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Biggest Demonstration in Moroccan History as Powell Arrives
Blair-Bush Meeting Prelude to Military Assault on Iraq
Guerrilla Attacks in Afghanistan: U.S.-British forces face silent enemy
Atrocity Stories about Taliban & Saddam Need Impartial Investigation

President Bush's major complain against Muslims is that they use "terrorism" and not peaceful means for the solutions of issues. Observers say that the U.S. power structure is not interested in the peacefully expressed views of the Muslim majority. The latest example of U.S. disinterest in peace is the arrival of Colin Powell in Morocco. The day before his arrival, Morocco witnessed the BIGGEST DEMONSTRATION IN ITS HISTORY. According to a BBC correspondent, a million demonstrators gathered in Rabat alone to condemn Israel. Mr. Powell, however, is not interested in what the Muslim masses say. He is visiting the King of Morocco who supports Israel and is protected by the CIA and Mossad.

{There have been demonstrations around the world supporting Palestine and condemning Israel. All these mean nothing to the U.S. which is working in tandem with Sharon to crush and humiliate the Palestinian people.}

MASSACRE IN JENIN: It appears that the Israelis met stiff resistance in Jenin from the lightly armed Palestinian militia. Seven Israeli soldiers were killed. Israel responded by going after the population at large. Two days back the Israelis demolished 30 homes in Jenin with their residents inside them. At least a 100 people were killed in this crime.
On April 7, the Israelis fired 16 missiles into a croweded ONE SQUARE MILE sized refugee camp at Jenin causing numerous casualties among civilians.
Our observers say that the Blair-Bush was aimed at coordinating the coming attack on Iraq. Mr. Bush has come straight out and said that Saddam has to go. Blair said the same thing with the help of old atrocity charges from 12 years back.

Bush and Blair are incensed that Saddam not only is not cowed down but is HELPING THE FAMILIES OF PALESTINIAN MARTYRS. He has raised the amount from $5000 to $25,000 for each martyr. This help for the families of martyrs is DIRECTLY DERIVED FROM THE HADITH OF THE PROPHET MUHAMMAD (pbuh) and will bring many blessings to President Saddam Hussain in the Hereafter. He is cleaning away his past sins.
[BY CONTRAST, the U.S. HAS SHUT DOWN MUSLIM CHARITIES which were helping widows and orphans. The Jews in America do not want any help to go to the families of the oppressed, even to starving children.]

Also today (April 8), Raees Saddam cut off the oil supply to the U.S. for one month to protest U.S. support for Israel. (Will Iran and Saudi Arabia dare to follow this example?)
Saddam has taken many steps to unite the Iraqi people. There are numerous Kurds now cooperating closely with his government. Saddam is more popular than ever before and huge crowds greet his appearance.

Also FOR THE SHI'ITES, he has rebuilt the shrines of Najaf and Karbala with great care and elegance. In fact, for the last five years there have been DAILY tourist trips from Baghdad to Najaf for Shi'ite tourists coming from around the world.

It is time for the Iranians and the Muslim world to bury the hatreds aroused by the Iran-Iraq war and move towards a united front against Zionism and imperialism.
In IRAQ and in AFGHANISTAN, U.S. psychological warfare teams are working on stories of crimes committed by Saddam and the Taliban. The purpose is to divide and rule. We urge the world community to put together an impartial team of investigators to look into crimes which the Zionist agents in the U.S. power structure are trying to attribute to Saddam and the Taliban.
In Afghanistan, thousands of victims of U.S. bombing lie buried under the mud. Some of these will now be dug up and attributed to "Taliban" atrocities.
WE NEED A TRIBUNAL TO TRY THE CRIMINALS responsible for the death of tens of thousands of civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and Palestine. If even SHARON cannot be tried, justice loses its meaning.
[Ed. note: 42 days of U.S. bombing in Iraq led to the destruction of its health and water infrastructure. With help from the embargo and sanctions, the U.S. was able to bring about the death of ONE MILLION IRAQIS, including many children.]
[The U.S. expeditionary force in Somalia killed at least 10,000 Somalis, men, women and children. Helicopters machine gunned crowds of people trying to obstruct the path of airborne military units of the U.S.]
[In Afghanistan, the U.S. has claimed a clean war but enough information is available now even in U.S. sources like NY Times and NPR which indicate that the U.S. killed THOUSANDS of civilians. Our sources indicate the death of 60,000 Afghan civilians of whom 4076 have been documented by an American surveyor.]
[In Palestine, Jewish crimes are a daily occurrence. THE HOLIEST CHURCH OF CHRISTENDOM is being violated by the Jewish army but the Zionist media control American information so tightly that no Christian outcry is possible. SHARON, the terrorist par excellence, indicted for mass murder in Sabra and Shatila, is slaughtering the people of Jenin and Nablus in a futile attempt to hunt down Islamic fighters. AND SHARON HAPPENS TO BE BUSH'S BEST FRIEND.

[Our report on 10,000 demonstrators in New York on April 5 was correct. See press release from Ramsey Clark's organization]
[We have received a photograph of Bush with a yarmulke on, praying at the wailing wall in 1998. This supports our reader Carolyn's use of the term "Rabbi" Bush for the American President.]
PAKISTAN'S MUSHARREF HAS PUT HIS MONEY ON THE KARZAI REGIME but the Kabul government has no say outside that city.

On April 7, there was an attack near Jalalabad on the puppet Interior Minister's armed convoy leading to heavy losses among mercenary troops. Signs of guerrilla war are emerging. The Taliban, instead of being afraid of American power, are carrying out psychological warfare against the British-U.S. forces even in Kabul.
The call for JIHAD is slowly being passed on from village to village. The British and U.S. troops don't know when they will be hit. Gradually they are realizing: THEY ARE NOT WELCOME.
MUSHARREF FOOLING HIS OWN PEOPLE? The U.S. says, Pakistan has handed over Abu Zubayda to the U.S. The Pakistani government says it has not handed over anyone and doesn't know whether the person captured was Abu Zubayda. The U.S. says, FBI participated in the raids on Al-Qaida cells in the Lahore area. The Pakistani regime denies that any FBI were involved
Read DAJJAL: SUPERPOWER USA by Kaukab Siddique. The hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) foretold the emegence of a power like the one we face today. The truth of these teachings is astonishing. Many people don't realize that DAJJAL has already arrived.
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