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Rabi' al-Awwal 9, 1426/April 18, 2005 #29

The editor of New Trend wishes to thank all those who expressed their condolences on the passing away of his illustrious mother, Mahmudah Begum Qureshi. Many of these expressions were not formal. Thy expressed love, affection and tears for the editor in his moment of loss. May Allah reward them all.

On April 15, ghaibana salatul janaza [funeral prayers in absentia] were held for Mahmudah Begum Qureshi, Br. Kaukab's mother, at Masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen in Baltimore.
In LAHORE, PAKISTAN, ghaibana salatul janaza was held April 8 for Mahmudah Qureshi at a village near where her parents lived.
WAR NEWS: From our Media Monitor


Daily news of fighting are coming out of Indian-occupied Kashmir. India is committing atrocities against the Kashmiri people in a blatant attempt to terrorize them into submission. On April 11, Indian forces opened fire on the home of Ghulam Qadir Shaikh, imam of a mosque in the Kishtwara area of district Doda, killing him in his room.

On April 14, 15 and 16 the Indian army moved to crush Kashmiri resistance and in the process killed two local commanders of Hizbul Mujahideen and a local commander of Lashkare Taiba. News of new fighting are coming in.


On April 11, Taliban tried to kill a tribal general allied to the U.S. on the Gardez-Kabul highway. U.S. helicopter gunships and jet fighters attacked the Taliban, killing at least 5 of them.

In another area of Khost province, Taliban mujahideen ambushed a unit of the police force organized by the U.S. The police chief's brother and 9 troops were killed. The Taliban destroyed 4 vehicles and took away two others.

On April 17, in Kandahar, a Taliban cadre blew up FIVE oil tankers which had brought fuel for U.S. forces from Pakistan. Three Pakistani drivers were wounded. The U.S. military conceded the loss but on April 18 the U.S. propaganda unit claimed it was an "accident."


On April 18, the U.S. media finally admitted that the story of Shias taken hostage by Sunnis was false. It began on April 16, when the puppet "regime" installed in Baghdad announced that "150 Shias had been taken hostage" in the village of Medaen by "Sunni [Al-Qaeda] extremists."

All through April 17, the Zionist media kept pumping the story that Shias had been taken hostage and a massacre was "imminent." However the number of hostages was magically reduced to 100.

CIA agent Allawi himself went on the air and declared the grave danger of "sectarian war" owing to hostage taking.

The air out of this balloon went out when Islamic leader of the Jihad, Abu Mus'ab al-Zarqawi posted an Internet message, picked up by al-Jazeerah, that the whole story was "fabricated" and was an excuse for raids by the U.S. military.

Strangely enough, Zarqawi's message got on the news meter which Fox News uses. Before it was removed, it flashed three times. [Fox News meter is quite good because it reels out many items from wire services which are usually censored by the U.S. media.]

Sure enough, U.S. forces went into Medaen and soon had to concede that they could find no hostages. Thus here we have the ugly truth: Zarqawi turning out to be correct while Allawi once again proved himself a liar.
Lest We Forget

"My baby died in my arms at a checkpoint"

Antisemitism or Fact?

Jews drank Coffee as Muslim Baby Died at Birth. Mother had to Deliver on the Ground like an Animal at Israeli Check Point.

Excerpted from The Independent [U.K.]

31 March 2005

IN AUGUST 2003, 29-year-old Rula Ashtiya was forced to give birth on the ground, on a dirt road by a checkpoint, after Israeli soldiers refused her passage. Her husband Daoud called the ambulance and was told they should go to the Beit Furik checkpoint between their village and the town of Nablus because the ambulance could not get past.

Rula said: "We took a taxi and got off before the checkpoint because cars are not allowed near the checkpoint and we walked the rest of the way; I was in pain. At the checkpoint there were several soldiers; they were drinking coffee or tea and ignored us.

Daoud spoke to them in Hebrew; I was in pain and felt I was going to give birth there and then; I told Daoud, who translated what I said to the soldiers but they did not let us pass.

"I was lying on the ground and I crawled behind a concrete block by the checkpoint to have some privacy and gave birth there in the dust, like an animal. I held the baby in my arms and she moved a little but after a few minutes she died in my arms".

Her weeping husband cut the umbilical chord with a stone.
Opium of The People

W. D. Muhammad's Views on the Deceased Pope: Unislamic & Uninformed.
Such a religion is Acceptable to Bush & the Zionist Power Structure.
Crumbling in America, Catholicism tries to take over Africa.

by Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D

An emailer named Curtis Sharif, apparently an ardent supporter of W.D. Muhammad, has distributed among Muslim audiences, the views of Mr. Muhammad as follows:

"Interview with Imam W.D.Mohammed

"Jo-Ellen: What is your impression of this Pope's life and work? What was the significance of his papacy for Muslims in the United States and other places?"

"What I saw in Pope John Paul is goodness, his service to the Catholic Church, and also I saw that he had Christ's nature, he was living Christ's nature, and serving all people, not only Catholics, but trying to reach all people, to influence them to have a better life and at the same time knocking on the door of the conscience of world leaders to get them to recognize their obligations to do more for people who are suffering all over the world. This endeared me and I shared this with my people and it endeared us to JP. "

"We can't think of his suffering without thinking of the great contribution that he made for so many years. God was merciful to us and to him to keep him alive for so long and to keep him serving us, serving our interests for so long. The interests of the people, whether they were Catholic, Christians or not, were served very well by JP and we pray for God's blessing on the Catholic Church."

We must begin by noting that these are not formal condolences being offered to the Catholic church. This is supposed to be W.D. Muhammad's assessment of the Pope from an Islamic viewpoint. Hence it must be taken seriously because it both unIslamic and uninformed.

I have no problem with Catholics and I count some of them among my friends. I am against conflict between Catholics and Muslims. However, as a Muslim, I must be honest and write with awareness of Allah in my soul. This task is not easy as the media have been carrying on a non-stop propaganda blitz in support of the Pope for several weeks.

From a purely Islamic viewpoint, W.D. Muhammad's praise of the Pope amounts to acceptance of SHIRK [associating others with Allah]. W. D. claims that the Pope had "Christ's nature, he was living Christ's nature." For the Catholics, Christ was in some sense God, which is SHIRK. If W.D. thinks Christ was God, then this is downright SHIRK. If W.D. thinks, like a Muslim should, that Jesus, pbuh, was a Messenger of Allah, then to claim that the Pope had the NATURE of a Prophet puts W.D. outside the domain of Islam. Muhammad, pbuh, was the seal of the Prophets and Messengers, and no one can have the nature of either of them.

SHIRK is totally unacceptable in Islam. The idea that the Pope is the representative of Allah [or God] or earth comes under this teaching of the Qur'an:
"They take their rabbis and their priests to be lords beside Allah. And (they take as their Lord) Christ the son of Mary, yet they were commanded to worship but One God: There is no god but He. Praise and glory to Him. (Far is He) from having the partners they associate (with Him). [The Qur'an, 9:31]

The Good the Pope Did:

It is true that the Pope did some good. He expressed unhappiness at the war on Iraq and was distressed by the suffering of prisoners in Abu Ghraib.

However, this "good" was only of a symbolic nature. The Pope did not take ANY specific steps to stop the invasion of Iraq. Even ordinary Muslims know that it is HARAM [forbidden] in Allah's Law to fight as part of an army of oppression and aggression. The Pope did not urge Catholics to leave the U.S. army. He did not call for the resignation of George Bush or the removal of the generals in charge of Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo Bay. His entire priesthood likewise did not go beyond symbolic gestures. And these symbolic gestures now seem meant only to have been aimed at creating a profile of high morality for the Pope, not to stop the war.

He did not make any attempt to stop the war. A man following Jesus, pbuh, would have arrived personally in Iraq and refused to leave till the invading army withdrew. Jesus, pbuh, was willing to face DEATH itself in _expression of the truth. The Pope came nowhere proving that he was a true follower of Jesus, pbuh.


By the standards of the Catholic church itself, John Paul was a failure. He surrendered to Israel and recognized the criminal entity as a legitimate state. Previously, the Papacy had refused to recognize Israel and had been quite frank in its opposition to Israel's occupation of Jerusalem. This Pope blurred the line.

The Pope claimed to be a friend of Muslims, went to a mosque and kissed the Qur'an. However, this claim is unacceptable to any thinking Muslim when we see that he legitimized the worst enemy of Islam, the thug-entity known as Israel.


The Pope went all the way in his support for Israel. He visited Israel and paid homage at the holocaust museum, Yad Vashem, which is the biggest draw for funds going to Israel from around the world.

This support for the holocaust story ignored the fact that SIX MILLION GERMANS, civilians, mostly women and children, were killed or allowed to die of cold and starvation by the victorious allies AFTER the fall of Hitler. Germans are human too.

It also ignored the HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of German civilians killed in the holocaust of German cities carried out by the allied air forces.

By giving sanctity to the holocaust story, the Pope ignored the historic reality of the Jewish role as tools of Stalinist tyranny which left millions dead in the Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland. The NKVD's records [available after the USSR collapsed] show that the torture police of the Soviet Union was run by Jews.

Surely the Jews suffered much under Hitler but so did so many other nations under tyrannies other than those of Hitler.

CRUMBLING CATHOLICISM in the USA and the Invasion of Africa by the Church.

The Catholic Church has suffered devastating blows in America at the hands of its own priests who have been uncovered as predators and child molestors. The moral structure of the church has been undermined.

Some of the charges against priests were exaggerated by the Zionist media which saw the church as competitor of the Jewish lobby. The Church was unable to counter the Zionist moves. Even when news came out that the Rabbi of the biggest Jewish congregations on the East Coast of the U.S. had had his wife assassinated by a Jewish hit man on the plea that she was opposed to Israel, the Church's supporters in the media failed to call for an investigation of synagogues in America.

American Catholics practice birth control. The Pope was opposed to it. The Pope opposed divorce. Most Catholics are in favor of it, like other Americans. The Pope opposed homosexuality. Many American catholics ignored his views.

Abortion is another battlefield where the church under John Paul failed. The church goes to extremes, even opposing abortion in cases of rape, incest and grave damage to the health of the woman.

Faced with total failure in America, the Catholic church started pumping resources into Africa. It's organizational network is being used to bring Africans into Catholicism, preying on the suffering and economic needs of the African people.

The Pope did not make amends for the carnage wrought by Catholic armies from Italy in Ethiopia [under Benito Mussolini] and in Libya. The church is being projected in Africa as a moral force which it is yet to prove itself to be.


When the Pope John Paul learned that priests in Central America were re-interpreting Christian doctrine to preach armed resistance to the blood curdling dictatorships supported by the U.S., the Pope RUSHED in PERSON to the region. In the most impassioned language he ever used, he condemned the teaching of "liberation theology."

Thus there can be no doubt that the Pope was the ardent supporter of the STATUS QUO. No wonder George Bush, the Zionist Media, and the Power Structure around the world were so happy with him. His version of Catholicism is exactly the kind of religion the people in power love. Marx correctly called this kind of religion "the opium of the people."

Thus when W.D. Muhammad refers to the blessings of John Paul and the Catholic Church, it's evident that he is not merely being polite: W. D. has no idea what he is talking about.

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