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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Zulhijja 5,1429/ December 4 2008, #61

Dr. Omar Afzal's research group determined that the crescent was not sighted on Nov. 28. Zulhijja began on Nov. 30 and Eid al-Adha will be on December 9.
Our Arab brothers will make Eid on December 8. We should not quarrel with them. Until the Saudi regime is put on the right path, this problem will continue. Our Arab brothers should read the life of the Prophet, pbuh, so they can see that he based Eid on crescent sighting, not on Hajj.
For details of why it is Dec. 9, please check

In the new generation of Islamic writers, New Trend has sis. 'Aisha, an alumna of Lincoln University. See her incisive critique of Obama below. She earlier exposed W.D. Muhammad group who have been committing shirk in their masjids, pledging allegiance to the flag where only Allah should be worshipped. Scroll down to article on Obama.

Compare with media coverage of Mumbai, India
Report based on info from New Trend's rep in Nigeria
African Lives Don't Matter: 415 Muslims Slaughtered in Jos, Nigeria about same time as the Mumbai attacks. No Media Coverage in the U.S.

November 28-30, 2008: Jos is located in the Plateau province of Nigeria, about the center of Nigeria. Muslims are the great majority in Nigeria but in Jos, the population is mixed. A slow but systematic process is underway in Nigeria to displace the Muslim majority with Anglo-European hegemony working through heavily funded Christian political groupings backed by the military armed by the U.S. and Israel.

The impact of this creeping hegemony was felt in a big blow in Jos on November 28 when election results were prematurely announced giving obviously fraudulent victory to the Christian grouping known as the PDP. In response the Muslims came out in the streets to protest. As if at a given signal, the "security forces" attacked the unarmed and peaceful protestors. Hundreds of Muslims were gunned down by the "security forces." Christian gangs, under police protection, then moved in and finished off the wounded.

On November 29, the Muslims regrouped and came back to fight [armed only with machetes] and again were dealt with ruthlessly. Finally on November 30, when more Muslims came out, the regular military forces moved in and clamped a curfew on Jos.

Significantly, the western media dismissed the massacre as a fight between Christians and Muslims [evidently to turn western opinion against the Muslims]. BBC provided one of the very few reports from Jos. It posted a photo of scores of corpses of Muslims awaiting burial in the central mosque. BBC could not figure out why NO CHRISTIANS had been killed: The report opined that they must have been killed but no report of where they are placed is available. [FOX and others followed the lead of the BBC.]

Al-Jazeera's reporting was vague too but it was the only one which quoted the Imam of the main mosque complaining of the "heavy handed" actions of the military.

Twice as many Muslims were killed in Jos as were Hindus in Mumbai [India] but this slaughter was of NO INTEREST whatever to the U.S. media

Nigeria is one of the richest countries in the world. The north is solidly Islamic. The west of Nigeria [yorubaland] is about half and half Muslim and local religions [with Muslims still the majority]. Only the tiny eastern region, Iboland, is Christian] The Anglo-European churches are frantically setting up churches and trying to undermine Islam, in preparation for total western control of Nigeria. Corrupt Muslims are brought up as rulers who then siphon off Nigeria's wealth to European banks.

Our America [Next 2 items from New Trend's Media Monitor]
U.S. Think Tanks Vie with India to Label Jamat ad-Da'wa as a terrorist Organization: India Prepares to Bomb Islamic Center Near Lahore

On December 2, India issued a list of 20 "Pakistani terrorists" and demanded that Pakistan arrest them and hand them over. Among them is the famous leader of Jamat ad-Da'wa, Hafiz Muhammad Saeed who is known for his support of the Kashmiri freedom struggle.

Following the demand came reports that India is preparing to bomb the educational center of Jamat ad-Da'wa located at Muridke near Lahore with the claim that it is a terrorist training center. In response Jamat ad-Da'wa opened up its center to the public [December 4] and invited journalists to come and see the educational and spiritual facilities located there. Also, Jamat ad-da'wa called for the arrest of Hindu leader Advani and other Indian extremists and terrorists. [Scroll all the way down.]

American think tanks are reaching out to American opinion makers to convince them that Jamat ad-Da'wa is a terrorist organization. They try to confuse Lashkar-e-Taiba [LeT], which fights India in Kashmir with Jamat ad-Dawa in Pakistan. LeT was banned in Pakistan in 2002, about six years back.

One of the most interesting think tanks [discussion forum] is the Charlie Rose show which appeared on MPT [a branch of PBS] on December 2, 2008. Top Zionist supporters came in to criticize Islamic groups and to mourn the Mumbai disaster which took India unawares.

Fareed Zakaria, editor of Newsweek revealed his deep ties not only to India but to the Taj Hotel where, he said, "my mother is editor of the Taj Group of hotels magazine." She has her office in the Taj but luckily was not there. Fareed Zakaria has a long record of opposition to all Islamic movements and has used his Muslim name to infiltrate the American public. He talked of the Islamic movements as if they are mindless and can be turned on and off, like a tap, by Pakistani intelligence services, ISI. {The magic letters ISI are the usual Zionist explanation for Islamic groups in Pakistan.]

Nicholas Burns was more sedate and discussed how the Kashmir "problem" can be solved.

The Pakistani ambassador, Haqqani, tried to calm things down by explaining that it is not an India-Pakistan conflict but that both have the same enemy which is "terrorism." He expressed sorrow that terrorists are undermining democracy in Pakistan. Faced by Mr. Rose with a quote from his previous writings linking the Pak regime with ISI he breathed deep and said that was true at one time but now ISI has been cleaned up. He assured his audience that "we" will "put all terrorists out of business," Zardari, he said, will be better than Musharraf. On Lashkar-e-Taiba, he put up a brave front and said, there is no evidence.

Charlie Rose is a close friend of Salman Rushdie. In his absence, Rushdie ran the show earlier this year. He is a staunch Islam hater and his show was marked by the absence of any Islamic viewpoint. Mr. Rose happens to be a Jew. [Strange coincidence,] His show is supported by Bloomberg.

Important Think Tank Claims Pakistan has Failed but Should be Used until it Collapses

December 3, 2008. Just about all of America's think tanks put forth their support for the Indian version of Mumbai but the BROOKINGS INSTITUTE was outstanding. It brought together the highest quality Zionists in America and shredded Pakistan and Islam.

Stephen Cohen was the most eloquent of the speakers. He thought that Pakistan has failed but should not be allowed to collapse because that would create more problems because of Islamic radicalism and Pakistan's nuclear bombs.

Daniel Benjamin was quite frank. He thought Zardari [the Pak president] now has a good opportunity to strike at Islamic radicalism.

Vanda Felbers-Brawn, a nordic looking woman, with hair falling towards her waist and very gesticulative, seemed to be the only one who had her feet on the ground, though she had a problem concealing her hatred for Muslims. She pointed out that the Taliban "insurgency" is self-sustaining although Pakistan is very important to the Taliban. To turn the full power of Pakistan against the Taliban, "we" should restrain India and reduce India-Pakistan tensions. One step should be to encourage India to close its consulates in Afghanistan which make Pakistan feel that it is being encircled.

Bruce Riedel had done a lot of reading on Jamat ad-Da'wa and was worried that an Al-Qaidah-Da'wa alliance would be a great danger for the U.S. Da'wa, which he repeatedly also called LeT, has become very powerful in Pakistan, and its gatherings recently attracted hundreds of thousands of people, he said. He explained that LeT may be more dangerous than al-Qaidah because of its social and humanitarian work and it's big effort in the Pakistani earthquake relief. He compared it to Hizbullah.

Riedel was anxious that LeT is [or maybe] recruitiing from the very large Pakistani community in UK.

The only ripple in the Brookings Institute meeting [broadcast on C-Span] was from a Kashmiri who got up andf demanded why they were ignoring the 80,000 Kashmiris killed in Indian occupied Kashmir. The speakers would'nt answer. He repeated his question but they went off in other directions and ignored him.

by Kaukab siddique, Ph.D
Mumbai, India: Strange narratives between Myths and Reality: Kashmir is central.
[From New Trend's Research and Think Tank]

What the Indian government says: [Shocked by the audacity of the attack.]

India says:
The attacks on Mumbair were orchestrated by Pakistan, in particular Pakistan's intelligence agency [ISI]. [India wants to ignore that now ISI is secularized and under U.S. scrutiny.]
Lashkare Taiba, the Kashmiri-Pakistani Islamic resistance movement, is seen as the main culprit [the U.S. and Israel are insisting that LT is also connected to al-Qaida and the Taliban].
The assailants were terrorists who killed innocent civilians.
India's heroic armed forces defeated the terrorists.
India is one, united, nation, where people of all religions live in harmony.
Media and groups linked to the Indian government are flirting with a military attack on, or at least a military threat, to Pakistan.

What Indian Muslims say: [Scared to death.]

Indian Muslims say:
The attacks were carried out by Hindu extremists. [Conspiracy theories like the Jews attacking their own economic base in the 9.11 attacks.]
The attacks are meant to provide excuse to Hindu extremists to attack India's Muslims. [9.11 was excuse to attack Afghanistan.]
The anti terror task force leader, Kerkare, was killed in the attack because he was investigating Hindu extremists.
A photo of one of the attackers shows him wearing a Hindu religious thread on his wrist. That shows that the attackers were Hindus. They didn't have beards [Muhammad Atta visited a drinking, gambling house, probably to mislead U.S. intelligence.]
Indian Muslims in the USA [the most prosperous among Indian Muslims] have been holding prayers for those killed in the attack. [A HARAM act under Islamic law.] [ICNA did likewise for 9.11 victims.]
[NT comment: Conspiracy theories are based on the oppressed peoples' sense that they are helpless and everything is done by the oppressors.]

What the Pakistani government says: [Caught in the act of betrayal.]

The Pakistani regime is busy serving the U.S. and Israel.
The regime had entered into a cosy relationship with India.
It said [and says] that its only enemy is radical Islam [for which it uses terms like "extremism" and "militancy."]
Now the Pakistani people are watching whether the regime will respond to Indian threats.
If India actually crosses the international border, what will the Generals do, with their air force busy bombing Islamic villages and 80,000 of its troops trying to crush the Pakistani Taliban. Suddenly the Generals feel naked. Their lack of love for Pakistan has been exposed by the 10 who hit Mumbai.
[Pakistan's Islamic movement calls for united response to Indian threats. Please scroll ALL THE WAY DOWN.]

The FACTS of the case: [India is in trouble. The Indo-American initiative against Islam suffered a serious setback.]
  1. The assailants first fought India's crack Anti-Terror force and its elite police force and routed them.
  2. The chief of the terror task force, Kerkare, as well as the DIG of Police and 9 other officers were killed by the fighters.
  3. The attackers hit India's high value targets which would undermine India's big money makers:
    1. Foreign investment.
    2. Tourism.
    3. The huge Bollywood film industry.
  4. The assailants hit foreign nationals from countries which have occupation forces in Afghanistan.
  5. The fighters hit Israelis, thus exposing the Indian-Israeli alliance. Six Israelis were killed.
  6. The tragic suffering of the Kashmiri people was highlighted as never before. Study of context and cause indicates that this may well have been revenge for mass murder, rape, torture and mutilation the Indian army has been carrying on in Kashmir. This attack indicates that the international community will no longer be able to ignore Kashmir.
  7. The Indian army was humiliated in this encounter. The fighters, outnumbered 10 to one, proved that they were better fighters than anything India could put up. This alone may make India think twice before attacking Pakistan.
  1. The world powers have united to crush Islam. Israel, the U.S., Western Europe and India are working in tandem. Muslims' rights mean nothing to them.
  2. ALL the Muslim governments [with the exception of Iran, which, however, is more nationalism oriented than Islam oriented] are working with and for those in number one.
  3. The terminology used for Muslims says it all. Those who practise Islam in their daily lives are called "fundamentalists" by #1. Those who speak, demonstrate, organize against #1 are called "extremists" by number #1. Those who pick up weapons to fight back against # 1 are called "terrorists" by #1.
  4. Strategically, these powers are not interested in Pakistan except to use its military to crush Islamic fighters. After that, Pakistan will be placed under Indian protectorate.
Conclusion: Pakistan will have to become ISLAMIC PAKISTAN to be able to survive. Internal strength is essential, including Islamic rights for women, distribution of wealth and the army to be de-secularized and made part of a PEOPLES Islamic ARMY including the entire nation. Groups working with India, allegedly including MQM in Karachi, should be investigated and brought to trial. {MQM started disrupting the major city of Karachi after the attacks in Mumbai, creating an Indian threat within Karachi.]
Pakistanis should realize that Indian military attack backed by the U.S. and Israel is a stark probability [not just a possibility] if Pakistan continues to weaken itself by fighting the forces of Islam symbolized by the Taliban.

Qaide Azam's word must be honored and the Pakistani military should be withdrawn from the western frontiers and moved to the border with India. This has to be done for the nation's survival. This should not be part of the regime's public relationing moves.

You Cannot Change an Oppressive System by Becoming Part of it.
A critique of Obama and the anti-people, anti-Islam forces which brought him to power.

by Sis. 'Aisha [Jamaat al-Muslimeen, New York City.]

New York City, NY - The media claims that history was made Election Day 2008 when Barack Obama was voted in as the first openly black President of the United States. I say openly because there were five others that sat in the oval office before he will, Insha'Allah: 1) Thomas Jefferson 2) Andrew Jackson 3) Abraham Lincoln 4) Warren G. Harding were the others. It's been said that Eisenhower maybe the fifth that were of African-descent. This is based on the Anglo rule that one drop of African blood makes you African. There is no scientific basis for this. However, what is true is that the aforementioned Presidents, including Lincoln, really did not have the best interest of Black Americans in any of their decision making.

Many people of African-descent are very proud of the fact that someone who looks like them has been selected by voters of various colors and backgrounds to represent the most powerful country in the world - the United States. Some people believe that part of Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream has really come true because a black man was chosen based on the content of his character and not the color of his skin. It is true that the Zionists financially funded a black man's presidential campaign solely because he supports their cause. But was Obama's race really not a factor with the Zionists?

I tell people that the Zionists would never pump that much money into anyone's political campaign unless they were absolutely sure that he was a supporter of Israel. Zionist Jews have been very keen in undermining black leadership during the black Civil Rights Movement of the 50's, 60's and the Black Power Movement of the 1970's. They introduced anti-Muslim lies such as the one about Muslims starting the African slave trade (and now, the Darfur genocide lie). This was done to create a divide among black Christians and Muslims while riding our coattails to help themselves and then, knifing us in the back. Jews had to ride in the back of the bus along with black people - that is if they revealed that they were Jewish. The Zionists will use Barack Obama against those Black Americans who are more perceptive.

I have never been moved by a black face in a high place. I recognize white people as the oppressors of non-whites. The root of racism is white supremacy and most whites buy into their supremacy either consciously or subconsciously. The only non-whites that white people feel comfortable with are those who identify with that white supremacist mindset. Barack Obama is that black man in that he admires and emulates the very kind of power whites have used to oppress his people. Black Americans refer to these kinds of blacks as oreos - black on the outside but white on the inside.

Many black folk want to believe that once in the White House, Obama will turn against the "establishment" and start making the necessary changes to really help the oppressed. For these thinkers, the honeymoon will be over on inauguration day. Don't even expect Obama to pardon any political prisoners, do away with the Patriot Act, or support any foreign policies that benefit Africa, certainly not the Muslim World. But, do expect him to introduce foreign policies that will benefit corporations, Israel and Europe.

Actually, I am not hopeful at all with this upcoming presidency. It's been said by Alex Jones, a political analyst, that Barack Obama is going to be even more aggressive with his foreign policy but, he will do a better job of selling his policies because he is a better speaker. Bush was brazen and arrogant in his conversations with the press and sounded idiotic doing it. Now, we will go back to hearing euphemisms and double talk with a Harvard vocabulary.

El Hajj Malik Shabazz said that you cannot change an oppressive system by joining that system. We as Muslims know what the Holy Qur'an says about idolizing and forming relationships with the oppressor. People just don't realize that the kuffar will change the rules when they see that they are losing their grasp.

On October 23, 2008, the New York City Council voted, illegally, to allow Jewish Mayor Bloomberg to go for a third term in office. The citizens had already voted, twice, to limit a mayor's term to two. Bloomberg claimed that his reason for running again was to care for New York during this economic crisis but, it is really to make sure some of his business deals with his billionaire friends come to fruition. Two terms was not enough time for him. Let's not forget how snippy Bloomberg got, with Mayor Guiliani in 2001, when Guiliani suggested that he remain in office to help New Yorkers cope with the events of September 11th.

Obama won the popular vote and the electoral votes but the electoral votes are what got him elected. Many Americans are unaware of how meaningless their vote really is. The delegates, and now super delegates, have a mind of their own. It just so happens that in this instance the electoral votes were in agreement with the popular vote. But, when it seems that people have lost faith in the political system they go and take the easy way out by voting in droves and pat themselves on the back for taking a "Jihad-like" stance. A wise person once said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Lower class whites have resorted to attacking black citizens. On election night, A young 17 year old African Male, Ali Karama, was viciously attacked by bat-wielding white boys as they screamed Obama's name on Staten Island, NY. We must always be aware of our surroundings. Although, Barack Obama is doing the oppressor's bidding there are some who would still rather see a white man in his position.

Editor's note: The actual racial situation has not changed. Huge sums of money have hidden the reality. In fact 46% of the voters voted against Obama. He won but a huge block of racial bigotry is still there, just about at the same level as it was before Nov. 4. The Republican victory in the Georgia runoff shows a big segment which is still fixed in its ways.

Response to the Kuby Interview about the Conspiracy Trial of Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman [The Blind Shaikh]
by Lynne Stewart [New York] [The writer is famous, worldwide, for her defense of the Blind Shaikh and other causes.]

I just wanted you to know that the interview of Kuby contains misstatements and errors on facts. I think this is due to the fact that they tried the first world trade center case without Ramzi Yousef and his subsequent arrest and admissions, which opened up things. Then they re-tried the case as part of the Sheik's landmark case of conspiracy. I tried to represent Ahmad Ajaj in WTC 1 but Judge Duffy refused to even provide money for experts.

Emad Salem was at all times a double agent for Egypt and the FBI. Kuby's relationship to both cases was minimal. Although he was Bill's partner, at the time of the WTC I trial, they were busy defending Nosair for the murder of Kahane in state court. (Michael Tarif Warren was the heavy lifter attorney in that case ). With the Sheik [Abdel Rahman] and the other 13 arrested for the Landmarks so-called plot, Bill and Kuby were active but ended up being conflicted out of the case because they had taken on the representation of too many defendants with different interests. That is how the Sheik came to be defending himself when Ramsey Clark requested that I become part of his defense team in November of '94.

That Salem is a practiced and formidable liar, there can be no doubt, but the only bomb I know that he was involved in was in the safe house in Queens. That house was rented by the FBI and fitted up with materials they provided, which they admitted at the trial would never have made any bomb. The poor guys rounded up and brought there by Salem were so out of it that they didn't even know that---so much for the "training" of "international terrorism."

There's a great deal here and it would really take serious research of all the materials and transcripts of both trials to get it right. There is Truth!!!

Letter: Reader Says New Trend's Criticism of ISNA and Cair is unIslamic

I am afraid, calling Muslim organizations such as ISNA and CAIR and/or individuals 'Muslim Zionist' or bootlicker, or 'useful idiots' etc. are not only inappropriate, counterproductive, and causing disunity among the Muslims, labeling Muslims with such names are un-Islamic and un-God fearing, because in numerous places Allah cautioned Muslims to address each other with dignity, honor, and a better words, especially when dealing with the fellow Muslims, who may have different opinions and different methods of doing the work of Allah. Allah says in the Quran 49:11:

"O ye who believe! Let not a folk deride a folk who may be better than they (are), nor let women (deride) women who may be better than they are; neither defame one another, nor insult one another by nicknames. Bad is the name of lewdness after faith. And whoso turneth not in repentance, such are evil-doers."

Unfortunately, in almost all publications of this magazine I observe this un-Islamic languages being used against those fellow Muslims of disagreement. I insist that there is a better way of expressing Muslims disagreement against one another. How can a Muslim talk about having united front against the enemies of Allah and condemn one another this way? That is what Allah cautions us about: "for if thou hadst been stern and fierce of heart they would have dispersed from round about thee" (3:159) Think about it, would the prophet have used such language against his followers who would have different opinions and would suggest different methods of pursuing the cause had he been with us today? Bad mouthing is not the way of the Prophet, of God, and of Islam.)

Wa salam,

Haider Bhuiyan
Athens, Georgia

[Pakistan: [Next 2 items.]
Jamaat ad-Da'wah Response to Indian Demand India should hand over Hindu terrorists to Pakistan

In his reaction to news regarding the list of 20 individuals wanted by India which has been handed over to Pakistan, a spokesman for Jama't-ud-Da'wah Pakistan, Muhammad Yahya Mujahid, has said Ameer, Jama't-ud-Da'wah Pakistan, Prof. Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, is a religious leader who has never, at any time, advocated or supported the use of terrorism, nor is he a proponent of clandestine activities of any kind. He said India is employing propaganda in its efforts to hide the crimes of Hindu extremist organizations.

In a statement issued here today, the spokesman said Pakistan too, should demand extradition of the killers of thousands of Indian Muslims, as well as extradition of other Hindu terrorists, such L. K. Advani, Narinder Modi, Bal Thackeray, and serving Indian Army officer, Col. Prohit.

The spokesman said Hafiz Saeed has never been convicted of any crime; neither in Pakistan, nor in any other country of the world, whereas there is an existing registered FIR against L. K. Advani, the leader of an extremist Indian organization, for the murder of Pakistan's founder, Muhammad Ali Jinnah. It will therefore be entirely in accordance with international legal standards, as well as in accordance with the wishes of the people of Pakistan, he said, to demand the extradition of L. K. Advani and other Hindu terrorists.

The spokesman said an agreement to provide complete protection to minorities had been made by both countries at the time of partition of the subcontinent, yet in complete dissimilarity to Pakistan, minorities in India including, Christians, Sikhs, Dalits, and Muslims, have absolutely no safety and protection whatsoever.

Yahya Mujahid said the Indian demand to hand over 20 individuals is extremely ridiculous and India should not try to act like a superpower as it is only making a laughingstock of itself in the whole world.

Islamic Call to Unite against India: JI Demands: End Military Operations in Frontier areas

LAHORE, Dec 01: Jamaat-e-Islami has decided to extend full support to the government against the threats to national security following the Mumbai incident, provided government exploits this opportunity to take solid measures for establishing peace and consolidating national solidarity and unity. But if rulers failed to unite the nation by withdrawing army from Fata and reversing US policies then JI will call its own APC and take along like minded parties to unite the nation itself by holding rallies, demonstrations and meetings.

This was stated by JI ameer Qazi Hussain Ahmad while briefing newsmen at Mansoorah on December 1 following a meeting of the JI consultative body which considered the invitation to attend the Prime Minister's All Parties Conference (APC) on December 2.

Qazi Hussain Ahmad said this is a golden opportunity for the government to unite the nation for countering the external challenges from Western and Eastern borders of the country. He said if rulers take bold measures in national interest Pakistan will turn into an invincible country, but if they showed cowardice and apologetic attitude India will overpower the country.

2008-12-04 Thu 18:42:34 cst