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Lieberman, Falwell Support Campaign for New Airlift of Jews
Plan to Settle another 300,000 Russian Jews in Palestine

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, located in Chicago, has placed an expensive half-an-hour long advertisement on TV channels around the country. Our reporter monitored the ad in Baltimore on May 27, 2001.

The advertisement is for a program called 'On Wings of Eagles'. It makes grossly misleading claims about the rise of anti-semitism in Russia and urges viewers to help Russian Jews to be re-located in "Israel."

One important aspect of the program tries to connect the ingathering of the Jews to "biblical prophesy." Another aspect of it is linked to the Jewish "holocaust" mythology.

The ad calls on readers to donate:
$350 for the airlift of one Jew from Russia to "Israel".
$700 for the airlift of a Jewish couple
$1400 for a Jewish family of four.

Credit cards are shown on the screen throughout the 'program' for donations by credit card.

The ad gets bi-partisan support because Lieberman from the 'left' and Falwell, Pat Robertson, Pat Boone etc from the right come on the 'show' to support the airlift.

The toll free number for donations is: 1-800-858-2835
The web site of the sponsoring group is:
Thus powerful forces in America and Russia are busy making strategic plans for the future of Palestine in which the Palestinians have no place. This high powered advertising indicates that all peace moves and claims indicating that there is support somewhere in the American-Israeli (labor?) power structure for a peace in which settlements would be frozen are nothing more than fraud and lies.

As Rabin's widow once candidly pointed out, the Israelis should make "peace" and then later "we"can continue with the settlements. She was the most "peace loving" of the Israelis.
New Trend's observers say that by all indications, Israel is at war with Palestine, the Arabs, the Muslims and Africans (re: Sudan and northern Nigeria). Unfortunately, the victims are still not sure that Israel is at war and have no plans, let alone any movement, to fight back. These victim nations are busy trying to suppress the only people who can fight back: the jihadists.
There are very few Jews who do not support Israel financially.

There are very, very few Jews (negligible percentage) who would support the dismantling of the Zionist state.

A few 'peace loving' Jews are infiltrating Palestinian ranks not because they oppose Israel's usurpation of Palestine (which includes Tel Aviv) but because, like Bush, they think Israel is using 'excessive' force which will instigate a more unified Arab reaction to Israel.

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