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Zulq'idah 22, 1426/December 24, 2005 #94
CHRISTMAS GREETINGS: New Trend wishes its Christian readers, the best of Christmas. Muslims share belief with Christians in the sublime message of Jesus calling for peace and justice on earth. New Trend urges Christians to realize that the Qur'an never calls for conflict with Christians. Unfortunately, Christianity today is being manipulated by the Zionists. The previous Pope recognized Israel without discussing the issue with Palestinians and Muslims whose lands the Jews have stolen and usurped by force of arms. Jesus preached peace while Zionism preaches war. It is time for Christians to recognize that their enemy is Zionism, not Islam
Ph.D in a Cell:

Latest News of Dr. Kifah al-Jayyousi:

On January 5, 2005 [Thursday] a bail hearing is scheduled for Dr. Kifah al-Jayyousi, a Palestinian-American educationist.. We urge Muslims in the mosques of Miami city to attend the hearing. This devout Muslim who has committed no crime has been kept hidden from the Muslim communities too long.

Muslims in Miami, we urge you, please go to the hearing which will be held in the Federal Court in downtown Miami. We will publish the time and room number in a few days, inshallah.

Also, New Trend has obtained Dr. Jayyousi's prison address. If you would like to write him, please get the address by writing to: ksidd37398@aol.com or by calling: 410-435-5000.

New Trend's Persons of the Year

The Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen sent the following nominations for PERSONS of the YEAR for publication in New Trend. These nominations do not necessarily mean that we endorse everything these individuals do or say. The nomination focuses on the specific achievements listed in front of each name:

1. Minister Louis Farrakhan. For the Millions More March which picked up from where the Million Man March had left off and surpassed it. Minister Farrakhan speaks to Christians and Muslims alike as no one else can. He has the spiritual power to express the ethos of the African-American angst. His verbalization of the Katrina disaster captured the essence of the agony of Black America and the racism which is rampant in this beautiful land.

2. Cindy Sheehan. For her attempted confrontation with President Bush and her pursuit of him to Crawford ranch in her attempts to end the war in Iraq. Her protest, bold and courageous as it was, coming from a mother whose son was killed in Iraq, tipped the scales of public opinion against President Bush and the Jewish-Zionist war machine.

3. Lynne Stewart. For her total sacrifice of herself, her time, money and abilities in her efforts to defend the rights of the blind Shaikh Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman, so much so that she herself has been convicted of "terrorism." She stands for all that is decent in America. Her struggle is linked to the key factor in the rule of law: the attorney-client relationship. As a grandmother, she faces the most evil attempt of the Bush administration to crush those who oppose its will.

4. Ramsey Clark. For his defense of President Saddam Hussain and his bold expression that those who are involved in Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay have no right to try the victimized President whose country has been occupied by military force in violation of all the norms of international law. Mr. Clark has consistently stood for rule of law, fair trial, justice and opposition to imperalism around the world.

5. Muhammad Mish'al. For his uncompromising opposition to the Israeli occupation of Palestine. He has been the target of numerous attempts by Israel to assassinate him. As leader of the Islamic Resistance movement in Palestine, he has not sold out in an atmospher where temptation and betrayal are always around the corner. He was exiled first to Jordan and then to Syria.

6. Sami al-Arian. This university professor of Palestinian descent in Southern Florida is a soft spoken friend of America who never thought he would be branded as a "terrorist." His spiritual strength and resilience surfaced when he was arrested, humiliated and mistreated in prison. He was steadfast in his suffering and recently a jury found that the most serious charges against him could not be substantiated. He has become symbol of righteousness for Muslim Americans who want the freedom of expression to support the rights of the Palestinian people.

7. Nadrat Siddique. In America's history, Nadrat, a Pakistani-American, was the first Islamic woman to stand up for the defense of political prisoners. In particular, she organized the Committee to Free Shaikh Omar 'Abdel Rahman which gained support coast-to-coast when many Muslim men were running to sever all links with the Shaikh after his arrest. She wrote a new chapter in the history of America's Muslims by challenging the government's attempts to victimize the Shaikh. The history of Islamic human rights activism in America begins with her efforts.

8. Abdurrahman Dilipak is one of the most active defenders of Islam in Turkey through his articles/column in the Vakit newspaper. For many years, he and his group have developed newspapers and he consistently promotes the concept of Ummah in his articles and has not wavered from the orders of the Holy Qur'an and Sunnah, especially these days when many Muslim writers are wavering because of EU politics or because of so-called global democratic movements. He is not only a good writer but knowledgeable in Islam. He is a good role model for young Muslim writers whose intention is to work solely for Islam. He is constantly being brought to court because of his truthful writings about Islam. For more information see www.vakit.com.tr and go to the yazarlar (writers) on the left side and you will see all the writers including Abdurrahman Dilipak.

9. Hafiz Muhammad Saeed. Leader of Jamaat ad-Da'wa, Pakistan's Jihad movement, for his current mobilization of Pakistanis to help the victims of the cataclysmic earthquake in northern Pakistan and Azad Kashmir. Never has Pakistan seen volunteer work on such a scale to help the needy as has been brought about under his leadership. The movement he leads has outdone the efforts of the army and all relief organizations combined.

10. Syed Munawwar Hasan. Secretary General of Jamaate Islami Pakistan, for his unremitting efforts to stop the Musharraf regime's drive to betray Pakistan's ideals, integrity and sovereignty. He used peaceful means and mass demonstrations to put General Musharraf on the defensive and to bring about an effective Islamic coalition. Also, in Karachi, his organizational efforts put fascist groups, like MQM, linked to the regime on the retreat.

11. Dr. Anwarul Haque. An outstanding physician, a devout Muslim and scholar of Islam, in Islamabad, Pakistan, a fearless critic of General Musharraf's regime, for his part in inducting Pakistani doctors into the struggle to help the neediest sections of society where disease is rampant. Special mention should be made of the efforts of his team to help the earthquake victims. He has that rare combination of scientific ability and Qur'anic spirituality which Muslim countries need.

12. David Irving. Great British historian for his meticulous research on Winston Churchill which uncovers the British leader as a mass murderer, charlatan, and Zionist. Irving is unique among historians for using original, mostly unpublished, sources and letting the facts take him where they will. He could find no documentary evidence for the Soviet-Jewish story of the gas chambers in Auschwitz. As a result, today he is in prison in Austria and will be tried for his "thought crime" against the established order. He is an outspoken opponent of the war in Iraq.
NOTE: Dr. Kaukab Siddique was not involved in the nomination of number 7 on this list.
RE: Mauri Saalakhan's false letter about Siraj Wahhaj.

ISNA boss Siraj Wahhaj Did Make False Accusation against Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman.
Shaikh Nabeel al-Masri who was in the Court on that Day Bears Witness.

[Dear readers of New Trend: This brotherly letter was sent to Mauri Saalakhan 20 days back. We doubt if anyone can write a nicer letter to Saalakhan but Saalakhan did not even reply. So Br. Nabeel's letter is being published herewith uncut. Remember that the blind Shaikh, Islamic leader of millions, Hafize Qur'an, scholar par excellence, Ph.D from Al-Azhar, is in prison for life owing to this vilification by the likes of Siraj Wahhaj.]

As Salaam Alikum

My Very Dear Br. Saalakhan

You know how much I love you as a brother, good leader, and True activist......here is one of the RARE occasions that I disagree with you. In the event, GOD forbid, Br. Siraj is detained, I believe that ISNA, ICNA, AMC, etc will jump up/down to protest his detention..... he is on the Board and he is a very smart man ....street smarts...he knows how to balance his talk, he avoids confrontation with the Government in a very smart way...NO ONE CAN TAKE AWAY FROM BR. SIRAJ what he did in his early days as Imam of Masjid Altaqwa and in Brooklyn NY.....his record speaks for itself.....BUT later on, actually since his OPENING of the Congress Session where he recited Alfatiha...That was the turning point in his Attitude....EGO became his problem....and it is getting bigger by the day...he is on the BOARD of so many organizations...regardless of his qualifications...his name put him on the top 5-personalities in the States.....I have NO [problem with that but his EGO is what I have a problem with....You cannot get close to him for security reasons, he became like ALL the Rulers in the Muslim world....he is being ISOLATED

The mere fact that his name is on the same list where Br. Ahmad Sattar was on does NOT mean he is a suspect or they (BIG Brother) looking at him in a bad way.......that list contained 172 names, some were dead long time ago...some were alive at the time like Dr. M. T. Mehdi..............I am sorry to say that the African American Muslim Community went berserk about the name of Siraj being on the list, while the same community did NOT make a single move to protest the other names ! ! !

Regarding the trial of Dr. Omar, I was there every day. As you know, I am a paralegal for Dr. Omar, I am the executor of his will as registered with the US BOP........I do have access to the transcripts of Br. Siraj's testimony....Br. Siraj was requested to testify by the defense......what he said in court was NOT true. I challenge him or any one to PROVE THAT DR. OMAR SERIOUSLY ENCOURAGED PEOPLE TO ROB BANKS.......Br. Siraj said that with a BIG smile on his face......I was there, I saw it with my own eyes, heard it with my own ears.
IT WAS NOT TRUE....if it was true, I have NO PROBLEM, one MUST state the truth not hearsay.....what Br. Siraj gave was a testimony based on hear say ONLY.....I know how the defense lawyer (Mr. Abdeen Jebara ) felt about it and he ended the questioning at once.....

The question is WHY???? Why Br. Siraj made such damaging statement?
May be envy? May be dislike? May be Difference in opinion? May be Siraj was doped to give such answer? May be he had a private discussion with Dr Omar that we are not aware of?
ONLY ALLAH AND SIRAJ KNOW the answer to the question..............

Br. Saalakhan, I am NEITHER defending Dr. Omar NOR attacking Br. Siraj....I am just stating a FACT............Dr. Omar has ALLAH on his side, therefore no need to defend him NOW....let Dr. Omar GAIN "HASANAT" from such people who damaged his reputation intentionally or not...as for Br. Siraj, who I am to attack him ? He is MUCH bigger, famous, and well respected in the eyes of too many people, therefore, even if I want to damage him, I can not....like a drop from the Ocean...no impact whatsoever.....

Why I am writing to you about this case?
Because I felt that you were MISLED about these facts.....and out of my love to you, I am trying to correct some of these no-facts.....I wish you to make a correction...I know you are a man of Courage with ZERO EGO.....You are a humble man....I hope


Your Brother

Islam in America after 9.11

Post 9.11 Persecution left the Muslims Leaderless: New Leaders Needed.
Government Trying to Nationalize Islam: Agents Placed Within Muslim Groups.

By Kaukab Siddique

Early in December 2005, Masjid al-Islam held a post-Ramadan 'itikaf and invited Muslim Imams to address the participants. Masjid al-Islam located in Washington, DC [S.E.] is one of the very few independent mosques in America. Imam Musa, the leader of this community, embraced Islam three decades back and is known for his support of Islamic Sudan. He is one of the very few Muslim leaders who have the backbone to stand up for the rights of Imam Jamil al-Amin.

Dr. Kaukab Siddique was one of the speakers at the 'itikaf. In his introduction, Imam Musa gave the highest possible praise to Dr. Siddique and placed him above all other Islamic people in America. [Praise deleted.].

Here are the main points of Dr. Siddique's presentation. He spoke for two hours:

Nationalization of Islam by the Bush Administration:

After 9.11, the U.S. government started a systematic process of "nationalization" of Islam. The Muslims of America were to be cut off from the universal Ummah of Islam. One major step in this direction was the criminalization of Muslim relief organizations which sent charitable funds to Palestine, Chechnia, Bosnia, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia and other Muslim countries. Travel was seen as suspicious and Muslim travellers were frequently hassled and sometimes arrested.

Role of pro-Government Muslim groups in "nationalization."

Heavily funded Muslim groups which were known for their subservience to the government were pressed into service. ISNA-CAIR and their affiliates were happy to oblige in the development of an "American Islam" or "moderate Islam." Soon after 9.11, we saw the FBI being invited into Muslim communities by these groups. Already these elements had provided lists of all the mosques in America to the government, complete with addresses, phone numbers and names of organizing members.

These Muslim leaders participated in all governmental activities meant to convey the impression that Muslims of America oppose the Muslims of the world and are in the ranks of the U.S. government. Thus the attempt was made to delink U.S. Muslims from the Ummah of Islam in direct violation of the Qur'an.

FAILURE of the Enemies of Islam in America:

The most important failure occurred in the area of the media blitz. The Zionist-controlled media ["mainstream media"] spent billions of dollars to spew a daily stream of hatred against Islam and Muslims for more than FOUR YEARS. The results show that the media have failed miserably to stir up the American people against the Muslims of America. There have been about 20 attacks on mosques, carried out by fringe elements, resulting in most cases in minor damage. No Muslim has been killed in a nation of 260 million people.

Thus it is evident that the American people have not "bought" the Zionist propaganda. [Earlier Imam Musa confirmed that Masjid al-Islam has not faced any hostility from non-Muslim neighbors.]


The pro-government Muslim organizations are drawing fewer and fewer people. People like Syed Sayeed of ISNA used to think that large numbers of people come to the ISNA conference because they support ISNA. Gradually he and other ISNA-types have learned that people come to visit the bazar, to socialize, to find mates for their children. As ISNA invited the FBI into Muslim communities, Muslims became wary of ISNA activities.

New groups have emerged among Muslims to help the government in its spying activities. These have shown a worse performance than ISNA-CAIR. Some of them openly offered to be 'snitches' for the government and to catch "extremists" and hand them over. [Mahdi Bray, etc.] Again, in spite of funding, they got little support from the Muslim community.

Muslims attend Juma' in large numbers, not because the mediocre, pro-government imams of large mosques have any leadership to offer, but simply because Muslims need a place to pray. Most Muslims consider themselves part of the Ummah of Islam, which is global. ISNA-CAIR, ICNA, WD etc are American organizations working to serve narrow ends in sharp contradiction with the Qur'an and the Sunnah.


After 9.11, I wrote on the Internet urging ISNA, ICNA, WD etc to declare that they will follow the Qur'an and authentic Hadith in all matters, especially in matters relating to the U.S. government. If they cannot, they should remove the word "Islamic" or "Muslim" from the titles of their organizations. These groups failed even to make this basic commitment which is essential for any Muslim organization. These self-declared "leaders" have failed miserably to tackle ANY issue concerning the oppression of Muslims by the U.S. government.


The failure of leadership becomes all the more evident when one realizes that although the American people have been compassionate to Muslims, the American government, controlled as it is by Zionists and International Jewry, has oppressed America's Muslims with all its power. The authentic leaders of the Muslims have been imprisoned and humiliated, top among them Imam Jamil al-Amin and Shaikh Omar 'Abdel Rahman. Tens of thousands of Muslims have been investigated. Thousands have been deported. Life imprisonment is ordained for Muslims convicted of NON-VIOLENT "crimes" of attempting to contact overseas Islamic organizations. [Think of Masaud Khan and the Virginia "jihad" network who were anti-India, not anti-U.S.]

In all these matters, the Muslim "leaders" sided with the government or simply claimed that this is not part of our responsibility. To help in the nationalization, the ISNA-CAIR-ICNA conglomerate came up with a Fatwa against terrorism after the London bombing though they had not cheeped in the slightest when Muslims were being bombed in Kandahar, Baghdad, Falluja and terrorized in occupied Palestine. Thus these "leaders" made Islam a tool of U.S. foreign policy. [Voice of America broadcasting is used to convince the Muslim world that America's Muslims are happy and are supportive of U.S. foreign policy.]


The Muslims of America are estimated at 5 to 7 million. Of these about 30,000 are attracted to the ISNA-CAIR-ICNA-WD conglomerate and that too peripherally and in a mediocre way. Thus, after all these betrayals, the time has come for change of leadership in Muslim America. People like Imam Musa should be speaking to Muslims all over America. There are numerous INDEPENDENT mosques in America. They should join hands to form a coalition to displace the government-sponsored, government-supporting leadership.

The current self-appointed leaders, like Qadianis, want to hook up with the government and to prostrate in front of their "ka'aba," the White House. By contrast, true Muslims must go to serve the people, and go to leaders only to challenge them. Remember that the sahabah in the crucible of Makka were the oppressed and the dowtrodden, the slaves, the women, the people of understanding from insignificant tribes, like Abu Bakr, r.a. The first martyr was a slave woman, Sumayya, r.a. Islam rises from the masses, not from the priviliged classes.


Muslims in America should be proud of the fact that the Islamic people of Iraq did not accept defeat in spite of overwhelming American fire power. The Islamic resistance has just about defeated America. More and more we hear voices urging an "exit strategy." In Afghanistan too the Taliban are resurgent.

The Tsunami, Katrina and the earthquake in Pakistan have shown us that the world is changing, and the changes are going to be drastic.


We have to be "witnesses before mankind," [the Qur'an] not nationalists, not part of any race or culture in any limited sense. Hence, as Imam Jamil al-Amin said, it is a terrible blunder to attempt to become part of the American power structure through participation in presidential elections. If this power structure is evil, how can we remain Islamic by becoming part of evil? Already we have seen the disasters brought about by the bloc vote for Bush which Muslim "leaders" perpetrated.

We must stand for justice, against all oppression. We can't be Democrat or Republican. We can't endorse a system which legitimizes homosexuality. Already many imams are skirting the criticism of homosexuality because they want to fit into the "system."

No Muslim worth the name will accept the legitimacy of Israel. The ISNA-CAIR-ICNA-WD conglomerate recognizes Israel and thus has cut itself off from the Islamic ummah in direct violation of the Qur'an.

The pro-government people say, if Muslims don't participate in elections, how will we influence America? These people forget how Islam works. The only authentic example for us is that of Muhammad Mustafa, peace be on him. Can you imagine the Prophet, pbuh, asking people to make a choice between Abu Jahl and Abu Sufian or to vote for any one of them?


* Person to person. If 5 million of us follow Islam in our daily lives, we will be more influential at incredibly lower cost than by winning any number of seats in any election. Pray five times a day, don't drink, smoke or take drugs, care for your neighbors, help to heal the sick, help the old, the infirm, the children. Share all the good you have. That is how Islam works.

* Speak out, express yourself, organize, mobilize, write, email, create your OWN MEDIA. Remember that the MILLION MAN MARCH took place although the ADL and the New York Times tried to stop it.

* Both the Right and the Left should know that you will support the truth, the weak, the oppressed, regardless of their ideology.

* Don't invite non-Muslims of leadership levels from the power structure into mosques. That is counter-da'wah and presents the power structure as our friends. Instead go into the non-Muslim organizations and address them if you are capable of speaking honestly and without hypocrisy.

* Never break the law. We don't need guns and violence to win. We have the Qur'an which is more powerful than anything the other side has, and we have the example of Muhammad, pbuh, which is a better and more complete example than anything the other side has.

* We are peaceful people and we do not break any laws. Thast does not mean that we should try to denigrate jihad by claiming that it simply means "striving" or that getting up for fajr is jihad! We must help Americans to understand that Muslims in Kashmir, Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Chechnia, Somalia, Sudan, South Thailand, South Philippines will fight back and take part in Jihad because Islam commands Jihad in such situations and does not permit oneself to be enslaved.

* We must be part of America because it is a land which belongs to Allah. We must be with the African-American, Hispanic, Native American people of America in their just struggles. That is what makes us American and Islamic. We must liberate the exploited women of America. We must realize that the U.S. power structure is the biggest exploiter of women in the world. When we invite women to become people with a full humanity, rather than objects for sale as this cukture shows them, then we are being American and Muslim.

* Many American women understand that Islam means liberation from exploitation. The U.S. power structure wants to unclothe women and pays them according to how much they can amuse men. Islam says that the woman as mother is second only to Allah [Sura Nisa]. Islam teaches modesty first to men, and then to women. If men are not modest, they will continue to be exploiters. The biggest number of converts [reverts] to Islam in America are women.

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