up and is not good for quick moves) at a highway rest area AFTER THE CAR'S NUMBER PLATES HAD BEEN BROADCAST COAST-to-COAST. They were so stupid that they did not change their car's number plate. [Police briefings had indicated that the shooter was so media savvy that he would respond to media comments on his moves: for instance, when the media said that he does not shoot on weekends, he shot on a weekend.]
2. The crime attributed to them in Alabama was a murder connected to robbery. Thus they did not commit MOTIVELESS CRIMES which are committed by serial killers.
3. The adult suspect is said to have joined the Nation of Islam at one point. It would make no sense for such a person to be targeting African-Americans in random shootings. Even the dumbest Nation of Islam person would have more awareness than that.

1. When the adult shooter was identified, the government knew that he had TWO names: His original name: John Allen Williams and his second name, acquired a few years back, John Muhammad. The government and the Zionist media insisted on calling him: MUHAMMAD. Thus the whole country, from coast-to-coast, was looking for a cold-blooded killer named MUHAMMAD.
This was no fluke. It was well-planned and thoroughly orchestrated. Only now (Oct. 30) are the media coming up with evidence that John had changed his name.
2. A campaign of insinuation and innuendo has been launched on the media (on just about every cable channel) that John Muhammad might be connected to Al-Qaida (!) or might have been conducting a "jihad" of his own.
3. The 17-year old Malvo's origins in Jamaica are being researched by both the authorities and the media. It looks like the beginning of campaign to stop immigration from Jamaica in particular and the Carribean in general.
4. The two idiots caught in an old car on the highway seem to be patsies. The real killer either got away after he saw the tightening security controls or was disposed off. The general "achievement" of the sniper scare has been to convince most Americans that they PERSONALLY could be in danger and, hence, the government should be given a free hand in law enforcement. Another such "event" and the government could declare MARTIAL LAW and suspend all civil liberties.
[Watch the two arrested persons carefully. Over the years, they might disappear into some protection program or be given new identities.]
[The youth Malvo seems to be facing inducement to speak against his step-father to create a water tight case.]
[Legal point: As there are NO WITNESSES to the shootings, the Alabama case is important. If these two are "their own men", the government will avoid the case in Alabama and try them in Maryland or Virginia.]
THE ARAB FACES OF TERRORISTS on TV HAVE BEEN REPLACED BY BLACK FACES. The "sniper" story is probably the first shot in a move against African-American Muslim organizations. The government could be preparing to go after the Nation of Islam. [Our sources say that the Task Force on Terrorism tried to find ways of connecting Imam Jamil al-Amin to the FIRST World Trade Center bombing but could not find even one relevant phone call.]
A report has been received that one of the most innocent, non-political mosques in Washington D.C. linked to Imam W.D. Muhammad got a credible death threat only a couple of days after the arrest of the "sniper."

Ahmad Anbas (15 years old) was killed at noon yesterday (October 28) in Tulkarem refugee camp, hit with two live bullets in the face and chest, which an Israeli sniper fired at the northwestern entrance to the refugee camp.

Witnesses reported that the boy and a group of children were on the main street near the UNRWA schools. They were playing and messing around, placing barriers with stones in a place where usually Israeli military jeeps and tanks pass.

They were not aware, at the time that an Israeli military force was based in al-Iskan residential quarter facing them. The soldiers opened fire directly at the children, killing the boy Ahmad, who was then carried to Thabet Thabet Hospital.
(Courtesy IAP, Illinois)

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