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On April 29, 6.30 PM EST, U.S. media started transmitting news of a martyrdom operation in Tel Aviv. Within an hour of first reports, the attack was condemned by the White House, in sharp contrast to almost daily news of Israeli atrocities against Palestinians.

The Palestinians are a defenseless people, with no tanks, planes artillery or even heavy machine guns of their own. Within their polity, under U.S. pressure, a pro-U.S. clique led by Abu Mazen has been planted. It would seem that there is no hope for the Palestinians other than to exist as disarmed puppets of the Israelis.

Within that context, under Islamic leadership, the Palestinian martyrs continue to defy Israel. The latest martyr did the unthinkable. He managed to get through the tightest sercurity in the world and attacked the Israelis in their capital city.

The Muslim world views Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Al Aqsa Brigades and other anti-Israel resistance forces with great pride and honor. However, for the U.S., these are terrorists. Ironically, they have never attacked the U.S. but are still condemned by the U.S. owing to Zionist takeover of American foreign policy.

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