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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Rajab 13,1427/August 8, 2006 #53

Prof. Sami al-Arian writes to Dr. Kaukab Siddique from prison. Scroll down.

Pakistani leader urges Lebanese not to be taken in by the U.N. Scroll way down.

LEBANON: Latest: Israel Prepares to attack with 15,000 troops

August 8: On the 28th day of the war, American TV viewers were shocked to find out that Israeli forces are still fighting Hizbullah in the village of Bint Jbeil, only 5 km from the border. Israel lost 4 more tanks. On August 7 it lost 3 tanks in the same village.

Ehud Olmert indicated that Israel will launch a huge offensive into Lebanon on August 9. Hizbullah has kept the bulk of its forces behind the frontier in the hinterland for just such an eventuality.

In any case, Hizbullah has already changed the realities of the Middle East. It has shown that a small Islamic force, discilplined, armed with small but reliable weapons, saggers and rpgs, can stop and defeat the juggernaut of the Jewish terror group IDF. The days of Israel are numbered.

[August 9, 7 pm, EST]: Israel gun boats shelled the Palestinian refugee camp, Ain al-Hilweh. Israel earlier attacked Sunni areas near Sidon. Near Tyre the jewish terror group bombed a funeral of 13 civilians it had killed earlier. CNN is announcing that Israel, thus admitting its defeat till now, has appointed a new commander to launch a huge new offensive. No wonder Bush is so quiet, waiting for the jews to win.]

Human Concern International: Muslim Charity Helping People in Lebanon

New Trend has received a photo of two hijabi sisters serving food to a line of men at a town in Lebanon

The following is the information about the HCI representative in Canada:
Responsable régional
514 668 1550

HCI Montreal 6555 Côte des Neiges
Suite 360
Montréal H3S 2A6

Dear CNN
Please Tell Israeli Ambassador Gillerman: A Katyusha Cannot be Fired from an Enclosed Space: His allegations of Hizbullah Using Civilian as Shields are Baseless

Your producer should put a limit on the number of times Dan Gillerman, the Israeli ambassador to the U.N., can appear on your programs and regurgitate the spiel he seems to have memorized. He provides absolutely no evidence of his claim that Hizbullah is hiding behind civlians, in apartments, hospitals and mosques, to fire rockets at Israel!
Gillerman is so enamoured of his, seemingly learned-by-rote, propaganda that he slipped up on a basic fact which makes nonsense of his claims: A katyusha rocket cannot be fired from a home or any enclosed place because it has a back draft which would kill the people in an apartment and those firing it from a room or a closed space of any kind.
Here is a comment from a neutral source, Tom Clonan, security analyst for the Irish Times [July 31 issue]:

"The type of missiles being fired by Hizbullah at Israeli cities cannot be fired from within houses, mosques, hospitals or even UN facilities as has been suggested by the IDF. Due to the massive "back-blast" caused by the rocket launchers of these missiles, they can only be fired from open ground. To fire them from within a building would result in the instant death of the missile crew and probable destruction of the missile before launch. Most of the missiles are truck-mounted and are fired - on open ground - from the backs of flat-bedded trucks or larger four-wheel-drive vehicles."

Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D
Associate Professor of English

Jamaat al-Muslimeen [only 4 items]
P.O. Box 10881
Baltimore, MD 21234

FATWA # 3: ALL ARAB RULERS should RESIGN: They have no Islamic Legitimacy & Have Failed Miserably in Facing Israeli Aggression

Jamaat al-Muslimeen leader Imam Badi Ali has issued a Fatwa [ruling] that the Arab rulers have no legitimacy and should resign.

Imam Ali was asked: The Arab governments sent their foreign ministers to Beirut to show moral support for the Lebanese government in opposition to Israel. Is that a positive move? What does Islam say about the role of the Arab rulers and their governments in this time of naked aggression by Israel?

Imam Badi Ali's reply: NONE of these rulers are legitimate rulers from the point of view of the Qur'an and the Sunnah. These regimes have the following characteristics:

U.S. Muslims Hail President Chavez' Stance on Israeli Aggression

President Hugo Chavez
President of Venezuela

Dear President Chavez

Your courageous, progressive and revolutionary stance against Israeli aggression in Lebanon and Palestine is greatly admired by Muslims in America. Similarly your trip to Iran and your support for Iran's right to nuclear technology indicates that your government is independent and able to resist hegemonistic pressures from the Bush administration.

We wish to thank you for the withdrawal of the Venezuelan diplomatic representative from the Zionist entity and your description of the devastation of Lebanon by Israel as "genocide" and a "holocaust."

May Allah [God] give you success in your struggle to develop Venezuela as an independent and progressive country.

Sincerely yours
[Dr.] Kaukab Siddique

[Imam] Badi Ali

Representatives of Jamaat al-Muslimeen
An Islamic movement striving to moblize the Muslims of America against Injustice

Creative Response to War: in Greensboro, North Carolina
Middle Eastern Poetry Night: What the World Needs Now is Peace

What: A non-political and family-friendly poetry reading dedicated to peace in the Middle East. Everyone is welcome to write their own original piece regarding their thoughts on the Middle East. Once written, please contact one of our contacts below so that we can place your poem into our program.

Where: Borders Café on High Point Rd.
When: Friday, August 11th from 6:30- 8:00

Please come and enjoy some great poetry! Everyone is welcome.
Please Contact:
Furat Sawafta (336) 545-0736
Yasmeen Z. (336) 314-2353

Sponsoring organizations include:
Muslims for a Better North Carolina
North Carolinians for Truth and Justice in Palestine
ICT Youth Committee
Lebanese Community of Greensboro

Distinguished Islamist: Dr. Alauddin Shabazz back home in Chicago: Miraculous Recovery from Tragic Accident in Illinois

August 6, 2006: One of the most distinguished Muslims of America, Dr. Alauddin Shabazz, returned home after a tragic accident on the highway near Peoria which left him physically broken, in coma and near death. We spoke to him on the phone and he was able to articulate himself clearly and with faith and strength. All praise belongs to Allah!

This is a very highly educated family steeped in the wisdom of Islam. Dr. Shabazz' wife, Dr. Constance Shabazz, set a high standard of conduct by moving to Peoria and standing by her erudite husband during every day of his long stay in the intensive care unit. Their children, university graduates, also showed conduct of a high level when faced with tragedy. Please pray for Dr. Shabazz' complete recovery.

Dr. Shabazz, a Ph.D in Comparative Religion is a devout Muslim, a genuine follower of the Qur'an and the authentic Sunnah of the Prophet, peace be on him. He was one of the earliest supporters of Jamaat al-Muslimeen and stood steadfastly against the bombing of Iraq by Bush the father. He helped highlight the suffering of Iraqi children during the sanctions on Iraq. He was aware of the sickness in the heart of America. In one of his books he warned if the evil of homosexuality. In another book he brought out the paganism hidden within many American festivals. He also stood for Jamaat's efforts to give Muslim women their rights.

Dr. Shabazz understood before most people that "imam" W.D. Muhammad had sold out to the Zionist-White House power structure. At a certain point, he resigned from the editorship of W.D.'s paper Muslim Journal. He was also the first to let Jamaat al-Muslimeen understand Minister Farrakhan's development towards orthodox Islam and introduced the Jamaat as a positive force to Minister Farrakhan.

Br. Alauddin Shabazz' place in the history of Islam in America is assured. Dennis Walker, Australian scholar, in his 597 page book Islam and the Search for African-American Nationhood: Elijah Muhammad, Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam [published 2005 by Clarity Press] reflects some of the work of Dr. Shabazz about the Jewish role in the slave trade.

In our next issue, we present an excerpt from the work of the other extremely famous Shabazz, Dr. AbdulAlim Shabazz, Distinguished Professor of Mathematics, who has just returned [August 5] from Egypt after presenting a scholarly paper on Education and Africans.

Report: Mark Steiner Show Better than most J Programs
Israeli methodology: Ignore Specific points: Take Superior Attitude.
Quite Funny: Israel Wants Foes Disarmed so it can Fight Them!

by Nadrat Siddique [Summary of program followed by letter to Mr. Steiner]

I listen quite regularly to the Mark Steiner show on NPR (WJHU in the Baltimore area). Steiner's show, in my view, is generally far more balanced than other programming on NPR, which is so littered with double-speak and official apologia that it makes one's stomach turn.

Today Mark had Mayssam Zaaroura on. She is the Lebanon editor for the Daily Star, and was speaking to him from there. Mark's other guest, an Israeli Professor named Menachem Kellner, was speaking to him from Haifa. The topic was the current situation in the Middle East.

Mayssam gave a heartfelt account of how it felt to suddenly and unexpectedly be under siege, with no escape route—totally trapped, with one's life on the line. Kellner, although he did not proclaim affiliation with the Israeli government or military, echoed the official Israeli line on how Israel really didn't want to be in Lebanon, and that it was forced to be there as a result of Hezbollah's action.

Mayssam said the conflict between Israel and Hizbollah did not start with the kidnapping of the Israeli soldier, and that she totally disagreed with Kellner's statements. Prefacing her remarks with the standard disavowal of support for Hizbollah, she said that the organization had been created as a result of the 1982 Israeli invasion of Lebanon. She said Hizbollah was the only entity providing order to the situation at the time, that the organization set up schools, hospitals, infrastructure, that it fed the Lebanese people. Remarkably similar, I thought, to the Black Panther Party in 1960s AmeriKKKa. So Maysaam continued, unknown to many Americans, there was much more to Hizbollah than just its military wing.

To his credit, Mark Steiner let her continue on at length: Lebanon had 82 bridges, she said, and Israel did not have to knock out all eighty two bridges--but it did. She said that Israel was deliberately targeting civilian areas, where there were no Hizb. Who in their right mind would not evacuate after leaflets issuing an ultimatum to do so were dropped on their village, she asked. Mainly poor people, with no transport, no money, nowhere to go.

Steiner asked the Israeli Prof to respond. In a condescending tone usually reserved for rebuking school children, he said he was very disappointed in the level of discourse, and that he did not expect to hear a propagandist on the program. He refused to refute Maysaam's multitude of very specific and hard hitting points. Bizarrely, he accused her (and Lebanese in general) of being more interested in bridges than people, and declared that he (and Israelis in general) were more concerned about the suffering of the people than anything else. And Big Brother is right, I thought to myself. Big Brother is always right.

Mark Steiner did not seem impressed by the Israeli Prof's attempt to label Mayssam a "propagandist." He intervened, saying that one person's truth might be another's propaganda, and that this could be applied to both sides.

Prof Kellner continued that Hizbollah used civilians as a human shield. Was it Israel's fault if Hizbollah deliberately and willfully situated their rockets on people's front lawns or basements? Couldn't we see, he said, what a difficult situation Israel was in, when Hizbollah did this?

Mayssam countered his argument with a first hand account of her own relatives, who were living in a village targeted for Israeli bombing. Hizbollah came to them, she said, and told them what was about to happen, begging them to evacuate. In general, she said, Hizbollah, tried their best to evacuate people from areas expected to come under Israeli bombardment. Again the Prof had no answer for her argument.

The Prof's strategy was the classic Zionist/Neocon one, which Muslims and others of conscience should well recognize: 1) Refusal to answer your opponents specific points, and feigning of superiority; 2) Branding of the opponent as propagandist/terrorist/anti-Semite, to support one's lack of response (or inability to respond); 3) A Big Brother style switch, painting the aggressors as victims (eg, the Israelis are the main ones who have suffered injury, and who really never wanted to fight anyway).

The one point of consensus reached by Prof Kellner, Mayssam, and the host (Mark) was that Hizbollah should be disarmed. I found this idea—that one side, which has light arms, should be disarmed, and the other, which has cruise missiles and thermonuclear weapons, should be allowed to carry on--very troubling. Since the show accepts emailed comments, I borrowed a point from a recent New Trend edition, and emailed this in the hopes that it would be read on the air. (Unfortunately, it was the last few minutes of the show and it did not get on.)
---------------------------- Original Message ----------------------------
Subject: Question for Today's Show
From:    "Nadrat Siddique" 
Date:    Mon, August 7, 2006 12:54 pm
I'd be very curious to know why Mr. Kellner thinks that one side in the conflict has a right to defend itself, and the other does not. If Hizbollah should be disarmed, then why not disarm Israel as well? I don't understand why both the U.S. and Israeli militaries seem to want to disarm their enemies before they fight them--quite a pusillanimous stance, totally contrary to the old days, when one would fight an equally well-armed opponent.

Nadrat Siddique

Prof. Sami al-Arian Writes from Prison: Innocent but Has to Stay in Prison till April 2007!

[The court found Prof. Al-Arian innocent of the wild charges of "terrorism" connections brought against him, yet he is being held in prison and then will be deported. What has happened to this beautiful country that Zionists can get away with such flagrant violations of the rights of Muslim. The Jewish American women's segment of Hadassah brought "witnesses" to court to cannectt the fighting in Palestine with Prof. al-Arian. No American Jew has been tried for Israeli terrorism in Palestine and now in Lebanon. "Dear Dr. Siddique: asalamu alaikum was rahmatullahe wa barakatuh

I ask Allah [swt] that this letter will reach you and you are in the best state of iman and health.

Thank you very much for your card and kind words. Your concern and support during this whole ordeal have been appreciated and noted. I know that your publication has been covering it and that you and many other brothers and sisters have been praying for my family and me. Jazakum Allahu Khairan.

To answer your questions: I've been transferred from the Isolation Unit about 3 weeks ago after 3 and a half years of brutal isolation and harsh conditions. Alhamdulillah.

I have access to wudu and salat facilities as well as Friday services. Although the government and the defense joined in asking the judge for time served, the judge added about 11 months of which I have to serve 9 months. My release date is next April '07. I'm allowed to receive publications including books and magazines but they have to come from the publishers to be accepted.

Please convey my salaams and greetings to all the brothers and sisters, particularly to Br. Badi. Our struggle for justice, freedom and equality will go on until Allah inherits this earth.

May Allah give you the strength and wisdom to continue to preach the good Word and to work for justice in this world.

wasalam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

Sincerely, Sami


Addressing a huge Friday prayer gathering in Central Lahore [Pakistan], Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, leader of Jamaat ad-da'wa, urged muslims to remember that United Nations has always betrayed Muslims. He recounted Pakistan's own experiences with the UNO. In 1965 the UN imposed a cease fire on Pakistan when Pakistan was winning. In 1971 Pakistan implored the UN for help but the UN did nothing and allowed India to break PakistanHe urged all Muslims to remember that the only way for Muslims is Jihad. Large numbers of young people stopped after prayers to ask Hafiz Saeed various questions on Islamic law.

2006-08-09 Wed 04:47:28 cdt