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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Ramadan 12,1427/October 6, 2006 #67

Re: Canada's Victim Maher Arar: 14,000 Muslim Prisoners in CIA Dungeons?

Can you tell us anything about the 14,000 prisoners the CIA holds in its secret prisoners in various countries. The number is astounding. I'm wondering if most are from Iraq and Afghanistan or if young men have been disappearing from the streets of Muslim countries all over the world.

Ken Meyercord [Virginia]

For letters on Glenn Beck's abuse and ISNA's Moon Fitnah, please scroll down.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen News [3 items only]
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Muslimah Convert [revert] to Islam exploited, Abused, Abandoned by Qadiani ["Ahmadi"] Claiming to be Muslim
[With thanks to Br. Richard ]

Sis. Teresa Anne Latif lives in the town of Willow Grove, near Philadelphia. She is asking the Muslim community for help so she can file for divorce and also can get out of the clutches of her non-Muslim mother who quotes Pat Robertson to her.

Sis. Teresa was tricked by a Pakistani Qadiani, Shaikh Abdul Latif, who wanted to get his immigration "green card." He married her, then started abusing her, then abandoned her. She was left with nothing and was homeless for two years. Finally she came back to her mother who, a staunch Christian, is pressuring her to go back to Christianity.

We have sent her an initial donation and are collecting Islamic clothes for her. She needs hijabs, Islamic dresses and funds for an attorney so she can file for divorce.

She says, the "Ahmadiyya" [Qadiani] community is sheltering her oppressor. Here is an excerpt from her letter:

"I seek a job so that I can have a state legal divorce from Latif, the guy the Pakistani Muslim man, my former spouse who beat me up, abandoned me, left me homeless. Now, for two years I have lived homeless, and the Ahmadiyyah Community to which my spouse belonged and lied to me about saying he is Muslim protects him and help him, and hide him so he can have US citizenship to live here. This Community is going to masjid sending men and they pose as regular Muslims and marry sisters and then abandoned them after they marry them so that these men can have citizenship from Muslim women. This is why I ended up back at my mother's home. She daily reminds me of the failure of Islam and Muslims; some of her members have left her church to marry Muslim men, and she does not want her members to see that she has a daughter who is Muslim, as she preaches against Islam on a regular basis. She recites what the Christian TV programs ( Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell] have to say on Islam. She has no respect for the fact that that I seek to follow Allah in life and in death, and has no respect for Muslims nor seeks to even listen to the truths of Islam."

Readers interested in helping Sis. Teresa should write a check in the name of Teresa Anne Latif and send it to Jamaat's address above.

After talking to her, we explained to her that Qadianis are not Muslims and were declared non-Muslims by the people, government and parliament of Pakistan.

Lynne Stewart Facing 30 Year Sentence: This is too big a tragedy

On October 16, the famous attorney, Lynne Stewart, who defended the blind Shaikh, Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman pro bono is facing a 30 year sentence for alleged "terrorist connections." She has asked the court for mercy. In her letter to the judge, she reminds the judge that her client, the blind Shaikh, and herself belong to the pre-9.11 era. She says, the entire legal community, judges and prosecutors, knew her so well that she never thought she would ever be considered a security threat [!] to her beloved country.

All decent Americans are shocked at this shameful attempt to imprison an attorney known for her fight for human rights. Much evil has happened to innocent people in America but we could never have believed that a well known attorney would be treated in this shameful manner.

Let's Re-Open the Case of Arab Muslim Woman Stabbed 33 times: Can you help?

The Katrina disaster hid the tragedy of an Arab Muslim woman who was murdered in December 2004. Iman Muhanna Muhammad was stabbed 33 times and the police could not arrest anyone. She was closely related to Dr. Abdulhalim Ashqar, the Palestinian leader whom the U.S. government has been trying to persecute.

Why did the New Orleans police abandon all attempts to find the murderer? Is a Muslim woman's life not valuable?

Please publicize this case to the maximum.

A $45,000 reward is being offered for tips leading to an arrest and conviction in this case. If you, or anyone you know, has any information about Iman Mohammed's murder, please contact Deputy Chief Fred Williams of the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's office at (540) 364-5390 or (504) 364-5300, or contact Crimestoppers at (504) 822-111 or 1-877-903-STOP (7867). Callers do not have to give their names or testify.

OOPS! The cat is out of the bag!
Top Republican Senator Frist, from Tennessee, said while visiting NATO troops in Afghanistan:
"Taliban is too strong and has too much popular support to be defeated militarily" and should be brought into the Afghan government. [FOX TV News, October 3, 2006]
Democratic Party leaders jumped on Frist for weakening the war on "terror." Karzai of Kabul too showed serious concern. Democratic Party leader Nancy Pelosi, one of the richest women in America, claimed that Frist is trying to "coddle" the Taliban [!]. The result: Frist, like a good politician, back pedaled and said that he was not referring to the Taliban but to the tribal leaders who should be brought into the government. Go figure!

Ramadan Message # 3: Be aware of Allah's Guidance in all matters, ranging from physical purity and the direction of prayer to politics, economics and social dialectics, from the timings for the fast to the moves and tricks of the oppressors and exploiters, from the lawfulness and quality of food to environmental concerns and scientific advancement, from modesty in dress to effective forms of communication, from child care and respect for the elderly to support for the people of Kashmir, Chechnya, Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq and Sudan:

"This is the Book in which is Guidance sure, without doubt, for those who are aware [muttaqeen]." [The Qur'an 2:2]

"O ye who believe! Fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you so that you may become aware [tattaquun] [through self-restraint]." [ 2:183]

Two important anniversaries. New Trend urges readers to remember. However, it is not necessary to do it on the exact date because that leads to the bid'ah [innovation] of anniversary celebrations:

1. September 22, 1979. Sayyid Abul 'Ala Maudoodi, the greatest Islamic scholar of the 20th century C.E. passed away. He taught an entire generation of western educated Muslims that Islam is a COMPLETE WAY of LIFE, not a bunch of rituals. He faced the forces of military dictatorship, sectarian religion and secular materialism and gave them a resounding defeat through sheer scholarship and self-sacrifice. The Islamic movement in Pakistan which has backed America's agent General Musharraf into a corner THROUGH PEACEFUL MEANS is a living tribute to Maudoodi's uncompromising but rational interpretation of the Qur'an and the Hadith.

2. October 2, 1187. The crusaders in Jerusalem surrendered to the armies of Islam led by Salahuddin Ayyubi [Saladin]. Inshallah, the time is not far when western occupation terror forces known as "Israel" too will surrender and will be shipped out of Palestine. The defeat of the Israeli offensive at the hands of a small militia known as Hizbullah is a sign of things to come.

A Negative Anniversary

September 29, 30, 1941. The holocaust industry claims that Hitler's forces killed 33,771 Jews in the ravine of Babi Yar just outside the city of Kiev in the Soviet Union. This tale of horrors, publicized worldwide and the stuff of anti-German movies, has been subjected to detailed analysis in a chapter of Germar Rudolf's book Dissecting the Holocaust. Rudolf shows step by step that no such massacre took place. The story was war time Soviet propaganda which became a rallying cry for fundraising and pity by the Jewish lobbies, he indicates. Rudolf is a scientist from Germany's prestigious Max-Planck-Institute. Owing to Zionist control of Germany, he lost his job. When he persisted in writing, he was arrested for "thought crime" and is awaiting trial in Germany.

American Predators Targeting the very Young and Vulnerable: Thoughts on the Amish Children Killed on October 2.
by Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D

"When the souls are sorted out, when the female buried alive is questioned - for what crime she was killed..." [The Qur'an 81:7-9]

Oxford is a little town in southern Chester County, Pennsylvania, off highway 1. The Amish people come into town once a week to sell the vegetables they grow and the bread and cakes they bake, the men, bearded and wiry, the women modestly dressed, with head coverings. They are a peaceful people who do not use machinery and do not bother anyone. I condoled with them there on October 3, the day after a man named Charles Roberts, armed with a shotgun, a rifle, a pistol and 600 rounds of ammo broke into one of their schools and shot 10 girls, five of whom died.

One of the girls was related to the Amish man I talked to. He was matter of fact about it, showing no emotion. I told him, I am from Pakistan and the women in my country dress modestly, like the Amish girls, and I feel as if this was an attack on my family.

He didn't know where Pakistan is located but his son told him that it's "out in the east." We talked for a while and he told me how to reach the site of the murders, about 15 miles inland on route 896. I plan to take some donations to the families of the victims.

Roberts went after young girls. On October 2, when he entered the one room school, he kicked out the grown women and boys and kept the little girls. [The teacher escaped.] He barricaded the door, blocked the windows and put hooks on the walls. He then taped and wired the legs of the 10 little girls. It is estimated that he wanted to rape the children and hang them on the hooks [somewhat like sheep carcasses are hung for sale in Pakistani markets].

The teacher who had escaped called the police. Within minutes the police were there. Roberts then shot the 10 children and killed himself. Three of the girls died on the spot, three died in hospital and the remaining four are in bad shape.

This targeting of young women, little girls and children in general, has become a countrywide phenomenon. Schools are the easiest to hit. On September 27, a 53 year old man, Duane Morrison, took six girls hostage at a high School located in a small town called Bailey in Colorado. He raped the girls. When police arrived, he used the girls as human shields and held off the police for hours. Finally he killed one of the girls and himself.

At the adult level, men in the U.S. batter more than FOUR MILLION WOMEN every year badly enough to force them to take refuge in shelters and homes.

Do relatively independent women, strong women, escape this male activity? The answer is: NO. During the last one year, 80 military recruiters were disciplined for sexual misconduct, including rape.
[CNN September 30]
[Usually unreported cases are estimated at three times those that are reported.]

Does America have a solution for the problems caused by the predatory male? Again the answer is: NO. "Solutions" entirely focus on "more security" and psychological studies of the perpetrators. On the very day of the Amish murders, the media were coming up with excuses for the behavior of the murderer.

America is unable to grasp the underlying issue, that its social context is disintegrating and that its social fabric has been torn apart. Women are not respected, by and large, in this country. Corporate greed, consumerism, entertainment groups, anti-religious lobbies have undermined the sense of decency and modesty. Secular education, widespread adultery and fornication, organized homosexuality, sexual deviations without borders, multi-million dollar pornography, "children-as-sexual objects" have worked together to create a social atmosphere where growing numbers of people have no idea as to what is right and what is wrong. One may meet men like Charles Roberts and Duane Morrison and never know that they plan to rape female children. They look so "normal" and so "American." The "normal" American can turn out to be a criminal thinking up atrocities in peace time which elsewhere would be considered extreme even in war time.

News Alert: by our Media Monitor
Sudan Facing Worldwide Zionist Media Blitz: Independent Islamic State is Intolerable.
Bush and Blair Want UN Military Intervention Followed by NATO Action

New Trend's media monitors note that a huge smear campaign is underway against Sudan on a worldwide scale, orchestrated by the Zionist media. In Britain, both the ruling party and the Conservative party have made Darfur a rallying cry for the new crusade. In the U.S., the Zionist media are beating the drums of war, alleging "genocide" in Sudan's Darfur region and trying to relate it to Hitler's alleged "holocaust" against the Jews.

CNN's Anderson Cooper, whose Zionist links were uncovered by none other President Ahmedinejad of Iran, has been on a DAILY campaign [October 2 to 5] to make Sudan a dirty word, bringing up pictures of women allegedly raped in Congo and then trying to say that similar atrocities are taking place in Darfur. Cooper unblushingly ignored the atrocities against women right here in America while shedding crocodile tears for Africa.

New Trend's analysts say, Sudan's Darfur is a diversion being created by the Zionists to cover up the colossal suffering imposed on Lebanon by Israel and the military campaigns being used to crush the uprising of the peoples of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Sudan keeps asking: Why are you [Israel and the U.S.] arming the rebels in Darfur? Why are you using the suffering, poverty and internal divisions of the Darfur people to try to destroy the unity of Sudan? In the final analysis, Sudan will have to fight invading forces. All of Africa should support Sudan.

SOMALIA: CNN's Anderson Cooper Simply Ignores the Islamic Reality
New Trend report

On September 25, Islamic forces entered the southern city of Kismayo in triumph. This victory march to Kismayo, 165 miles from Mogadishu, routed the U.S. supported warlords with little or no fighting. Now, the U.S./U.N. appointed "government" exists only in the city of Boadoa to the north, defended by hated Ethiopian troops.

Most of Somalia is now under the banners of Islam, at peace, with justice available to even the poorest Somali. Basic services are gradually being restored. The mosques are re-opening. Think of CNN days of glory when this shameless Zionist propaganda outlet used to drool over the pictures of dying Somali children with flies swarming over their faces? Remember "Black Hawk Down" when the U.S. military power went in and slaughtered 2,000 Somalis and then cried for years over about two dozen U.S. troops killed by the Somalis? Wire services at that time reported Somali women at prayer were shot during prayers by U.S. troops, and the U.S. military claimed they had to be killed because they were "human shields" for the Somali fighters. [That's the "big lie" technique: Somalis using their own wives and daughters as "human shields!" Compare to the Israeli claims that Lebanese civilians had to be killed because Hizbullah were hiding among them. The diabolical Jewish mind at work!]

Is it a wonder that Anderson Cooper is not covering Somalia but is busy fabricating stories about Sudan?

Iraq: New Trend reports from U.S. sources
Islamic Forces Launch Ramadan Offensive: U.S. Generals Reveal Massive War Crimes Against Iraqis and the Intensity of the "Insurrection."
[Words in quotation marks are the exact words of the persons referred to.]

Bob Woodward's book State of Denial has put a big dent in the Bush administration's claims of success in Iraq. In an interview about the book, he said that the U.S. is facing 800 to 900 attacks a WEEK from the Sunni Jihad forces ["terrorists"] in Iraq.

He may well be correct because the Pentagon/CNN is reporting that in addition to the 12 American troops killed in the first couple of days in Ramadan, another 23 have been killed from October 1 to October 5, bringing the total U.S. troops killed [official figure] to 2733 and the number wounded to above 25,000. The new Al-Qaidah leader Abu Ayyub al-Masri [the Egyptian]seems to have mobilized and organized the jihad forces which in June suffered a blow with the killing of Abu Mus'ab Al-Zarqawi.

U.S. troops are the most heavily armed and most heavily protected military forces in the world. For guerrilla forces to kill even one such soldier is extraordinary, our analysts say.

Another report on the wire services reveals that actual U.S. losses may be much higher. It indicates that more than 600 U.S. "contractors" have been killed by the Jihad forces and more than 1,000 wounded [in addition to regular U.S. troops]. These are armed men trained to carry out transportation, supply and support activities for U.S. troops and are among the most highly paid men in Iraq. Truck drivers from Bangladesh, India and a number of other countries working for the U.S. have also been killed.

On the other side, U.S. generals and officers who have served in Iraq are bringing out the massive war crimes being committed by the U.S. in its attempts to crush the Islamic uprising. On September 25, 2006 Major General John Batiste [retired] who commanded the First Infantry Division in Iraq during 2004-2006 testified that the U.S. "killed huge numbers" of Iraqi civilians in its attempts to crush resistance. In addition, he said, we put "huge numbers of Iraqis in Abu Ghraib" prison on suspicion of support for the jihad. U.S. forces have been breaking at random into Iraqi Muslim homes. As General Batiste put it, the U.S. has been "doing unconscionable things" in Iraq.

These attempts to crush the Islamic forces have not only been a failure but backfired to such an extent that the "insurgency grew geometrically."

What about the "democratic government" Bush says has been installed in Iraq? The General's reply: It's a total failure. "There is no rule of law" in Iraq, he concluded.

At the same hearing, Col. Thomas Hammes, who retired from the marines serving in Iraq, said that there is no possibility of crushing the Islamic resistance in Iraq. "We'll be there for 10 years" if we want to do so, he said. He reported that the Iraqi resistance is affecting and inspiring Islamic people around the globe. During the last year, he said, "150 European [Muslims] traveled to Iraq to train and went back" to their home countries.

During an October 5 discussion on National Public Radio [NPR] a military eyewitness from Iraq [whose name we missed] discussed the slaughter of 21 Iraqi civilians [including women and children] by U.S. forces in the Sunni city of Haditha. The witness said that killing of Iraqi civilians is nothing unusual and is part of the war. He said that a month before the Haditha massacre, U.S. forces noticed "insurgents" going into a house and simply called in an air strike which dropped a 500 pound bomb on the home killing everyone inside including women and children.

Letter: Re: The Ongoing Saga of Islam Hater Glenn Beck: This is the way to go

As Salaamu Alaikum,
The Glenn Beck Show is owned by Premiere Radio Network which is owned by Clear Channel Communications. To maximized the effect of protest against his remarks, the owners of the companies that produce the Glenn Beck Show need to be notified.

A similar comment was made a year ago by another radio personality who's show was owned by ABC who is owned by Disney. After Disney was contacted the person was fired.

Clear Channel Communications is a publicly traded company on the NYSE with world wide holdings. Premiere Radio Network also produces a show with Jessie Jackson (civil rights leader) and Casey Kasem (a person of Lebanese decent). These contacts may prove advantageous also.

Clear Channel has been sued several times which led to policy changes, so they are not closed to listening, yet.

Check out the corporate information on Clear Channel and Premiere. A campaign of protest to these two entities may prove most effective.

IPPA Richmond
[Islamic Peoples Party of America, Richmond, Virginia branch]

Clear Channel Communications Corporation
200 East Basse Road
San Antonio, TX 78209
Phone 1-210-822-2828

ISNA's FITNAH: But Wasn't Moon Sighted on September 22?

Assalamu Alaikum:
We are not in disagreement about the fitna created by ISNA. However, to say that the moon was not sighted on the 22 is not an accurate statement. The moon was sighted in the Houston area and in Denton Texas. We have not announced that Saturday was the first day of Ramadan until we verified with the person who sighted the crescent and confirmed it with the astronomical data that the moon sets 8 minutes after the sun set in Houston on the 22 of September. It will be a disservice to negate possible sightings and to the credibility of those who strive very hard to follow the Sunnah. If your group did not sight the moon in Brownsville Texas, it does not make it impossible for people in Houston and Denton Texas to sight it.
This is just a clarification and not a Jidal.
Wassalamu Alaikum and may Allah keep us focused on the Truth.

Your brother in Islam,
Mohamed Boutrid
[Islamic Association of Raleigh, North Carolina]

Ed. Note: We respect Br. Boutrid and others who did try to get moon sighting. This is very different from ISNA's shameful attempt [which failed] to deny the Sunnah of Muhammad, pbuh. However, we asked Dr. Omar Afzal, the foremost expert on this matter, about the alleged sightings. His detailed reply can be sent to those interested. His brief reply is as follows.

I have attached a longer version on why Sep. 22 Shahadah was not acceptable.

The short answer is that if a moon was really seen at the two places in TX, there was no valid reason it could not be seen in towns located west of TX in Arizona, and California.
Even next day a moon was not seen from Australia to Pakistan and Iran. Obviously, whatever the witnesses saw in TX was NOT RAMADAN Hilal.

Omar [Ithaca, New York]

2006-10-06 Fri 19:02:33 cdt