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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Jamada al-Awwal 7,1430/ May 2, 2009, # 21

Surprise! Surprise! Pakistani news: Latest! Scroll way down. [check out map of Buner and Lower Dir]
Also Jamaate Islam Pakistan leader's analysis of U.S.-Pak military moves.

Br. Shamim Siddiqui's book on Al-Fateha is selling fast across the country. See the ad at the end of this issue. Must read for all Muslims, especially new Muslims.
Scroll all the way down.

A "deadly" review of Andrew F. Krepinevich's book against Pakistan. A Pak-American woman tears apart his thesis. Scroll way down

Thought of the Day: American elites are the products of a sophisticated educational system whose underpinnings are the concepts of racism and Euro-American hegemony. Iraq and Afghanistan are a replay of what the supremacists played out in Africa.
[ Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz ]

Thought of the Day #2: The extent to which you resist is the extent to which you are free. [Imam Jamil Abdullah al-Amin]

Spotlight from Imam Badi Ali: Think about it. Why do Muslims see entire Muslim nations being destroyed and say nothing?

Spotlight #2: from Imam Badi Ali: Along with great good and historic achievements, there is deep evil among the Arabs, leftover of Jahiliyya: They could see the grandson of the Prophet, pbuh, Hussain ibn Ali, r.a., killed and said nothing. Abdullah ibn Zubair, r.a., was killed steps away from the Ka'aba, yet the Arab conscience was not hurt.

On a lighter note: How low have we fallen!
Following the news of the Swine Flu, Egypt ordered the killing of 350,000 pigs from its large population of pigs. [This is called "culling".] What have they been feeding their people! Think about it. This is a Muslim country!

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Jamaat al-Muslimeen Press Release
FATWA on PAKISTAN from National Islamic Shoora Leader Imam Badi Ali [North Carolina]

Question: The U.S. government has declared Pakistan a threat to the U.S. and to the whole world. What does Islam say about Pakistan? Is it a target of U.S. drones and Pakistani military because it is harboring terrorists? What should Muslims do?

FATWA by Imam Badi Ali: Pakistan is the power house of Islam. It was conceived as an Islamic state and today it is a nuclear state with tens of thousands of independent mosques and Islamic schools [medressas]. Pakistanis in general and people of the Frontier province in particular support the Islamic resistance movement in Afghanistan known as the Taliban.

The anti-Islamic forces have planned on a big scale to do serious harm to Pakistan. The United States military is working in a very close relationship with the Pakistani military. Israel is urging America to undermine Pakistan's Islamic power. The danger signals are that all those Muslim rulers who want to cooperate with America are joining hands to move against Pakistan. Most ominous is the meeting of Foreign Ministers of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran.

The target of Zionism and Imperialism is Islam. Pakistan represents Islam, so it is a target. The Taliban fight for Islam, so they are targets.

We urge the Pakistani soldiers not to fight against the Taliban. These Taliban are the fighters in the Way of Allah. Fighting against them is a form of KUFR. People who die fighting against the forces of Islam are destined to go to jahannum. There surely are some Pakistani soldiers and officers who still fear Allah Almighty and will not die for the sake of American intervention in Pakistan.

Our FATWA is: Pakistani Muslims must support the Taliban and oppose American-Zionist military intervention. Muslims must unite to stop Pakistani military action against the Taliban. These fighters with Black Turbans are hinted about in the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be on him. They are the spearhead of Islam. All Pakistani Muslims should support them. Fighting for America, directly or indirectly, against Muslims is Kufr and is strictly prohibited [HARAM] in Islamic Law.

Remember dear Muslims, the kuffar will never be pleased with you until you give up Islam. Read Sura al-Kafiroon. There is a clear SEPARATION between Islam and kufr. This world is passing away. The Hereafter is far better and more lasting.


Br. Abu Talib's mother passed away. May Allah give him patience and reward him for taking care of his mother in her last years. She was 89.
She was a good mother and he is a good son.

Br. Abu Talib is the Convener of Jamaat al-Muslimeen in Brooklyn, New York and is known for his work to expose the bogus JFK case.

Write to Br. Abu Talib at:

Outreach #1: In Philadelphia: Info on Gaza, Goldstein, Advice to Obama, Iraq after 6 Years and much more.

May 1, 2009: After Juma' salat at a popular masjid near University of Pennsylvania, Jamaat al-Muslimeen gave literature to 163 Muslims.

As the people came out in waves after Juma', the following distribution was made:

112 people: Bridges TV murder [CAIR's role], Baruch Goldstein's crime and a superb article on Gaza and its tunnels by our venerable Christian friend Charles Carlson of in Arizona.

28 people: Jamaat National Shoora's advice to President Obama, Br. Abu Talib's report on the bogus JFK case and Mark Weber on Auschwitz.

12 people: Dr. Siddique's views on mass culture plus news of Africa and the Islamic victory in Swat.

11 people: Sis. Sofia's poem on Afghanistan plus an extensive report on Islamic victory in Iraq after 6 years of fighting.

Special thanks go to Br. Aquil and Br. Tariq who volunteered for this effort in spite of tight job schedules.

To join or support Jamaat al-Muslmeen in Philadelphia, call: 215-900-3828

Outreach #2: Speaking to non-Muslim Students at a College in Tennessee

On Thursday 23 April 2009 Br. Yusuf El-Irlandi spoke to Criminal Justice students at Roane State Community College in Harriman, Tennessee from 12:30 - 1:50 pm. He was asked various questions about the conditions of prisons, the justice system, and the justness of law enforcement / correctional officials, and racism. Also, he was asked about Islam. There were about 25 - 30 students and Br. Yusuf told them the Jamaat Al-Muslimeen is probably the only Islamic group that does not forget about political prisoners. Br. Yusuf said: we just passed a resolution to tear down Bagram, Florence, Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, etc.

(The class just learned about Florence two days prior when the professor brought in documentary for them). Br. Yusuf also set up a table with information on Masoud Khan , Imam Jamil Al-Amin, Ahmed Abdel-Sattar published by Jamaat Al-Muslimeen and New Trend. The entire class took copies of each.

All in all it went very well and people from this area have been coming to the local Jamaat website and going to New Trend's website and Jamaat Al-Muslimeen International's website.

Jamaat Al-Muslimeen in Eastern Tennessee (Oak Ridge/Knoxville)

Boycott Businesses Which Support Israel: Starbucks is Tottering: Tell ICNA-ISNA to Stop Offering Coca Cola

Director of the Boycott Movement, Jamaat al-Muslimeen shoora leader Sis. Karen English, has offered new research on businesses which support Israel. The boycott movement is now worldwide. This is the time to resist Israeli genocide and crimes against humanity.

Sis. Karen notes that Starbucks, a veteran supporter of Israel, has published a whole series of rebuttals to claim that Starbucks does not support Israel. This is a clear sign that the boycott is biting into Starbucks.

Remember that there is a Starbucks at Guantanamo for the security forces making life hell for the Islamic prisoners. [Did you see the photo we published of Starbucks cofffee in the hands of occupation troops in Afghanistan?]

The latest news is that Starbucks profits have dropped by 77%. [Source MSNBC April 30, 2009]. This is a historic victory of the people of the world against a pro-Zionist business.

Did you notice the list of Nestle products published in the previous issue of New Trend? Nestle is deeply imbedded in Israel. Your help is badly needed here.

Most shameful is the attitude of ISNA and ICNA which have been offering Coca Cola at their conventions.

Obama Day 97 and 99
The Ft Dix case: Verdicts April 27 & 29
Five Albanian Muslims Given Terrible sentences for "conspiracy" in which Nothing Happened

[Painting of defendants, on left, courtesy Associated Press.]
Four of them were sentenced in Camden to life in prison without chance of parole: Mohamad Shnewer, Dritan Duka and his brothers Shain and Eljvir Duka. The fifth, Serdar Tatar, was sentenced to 33 years.

Lawyers for Shnewer, Tatar, Dritan Duka and Eljvir Duka filed intentions to appeal the sentences and verdicts. Shain Duka's lawyer has said he plans to file an appeal.

Life without parole is not given even to murderers in many cases in America.

This shameful exercise was carried out by the U.S. with the help of informants who coaxed 4 of the Albanians to talk tough against American military operations. The whole case seems to be a fabrication. The claim that 4 untrained men, with automatic rifles, would attack an American military base is preposterous. "Evidence" against one of them is that he used to deliver pizza to the military base!

The 5th Albanian got 33 years for giving a map of Ft Dix to the others. This "injustice" system is totally out of control.

These are working class Muslims who have never done anything against America. Millions of Americans play with guns and it is not a crime.

Turkish Muslims Find Peaceful Ways of Spreading the Islamic Message
by Suleyman Kurter [Milwaukee, Wisconsin]

The Nur Institute of America has actively been working for Da'wah and the establishment of a dialogue among Muslims. We are following Bediuzzaman's model of Islamic work. Bediuzzaman of Turkey lived at a critical historical period (1887-1960). In 1918 theOttoman Khilafa collapsed and the Institution of Islamic Khilafa was abolished in 1924. Muslims were left without a religious head. Most of the Muslim lands came under occupation and Muslims were divided into Nation States. Islam became a secondary ideology; instead nationalism took the driver's seat. Thus, the Sunni and Shia conflict continued as usual.

Bediuzzaman devoted his life for the revival of Islam in Turkey through a non-violent struggle but never became silent. He wrote about 130 books and most of his life was spent in prison. If you wish to know about his life and some of his books, please see our website This site is still being further developed. Presently, we were able to translate, into English and Spanish, some of his books, such as Islamic Unity, Nationalism in the View of Islam, and Sunnis and Shias are Brothers.

Alhamdulillah, our Da'wa work is rapidly developing. We realized that not only do they need Islamic literature, but they also need social and economic support. Alhamdulillah my sons are developing the Urban Health Clinic in the heart of the Latino Community in Milwaukee. We are planning to purchase a place for a masjid within the Latino Community. Thanks to Allah, the editor of the Spanish Journal, Robert Miranda (Daud Ali Selam), became Muslim and he is also the executive director of Esperanza Unida, a community agency, that trains people in welding, auto repair, costumer service and construction. This agency is in the planning stage to develop a charter high school that will be centered around health related curriculum and will collaborate with the Urban Health Clinic for hands on training.

We are also sending new Muslims to Turkey for six months or a Summer program to study Islam with our Nursi Brothers or Sisters in Turkey. The Nursi group have separate women dersanes and men dersanes. In Turkish, a dersane is an Islamic study and living place. Living expenses are covered by the Nursi brothers in Turkey. So far we have sent two Muslims to Turkey last year and we are planning to select more new Muslims to go Turkey. Please see the attachment for more information on our da'wah project. May Allah help us in these endeavors.

Genocide in Gaza
Norwegian Eyewitness Account
Chicago audience 'shell shocked' by doctor's presentation of Gaza under attack

April 16, 2009
" overwhelming picture of unending horror."

Reader Rie Graham has sent us this report from Dr. Mads Gilbert's presentation in Chicago last night. Dr. Gilbert is touring the US talking about his experience working in Gaza's al-Shifa hospital during the war this past December and January.

By Rie Graham

I was a bit nervous ten minutes before the program was to start and only 20 people were seated in the cavernous Rockefeller Chapel at the University of Chicago. Perhaps people really have forgotten Gaza. Maybe they don't want to be reminded that for 23 days, Israel carried out a planned, brutal assault that flattened buildings and shattered lives. Maybe they don't want to hear from someone who spent two weeks in Gaza elbow deep in blood, repairing small bodies and comforting weeping relatives. Maybe people have moved on - eager for a new diplomatic initiative or perhaps onto the next tragedy - Afghanistan and Pakistan where the blood seems more fresh. Maybe they are more interested in the work of pirates rather than those who use governmental power to attack civilians and then continue to hold them under siege so reconstruction efforts are hampered.

I was wrong about the interest. Within the next half hour, the chapel slowly filled with people, perhaps reaching 200. Lots of college students, women in headscarves, and Arab families - young children in tow - sat spellbound as Mads Gilbert (pictured right in al-Shifa Hospital , photo from the Lancet), a Norwegian doctor who has spent several decades working with Palestinians, shared with the audience his most recent experience working at al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza at the end of December when the timed Israeli assault began.

I was struck by Dr. Gilbert's tone and manner. He spoke to the audience by walking up and down the aisle, looking at people directly and inviting them into his story. He was upfront about his politics and sympathies - against all killing of civilians, in solidarity with the oppressed (the Palestinians) and sympathetic to all who resist military occupation (be they Israeli or Palestinian). Occupation is the disease, said the doctor, and until it is ended, the patients (Palestinian and Israeli) will not achieve a healthy life.

Dr. Gilbert warned of the graphic nature of some of his photos, but explained that to understand the crisis in Gaza one must look at the realities. The most graphic, he explained were not necessarily the bloody stumps and ripped apart bodies (although I had a hard time looking at those), but the sorrowful, vacant look in some of the eyes of the children, the utter grief in the eyes of a mother, the look of submission in the eyes of an old man. One photo of a Palestinian farmer who lost a hand in an explosion from a missile, was upsetting, not because he lost his hand (which thankfully wasn't shown in the photo) but because of his look of utter loss. "What will become of my life now," said the farmer to Dr. Gilbert. "All I ever wanted was to farm my land. I am not political, nor care about the different factions. I just wanted to provide for my family. How can I do that now?"

Dr. Gilbert wove facts and figures into his narratives about patients' lives and experiences during the three week assault. At one point in his presentation he stopped speaking and played a soundtrack he recorded of the night sounds of Gaza. For five minutes we in the audience listened quietly to the sound of the humming drones, distant explosions, rocket and machine gunfire. Imagine these sounds 24 hours a day, every day of the week, said Dr. Gilbert as he moved onto the next group of slides.

Photos of Shifa hospital, the epicenter of trauma treatment in the heart of Gaza City. Windows shattered and covered with paper. Cold hallways where relatives huddled outside operation rooms. Operating rooms that were used simultaneously for multiple operations so that supplies and electricity could be shared. A chest operation alongside a leg amputation on two patients. Doctors working on 3 hours of sleep a day. Female volunteer nurse helpers who showed up to lend a hand and stayed for weeks. All functioning with the constant sounds of sirens, shelling, explosions. Dr. Gilbert's stories began to merge into one overwhelming picture of unending horror. But also, his photographs conveyed an amazing story of Palestinian resilience in face of so much death and destruction.

Dr. Gilbert gave the audience a reprieve from his stories by playing a lullaby, sung by a Palestinian singer to her children. Again, the audience sat still, some with tears rolling down their cheeks, as the photos of Palestinians in Gaza continued on the screen.

When he finally finished speaking (he spoke for two hours), the audience clapped and a few asked questions. I felt as if the audience was shell shocked. As if we were for the first time understanding a bit of the horror that is life in Gaza. The images, the sounds, the stories all bringing to life what we had witnessed (and protested) from afar a few months ago. I watched as after the talk, person after person (most of them Arab) went up to Dr. Gilbert to shake his hand, to thank him for his service, to tell him how good it feels to hear the truth from an eyewitness. One Palestinian-American girl, perhaps eight years old, stood in front of me and told the doctor, "You have given me hope, Dr. Gilbert. Because now I know we can make a difference. I don't have to just sit at home and cry and be sad about what is happening in my country. I can go there and help the people, be a doctor like you who saves lives." Dr. Gilbert gave her a pin that had two flags - Norwegian and Palestinian flags intertwined - and told her he hopes to see her in a free Palestine some day.

Our America:: Obama: Day 98. [Not counting the Inaugural.]
Obama congratulates Israel on turning 61: "Unshakeable" Bonds

By Haaretz Service April 29, 2009

U.S. President Barack Obama on Tuesday congratulated Israel on celebrating its 61st Independence Day, and promised to advance peace talks in the Middle East.

In a statement issued by the White House, Obama vowed to pursue the interests of both Israelis and Palestinians in reaching a comprehensive peace. He also noted that Israel's security concerns would be addressed as part of the process.

The U.S. bond with Israel is "as unshakeable as ever," he said.

"On behalf of the people of the United States, President Obama congratulates the people and government of Israel on the 61st anniversary of Israel's independence," he continued. "The United States was the first country to recognize Israel in 1948, minutes after its declaration of independence, and the deep bonds of friendship between the U.S. and Israel remain as strong and unshakeable as ever."

"The President looks forward to working with Israel to advance our common interests, including the realization of a comprehensive peace in the Middle East, ensuring Israel's security, and strengthening the bilateral relationship, over the months and years to come," the statement continued.

[New Trend notes: Talking about Palestinians, he means those Palestinians who are his servants. He considers Hamas a terrorist organization although it is the elected representative of the Palestinian peole.]

Obama: 93
Obama Pledges to Confront 'Holocaust Deniers'

At a ceremony Thursday remembering millions of Jews slaughtered in World War II, President Barack Obama reaffirmed the strong US bond with Israel and vowed to confront Holocaust deniers. "There are those who insist the Holocaust never happened, who perpetrate every form of intolerance -- racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, xenophobia, sexism and more," Obama told a gathering in the Capitol Rotunda organized by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. "We have an opportunity and an obligation to confront these scourges," Obama said.

[New Trend note: Why not let Americans decide for themselves. Let both sides be heard. Censorship won't work.]

With thanks to Mohammed Basirul Haq [Bangla Vision]

"Swine Flu" epicenter is a huge US owned hog farm in the state of Veracruz

Various news outlets in Mexico, including the Mexico City newspaper La Jornada, are reporting that the "nexus" of the Swine Flu virus is a huge swine "factory" named Granjas Carroll which is a subsidiary of the US hog giant Smithfield Foods. Grangas Carroll is located near the village of La Gloria and about 100 miles east of Mexico City.
The Swine Flu which is creating widespread panic in Mexico and throughout the world appears to be caused by a strange concoction of swine, avian, and human viruses that were fermented in the Grangas Carroll smelly hog fecal ponds that attract millions of flies. Veracruz newspapers are reporting that about 60% of the campesinos in La Gloria are now infected with pulmonary and flu like diseases. Three children have died of the disease and many are presently hospitalized. The outbreak started as early as December 2008 but has been kept under the rug. Smithfield Foods executives are denying that viruses can be transferred from hogs to humans or that their pigs are infected with Swine Flu.
Journalists are also accusing Veracruz politicians and government officials of corruption because of their attempts to cover up the origin of the infections. News reports claim that corrupt politicians are protecting the interests of the US corporation. Yesterday, Veracruz state authorities arrested 5 campesinos and accused them of bringing up false allegations against Granjas Carroll. La Jornada is reporting that the Mexican Congress has called for an investigation of Smithfield Foods to determine their responsibility in the Swine Flu epidemic.


Latest News: May 2, 2009: Pak military, which had declared total victory in Buner, now says that 400 Taliban are putting up stiff resistance in Daggar itself and in the Ambela area. [Yesterday the military claimed it had "wiped out" the Taliban in Ambela {upper Buner}].
Also, Lower Dir, back in Taliban hands, is being subjected to attacks by Pak helicopter gunships. The Taliban in Swat are becoming restive after seeing these ongoing Pak military attacks on Islamic populations.

Pakistan: Lower Dir and Buner Under U.S.-Backed Assault
Pak Army Attacks with Overwhelming Force but Unable to Defeat Taliban after Initial Success

Under orders from the U.S., Pakistani ground and air forces launched an all out assault on poorly armed but highly motivated Islamic fighters in Lower Dir and Buner. [See map: Lower Dir is to the west of Swat and Buner is to the south of Swat.] The Pak army went in after a mass Islamic uprising in these areas where the general public welcomed the Taliban.

After three days of fighting, Pakistan's army declared victory in Lower Dir, claiming that it had killed 75 Taliban for 10 of its own soldiers killed. However, BBC reported that the Taliban are still in control of Lower Dir and for "13 miles, the writ of the government is nowhere in evidence." The road from Lower Dir to Swat is also in Taliban hands.

The factual report seems to be that the U.S.-backed Pak army killed 4 Taliban and 50 civilians. Helicopter gunships and heavy artillery were used: Hence the high civilian death toll. The Taliban put up stiff resistance and then retreated in good order. As the Pak military columns swept through, the Taliban returned. The check points of the military are now lying abandoned.

The April 26, 27, 28 Pak army assault on Buner was spectacular. This is a highly trained, heavily armed and very mobile military force. The Taliban did not expect such a powerful thrust by the Pak military. As Pak forces advanced on Daggar [Dagar in the BBC map above.], they came up against stiff Taliban resistance. The tables were turned against Taliban when helicopters landed Pak troops BEHIND the Taliban line of defense. The Paks took Daggar but the Taliban retreated and regrouped further into the hills. They blew up a bridge over the local Ambela river and stopped the Pak advance. At last reports, MOST of Buner, other than Daggar, is in the hands of the Islamic fighters known as the Taiban.

Several weeks back, the Pak air force jets attacked suspected Taliban support groups in Orakzai area killing scores of people in three straight days of bombing.

New Trend observers say that Islamic uprisings are now in effect not only in South and North Waziristan, where they began, and in Bajaur [largely suppressed by the Paks], but also in Orakzai, Khyber, Kurram, Hangu, Dir, Swat and Buner. Chitral too is pro-Taliban but quiet at this time. Our sources say that Taliban are rising up as far as SHANGLA [see map above].

One reason for the Taliban uprisings is the provocation caused by the steady flow of supplies to NATO from Pakistan. The Islamic people consider it an insult to their honor that the crusader armies in Afghanistan are being supplied from Pakistan.

A highly motivational factor for the Pakistani Taliban is the massacre of students at the Red Mosque and Jamia Hafsa by the commandos of General Musharraf. Islamic groups believe that Musharraf was acting at the orders of the U.S. and Israel. If Musharraf were arrested, tried and hanged, the process of reconciliation could begin, New Trend analysts say.

Meanwhile, the U.S. is concerned that if the Taliban move down from Buner and cut the Grand Trunk road, Peshawar would be cut off from Islamabad and the very large support and supply process for the 70,000 NATO troops in Afghanistan [to be increased to 100,000 by June] would be in serious jeopardy. [See map above for the Grand Trunk Road.]

Karachi: Foreboding and Tension after 4 Days of Attacks by MQM Gangs

May 1, 2009: Pakistan's biggest city and port is facing a widespread sense of foreboding and internal threat from MQM gangs and drug mafias. Four days of attacks by MQM gangsters have left 40 people dead, of which 34 are Pashtuns from Frontier province. The violence which began as clashes between rival gangs have turned into ethnic violence aimed at Pashtu speaking people who have made Karachi their home. There has also been Pashtun-gang retaliation.

MQM gangs have been attacking businesses and buses, bringing many parts of the city to a standstill. MQM is a pro-U.S. gangster organization whch appears to be involved in convincing America that these Pashtuns are Taliban and there is a danger of Taliban takeover in Karachi. Observers say, this is bogus propaganda. [There have been attacks on NATO supply terminals sending resources to Afghanistan for NATO but these attacks do not amount to a Taliban takeover of this vast city.]

Jamaat-Islami Mobilizing Opposition to Military attacks in Frontier
Lahore: Syed Munawar Hasan's Call: "No More" as Opposed to USA's call for "Do More"

May 1, 2009: Jamaate Islami's new Ameer, Syed Munawar Hasan, addressed a very large Friday prayer gathering at Mansoorah on the outskirts of Lahore. He analysed the moves of American generals who are backing Pak military attacks on the Taliban. He ridiculed American claims that Pakistan should not see India as its opponent but should see the Taliban as the enemy. He said, Pakistan has faced war after war from India: on what basis should India be considered a friend. Kashmir is occupied and Indian Muslims are being subjugated.

On the other hand, Hasan said, the people of FATA, Swat, Buner, Dir, etc have never been against Pakistan and there is absolutely no reason why Pak army should be fighting our own people. America is using the Pakistani army to kill Pakistanis. Admiral Mullen and American leaders are praising the Pakistani army's actions but are criticizing the civilian government by saying: "Do more" against the Taliban.

We say to America's "Do more:" "No more" he said.

He criticized General Kayani by name and said: General Kayani says, the people of lower Dir asked the army to take action against the Taliban. This is a baseless claim. Who are these people of lower Dir who invited the general to attack? The general should name them.

The Ameer of Jamaate Islami also criticized the mishandling and irresposibility of the government in Karachi which is hurting the economy of Pakistan's biggest city. The MQM gangsters are being allowed to get away with murder, and once the lawlessness becomes general, perhaps the U.S. will want the army to carry out an operation in Karachi too! he asked.

Community: Good Report from Baitul Salaam
African American Muslim Women in Atlanta: Now Helping Iraqi Refugees in Houston, Texas

We are so joyous and grateful to Allah. Due to a donation especially given to help the refugees in Houston we will be able to fullfil our part of a request made to help 20 Iraqi families in Houston, TX. If you still want to give fine. We will pack the box on Thursday to ship early Friday, insh'Allah. We would like to send words of encouragement to the families, insh'Allah. Please write a short note: include a verse of Quran and/or hadith, insh'Allah. There are 10 widows, and approximately 50 children ages newborn to 16. Some of the men are feeling low due to they were laid off recently: others have tried to work but are having problems due to documentation. An organization called Alamaanah is helping them in Houston. If you live in Houston, TX or anywhere else visit to see all of the details.

We have been able to assist our sister who is trying to qualify to keep her now four week old niece with some baby items (playpen, bath items, toys and a total of $75 cash (counting what we will give her today and a $15 gift card from Walmart. We want to assist her with $35 more dollars and a $35 worth of gift cards or one gift card for $35 from Walmart. She needs formula for the baby (it is expensive) about $15.00 per quart, size 1-2 diapers and clothing size 3 to six months. She also has two other children ages three (a boy) and age six (a girl). She needs our help until May 5 when other services will begin, insh'Allah.
We have another sister actively looking for work who has great secretarial skills, management and marketing. She is in a custody battle to keep her three year old son. She has sold almost everything she owned to be able to have money to live on the past two months. She needs a job (very humble sister will work anywhere for now), an affordable place to stay $400-$600 per month and $50 per week until she finds a job.

Our outreach office is open on Tuesdays from 10 am- 6 pm located inside the Risala Institute Business Section 675 Village Square Dr. Stone Mountain, GA 30021. We distribute personal care items, non-perishable food items, small amounts of money for utility payments and rent payments, provide counseling (domestic violence and other), referrals emergency/transitional housing, medical to include mental health, legal, career/job. We will begin hosting educational self-help workshops and presentations in June, insh'Allah. Most will be free or a voluntary donation. We are raising a separate fund (from grant and sadaaqah) to pay our office expenses we need $200 by Friday, insh'Allah. So far 28 people have committed to paying $1.00 to $50.00 per month (most for three months) to help us keep the outreach office open.
We will need on an ongoing basis the following to distribute to those in need. Remember a lot of people are out of work due to no fault of their own:

1. Gift cards from Walmart, Kroger, Publix, Target, Payless Shoes, DSW Shoe Warehouse any toy manufacturer (for Eid Toy drive and any baby speciality store. Please try to load a minimum of $10 on them, insh'Allah.
Send all donations and correspondence to: Baitul Salaam Network, Inc., PO Box 115470, Atlanta, GA 30310 or use . If you want us to send you a direct link to paypal we can.
We need volunteers to work at the office on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays call (404) 608-8649 or email . Volunteer orientation and training is every Tuesday from 1 pm- 5 pm, insh'Allah. You can bring children if you can keep them under control (no running wild and crazy).
Muslim Men Against Domestic Violence meets monthly : email Shyam Ssriram at all Muslim men ages 10 and up are encouraged to attend. This is an educational group for men to learn how to be advocates for the safety of women and children.
Baitul Salaam is on Internet radio Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays We would like businesspeople to donate items that we can give on our radio programs weekly (discounts to restaurants, clothing and gift shops stores, services), etc. Call Sr. Hadayai at (404) 608-8649.
Baitul Salaam is on Facebook: visit our group and cyber events.
Please support and pass this on to all you know.

ma salaam

Pakistani American woman sees through Zionist strategy against Pakistan

Attack on Pakistan: Author Misleads Americans about Pakistan: Prepares grounds for war: Pitting Pakistani aganst Pakistani

by Rahgeer-e-Saleha

Book Reviews are usually non productive. They are primarily written to either incite the audience and thus increase readership or to put down something in documentation so that it can be used on the back cover of future volumes.

I do not subscribe to either acts, and have thus shown great restraint of my Nafs (self-ego) to voice my humble and usually unneeded opinion.

Last night as I wrapped up things for prayer and sleep, I could not resist the temptation to read a book that had been given to my husband titled "Seven deadly scenarios:" a totally military book, with accolades from Senator Lieberman, Jack Reed and others.

This is not the type of book that I would even crack the cover to check the contents, but just out of curiosity, since my husband is not a war lover, I cracked the book just to see what had interested him enough to find him reading it.

A military Futurist explores war into the 21st century.

Of course I understood what that meant, but after reading the text I understand it differently,

What attracted me was the chapter on Pakistan called "The collapse of Pakistan"

It was like a hit in my solar plexus. I saw in mind's eye the scene of the partition of 1947 with the poor Muslims of India trekking into Pakistan to seek a safe haven to practice their faith, free of the oppressive caste system and the systematic unbundling of their faith from their daily living.

As I started to read, I had to read the introduction first, because it usually tells a lot about the author, his intentions and his reasons for writing the book.

The introduction was a scenario written as if it had already happened, almost like a badly produced war movie in which everything including subterfuge, dishonesty, and inferiority of the people being written about is thrown in for the sake of sensationalism.

I see here the need for the complete subjugation of the rest of the non-American non-European and non-Israeli world by the warlord of America.

Deep seated in this scenario was the tacit smugness that no one is better than Americans and everything has to go forward to save Israel. It reminded me of the attitude of the early settlers of North America and the Portuguese who came to Brazil and declared the centuries old civilization there to be ignorant.

They then declared the indigent people to be misled in their faith and either enclosed 20 people in a ten by ten room until they recanted to the faith familiar to the Portuguese or as the early settlers in North America did, killed them like flies, without a crease on their conscience.

So after wading through what is predicted to happen with Iran in 2013 as if it has already happened, he goes on to Pakistan.

This is where if he had started the chapter with "All Germans are Nazi's except German Jews, and must be neutralized" would have had the same meaning as when he talks about the Pakistani people dividing them into the Jihadis and the non-Jihadis and the need for them to be neutralized.

The premise that he begins with is that all Muslims in Pakistan, if they follow their religion and if they want to help the oppressed Kashmiri Muslims from the daily rape, torture and famine of the Indian army, then they are Jihadis.

He also divides up the Pakistani army into the "Islamic and secular/moderate:" all of this may be true as I have no access to the faith practices of the Pakistani army: however he innocently states what is the essence of Pakistanis in and out of the army: "they respect each others boundaries"

Thus beginning with the premise that Jihadis are "bad" and "secularists" are good, he goes on to qualify why: jihadis do not want to give over the bomb to foreign powers including the United States and Israel or India, while the secularists or "moderates" are "good" because they are willing and their head i.e. President Musharraf had taken some steps to do so.

This brings us to the issue of patriotism not faith. How would the American people feel if half the pentagon officials were willing to sell out their missile program and nuclear sites to Canada for safekeeping? In every book of every country this act would be labeled as treason.

Coming back to his reasons for not allowing the Jihadists to get hold of the bomb is that they might attack the United States. That is something one needs to pause for thought.

If that line of reasoning however irrational it sounds is true, something is seriously wrong in the diplomatic corp. of the United States where they have been unable to make a friendship treaty with Pakistan, a small and powerless country which has been a loyal ally of America ever since its inception and whose only guarantee from being swallowed by its hungry neighbor is its arsenal of the atomic bomb.

Lets us examine what the author recounts as efforts to bring about a change in the minds and hearts of Pakistanis:

First Pakistan was supplied with ammunition to arm the jihadis to fight Russians; they did so successfully as they were told they were fighting atheists. Then when their homes and schools and farms lay burned and littered with mines, Americans left and turned a blind eye to the needs of the Afghans and Pakistan who suddenly became host to three to five million refugees.

Most of these refugees were young boys and girls orphaned with no where to go except across the border to Pakistan, The author after making these observations explains that the poorly educated mullahs taught the orphans and fed them from the charity they received by letting them stay in makeshift madrassahs as they had no homes. He then makes an armchair claim from someone who has never tasted poverty that this act of the mullahs and the allowing of the madrassahs to feed and educate the orphans was bad. He just stopped short of saying that Jesus (peace be on him] was bad because he fed the poor, and Muhammad (Pbuh) gave away his last meal to the hungry. He suggests that the Pakistan government should have taken care of the education of the indigent and the refugees, (with their spare time and spare cash while struggling with the refugee influx).

In the minor disaster of Hurricane Katrina, an affluent country like the USA is still reeling from the homeless that were left in the wake. Yet the impoverished state of Pakistan should have provided home, shelter and secular education to the three million refugees from Afghanistan in addition to their own population!

The author then commends President Musharraf for attempting to curtail the madrassahs (and he did by censoring the pages of the Quran that mention jihad and removing them from the curriculum in all the schools of Pakistan) but to no avail.

He also states that the Jihadis who trained to fight to free Kashmiri Muslims from the daily dishonor of their girls women and boys were a problem.

What becomes clear from his chapter that he begins with the premise that all Muslims with faith are "Fundamentalists" which is a politely bad word in his vocabulary and all Muslims of faith who actually fight to help their brethren and sister in distress are "Jihadis" which is a very bad word in his vocabulary.

He does not address the reasons and solutions to the radicalization of Pakistan along patriotic and religious lines. He does not give military solutions that respect the sovereignty of Pakistan, but rather treats it like a banana republic, where the heads of states can be bought with a share in the Dole pineapple farm.

He does not discuss the concept of strategic withdrawal and re-negotiation of the treaties with respect of sovereignty and patriotic boundaries.

He does not say who and why are the Americans really after and why is Pakistan being punished?

The sixty-year-old Osama bin Laden with kidney failure is quoted as a mighty force to reckon along with the Taliban.

In medicine when a methodology to control illness fails with two tries doctors pull back and reevaluate what is best for the patient and his family.

The author on the other hand does not for one moment stop to think that his method of approach may be erroneous in bringing peace to America.

He moves forward with the finesse of a caterpillar bulldozer on a house in Jenin, the left-brain leaving the right brain isolated in the jar, useless and unused.

Authors like Andrew F. Krepinevich are dangerous for the American people especially if they are in the advisory roles to the Government, because they can hurl Americans into the Fire in droves like coals in a steam ship. His hand is on the shovel and his intent only to make the ship of the arms sale business move full speed ahead.

Whether the live bodies being shoveled into it are Americans or others is a moot point it seems.

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