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[Important Action in Memory of the sweet rose of America, Rachel Corrie]
[From Carolyn, in Florida]

Here's an action we can all easily do:

The number for the public relations office of Caterpillar is 309-675-1000

If you have a moment, call and ask if they are proud to have been the supplier of the D-9 Bulldozer that killed the first American, but not the first civilian, in Palestine this week. Also ask them how long they plan to continue this murderous business partnership with the IDF, providing the occupation army with all the tools it needs to oppress a defenseless civilian population.

Palestine Children's Relief Fund

"Our wounded hands are yet capable of extracting the wilting olive branch from the rubble of massacred groves..."
-Mahmoud Darwish, Palestinian poet
Candlelight vigil

In Memory of Peace Activist Rachel Corrie & Protest the War on Iraq
[From Badi Ali, Greensboro, N.C.]

Killing Israeli Style:

Rachel Corrie a Peace activist from Olympia, Washington died of injuries in Rafah Refugee Camp after being deliberately run over by an Israeli military Bulldozer trying to prevent the demolition of Palestinian homes and property in Rafah, Gaza Strip, Palestine.

Rachel joins more than 2,000 Palestinians who have been killed by Israeli military machine and settlers since September 2000. Rachel will be missed and always remember by all Palestinians for her courage and determination to defend human rights and to expose of the ugly face of Israeli occupation.

War on Iraq is not the answer:

It's a fact, support for the war is a minority opinion throughout the world except in Israel and the USA. In the USA, polls show 54% support and 42% oppose the war and opposition is growing.

Date: Friday March 21, 2003
Time: 7:00 PM
Place : Governmental Plaza Downtown Greensboro

Sponsored by Islamic Center for Triad, Greensboro Peace Coalition and Not in Our Name Project

( Silence is complicity. We urge all peace loving people to immediately freeze all dealing with the apartheid state of Israel and condemn this atrocity and the thousands of others like it. )

Please come join us and bring your vigil candle

2003-03-19 Wed 07:35ct