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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Rajab 11,1429/ July 14, 2008, #39

Imam Badi Ali condemns attempt to put Sudan's President Bashir on trial. Muslim world must stand with Sudanese president.

July 14: Jamaat al-Muslimeen leader Imam Badi Ali [North Carolina] urged Muslims to realize that America is playing god by manipulating the UN and the prosecutor of the world court to accuse the President of Sudan. This move is a continuation of the method which was used against President Saddam Hussain.

Imam Ali said that Bush, Blair, Olmert and their allies should be put on trial for genocide in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia. They have no right to sit in judgment on Sudan when they themselves have committed the worst crimes of our era.

Imam Ali urged Muslims to look critically at the UN Security Council. It denies proper representation to the African and Muslim nations and supports the aggressors who have veto power.
Let's not make the mistake many Muslims made about Saddam. We must stand UNITED with Sudan and oppose all aggression and intervention in Sudan.

Scroll down to end for war news from Afghanistan. What is really happening?
Who is behind the slanderous attempt to label the President of Sudan? Please scroll down to brief but exact report.

Good News! Activities in Atlanta Honor Imam Jamil al-Amin

July 11, 12, 13 2008: First reports indicate that large numbers of people, particularly Muslim youths, participated in the rallies and sports organized by the West End masjid of Atlanta, Georgia. Imam Jamil strongly emphasized the role of youth in the struggle against imperialism. Details are awaited.

Latest Endorsement of the International Islamic Peace Conference: Baltimore, Maryland August 16

The Islamic Political Party of America [IPPA], Michigan branch, has endorsed the conference. See

Distinguished Imam from New York to lead Juma Salat, the day before the International Conference. Please scroll down to Jamaat news.

A Christian leader from Arizona, Charles Carlson, will be speaking at the International Conference. He challenges the underhand support given by evangelist churches to Israel. See

Thinking outside the box:
Most Muslims do not Know that Muhammad, pbuh, originated the basic idea of modern medicine that there is a cure for every disease.

Narrated Abu Huraira, may Allah be pleased with him, the Prophet ( may peace be upon him ) said: "There is no disease that Allah has sent down, except that He also has sent down its treatment."
Sahih Al-Bukhari
The Book of Medicine
[Hadith distributed by Islamisthetruth yahoogroups.]

[We urge Muslims to stay away from presidential elections. This item is for non-Muslims.]
Our America: by New Trend's Media Monitor
Cynthia McKinney is a Genuine Candidate [Nominee of the Green Party]
[Excerpted from an article by Glen Ford]

McKinney speaks as both a former U.S. Representative and a movement activist, one of the architects of the Reconstruction Party's Power to the People Platform, which declares:
"We need an end to all wars and occupations by U.S. forces, including in Iraq and Afghanistan. We need an immediate cessation of funding for war. We need prosecution for all individuals guilty of violating the law, including having committed or authorized crimes against humanity, crimes against the peace, torture, or war crimes. We need a complete renunciation of the pre-emptive war doctrine. We need an end to all wars and war's utility. We need to dismantle the apparatus that implements schemes of regime change around the world, and that instead assists in self-determination of all peoples."

McKinney has acted as a sentinel for Africa, on guard against U.S. recolonization of the continent. She correctly regards AFRICOM as a threat to the region. "More than likely, this force will be used in just the same way as Plan Colombia is used -- to police dissent and punish the innocent solely for pecuniary reasons. The last thing Africa needs is AFRICOM, U.S. soldiers, or a School of the Americas-type relationship with Africa."
When Obama is not carrying imperial water in the bullying of weaker nations, he is silent on burning global issues - especially those of keen interest to African Americans.
The December 2006 U.S.-instigated Ethiopian invasion of Somalia, which according to the United Nations created "the worst [and still ongoing] humanitarian crisis in Africa," elicits not a peep from Obama. In fact, the only comments from Obama on Somalia that we have found are his complaints about pictures taken during a trip to his father's homeland, Kenya, depicting Obama in the ceremonial tribal garb of the overwhelming Muslim Somalis.
McKinney has repeatedly denounced the U.S. overthrow of Haiti's elected government in 2004, the kidnapping and exile of President Jean Bertrand Aristide, and Brazil's and the United Nation's role in occupying the country on behalf of the Americans.

Next two items by Kaukab Siddique
U.S. Corporate-Zionist Media have gone beyond all limits: It's becoming a bunch of home movies, ignoring a nation of 340 million

July 14, 2008: They interview each other. They extol each other. They mourn each other. It's not private TV. This is the major media, feeding lies to the American media, talking to each other, filling every slot with Jewish elites and other hangers on of Israel. It seems as if:

1. Devotees of Jesus do not live in this country.
2. Followers of Islam who oppose the war do not live in this country.
3. There are are no independent thinking African-Americans.
4. There are no opponents of Israel.
5. There are no no poor or lower middle class people [other than those who want handouts].
6. Everyone thinks homosexuality is normal.
7. Women love to take their clothes off. Those who don't, must be ugly.
8. There are no Latinos in this country other than criminals and "aliens."

As for mourning, we can understand that when an employee dies, there should be mourning. However, we see employees of the corporate-zionist media being mourned as celebrities, day after day, given more coverage than American forces fighting and dying in Afghanistan and Iraq. Tim Russert was a good journalist who lacked the courage to question Israel's legitimacy or to explore crimes committed against Afghans and Somalis. Tony Snow looked good in a suit but he was a servant and spokesman of one of the most little-minded presidents in American history. Day after day, the plaudits went on.

Have the American people lost all right of reply that this nonsense can go on around the clock?
One might say "Don't we see Obama every day? Isn't he Black? Wasn't Hillary speaking out?" No dear reader, these are part of the INNER CIRCLE of the power structure. Hillary made a few waves [tiny ones] and was treated like dirt. ["Bill Clinton's wife."]

Muslims should oppose glorification of Homosexuality, Degradation of Women, Insults Against Jesus and Mary, peace be on them.

The Zionists have successfully, in most states over America, made homosexuality protected by law. Criticism is called "homophobia" which is equated with racism and anti-semitism. Exploitation and degradation of women is the norm. Adultery is hardly noticed as news. Perversion is "interesting." Even child molestation is becoming old news.

Muslims and Christians should join hands to call TV programs of a great variety which are extolling sex, violence and homosexuality. Call them and say: Stop these violations of decency. Stop catering to the perversions of a tiny minority.
How powerful the Jews have become that they openly insult and ridicule Jesus and Mary! Muslims should wake up and oppose this abuse. If the Jews can insult Jesus, pbuh, they can even more shamelessly ridicule Muhammad, pbuh.

Women are potentially mothers, revered in the Qur'an second only to Allah Almighty Himself. Living in this country, we as Muslims must oppose the degradation of women. Wake up Muslims! Tomorrow this wave of perversion and evil will enter our homes. It is already lapping at the door.

Homosexuality is also being transmitted as "okay" by concealed Jewish-corporate groups to Pakistan, Egypt and other Muslim countries. These groups claim that they are Muslims and try to give the impression that homosexuality is widespread in Muslim countries and should be recognized. It's the same tactic as was used in USA.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen
Peaceful but Uncompromising
P.O.Box 10881
Baltimore, MD 21234

Dr. Sami Al-Arian Granted Bail [but still not freed]

In a setback for the government, Dr. Sami Al-Arian was granted bail by Judge Leonie M. Brinkema today. Over the objections of the government and the pre-trial services, Judge Brinkema agreed that Dr. Al-Arian was not a flight risk and no danger to the community. The government has suggested that it may now block release by having Immigration officials hold Dr. Al-Arian for deportation despite the fact that it is trying to hold him for years under a criminal sentence rather than deport him.
[Excerpted from statement from the lead attorney in the case Mr. Turley.]

Outreach: Islamic Center on Highway 270 [Maryland]: Urging Support for August 16 Conf. in Baltimore

July 11, 2008: Gaithersburg, Maryland. Most of the worshippers are from India, Pakistan, Sudan, with a tiny sprinkling of African Americans, Egyptians and Iraqis.. It's a prosperous community and offers free lunch to the entire Friday parayer ijtima. The people here are educated and pious and it is to be hoped that at least a few of them will join the conference.

Of the 200 plus people, Jamaat al-Muslimeen gave literature on the International Islamic Peace & Awareness Conference to 169. The brochure points out that U.S. policies cannot bring peace and Muslims under bombing raids will not accept defeat. It is time to hear genuine voices for a change in policies. On August 16, fearless voices for truth and transformation will speak out, inshallah.

Juma' Salat on Eve of International Islamic Conference: August 15. Imam 'Umar will be Khateeb, inshallah.

All are invited to the Friday prayer gathering the day before the International Islamic Conference for Peace and Awareness in Baltimore, Maryland. One of America's most eminent imams, Warith Deen 'Umar, will give the 'Juma khutba. Following the prayer, a distinguished Islamic scholar from Pakistan, Maulana Ehsanullah Khan, will speak in Urdu about the essence of Islam [followed by English translation].

Khutba: 1.30
Salat : 2.00

Nasiha by Maulana Ehsanullah Khan: 2.15

Informal meeting with the khateeb and overseas guest : 2.30 to 3.00

For venue, email your desire to attend to:
with copy to:

Momin's Case Backfiring on Government of Canada
July 9: "The Crown's star witness in the trial of the first person charged under Canada's Anti-terrorism Act told an Ottawa court Wednesday that he never discussed a fertilizer bomb plot with the accused. The admission at the trial of Mohammad Momin Khawaja came during the defence's cross-examination of Mohammad Junaid Babar, a former al-Qaeda operative turned police informant." [Canada Press]
Comment: There is no proof that Babar was ever an al-Qaida operative. He is facing 70 years in prison, so he decided to become an informer to say what the government says. The governments of UK, USA and Canada are working to tandem to convict foolish Muslims who talk too much.

As for the Canadian claim that Momin's little cell phone device was a a "detonator," the following cross examination of a police officer in the case "detonated" that claim which is central to the case:

"July 10: But in a tense earlier exchange, the police officer conceded that the five-volt version of the Hi-Fi Digimonster seized from the Khawaja home was not powerful enough to detonate anything.
"What's more, you found no detonators at Momin Khawaja's home, isn't that correct?" charged Mr. Greenspon [defense attorney].
"No, I did not," replied Sgt. Fiset.
"No explosives."
"No I did not."
"No ammonium nitrate fertilizer. Nothing."
"No I did not.
"What was found at the Khawaja home was a radio transmitter," that was incapable of setting off a bomb, "and that's where it stopped," said Mr. Greenspon.
"At a technical level, I agree," replied the officer.] [The Ottawa Citizen, July 11]

American Muslim Challenges Department of Homeland Security: Was Falsely Accused of being Threat to America!

Posted: July 6, 2008

American Muslim Veteran On Docket U.S. Supreme Court

Down through the ages, men have found the justification for the ill treatment of their fellow man, in the name of "protecting their governments, or the people of the society at large.

Something is wrong when we can justify taking away one human beings basic rights, and his protection under the law, for unjust persecution.

Where ever or when ever we witness such gross injustices we must respond accordingly. To keep silent is criminal in and of it's self.

For the past 3 years and 11 months, I have been in pursuit of that illusive entity known as "justice", this journey has thus far yielded the following results.

Bilal Mahmud (Petitioner)
Justin P. Oberman (Respondent)

Notice is Hereby Given pursuant to Rule 12.3 that a petition for writ of Certiorari in the above entitled case was filed in the Supreme Court of The United States on April 14, 2008, and placed on docket June 20, 2008. Pursuant to Rule 15.3, the due date for a brief in opposition is Monday, July 21, 2008

To each of you, near and far, big and small, I would like to extend my most sincere thanks and gratitude. This accomplishment would not have been possible without the help of Allah Most High and the sincere believers like each of you. May Allah give you a good reward in this life and in the hereafter.

I humblely request that you continue to pray for our continued success. "The Struggle Continues"

Your Brother in Faith
Bilal Mahmud

Sudan: by New Trend's Media Monitor
CNN's Atrocity Propaganda: Nick Robertson's Lies linked to Condemnation of President Bashir Engineered by International Jewry & Imperialism

July 13, 2008: When the CNN program began, it showed demonstrators supporting President Bashir of Sudan. The presentation was so cleverly done that it gave the impression of being against Bashir, so much so that CNN had to give a [very] brief note that these were Bashir supporters!
CNN reporter Nick Robertson is supposed to be a top CNN man but he broke all the rules of genuine journalism to accuse Sudan of committing rape on a mass scale in Darfur. He made the claim, repeatedly, that every woman in Darfur has been raped, supposedly by forces allied to the Sudanese government. How he found that EVERY woman has been raped is anyone's guess. This kind of irresponsible incitement is typical of Jewish-Zionist propaganda coming out of CNN.

Robertson does not know the Darfur language. His cameraman would show a woman and show a man talking about her. After a few seconds, he would go into 'voice over' and claim that she was raped. From there he moved quickly to claim that every woman had been raped!

Behind CNN's atrocity propaganda is the fact that International Jewry is getting ready to have President Bashir of Sudan proclaimed a criminal guilty of genocide. These voices have come right out of the so-called Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC., so make no mistake about the Jewish-Zionist hand at work. [This writer is not anti-semitiic. The Jewish forces are hard at work, taking the Darfur propaganda right into the American school system. It's an effective way of deflecting attention from the genocide of the Somali, Palestinian, Iraqi and Afghan people.]

Pakistan [2 items]
Lal Masjid cleric warns against prolonging issue
[Courtesy The Post, Peshawar, Pakistan] [The Post is a secularist paper. Hence it uses terms like "cleric" for Islamic scholar or Imam - Editor, New Trend]
Staff Reporter
ISLAMABAD: Lal Masjid's Naib Khateeb Maulana Amir Siddique on Friday said that the government would be responsible for any violence if it did not settle the Lal Masjid issue soon because people were losing patience.

He was addressing a protest rally held to press demands for the release of Maulana Abdul Aziz Ghazi and reconstruction of Jamia Hafsa, at Lal Masjid Chowk after Friday prayers.

The protestors were carrying banners and placards. They chanted slogans against President Musharraf, accusing him of killing hundreds of students in the Lal Masjid operation. They also called for forming an inquiry team to investigate the matter. Amir said that people pinned high hopes on the new government but it looked non-serious in resolving the issue. He said that an action plan would be evolved at the Ulema Action Committee meeting scheduled to be held on Sunday.

"The coalition parties got a mandate on the Lal Masjid issue. Now if the government puts the issue on the back burner, it would have to face the music," he warned.Talking to The Post, Amir vowed to continue the struggle started by the Ghazi family until the Islamic system was promulgated in the country.He demanded the government release Maulana Abdul Aziz Ghazi and other detainees and rebuild Jamia Hafsa as per the Supreme Court's verdict.

The security arrangements for the rally were very poor. Only a few policemen were visible.

LAHORE, Jul 13:

Jamaat-e-Islami ameer Qazi Hussain Ahmad warns: any aggression on Pakistani soil would be countered with full force.

These views were expressed by the Jamaat leader while talking to newsmen and addressing the party workers at Markaz Islami Peshawar on Sunday. Qazi said if America intervened inside Pakistani territories, masses will resist them with all available force. Qazi said "every American move will be reciprocated accordingly. Their animosity will be reciprocated in the same coin, while their friendship will be welcomed in the same spirit," he said.

Qazi demanded of the Americans to stop antagonism against them, let them live honorably besides withdrawing American forces from Afghanistan and Iraq immediately and ridding the Palestinians from Israeli aggression.

Qazi demanded of the rulers to review their policies and particularly reverse the pro-American policies which had badly damaged the national security, unity and solidarity. Qazi said there was no danger of Taliban's take over anywhere in the country, adding that the only danger country faced was from government's west oriented policies.

He said we are facing great challenges on internal and external fronts, since enemies want to deprive us of nuclear capabilities and our Islamic ideology, which could only be met by restoring constitution on the Oct 12, '99 position and cementing total unity in our ranks.

Qazi asked both PPP and PML-N if they were sincere in restoring supremacy of constitution and parliament they should get rid of Gen Musharraf without wasting any time.

He expressed wonders as to why the ruling alliance is not impeaching Gen Musharraf despite having the required majority in the parliament, adding that it has been the talk of the town that both parties have returned to power through a secret deal with Gen Musharraf which required them not to impeach and touch him, and in lieu of that he exonerated Asif Zardari of all corruption cases under NRO.

Replying to a question, Qazi Hussain Ahmad said the PPP regime is in real fix as it striving to please Washington and the masses at the same time. They could not define true direction for them. They are devoid of clear line of action and policy

To a question about movement against the government, Qazi Hussain Ahmad said such action would serve nothing but give the army a chance of intervention as a result of this clash. The country is already suffering from the army take over to great extent. We want to see the country leading towards the real democracy. The great challenges facing the country require unity in the ranks of the nation.

Referring to the skirmishes on LoC in Neelum Valley area between Indian and Pakistan army and US direct attack in the settled areas of NWFP are alarming. Instead of understanding the planning of enemy, he said, we are taking pride in aligning with our own enemy in their war on terror. He urged the masses to prepare themselves for meeting such challenges.


Muslim Protests Against the Controversial Textbook in Kerala [India]: Varied Views on Nuclear Deal
by K. Hamza [India]

This refers to the letter of Prof. Koya, published in the New Trend.

The report on the Muslim protests against the controversial Social Science Textbook for students of class vii in Kerala was based on the incidents which took place in the State between June 1 to 20, and it was later that the Hindu and Christian organizations joined hands with statewide protests unleashed by various Muslim organizations. The protests and ensuing clashes were given unbiased coverage by the national and local newspapers in the country.

The Muslim protest was mainly on the Communist Party of India (Marxist)-led government's hidden agenda of propagating party's ideology among students. Not only the Indian Union Muslim League, but the following organizations have joined the campaign against the Ministry of Education's academic skullduggery. The Christian Church, all the major Muslim groups regardless of political difference and the Nair Service Society (NSS)-the quasi- political social umbrella of the Hindu Nair community have come out against the Textbook. Admittedly, some passages are positively included in the book, but the other portions do not fall into this category.

For example, the lesson under the caption, "Jeevan, the Casteless" offends the religious sentiments of Muslim community. Further the lesson inculcates the renaissance value of religious tolerance in the children.Another lesson in the textbook depicts Jawaharlal Nehru's irreligious attitude as he was rejecting any religious ritual on his death. This will also breed atheism in the young minds. The Dheevaara Sabha, another Hindu organization in the State raised the complaint that some portions in the text are anti-constitutional, anti-national and anti-reservation. They point out that as per Section 15(4), 15(5) and 16(4) of the Indian Constitution, reservation based on caste and religion was allowed. So the lesson titled "Jeevan, the Casteless" is an attempt to undermine the concept of reservation and related concession that the oppressed and backward communities, including Malabar Muslims (Mappila) are enjoying now in the education and professional fields. It is, therefore, inevitable and mandatory that a student gives his caste and religion while getting admitted to a school.

The controversial lesson on "Jeevan, the Casteless", emphasizes on the vision of Sree Narayana Guru, the thinker-savant of Kerala, "Whatever be the religion, suffice it if it makes a better man"- It means that religion is not important, but man can have virtue without religion. This will prompt students to think cynically on the question of existence of religion.
Now let us turn to the issue of Indo-US Nuclear Deal. The Indian Union Muslim League, which is at the helm of agitation against the controversial textbook, is an ally in the government of Manmohan Singh-led United Progressive Alliance and does not protest against the Deal. The proposed Nuclear Deal is a hotly debated issue with a blazing ferocity, igniting a fusillade of criticism in the Indian political circles. Not only Muslim League, but several Muslim organizations hold different views. Two eminent Muslim scholars representing the reputed Muslim schools of the Deoband and Bareilli in Utterpradesh, north India, Moulana Abdul Khaliq Madrasi and Moulana Tauqeer Reza Khan Barelvi support the view of Nuclear Deal having no relation with the Muslim cause. In Lucknow, the working committee meeting of the UP unit of Jamiat Ulaema I-Hind said the Deal was the prerogative of the politicians and scientists. Moulana Kalimullah KhanQasmi, secretary of the organization said the Muslims should devote attention to the education of their children.

The Kerala Muslim Jama'at Council has deplored the Indo-Nuclear deal as it is inimical to India's interests. There are some other Muslim bodies who are also apprehensive of the deal as India is facing pressure from the U.S. to sign the pact, but any fissure in the coalition of secular parties would lead to Hindu fascist forces coming to power. The Deal is anchored in the Hyde Act which has so many prescriptive clauses binding India's sovereignty. Some Muslim intellectuals and leaders are waiting to deplore or applaud until the Manmohan Singh government discloses the terms and conditions of the nuclear agreement in parliament.

The Lion-of-Africa and its Hippopotamus...

Raja Chemayel {from al-Awda yahoogroups}
Mugabe and Mubarak
neither has ever lost any election yet
but one is definitively better than the other.
Mugabe and Mubarak
one has liberated his country
the other has re-enslaved it to the West.
Mugabe and Mubarak
one fought ,liberated and won 
and the other got his job only because 
he was, accidentally. the vice-president 
when the traitor-president got shot.
Mugabe and Mubarak
the first kicks the same spot
of the neo-colonialists,
which the second kisses,
Mugabe and Mubarak,
one is hated by the West 
and the other 
is sponsored by the West.
Make your choice !!

War News: Afghanistan: Classic Taliban Attack. U.S. Troop Wiped out In Spite of Air Support

July 13, 2008: In rugged Kunar province, Taliban fighters, lightly armed and moving with coordination, trapped and wiped out a heavily armed U.S. special forces unit, killing 9 U.S. troops and wounding 15. The Taliban drew out the Americans till they were out of range of their main base. When the Islamic fighters swooped down, the U.S. troops called in air support. According to the BBC, the U.S. Apache helicopters and jet fighters attacked the Taliban. However, it appears from after-battle situation that not one Talib was killed. The Taliban, very highly motivated, Islamic fighters, apparently hit the U.S. troops between waves of American air attacks.

The Taliban victory is hurting the U.S. and has suddenly brought the war back to American TV because here the Taliban were not using martyrdom operators or roadside bombs but taking on the toughest American troops frontally. [A brief segment of the Taliban attack video was shown on CBS TV. July 14. The Takbeers were audible

Wardak Province and Most of Afghanistan in Taliban Hands: Classic Guerrilla Warfare: Surrounding Towns from Countryside

July 13, 2008: The BBC is reporting interviews with Taliban fighters in Wardak province which outflanks the capital city of Kabul in an envelope of rugged territory. According to this report, there are 2000 Taliban fighters in the Wardak area and their infiltrators are hitting Kabul from there. The BBC admitted that just about ALL of the Afghan countryside is now in Taliban hands. New Trend has reports that the cities are controlled by NATO forces and by Communist and Shi'ite Afghan supporters, mostly corrupt war lords, of Karzai.
[Mao would have been proud of the Taliban. The classic guerrilla warfare strategy of surrounding the cities by taking over the countryside, which he advocated, is being implemented by the Taliban.]

Jalaluddin Haqqani's Son killed in Fighting Karzai troops.

Omar, the 20 year old son of shaikh Haqqani, was killed in a battle with Karzai mercenaries on July 9. Haqqani was a veteran of the battle against the Soviet Union. With the U.S. invasion in 2001, he joined the resistance. Omar was one of his six sons from his Afghan wife. He also has children from his Arab wife. Omar is being hailed in Afghanistan as a hero and a martyr.

The number of women and children killed by the U.S. air force in the wedding party it hit in Nangarhar province has risen to 47. We earlier reported 27 killed including the bride.

Martyrdom Operator Hits Karzai Supporters

July 13: At least 21 people were killed, including 3 police officers and several junior ranks, when a martyrdom operator hit a police unit in the Tarin Kowt area [CNN]. The dead include innocent civilians

2008-07-17 Thu 21:04:13 cdt