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9 Shawwal 1443 AH - April 30 2023 Issue # 18, Newsletter #2017

Our Philosophy

On the Importance of Politics

Dr. Firoz Mahboob Kamal

Politics is the only tool to clean up societies and to establish truth, human rights, and justice. In Islam it is the highest ibadah. It is called jihad. So, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) engaged in politics and was head of the state for 10 years. For such a political mission, more than half of the companions of the Prophet (peace be upon him) became martyrs.

If Muslims don't engage in this greatest ibadah then Allah's sovereignty and laws (sharia) survive only in the holy Qur'an. For such catastrophic neglect of politics, they must pay the penalty. And it is very heavy and awful. The penalty must be paid by being ruled by the worst criminals like pharaohs of the day. Such criminal rulers then work as the tool of Divine punishment. Bangladesh, Pakistan, and many Muslims countries are the exact examples. Most failures of these countries owe to the political failures. In the hereafter, these failed people will be dumped in hellfire. It is a Qur'anic promise of the Almighty Creator.

What is politics? It is the passionate struggle to implement policies to change the state and its institution. Therefore, those who have thoughts and plans for people, they must possess politics. Cattles do not have thoughts; hence they don't have politics. They live for themselves. The same is true for those who don't have politics. The famous Greek philosopher Aristotle defined man as a political animal. Hence it implies that those who don't have passion for politics live only as animals.

As the viceroy of the Almighty Allah Subhana wa Ta'ala, changing state and societies as per Qur'anic guidance is indeed the job description of every Muslim. Hence, a Muslim can never stay away from politics. This is why 100 percent e arlyMuslims took part in politics in the Prophet (peace be upon him)'s time. They invested their talent, money, time and even blood to bring success in politics. This was indeed considered the true marker of commitment for Allah Subhanahu Tala's cause. Faith of a believer in fact expresses through politics. In the early days of Islam, those who didn't take part in such a solemn effort were labelled as hypocrites ( munafiq).

But now, the belief and behaviour of the Muslims have massively been corrupted. The faith that was preached by the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) no more survives in most Muslims. They don't bother about the fate of Islam and Muslims. Therefore, even one percent Muslims do not take part in politics. Instead, most Muslims take pride in staying away from politics. Changing societies, establishing justice, and aligning with Allah Subhanahu Tala's cause is not their agenda. Strangely, staying aloof from politics is considered as a sign of spirituality. So, the political legacy of the Prophet (peace be upon him) has little place in their life.

This is why most Muslim countries could be easily conquered by the enemies of Islam without any tough fight. These non-political Muslims silently watched such a takeover by the foreign and native enemies. They think offering 5-time prayer, month-long fasting in Ramadan, zakat and hajj are the only things that Islam wants to promote. Because of their inaction, the enemies could dare discard al-Quran from the schools and sharia from the judiciary. What could be the worst betrayal against Islam than this. But such betrayal has become the policy in most Muslim countries. Most Muslims thus live without the true Islam. So, they continue to deviate and decline. 25/04/2023

 War News

War News [We report the war news without taking sides.]


April 26-30

An SDF soldier was killed and another injured in clash with Islamic state. A displaced person was also killed and one Islamic fighter was captured by US helicopter force. [Deir ez Zor]

Two SDF [pro US] killed, 3 injured in Islamic State attack in southern al-Raqqa province.

Local people killed a soldier of regime. In response regime troops killed 2 civilians

.Regime intelligence officer killed. [Deraa province.]

Regime forces shelled two villages in Hama province.

Israeli missiles destroyed Lebanese Hizb's ammunition ware house in Homs province.

Regime troops and Palestinians supporting regime clashed.[Deir ez Zor]

Islamic State and regime force clashed. [Deir ez Zor]

Western Aleppo: Syrian Hizb soldier killed in shelling by Syrians supporting Turkey.

Regime force and Fath al-Mubeen Islamic group clash in Latakia province,

Regime shelled village in Idlib province killing a woman and injuring 4 civilians.

Iranian and other Shia reinforcements coming into Mayadeine city and Zaynab monument in Damascus.

Pakistan Army vs Mujahideen fighting is spreading.

17 police killed in two large explosions in Swat.

8 fighters and 2 army killed in clashes.

Two soldiers killed in south Waziristan

Three more soldiers killed near Bannu.

One report says a new group called Jihade Pakistan has emerged.-


Fighting between the two generals has resumed.T

housands are fleeing towards Egypt and Port Sudan.

About 16000 Americans and many other outsiders are stuck in Sudan.

Burkina Faso [West Africa]

An al-Qaida clash with regime forces killed 33 soldiers.
This happened after several hundred civilians were massacred by the army for supporting militants. Dead include women and children. [Al Jazeera notes 136 killed.]

New missile attacks by Russia.

An Israeli soldier supporting Ukraine killed by Russians. Israel is supporting Ukraine.

More Russian advances in Bachmut.


JI says Fair and Free Elections are Required
by Qaiser Sharif

LAHORE: April 27: Jamaat-e-Islami Emir Sirajul Haq has said that the politicians have to show flexibility for the success of negotiations on election.

Addressing a press conference at Mansoorah on Thursday, he said the Prime Minister has taken a vote of confidence from the parliament, but it would be better if the latter sought direct confidence of the masses through polls.

Haq said that the Chief Justice himself put the ball in his court and the suo motu on election become controversial from the beginning, judges were divided and parliament rejected it, unfortunately. Therefore, he added, he already requested the top judge let the politicians make decision on election matter. If the period of 90 days to hold polls in case of dissolution of assembly had already gone beyond the constitutionally required time, then could it be further delayed if the stakeholders developed consensus on holding the national vote simultaneously, he said, adding ultimately they would be the people of Pakistan who had to decide as neither the establishment or judiciary and nor the political parties had the final say.

"The legislature and the judiciary are still at odds with each other and everyone is giving their interpretation to the constitution while the people are suffering losses amid the prevailing crises."

He said the Jamaat-e-Islami is talking about negotiations as an election stakeholder and is sincerely trying to bring political parties together on one table in the interest of the people and the country. "We want a decision to be made by the nation. We do not want a rigged election like held in the past."

The JI, he said, wanted the institutions should show complete impartiality and the people should freely choose a leadership that can make the country a clean and green Pakistan.

Sirajul Haq said that at present, caretaker governments are in place in two provinces, who instead of focusing on their real mandate which was preparation for election, were doing all other work.

"People are burning in the fire of inflation but the parliament is not paying attention on public issue." The fight between the PDM and PTI, he said, has pushed the country into closed alley.

He said he made it clear upon the prime minister and the PTI chairman during the meetings with them that some other would ultimately take benefit if the politicians failed to develop consensus.

Guidance from Sis. Yasmin

'As-Salaam Alaikum Wa-Rahmatullahi Wa-Barakatuhu'.

Dreams of Hope ~{!}
{A Hadith that makes one Cry 'Subhan'Allah!}
Ibn al-Qayyim (R) records the hadith that was related by Abdurahman ibn Samra. he said that the.... Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said ---- 'I saw something amazing yesterday...{!}I saw a man from my 'Ummah' having the Angel of Death coming to him to seize his soul.Then came good dealings with his Parents (to intercede for him) and the Angel of Death left him ! and I saw a man whose torment in the grave was about to come upon him ... Then came his ablutions ('Wudoo') and saved him from that !
Then I saw a man from my 'Ummah' who had been surrounded by Devils.Then came the remembrance of Allah (Adkar & Dhikr)~and the devils were driven away from him...!

And I saw a man of my 'Ummah' who was surrounded by the angels of punishment, then there came his prayers (Salah) and he was rescued from their hands !

And I saw a man from my 'Ummah' who was panting from thirst. When he got close to them, he was prevented from every jug of water and they were taken away from him.Then came his fasting of the month of Ramadan and, then he drank and was satisfied ... !

I saw a man from my 'Ummah' and I saw Prophets sitting in groups. Every time the man went to the circles he was driven away. Then came his washing (Ghusl) from major defilement ('Janabah'), and they took him by his hand and sat him besides me.

And I saw a man from my 'Ummah', in front of him was darkness, behind him was darkness, on his right was darkness, and on his left was darkness, and above him was darkness, and below him was darkness.And he was lost in the darkness.Then There came his pilgrimage (Hajj) and lesser pilgrimage (Umrah) and they took him out of the darkness and entered him into light !

And I saw a man from my 'Ummah' who was being burned by a fire...! Then there came his charity (Sadaqah) and it formed a cover between him and the fire! And it provided a shade over his head !

And I saw a man from my 'Ummah' who was talking to the believers, but they would not talk to him.Then there came his keeping of family relations (upholding ties of kinship) and it said... ' Oh gathering of Muslims, he kept together family ties so speak with him... Therefore, the believers talked to him and they shook his hand !

I saw a man of my 'Ummah' who was encircled by the Angels who throw the disbelievers into hell... Then there came his ordering good and forbidding the evil ! ['Amr Bil Marouf wanahi anil Munkar']~ so he was rescued from their hands. and he was entered among the angels of mercy !

And I saw a man from my 'Ummah' who was kneeling and between him and Allah there was a curtain.Then there came his good character (Ikhlaq) and he was taken by his hand and permitted to be with Allah.

And I saw a man from my 'Ummah' whose recorded deeds were taken from his left hand.Then there came his fear of Allah and he took his papers and had them placed on his right side...! I then saw a man from my 'Ummah' who had a very light weight on the scale. Then there came his young children who had died and his weight was increased ! I saw a man from my 'Ummah' who was on the brink of the hell-fire. Then there came his hope in Allah and he was rescued from it and he moved on from it.I saw a man from my 'Ummah' who was thrown in the fire !Then there came his tears that he cried out of fear of Allah and he was rescued from that.

And I saw a man from my 'Ummah' standing along a path that was shuddering in the same way that a limb of a palm tree shudders on a stormy night . Then there came his good thoughts about Allah and the shuddering was stopped !
And I saw a man from my 'Ummah' crawling on the path[over the hell-fire[]. Sometimes he was crawling on it and sometimes he was hanging from it.Then there came his prayers upon the Prophet and he was made to stand on his feet and he passed over it...!

And I saw a man from my 'Ummah' who came to the doors of Paradise and they were closed in front of him.Then there came his testifying that there is no God except Allah and the doors were opened for him and he entered Paradise...!

My 'Salaams' to all.Y a s m i n."Never Despair Of The Mercy Of Allah"' Son of Adam! You are nothing but a number of days, whenevereach day passes then part of you has Gone!{Al-Hasan Al-Basree
Source:This is narrated by Al-Haafiz Abu Moosa al-Madeeni in Al-Targheeb fi'l-Khisaal al-Munjiyah min al-Khiliaal al Murdiyah, His book based on this hadith, on which it is a commentary. He said, this had this hasan jiddan, and is narrated from Sa'eed ibn al-Musayyib by 'Amr ibn Aazar and 'Ali ibn Zayd ibn Jad'aan and Hilaal Abu Jablah.Also included in Dr. Umar Sulaiman al Ashqar's [Professor at the College of Shariah, University of Jordan] Book called " The World of Jinn and Devils Chapter 5 part 4 pg.184.************************************************************************
Courtesy:Subhan Allah, Masha Allah, I really felt great comfort (Sakeenat) in my heart when I read this beautifully full of mercy Hadeeth that was shared by sister Yasmin.Sister Yasmin, you have reminded such excellent deeds to do in this world for the success at each and every step of difficulties regarding here and hereafter. Jazak Allah o Khairan. May Allah accept your services for Islam and reward you success in this world and specially in Aakhirah.Aameen.In fact we commit lots of mistakes in our life so we are in big loss.. but .. these golden wordsof our beloved Nabi e Akram SallAllaahu Alayhi wa Aalehi wa Sallam are really dreams of hope.I saw a man from my 'Ummah' who was on the brink of the hell-fire. Then there came his Hope in Allah and he was rescued from it and he moved on from it...!

Alhamdo Lillah, we have Hope in our Gracious and Merciful Allah Kareem that He will rescue us from the hell-fire with His Rehmat which surpasses on His wrath. May Allah Raheem bewtow HIs countless Blessings and Bounties upon our Nabi e Akram SallAllaahu Alayhi wa Aalehi wa Sallam.M.J.Iqbal. Allah Humma Aameen, Thumma Aameen ~'BarakAllah Feek' Brother Iqbal ~Sister in Faith~ Yasmin ~


by Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D
The Rights of Women & Imam Shafai.

On April 28, Br. Kaukab Siddique gave the Juma khutba at Masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen in Baltimore. Despite unending rain and semi-flooded roads, there was good attendance including numbers of women.

These are some of the main points of the khutba:

This masjid came into being on the basis of two points which differentiate it from other mosques.

We can see this differentiation, the essential rights of women, not only in the lives of the Sahabah but also in the lives of the great scholars of Islam.Let us look at the life of imam Shafai, who was born in 150 hijri.

When he was a child, his mother took him from Yemen, travelling the great distance alone, to Gaza.Then she took him to Makka so that he could learn pristine Arabic.

When imam Shafai became a great scholar, he was arrested on accusations of supporting the Alawite movement. He was brought to Baghdad and barely escaped capital capital punishment.

Caliph Harunur Rasheed let him go though he refused to become part of the regime.

The next Caliph, Mamoon, became a mutazalite (rationalist). Imam Shafai insisted on Qur'an and hadith .He left the regime in Baghdad and moved to Makka and then Egypt.

In this masjid of ours, we follow these precepts: the rights of women and staying away from governmental control.

Imam Shafai, like other great imams, respected and honored women and evaded control by the government.

Part 2.Allah almighty, in the Qur'an, sura Nisa, puts the mother second only to Allah. Women are potentially mothers and respect and honor for women is the basis of civilization.

When Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, opposed false gods even when he did not have the support of a movement.

His first supporter was a woman, Khadija, r.a.When he was attacked while praying on the Kaaba itself, his daughter, Fatima, r.a., rushed to save him. Later she stood with him in the battle of Uhud when he was injured. We, in this masjid, can become a strong force if we cherish each other and stand united.

This should be a da'wah masjid, bringing truth and compassion to the non-Muslim people among whom we live.

Let us care for the children of Baltimore some of whom do not even have school supplies.

We must not forget that this masjid had great women among its Pioneers. May Allah forgive our sins and our shortcomings

Watch Dr. Siddique's April 28 juma'ah khutbah here:

Infamous American Spread the Dirt.
Jerry Springer.

Jerry springer is dead at 79.
He spread-America's filth across the continent for almost three decades.

Is it strange that he was a Jew from Poland? He loved stories about adultery and fornication. Very cleverly his program attacked all values of decency and civilization.

He reveled in the misdeeds of Black people. He did it so well that nobody accused him of racism.

The guests were paid for hotel and food and a little overhead. The gossip about sex without marriage and the girlfriend boyfriend culture became staples of his show.It was evil and worked successfully to undermine values.

The lgbtq movement could be a natural outcome of his hard work.Jerry Springer is dead.

May he burn in hell fire forever.


New Trend's April 23 issue which reached 2487 Muslims though face book.

Political Prisoners :

Civil Discord Show

and more

Why was Masjid al-Aqsa attacked?
Israel's insider politics.

by Dr. Mahboob Khawaja

What is happening in Israel is not dissimilar to what is happening in the United States in terms of the rightward swing of their government, and the leadership of a strongman prime minister willing to make deals with the devil (so to speak) in order to maintain power (and ultimately protect himself from prosecution). Netanyahu seemingly has a similar chokehold on his Likud party.

While he won re-election as prime minister, in order to have a ruling government he needed to make a coalition government with ultra-Orthodox and extremist parties. In fact, the most extreme had been on terrorist watch lists not that long ago.

While the issues are different, the coalition of the conservative Likud Party with right and far-right parties also brings a pandering to their bases combined with political self-interest.

The coalition has its own interests in undermining the authority and independence of the judiciary, Netanyahu certainly sees his own interests in evading prosecution and maintaining a lifetime grip on power.

At the heart of Israeli politics is addressing Palestine and Palestinians and this continues to pose existential issues for both sides.

The broad conservative and far right forces within Israel have no interest in making lives for Palestinians better, or in any solution that increases the independence of Palestinians. In fact, for the most extreme right faction, outright genocide has been proposed at various times. This brings us to the "crackdown" at the Al Aqsa mosque during Ramadan.

One would think that taking such an action would be unheard of given the sanctity of a place of worship and the holidays, but I believe it served political purposes to raid the mosque during services.

In the U.S., it would be called "playing to the base" or "throwing red meat to the base." As with any such action, the effects on actual people, whether those in the mosque, families, or relations in the region, were not even a consideration. That is the hubris of such people be they in Israel or the United States.

However, for people of conscience, these actions reflect the larger threat to life and freedom and living with the rule of law rather than the whim of greedy, self-serving leaders.

2023-05-01 Mon 11:54:48 GMT/UTC/Zulu