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Rogues, cutthroats and Rapists Placed in Power by U.S. B-52s
Female Aid Worker Gang Raped: Feared for her life. Regime took no Notice
Under Taliban, Hadith was implemented: "Death to the Rapist."
[Dear readers: the following letter was sent to the Washington Post. There is little chance that it will be published. Please give it maximum publicity.]

The Editor
The Washington Post
Washington, DC

Dear Editor

The June 16, 2002 issue of your paper (page A23) published a report on Afghanistan which must be the ultimate in slanted reporting and "cover up." No one could have guessed what was in the report by Kathy Gannon of the Associated Press from the headline you gave it. Here is your headline:

"Afghanistan Militants Threaten Aid Workers"

The headline gives the impression that perhaps Islamic activists are creating trouble for aid agencies. The word "militants" is always used in your paper for Taliban and other Islamic fighters.

The contents of the report are about such a serious crime which, if it had been committed by Islamic people or Taliban, would probably have been on page one of your paper. It's ABOUT THE GANG RAPE OF AN INTERNATIONAL AID WORKER carried out by forces working under the aegis of the United States. These are the words of the report:
"International aid workers are threatening to leave northern Afghanistan after a female worker was gang raped, gunmen attacked a clinic and a vehicle carrying food for the hungry was shot up, the United Nations said today."
The specific information about the gang rape is given as follows:
"On June 8, a female international aid worker was gang raped by seven men, who attacked her vehicle and beat up the Afghan staff member with her, [U.N. spokesman] Almeida said, calling the attack ‘vicious.' He didn't specify where the assault occurred except to say that it happened in northern Afghanistan. The United Nations was told about the rape only two days ago because the aid organization ‘wanted to protect her and put her in a safe place,' he said."

Thus she was not safe even after having been gang raped.

The report goes on to say that this and the other incidents "were reported to local authorities, who refused to take action."

Who are the allies of the U.S. responsible for this atrocity? The concluding paragraph makes it very clear in these words: "The warlords who control the area are Gen. Abdurrashid Dostum, deputy defense minister, Attah Mohammad, chief commander of the Northern Alliance forces backed by the United States, and Mohammad Mohaqiq, a key Shiite leader. All three are attending the grand assembly in Kabul that is choosing a new government."

These are the rogues, cutthroats and rapists who are being placed in power in Afghanistan under the umbrella of American B-52s and British/Turkish/German troops. Imagine the dehumanized level of these pro-U.S. forces that they gang rape a foreign woman, a guest, and then the overall power structure refuses to notice the crime, and the woman is afraid for herself even after having been so heavily victimized. The Taliban, whom your paper demonized, implemented the law of Islam in which the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) commands death to the rapist. Hence for the five years of Taliban rule, there were no rapes in most of Afghanistan which they ruled.
Remember by contrast to U.S. allies' rule, the missionary women who were arrested by the Taliban and were so well treated that they refused to speak against the Taliban even after returning to the U.S.
I suggest that you fire your headline writer. In all honesty, the report should have been on page 1, not on page 23, with this headline: "U.S. allies gang rape female aid worker in Afghanistan."


Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D
The teachings of 'Ayesha Siddiqa, r.a., leader of men and women, who went to the Prophet's household as a youngster and became the greatest teacher in Islamic history:
"A high moral stature can be achieved in these different ways:
1. Speak the truth.
2. Accept hardships for the sake of obedience to Allah.
3. Give to those who ask for help.
4. Pay the just dues of the worker/laborer.
5. Be kind to relatives and do not break with them.
6. Return trusts (safekeeping) to where they belong.
7. Be responsible towards neighbors.
8. Protect and honor the guest.
9. And above all, modesty/decency/sensitivity
(Source: Musnad Ummul Mumineen 'Aisha, radi Allah unha, compiled by al-Imam al-Hafiz Jalaluddin 'Abd ar-Rahman bin Abi Bakr as-Suyuti, died 911 H.)

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