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Rabi' al-Awwal 21, 1426/April 30, 2005 #32

WAR NEWS: [From our Media Monitor]

with brief analysis

HAITI: April 30, Police opened fire on pro-Aristide demonstrators, killing 9 people. Human rights reports say that Haiti is under severe repression and banditry with an average of 100 people being killed every month.
[The Zionist media are leaving out Haiti, on America's doorstep, and focusing on unverifiable reports about Darfur, Sudan.]

BANGLADESH: Between April 23 and April 25, there were repeated exchanges of fire between Indian and Bangladeshi border forces on the Tripura border. On April 26, Bangladesh complained that Indian helicopters are intruding into Bangladesh and trying to figure out the placement of its border troops.

EGYPT: There were two "terrorist" attacks in Cairo, Egypt on April 30. Fox News is reporting the Egyptian government version of the attacks but the information is gradually becoming clearer. It appears that both attacks were amateurish but might have done serious harm to the Israeli tourist presence in Egypt. In one attack, a martyr seriously wounded 7 Israeli tourists.The powerful explosion shook the area of the Museum well known to tourists. The martyr is identified by the regime as Yusri Yasin. In the second attack 2 VEILED MUSLIM WOMEN opened fire on a bus carrying Israeli tourists. Both Muslimahs were martyred in the return fire from Mubarak's troops. The names of the women martyrs have not been revealed yet. It appears that Israeli visitors are well guarded by the Mubarak regime.
[The Egyptian foreign ministry went into high gear to nullify the reports. It is well versed in propaganda and claimed that the women "killed themselves." The Zionist media in the U.S., including NPR, tried to hide the Israeli targets and described them as "foreign tourists." The first reports picked up by Fox identified the tourists as Israelis.]


Islamic fighters strike at will in Baghdad: On April 29, there were 17 coordinated bomb attacks by the resistance within the Baghdad area. Reports indicate at least 50 policemen and "National Guards" working for the U.S. were killed and more than 100 wounded. In addition, the attackers killed 3 U.S. troops and wounded 4. Five of the attacks were carried out by martyrdom operators.

Fox News reported that another 4 U.S. troops were killed and 2 wounded by the Islamists near the Syrian border on April 29. On April 30 the attackers killed another 2 U.S. troops in Baghdad. There have also been mujahidin attacks in the Baquba and Ramadi areas.

The success of the attacks right in Baghdad indicates that General Myers' claim of mujahid leader Abu Mus'ab al-Zarqawi being almost captured in March, fleeing after leaving behind his lap top with all his information, may be a figment of the General's imagination.

The mujahidin attacks continued on April 30 as New Trend "went to press."


TALIBAN OFFENSIVE: Biggest U.S. Losses Reported

Pakistan's Urdu language newspapers indicate that elite cadres of the Taliban have carried out impressive attacks between April 22 and April 29. This information is important as it has been left out by Dawn, the English daily which follows the American line that Afghanistan has been "liberated." Here are the most important items: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

African-American Muslim Soldier Sentenced to Death.
[40% Drop in Black Enlistment in Armed Forces In Spite of Unemployment.]


Death for Akbar
won't solve army's racial woes

by Earl Ofari Hutchinson

The instant a military panel convicted U.S. Army Sgt. Hasan Akbar of the killing of two army officers and wounding 14 other U.S. soldiers at a military base in Kuwait the first week of the Iraq war, Akbar's father screamed racism. He claimed that white racists and Nazis had harassed his son in the barracks, and that drove him to his murderous assault. He demanded an army investigation.

That isn't likely to save Akbar from getting the death penalty. The death penalty for him sends the stern message that any hint of disloyalty or rebellion within the ranks will not be tolerated, especially when it results in the wanton killing of other American soldiers.

Five soldiers are now on death row at the federal prison at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas. The army denies it tolerates racial extremism in the ranks. It has not investigated John Akbar's claim. But his demand for an investigation should not be casually blown off.

Akbar is a Muslim. The number of Muslims in the military has risen in recent years. It's not farfetched that at least some Muslim military personnel have privately expressed qualms about fighting other Muslims. There have been reports of anti-Muslim tensions in the military.

Akbar is also Black. And that could have further marked him as a target for persecution. The army denied that racial harassment had anything to do with his act. Before Akbar's deadly attack, there was little public hint of disloyalty by Blacks within army ranks and only scattered reports of racial conflict within the military.

However, this does not mean there is no racial conflict in the army. The army has always kept a tight lid on information about racial conflicts within its ranks. It paints a picture of the army as a place of racial and religious nirvana where Blacks can acquire education, skills and training and advance their careers. It's not total military puffery.

According to Department of Defense figures, Blacks make up one out of four army enlistees. Black women make up fully half of the army's enlisted women. Since the mid-1990s, the number of Black commissioned officers has jumped.
Twelve percent of the Army's officers are Black.

While ROTC programs have been dumped from or chased off numerous major university campuses, they have expanded at Black colleges. Half of all army ROTC commissions received by Blacks are awarded at 21 Black colleges.

The top-heavy number of Blacks in the military has reinforced the public perception that the army is a comparative racial oasis. As one observer noted, "It's the only place in American life where whites are routinely bossed around by Blacks."

That hasn't stopped the wholesale stampede of Blacks away from military recruiters. In the past four years there's been more than a 40 percent drop in Black army enlistment. That drop comes despite an astronomically high unemployment rate among young Black males, and a nearly 50 percent high school dropout rate for them in some urban school districts.

A significant number of the Blacks in Iraq are in front line-fighting units. Though they aren't dying in disproportionate numbers to whites, Black opposition to the war is far higher than that of whites and Latinos. The perception is that army service is risky business for Blacks. That's the biggest reason many young Blacks give for disdaining the military.

Blacks are also wary of the military because of the Iraq war. They oppose the Iraq war in greater numbers than whites and Latinos. The war is seen as Bush's war, and they revile anything that has to do with Bush's policies.

That presents a big dilemma for the army. It desperately needs Black enlistees to fill its rapidly depleted ranks, yet despite Bush's frequent promises that the military has gotten the upper hand in Iraq, the killing continues. This further increases Black suspicion that if they enlist they can be killed in battle.

The fear that Blacks, especially poor Blacks, will die in disproportionate numbers in an unpopular war was a big reason that Harlem Congressman Charles Rangel pushed hard in Congress last year for the reinstatement of the draft.
That supposedly would equalize the chance that whites would serve in the military and thus equalize the risk of death. Bush and military officials vehemently opposed bringing back the draft. Congress took no action on it.

Whether Akbar was driven to commit murder out of anger over racial harassment or not, his deadly act was an extreme and indefensible example of frustration with a war that many Blacks don't believe in. They have chosen to show their opposition by just saying no to the military. A death sentence for Akbar will close the book on a deadly chapter in the Iraq war. It won't change the view of many Blacks that the army is a deadly place for them.
Earl Ofari Hutchinson is a columnist and political analyst.
Book Review

Jewish-Run Concentration Camps in the Soviet Union

by Dr. Hermann Greife, 48 pages, numerous photos, maps. $5, published with an introduction by Dr. E. R. Fields from Marietta, Ga. October 1999.

This booklet has been out of print since 1937. It deals with a fact well-hidden by the media in control of information in America that: Stalin's hard labor camps and his entire machinery of state terror was run by Jews.

The vociferous demands of the Jews for reparations hide the ugly reality of their role in the Soviet empire. The writer identifies by name all the Jews who were part of Stalin's power structure and who carried out his state terrorism against the peoples of the Soviet empire. Almost every key position was held by them and they can therefore be held responsible for the worst crimes in human history, second only to the slave trade from Africa to America (where too they had an important role).

The author uses Soviet publications to document one of the horrors of the Stalin era: the construction of the White Sea Canal in the north of Russia towards Finland. The digging of the canal in the sub-freezing weather was carried out by slave labor under cold-blooded command of Jewish slave masters but the Soviet media presented it to the world as a major triumph of Communism till its failure became self-apparent.

More than 12 million people died in the Jewish supervised terror of the Stalinist era. However when the USSR collapsed, there was no accounting for the wrong done. No reparations were paid. There was no Nuremburg-like trial. No state terrorists were punished or even indicted.

By contrast the Jews have deafened the world with their clamor about their suffering at the hands of Hitler. No one is allowed to challenge their propaganda and they are going from country to country demanding reparations.

Although Griefe's work is specifically meant to highlight the suffering of Christians (whom the Jews hate), some of the specific examples he gives bring out the fact that many of the victims of the Jewish-run slave labor terror were Muslims.

This book deserves wide distribution and should help to put an end to the Jewish claim that they are the victims of the 20th century.

Jewish-Run Concentration Camps in the Soviet Union by Dr. Hermann Griefe is available for $5 from:
New Trend, P.O. Box 356, Kingsville, MD 21087

Reader Hurt by New Trend Article on women giving Fatwas Explains why he is Leaving us

  1. I have personally known you since 1985 and tried to engage you in various ways, I have concluded that you always speak the truth. The way you do it bothers me. In fact, you have made a career of hurting feelings of individuals, organizations, nations or any entity that disagrees with you. We can disagree, but there are adaabs of disagreement which you disregard.
  2. Read for yourself the disclaimer on new Trend and tell me that it is all hunky-dory. It shows your fear of the "authorities". Thank you and AH Life is not only about winning arguments and calling people unkind names. In our quest for truth,we are supposed to agree to agree instead of disagree disagreeably. You are forever looking for enemies whom you can trash or former friends suddenly become bitter enemies. I wish you well but prefer not to hear from you. Thanks again
  3. I have tried hard to cope with your peculiar and sometimes irrational biases for or against: e.g. favoritism of color, hatred based on race, organizations (4 letter, CAIR, ISNA, ISB etc.), undue favoritism and sometimes really cheap praises for women. When you gave a fatwa that women can give fatwas and be leaders of women and men, you lost me. I can see you praying behind Amina Wadud or Irshad Manji.
  4. When you talk to people, and it especially hurt me to see the expression on your face namely : "Why I am talking to this fool? " If you do not believe me (you do not believe in any one except ALLAH) observe your own reflection in the mirror of other people's eyes.
Salim Khatib
Baltimore, Maryland

FATWAS and Dr. Amina Wadud

Ed. Note: We are sorry to lose Br. Salim Khatib. 'Ayesha Siddiqa [r.a.] gave fatwas, so we would be dishonest to say that women cannot give fatwas. Also, the brother should distinguish between Irshad Manji and Dr. Amina Wadud. We have published articles critical of Dr. Wadud, which he has probably not read. Dr. Wadud is a learned women and a practising Muslim.

Dr. Wadud has not answered our questions but she has shared her emails with us which indicate as follows: ----------------------------------------------
Editorial note

Why is New Trend interested in the activities of W.D. Muhammad?
Only People who Know W.D. need Apply.

W.D. Muhammad is a well known supporter of the U.S. government. He had a track record of support for the White House during the Clinton presidency and has been consistently pro-Bush through the Bush presidency.

Many American Muslims see him as an orthodox Muslim and want to ignore the fact that Islam does not permit cooperation with aggressors, oppressors and exploiters.

More recently W.D. Muhammad drew our attention because he started digging at the roots of the Islamic belief system.
  1. He stated at Lincoln University that definitely there can be messengers from Allah after Muhammad, pbuh. This was independently reported by an eye witness
    [not by the editor of New Trend].
    Later W.D. himself confirmed this and tried to justify himself by saying that "messenger" can be any messenger, or anyone who brings a message.

    1. Saying that there can be messengers from Allah after Muhammad, pbuh, is KUFR. This is not just the view of New Trend but of ALL SCHOLARS OF ISLAM and of ALL Islamic schools of thought through the 1400 years after Muhammad, pbuh.

  2. Then about the Pope John Paul, W.D. said that he was of the essence of Christ. From the Islamic viewpoint, that is SHIRK. No Muslim [and most Christians] do not believe that the Pope is the essence of of Christ on earth. For Muslims, Jesus, pbuh, was a Messenger of Allah. No one else can have his essence.
    [Again New Trend did not make this up. It was independently reported and was then distributed by a supporter of W.D.]

W.D. Muhammad is still welcome to write to New Trend and state his position.

New Trend would view W.D.'s views and beliefs as just another cult and fad which proliferate in America. But W.D. is strongly linked to the American power structure which raises the question: Is this supporter of American power now being used to attack Islam's belief system?

We want to create a profile of W.D. for those who may not know how close his relationship with the White House is. We invite our readers to provide the following information to help us build the profile. Most of this should be available in back numbers of W.D.'s own magazine MUSLIM JOURNAL. If you have the back numbers, please send us the relevant quotations with the date on the paper.

We need this:
  1. W.D.'s statement during his "resignation" speech that he worked for the U.S. State Department. [This was on C-Span.]
  2. A letter from the U.S. State Department, published in the Muslim Journal, which praises him for his work with them
  3. His visits to the White House during the sanctions on Iraq when Iraqi children were dying like flies, in which he enjoyed meals with the Clinton administration.
  4. His visit(s) to the White House during the Bush administration where he was comfortable with the Butcher of Baghdad.
  5. His interview with the editor of the Muslim Journal [his own paper] in which he justified the U.S. government's sentencing of the blind Shaikh [Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman] to life in prison.
  6. The Voice of America [broadcasting to the Muslim world] that U.S. Muslims are doing very well and W.D. is an example of this prosperity.
  7. W.D. has consented to all outrages of the U.S. government against AMERICAN MUSLIMS.
    If you can find ANYTHING in the Muslim Journal or elsewhere which indicates that W.D. is uncomfortable with the oppression inflicted on: Please send it to us.

  8. There is a slight chance that W.D. might have shown some displeasure at the suffering and torture committed in the Abu Ghraib prison. Even non-Muslims and Republicans have been outraged by it. Let us know what W.D. said.

  9. It's not that W.D. does not get outraged by human suffering. He was outspoken in condemnation of the 9.11 attacks and his team went in to show its patriotic fervor. Do send us what his paper said about 9.11 so we'll have a balanced portrait of him.

  10. What does he say about Hadith, the main source of Islam, second only to the Qur'an?

  11. W.D. has been silent about all the air attacks the U.S. has carried out in Afghanistan and Iraq. In his speech at Lincoln University, he was asked a DIIRECT QUESTION about the genocide in Fallujah. He hedged. It was the same speech in which he claimed that there definitely can be messengers after Muhammad, pbuh!

  12. W.D's linkup with Zionist Jews from some of the biggest Jewish congregations in America.

  13. W.D had himself photographed with Jewish Rabbi and the photo was published in his paper.

  14. W.D. was invited to speak at the Pentagon and felt honored by the invitation.
We will reject letters from W.D. supporters who claim to have known W.D. for many years but cannot give any of the information listed in the 14 points above. Such false claims should not published.

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