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Why are Medicines so Expensive in America?

In its latest (October 2003) issue, Life Extension magazine has an interesting article on Jerry Falwell, the TV evangelist who supports Israel and attacks Islam.

According to Life Extension, Falwell wrote an article in the Washington Times (July 8) attacking a bill which would "enable Americans to purchase lower-cost medications" from overseas.

The Life Extension article provides information on the massive lobbying efforts of the drug industry to stop imports from overseas which would reduce the prices of drugs in America.

In his article Falwell was devious and tried to convey the impression that drugs imported from overseas are not approved by the FDA. He also tries to bring in the issue of stem cells and abortion, tries to connect stem cells to abortion and then to Life Extension medicines, etc.

Life Extension magazine's article on Falwell is of interest to Muslims because it publishes FALWELL's ATTACK ON ISLAM as an example of Falwell's irresponsible behavior. On October 6, 2002 Falwell told 60 Minutes: "I think Muhammad was a terrorist ....." The result was an anti-American surge in the Muslim world.

Falwell's Zionist connection is very interesting. TV channels bring him on as a representative of Christianity and even of RELIGION in the ongoing Zionist attempts to discredit both. Falwell might have sneakily helped the homosexual cause by making the stupid remark that one of the "telletubbies" on a children's TV program was a "gay role model."

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