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Three agendas are quite visible in the world today as the U.S. moves towards an assault on Iraq:

1. RIGHT-WING AGENDA: Pushed by Bush-Sharon-Perle-Wolfowitz-Lieberman-Falwell

i. All Muslims who fight are terrorists. Good Muslims are only those who limit religion to prayer.

ii. Iraq has weapons of mass destruction and should be disarmed

iii. No independent regime opposed to the U.S. is to be tolerated.

iv. Karzai type rulers alone will be tolerated. Saddam-type independents must be removed.

v. Israel must be funded and supported in every way.

vi. The Arabs are no match for Israel in conventional war and should be thoroughly subjugated.

vii. (Evangelical component.) Jesus will soon return. We should support Israel so that Armageddon may come about sooner than later.

viii. Muslim women must be liberated from the burqa, hijab etc.

ix. Muslim countries should be "democratized" (a name for rule by westernized minorities) and "opened up" (the terminology of rape) to western goods just as they are being used to provide cheap labor.

2. LEFT-WING AGENDA: (Ramsey Clark, Ralph Nader, Noam Chomsky, Jesse Jackson, Green Party etc)

i. It's a war for OIL. WAR MUST BE OPPOSED.
ii. Bush and Cheyney are connected to oil interests.
iii. Taliban, Osama were "created" by the CIA
iv. Islamic resistance is "blow back" from the CIA's adventures.
v. Palestinians should have their own state with Arafat as their leader
vi. Israel is a legitimate state and should be allowed to flourish in secure borders.
vii. Israeli atrocities and Palestinian "suicide" attacks should be stopped.
viii. Women in Afghanistan and other Muslim countries should not be in burqas, hijab etc.


1. Every Muslim country should have the right of SELF-DETERMINATION in its politics and economics.
2. Most Muslims accept the Qur'an and the Sunnah as final sources of guidance; hence every Muslim nation should have the right to build itself according to Islam.
3. The oil-related wealth of the Muslim world should be distributed over Asia and Africa to put an end to poverty and to provide education and health facilities to all.
4. American forces must be withdrawn from the Muslim world.
5. Israel has no legitimacy. The Zionists must go back where they came from. There is only PALESTINE where the Jews indigenous to it can continue to live peacefully as they always did.
6. In addition to Palestine, KASHMIR and CHECHNIA must be liberated.
7. IRAQ is a Muslim country. Any attack on IRAQ will be considered an attack on the entire Muslim world. THE ATTACK ON IRAQ IS NOT SO MUCH AN ISSUE OF OIL AS OF ISRAEL. The Jews are behind this adventure.
8. American forces must withdraw from AFGHANISTAN and let the Afghan people solve their own problems. UNITY OF AFGHANISTAN, PAKISTAN, KASHMIR under a federal system is an outcome which is not difficult to achieve after Islamic victories.
9. For burqa, hijab, etc., Islam's own internal dialogue and debate will determine the rights of women AFTER THE DEFEAT OF OUTSIDE FORCES. The behavior of Muslim women is not to be determined by non-Islamic forces. {The Chechen women who took part in the Moscow theater takeover showed that involvement of Muslim women at all levels of the struggle is not a problem. Pakistani women are sending their sons to Kashmir. Participation leads to change. It cannot be done by academic discussion.)
2425 E Street/Bonita Ave, LaVerne, CA 91750; 909-734-4599
Chairperson: Imam Ali Siddiqui
Cordially invites you to
The Annual Program 2003
Prospect of Peace: Challenges and Strategy
A Crucial Public Discussion on the Worldwide Strugglefor Peace with Justice
Keynote Speaker: Marjorie Mikels An ardent advocate of Civil Rights of all citizen and an Outspoken opponent of War and War efforts of Bush administration in Iraq. She is a Graduate of UCLA School of Law in Constitutional and Corporate Law and a practicing attorney. She also ran for Congress on the Democratic ticket in 2002. She is adynamic and charismatic speaker.

Program will include Multi-faith prayer, music and Open Mike to speak out against War

Program will begin with Peace Vigil at 4:30 PM at the corner of Bonita Ave/ E Street

Saturday, Feb. 22, 2003 4:30 -8 PM
PLACE: Church of Brethren
2425 E Street/Bonita Ave, LaVerne, CA 91750
COST: $20 per Person; Student with ID: $ 15 per Person
Please make reservation early by sending a check or money order to Peace with Justice Center of the Pomona Valley:
Dorena Wright, 2737 Third Street., La Verne, CA 91750-5022, 909-593-4966
Tickets will also be available the members of the Peace with Justice Center:
Imam Ali Siddiqui, 909-734-4599; Bill Tobin 909-944-0234; Marilyn Schirk 909-988-0866; Mary Blocher Smeltzer, 909-392-4180; John Quiring 909-625-7251; Salmah Shah 909-941-0381; Betty McClellan 909-624-0884; Larri Penn 909-949-0883; Suzi Phillips 909-594-1517; Marjorie Mihels 909-981-2030; Gerald Haynes 909-624-5008; Dan OHearn 909-624-2854; Flora Johnson 909-985-5442; Jaleelah Yusuf 909-734-4599; Cynthia Mathews 909-593-5090; Marta Duran 909-621-1989; Clabe Hangen 909-621-1681 and Laura Jaoui 909-626-2772
DIRECTIONS: Take I-210, Exit at Arrow Hwy., Go East, Turn Left on E Street, Church is on your Left on the corner of Bonita/E St. OR From Gary Ave Go West on Bonita Ave., Church is on your Right pass E Street
Work for Peace, not War! Please email it to your lists and make copies and distribute it.

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