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A First in Modern Times: War Comes to America
How Will America React?
Backlash Against Muslims or Retreat from the Middle East?

September 11. The catalysmic collapse of the twin World Trade Center towers and the other incredible attacks in America have left the nation in a state of shock. People were weeping openly where this observer moved, as every TV channel reported live the unbelievable events of hijacking and kamikaze-style attacks. At this time it is difficult to say how many people have been killed and injured. The losses are said to be in the thousands.

America is undergoing a totally new experience: under attack on its own mainland. The heavy losses in one day are unacceptable.

INTELLIGENCE FAILURE: Already questions are being raised about the effectiveness of the FBI and the CIA. How could the hijackers carry out such a coordinated, sophisticated attack on the American mainland without being detected by intelligence? People are asking, does the American giant have feet of clay?

Innocent Victims: The suffering of those who are non-combatants is one of the worst horrors of war. Attacks on large targets lead to such innocent victims. The nations of the world need to arrive at a universally accepted declaration that civilians will not be attacked in any war.

How will America react? Observers say that the following short range consequences are probable:
1. Strikes against Osama Bin Laden and Islamic Afghanistan.
2. Strikes against Iraq.
3. Pressure on Pakistan to pressure Afghanistan to hand over Osama.

The Bush government is faced with a dilemma:
1. Should it extend its war against Islam? For instance the U.S. might close down all those organizations which provide hospitals, relief supplies and scholarships to Muslim countries. It could encourage Israel to attack the Palestinians in greater detail. It could get Israel to strike Iraq.
2. It could realize that the war against Islam cannot be won. In that case it might decide to withdraw from the Middle East and leave its Israeli ally to fend for itself.

BACKLASH AGAINST AMERICAN MUSLIMS : We already have reports from various cities that Muslims are being threatened. We have to watch what line the major media take: Will they whip up hate against the Muslims? They might try it but they might fear that even placid Muslims might turn against their oppressors if hounded too much. Sometimes persecution can radicalize the people.
ADVICE TO AMERICAN MUSLIMS (from Jamaat al-Muslimeen): We must sympathize with and help all victims in whatever way we can. We must maintain our dignity and self-respect.
Do not talk unnecessarily about the horrendous attacks. Do not gossip on the phone. Do not offer conspiracy theories. No one knows anything other than what is on the TV screen. Do not claim to be an expert about what you do not know.
Do not try to hurt other Muslims by trying to win over those in power. REMEMBER THE LIFE OF THE PROPHET (pbuh) in MAKKA. Remember that you don't need to prove anything . Outward appearances, be it of hijab or kufi caps etc., can be abbreviated in a MAKKA-type of persecution situation.
Always remember that Allah is the only superpower and is the best of planners.

2001-10-27 Sat 14:33ct